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Ron Paul Could Be Ensuring Barack Obama’s Re-Election

By Javier Manjarres

At the very least, Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has been consistent in saying that he “probably” will not support the Republican Presidential candidate were he to lose in the GOP primary.  There’s no reason to believe that a path to a primary victory exists for Paul, just as it didn’t in 2008.  Here’s what Paul said about supporting the eventual nominee this time around-

“Probably not unless I get to talk to them and find out what they believe in. But if they believe on expanding the wars, if they don’t believe in looking at the Federal Reserve; if they don’t believe in real cuts, if they don’t believe in deregulation and better tax system, it would defy everything I believe in,” Paul said.

“And so, therefore, I would be reluctant to jump on board and tell all of the supporters that have given me trust and money that all of a sudden, I’d say, all we’ve done is for naught. So, let’s support anybody at all … even if they disagree with everything that we do,” Paul added. – Ed Morrissey, Hotair

So there you have it- you either accept all of Paul’s neo-liberal, non-interventionist foreign policy nonsense, or you can shove it. Paul won’t want to lose his constitutional street cred with his supporters- the moment he were to support another candidate or “release” his supporters, he’ll likely lose the vast majority of his own support, and Paul will mosey off into retirement.

This Presidential election may very well hinge on a few percentage points, and Paul’s supporters could play a decisive role in the outcome of the election- one way or the other.  If Ron Paul’s supporters throw in the towel along with his failed candidacy and either vote third party or stay home, they could very well be cementing President Obama’s re-election over the Republican nominee, whomever it is.

Many of Paul’s supporters unfortunately wouldn’t really care if another Republican candidate were to make genuine political progress towards rolling back government- they’d pout that it either wasn’t enough or their guy wasn’t at the controls- completely lost on them is the speed at which our political system allows reforms to be realized.  And of course, they’ll criticize Republican nominee for being too squishy or worse, whomever he or she is- but isn’t sitting on your behind during a close and extremely pivotal election a dereliction of duty to your country?

Congressman Paul knows very well the considerable influence he has amongst the 7% of the Republican electorate who support his candidacy.  So considering what is at stake- four more years of a President attempting to permanently morph our country into a declining Euro-Socialist state- it’s irresponsible for Paul to say what he did.  It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paul is using the Republican Party as a necessary platform from which to promote his candidacy, only to jump off of once he’s been eliminated from the race.  Paul should have ran as a Libertarian if he determined from the get-go that he was unable to support the eventual nominee.

Is it possible that Paul’s supporters will support the Republican nominee and vote to defeat President Barack Obama?  Only time will tell.

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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Cheech & Chong

    Hey man, us Ron Paul followers don’t want war, just dope!

    • Hrtbeatofthe South

      Agreed, as I watch ‘the making of Woodstock’ on History Channel. This is not a good thing.


      This is one of the best articles written in a long time. Javier thanks for telling the truth these fringe wackos!

    • elecshockwave

      Link to TRUTH:

      Wars cost money that we do not have. Bailouts the same. Corporate cronies horrendous under Bush or Obama. FED prints money preventing US citizens from wanting to save. Government deficits out the ying-yang. “Patriot Act” looking at us as children & pawns in their game of “security”. War on Drugs driving millions into incarceration for mere marijuana violations. IRS and IMF robber barrons taking Americans to the cleaners – and they want more!

      Ron Paul supports none of the above. Sensible people like him want us all to enjoy our full potential while alive with original American spirit of freedom. Donald

      • Truth B Told

        Ron Paul should be put to sleep! He’s about as nutty as a fruit cake!! Somebody just put him to sleep!!

    • elecshockwave


      Leave this post up here. Cowards.

      Link to the truth:

      • NO RON PAUL 2012

        I have an idea… NO RON PAUL 2012 or we’ll have shariah islam exploding in the good ole USA!!! You bunch of RP saps!

    • wayne shap

      Ron Paul is undisputedly the most sincere Elected Official we have seen in many Generations! Can you Honestly say that about your favorite candidate??

      Ron Paul is the only Presidential Candidate running who served his Nation Honorably in the US Military during the Vietnam War as a Flight Surgeon.

      Ron Paul returns a portion of his Congressional Budget each year, this years was $100,000 !

      Ron Paul leads by example by stating that he will only take $39,000 Presidential Salary.

      Ron Paul has never voted to raise his or any Congressional Members Pay.

      Ron Paul does not participate in the lucrative Congressional Pension, saying its not Constitutional to You.

      Ron Paul has never voted for an Unbalanced Budget.

      Ron Paul voted against the Fraudulent Wall Street Bankster Bailouts.

      Ron Paul voted against raising the Debt Ceiling which is sinking the American People into even more Debt!

