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Wasserman Schultz Takes a Stroll Down Calle Loco

By Lone Shark

Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is rarely at a loss for words, but all too often Debbie just can’t restrain herself from putting those really absurd over-the-top comments on the record- remarks that inspire uproarious laughter from everyone, albeit for different reasons, of course.

Debbie’s latest is really a doozy- she has dutifully informed the Hispanic voters of Florida that Senator Marco Rubio- the pride of West Miami and a dying harder by the day Miami Dolphins fan- is somehow “out of step” with the Hispanic community:

“He changed his mind on [tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants] because he was so focused on pandering to the Tea Party that he abandoned some core principles.  [Rubio is] out of step with the Hispanic community. On immigration he’s got views that are just offensive.” – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

As we all know, nobody, nobody in Florida has more cred with Hispanics, whether it’s on the streets of Little Havana or along the I-4 corridor than does Debbie Wasserman Schultz, right?

This is all very vexing.  Marco, might I suggest that over the Christmas break, you put on your salsa shoes and head on over to Salsa Mia in order to get back “in step” with all those Hispanics you are too busy offending?   That’s the only way I see it for you to get those approval numbers with Hispanics competitive with Debbie’s.;)

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  • JewFish

    We need to fire Debbie once and for all. She is a disgrace to all americans, and is a problem for every republican nationwide.


    Text JOIN to 786-465-3846

  • Bryan K Donnelly

    Once more, “Debbie does Dummkopf.” That’s “estúpido” en espanol. She would do well to never open her large ugly mouth; ignorance blares out every time she does.

  • Den Hall

    Let her talk. She just keeps digging the hole deeper. She reminds me of that information and publicity guy on Saddam Hussein’s staff. Remember how ridiculous everything he said was?

    • Ken

      Baghdad Bob

  • http://8D8M Lou

    She’s lost, clueless, way over her head, out of her league, what more can you say? Maybe give her a shovel, for a shovel-ready project?

    Wake-up citizens, we need to elect more good people, this is ridiculous.

    • Stan Lee

      She IS a shovel-ready project!

  • Power Brigade

    All mouth and no brains…

  • Larry Zimmerman

    This dummy doesn’t even deserve a comment. Much like the whole Congress and Pres.

  • Sean O’Neill

    Rubio is getting himself in enough trouble with his voting! People are not following who is voting for what and what the bills mean. Debbie “blabber-mouth” Schulz needs to worry about hrself. I still believe her being DNC chair and at the same time an elected representative – to me that is double dipping! Time you in So Florida look into her funding records to see where her cash has been coming from – maybe the Hispanic neighborhood since we all know she has done so much for them.

  • http://7A82 John

    Den Hall:

    His name was Baghdad Bob. DWS is a joke.

  • pat boccia

    Even more amazing is the fact that the Dems actually made her Chairman….she makes Howard Dean look like a genius

  • Danny

    What little bits of info I have read about this person are enough for me to want to tell her to STFU and GTFO!

    She’s in line with the Libstream media: arrogant, holier-than-thou, condescending….like all Dem/Lib/Socialist types..

    • Stan Lee

      Re: DWS…
      In other words, as you accurately describe her, a perfect choice for the Democrat employment profile.
      They had to locate an apt replacement for crazy Howard (Dean) and they found a mouth attached to her in Florida.

  • Heap

    One of the greatest indicators for me of how cruel fate can be is that this woman is my representative, while my neighbors across the street are represented by Col. West. Anyone got a Karen Harrington sign they can loan me?

  • Stan Lee

    Debbie is too stupid to realize how stupid she is.
    She read the worst-selling book “How to Alienate Friends and Antagonize People,” written by Joe Biden.

  • Joe

    Being as stupid as she obviously is, her intelligence, integrity, not to mention her credibility should already be considered by Democrats a “shovel ready” project. For What It’s Worth!

  • Judy Wise

    She reminds me of another Schultz…on Hogan’s Heros…Sgt. Schultz always said “I know nothing”. Yep, must be a direct connect.

  • Mark J. Moldoff

    Debbie W. Schultz is probably the dumbest politician out there and that is a big field. She hardly deserves any of the publicity that she gets and has not said anything intelligent in any of her interviews. She obviously is just a lap dog for Pelosi, who is equally as stupid and totally as arrogant. We need to clean house and get rid of both of these morons before they do any more damage to our Country.

  • Allen

    Leave Debbie alone!!! She is the best thing that has ever happened to the Republican Party.

    You go Girl…………

  • howardfrombroward

    debbie, dumbass, whatever. she is a complete clueless idiot. any fools who vote for her are equally braindead. debs is for raising taxes, and debs dodges taxes. understand? she is not a good person. debs wants to take away your money and give it to the non-taxpaying people who vote for her. debbie is bad.