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Wasserman Schultz Takes a Stroll Down Calle Loco

By Lone Shark

Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is rarely at a loss for words, but all too often Debbie just can’t restrain herself from putting those really absurd over-the-top comments on the record- remarks that inspire uproarious laughter from everyone, albeit for different reasons, of course.

Debbie’s latest is really a doozy- she has dutifully informed the Hispanic voters of Florida that Senator Marco Rubio- the pride of West Miami and a dying harder by the day Miami Dolphins fan- is somehow “out of step” with the Hispanic community:

“He changed his mind on [tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants] because he was so focused on pandering to the Tea Party that he abandoned some core principles.  [Rubio is] out of step with the Hispanic community. On immigration he’s got views that are just offensive.” – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

As we all know, nobody, nobody in Florida has more cred with Hispanics, whether it’s on the streets of Little Havana or along the I-4 corridor than does Debbie Wasserman Schultz, right?

This is all very vexing.  Marco, might I suggest that over the Christmas break, you put on your salsa shoes and head on over to Salsa Mia in order to get back “in step” with all those Hispanics you are too busy offending?   That’s the only way I see it for you to get those approval numbers with Hispanics competitive with Debbie’s.;)

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Wasserman Schultz Takes a Stroll Down Calle Loco

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