      Ron Paul voted against Government regulating the Internet.

      Ron Paul voted against the Un-Constituional / Un-Patriotic “ Patriot Act “ and warned of its threats to our Liberties.

      Ron Paul has never voted to restrict our 2nd Amendment Rights to Gun Ownership.

      Ron Paul has never voted to increase the powers of the Executive Branch.

      Ron Paul will limit Big Abusive Un-Constitutional Government in your Private Affairs.

      Ron Paul will Restore true Free trade and Abolish the World Trade Organization NAFTA & GATT

      Ron Paul will Secure our Nations Borders from Illegal Foreign Invaders and Organized Crime Syndicates!

      Ron Paul was given twice the donations by Active-Duty Service Military Personnel then all other Presidential Candidates combined!

      Ron Paul said he will bring home the troops, “as fast as the Ships can get there”!

      Ron Paul will close down most all useless Military Bases overseas!

      Ron Paul will End our Membership and Participation in the In-Humane and Un-Constitutional Globalist United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund!

      Ron Paul actually reads the Bills he votes on, that why he usually votes NO

      Ron Paul is a True Constitutional Conservative who wants to Abolish and End the IRS and Federal Reserve, both were instituted in 1913 and are planks in the Communist Manifesto Document.

      Ron Paul is not for sale, period !!

      (((( Ron Paul will reinstate the United States Constitution and Save the Republic! ))))

      • Dan Ray

        @ Wayne Shap – RIGHT YOU ARE!!! Small minds fail to realize that his support is growing every day! He just may be the last one standing – because he IS THE ONLY Candidate that has a Constitutional Plan that includes LIBERTY!!

      • Dagny

        It’s either Ron Paul or another socialist presiden that will further the status quo. Nothing will change!!

      • John Wright

        Ron Paul doesn’t mind if Iran gets a nuclear bomb. So that cancels all the above. He’s an idiot!

        • Joshua Payne


          Do you even know how many nuclear weapons does Israel or Pakistan has, or even better Russia? Are you seriously worried about this and think we should get involved. Do you think we really care about Israel? We actually give more money in foreign aid to Israel’s enemies than to Israel. Israel has over 200 reported nuclear weapons over Iran’s maybe 1? Who’s the idiot now?

          Go Figure

    • kb

      It is not ron paul’s position that will re-elect obama, it is the republicans who vote in the primaries. If the gop voters nominate another big government republican/rino like the last president and republican congress, they will have decided that consttutonal government is undesirable and status quo with little difference between the parties is acceptible. That will send the clear message that a party of principle will have to be formed.

  • CaptTurbo

    I agree with Dr. Paul. At this point only a man or woman with his dedication to the Constitution can save the Republic from the Commies that have infested our government.

    • NO RON PAUL 2012

      A vote for Ron Paul as a third party candidate is a half a vote for Obama.

      • Steve

        By this math, I think its the half a vote for the Republican candidate if it isn’t Paul that worries me even more.

    • Sandra

      This is nonsense. Anyone but OBAMA for Gosh Sakes. Are you people nuts????????????

      • Nita

        I agree with Sandra completely!

      • Dave

        “Anyone but Obama” – All of the republican candidates have this mindset, including Ron Paul. At least they did at the Florida debate! Whichever candidate you support, if they don’t win the primary, it becomes your responsibility to take a vote away from Obama by voting for the republican that does win the primary. That is the only reason I voted for McCain. It will be the only reason I vote for Romney if he wins the primary.

        • Javier Manjarres

          hahaha, 5th grade writing skills, not 4th grade-get it right!!!

          • Walker

            Hey Javier, I don’t know who you are replying to, but your comment makes no sense. So, as far as your comment goes, As an ex-teachr I would have to say, maybe 3rd grade??

        • Sandi Trusso

          Ron Paul does not have the “anyone but Obama” mindset. He has a libertarian agenda, and if a Libertarian (even if they’re a Libertrian pretending to be a Republican) isn’t elected, he doesn’t care what happens to America!

      • Alohadonna

        A completely agree w/you, Sandra!

      • Dagny

        You are the one that is nuts, because you obviously do not realize that these candidates, for the exception of Ron Paul, will not change anything. Newt is a Fabian Socialist and for God’s sake, check his voting record! Cain is not knowledgeable enough and has a dubious character besides being ignorant about our constitution. He has ties with Koch bros, that have ties with the Bilderberg’s and the Rockefeller, and there are more associations that are suspect. He defers to Henry Kissinger for crying out loud, that says it all! Besides he is an insider a FED employee, this in itself should disqualify him. Santorum is a federalist and a war monger, Romney is another socialist and Perry supported Al Gore and was formerly a Democrat besides supporting the TARP and cap and trade. the only one that knows what our problems are, is Ron Paul. If you vote for anyone else, you are voting for Obama regardless.

      • Dagny

        Cain is not knowledgeable enough and has a dubious character besides being ignorant about our constitution. He has ties with Koch bros, that have ties with the Bilderberg’s and the Rockefeller, and there are more associations that are suspect. He defers to Henry Kissinger for crying out loud, that says it all! Besides he is an insider a FED employee, this in itself should disqualify him. Santorum is a federalist and a war monger, Romney is another socialist and Perry supported Al Gore and was formerly a Democrat besides supporting the TARP and cap and trade. the only one that knows what our problems are, is Ron Paul. If you vote for anyone else, you are voting for Obama regardless.

    • sweetlips

      So, vote for Obama and just throw the baby out with the bath water, right?

      • Sumo

        No, No, No, Vote Newt & get this country back on it’s feet. I can’t wait to see Newt Tear Obummer a new A– in a debate

    • Pat

      The problem with your argument is that if Obama gets in, the republic is gone period. He says he is 60% done (and his destruction would be completed if he is re-elected). Many do not like a number of Ron Paul’s ideas. He would be wonderful in charge of the Federal Reserve and would love to see him there, but president? Not for me. That we can’t all accept our guy might not win is childish and immature, and staying home pouting cause your guy didn’t win will lose us our country.

    • Rich

      Sir, who in the current administration can you PROVE is a card carrying communist? Real proof, not some rant. OK?

    • Dan Ray

      YES! This is True!

  • NO RON PAUL 2012

    It’s not a surprise that Ron Paul would run as a third party candidate. He did it in 2008. He is not a Republican. Barack Obama loves these Ron Paul followers. They will follow crackpot Paul like the people followed James Jones in Jonestown!

    • Steve

      Perhaps in Zorb land where you live Paul ran as an independent in ’08. In the good ol US of A, this didn’t actually happen.

      • Straight Jacket

        Ron Paul is being fitted for a straight jacket later today. This guy needs to be institutionally locked up before he does damage to himself. What a sad man.

    • Dan

      Dr. Paul DID NOT run as a third party candidate in 2008. He ran for Congress as a Republican after the Presidencial Primary. Obviously he won since he is still a Congressman. Don’t you get tired of giving MISINFORMATION?

  • Robert Fallin

    Actually, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry or Herman Cain is ensuring the reelection of Barack Obama, as all can be counted upon to continue the failed foreign policy of the Bush administration. Certainly Romney or Cain will do absolutely nothing about the criminal conduct of the Federal Reserve and the big banks.

    With the support of the “Blue Republicans” (Democrats for Paul) and
    Independents (who overwhelmingly oppose our Middle East misadventures), Ron Paul can win a three man race against the opportunistic Mitt Romney and the tyrannical Barack Obama. Is THAT why you gave this article such a misleading title?

    • Sandra Too

      Agree, except that, as a Republican, I would throw in the extraconstitutional domestic actions of Republicans AND the Patriot Act as well.

    • Sandi Trusso

      Who are you kidding? With the exception of one fluke, even with his rude cadre following him around waiting around for everyone else to drop their guard, to assure that he wins polls, he has barely gotten out of single digits.

    • Drugs

      R F you’re a prime example of what America would look like if Ron Paul was elected… a bunch of dope smoking losers.

    • Dan Ray

      Right You Are!

  • Steve

    A few years back – prior to the November 2008 elections – Ron Paul activist / supporters attempted to infiltrate and take over some of Florida’s Republican Executive Committees; especially in the central Florida area. Each county has its own REC. It was a coordinated effort that thankfully was largely defeated. One prominent activist told me he would vote for Barack Obama because of his stated anti-war positions. McCain (a very flawed candidate) was presumed to be a war-monger by Paul activists. It might be argued that Barack Hussein Obama isn’t a traitor because he isn’t an “American.” I am not speaking of citizenship. (When Obama produced his long-form birth certificate, the “birther” issue receded.) I am speaking of Obama’s anti-American vision for country which is antithetical to virtually everything America’s Founders enunciated. Dr. Paul is not doubt aware of the fact that Obama is the antithesis of what America’s Founders envisioned. Consequently, how can we but conclude Dr. Paul will be a traitor should he give aid and comfort to this enemy within?

    • Sandra

      AMEN TO THAT!!

    • Rich

      Please in the future, refer to ALL candidates for the presidency including their middle names, not JUST the President, OK?

  • L Thomas

    Ron Paul is disturbing to say the least. I knew this when he voted against HR5566 which was the Animal Crush Prohibition Act. There was an epidemic of “crush” videos in America: Animal torture literally nailing kittens/puppies to the floor, burning them with cigarettes, finally young girls often teenagers wearing high heels would impale them alive-as a means of SEXUAL TITILLATION. These were snuff videos and people would orgasm watching them. Making matters much worse, even teenagers would share them with peer-to-peer software (probably mostly as a dare or to gross out their friends, but exposure to such videos is not conducive to the mental hygiene of our young). This was identified as obscene material by passing HR5566. EVERY SINGLE FEDERAL LAW maker in the House & Senate both parties said yea to this EXCEPT Ron Paul. He has no problem with teenagers and sexual perverts across America downloading and sharing these disgusting videos which were often made in China and uploaded to many porn webpages in America. Ron Paul for President? BE AFRAID.. BE *VERY* AFRAID! In my opinion I think he has a screw loose.

    • Steve

      Disgusting; as is Dr. Paul who voted against this bill.

    • Sandra


    • Dan

      Dumbing Down America has certainly been successful. Never underestimate the stupidity of the Masses and especially voters. The Federal Government only has authority in Criminal Law on 4 items: Slavery, Piracy, Treason and Counterfieting. ALL other criminal Law is under the authority of the individual states. Quit wasting time and money on NON-FEDERAL issues that are clearly designed to distract the masses while the redistribution of our wealth occurs through the Federal Reserve, the Crony Capitalists and insider trading. The FIGHT between parties is to determine who gets to steal your wealth.

      • Steve K.

        Your defense of this is despicable. You can’t see evil in this?

    • Bri

      Whoaa there cowboy… a quick google search yields this very rationale defense of the vote against this.

      For Paul, it’s a state law vs. federal law issue. If state’s laws are already in place why enact the federal law, he has always been about states’ rights. Also he explicitly states that these videos are deplorable, so how exactly is he supporting this???

      God forbid you continue with your vitriole when google is right around the corner to prove you wrong.

  • Herta Weiss

    I agree with Ron Paul completely. If we do not go back to our Constitutional form of Government, we might as well hang it up. It appears that the Republican Party as well as the Democrat Party are both Ron Paul’s enemies, because he is the only one that has been telling us the Truth for decades. The 2 parties (two-horned beast) are just too worried they might have to stop the war-mongering and the killing of innocent Civilians around the World in the name of Nation Building. BUT, WHO IN TRUTH, BENEFITS. Not the American People, certainly.

    • Sandi Trusso

      Ron Paul has NEVER accurately interpreted our US Constitution. He interprets it as he wishes it was to further his own agenda to redefine “liberty” to mean that anyone can do anything without legal penalties (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else). Since “original intent of the law at the time it was enacted” is how law is interpreted, and “legal precedent” is the other way, then pornography, legal recreational drugs, gay marriage and adoption of children by homosexuals would all have been legal from the beginning of American gov’t. Can anyone imagine Abraham Lincoln, or any of our founding fathers upholding any of this?

    • MARS

      What time do want the spaceship to pick you up?

  • Dan

    What a LIE… Dr. Paul is not supporting OBAMA but this is more twisted RHETORIC. You should be ashamed of yourself but as an underhanded attack placing Party over Principle. I pledge allegiance to our country, not to the Socialist or Crony Capitalists that run either PARTY. ROMNEY is OBAMA with an (R) and in that case, there will be no vote for either party.

    Lets Bring back our REPUBLIC and actually reduce the size and waste of Government and their crony based theft by both parties.

  • Andrew Spark

    This newsletter has sunk below sleazy; this article, particularly the second paragraph, shows that Manjarres plain-out can’t read.

    Anyway, I’ll recommend that the Paul campaign drop $59 on an ad, so they can start getting good publicity here.

  • Sandi Trusso

    So all along, we knew that Ron Paul was never a Republican. He was always a Libertarian who couldn’t get elected as a Libertarian, so he faked people out claiming to be a conservative Republican. Now he will see to it that Barack Obama is re-elected.
    The difference between Republicans, Libertarians and Democrats is this:
    – Republicans believe that crimes against the moral/social issues should be illegal prior to someone getting hurt or killed, thereby preventing the crime to begin with.
    – Libertarians believe in punishing the perpetrator only after they’ve committed the crime against another person… Such as removing penalties against pornography, recreational drugs, etc. (and this is how they define “liberty”).
    – Democrats believe in doing nothing to prevent the crime, and once it’s committed they will defend/protect the guilty party while the innocent who have experienced the horrors, if they manage to remain alive, will continue experiencing the horrors of a crime.
    (Example: Andrea Yates was taken from prison after murdering her 5 children, and placed in a mental institution where she’ll be eligable for release. She did not fit the legal definition of “insane” (not knowing right from wrong), becaues she waited till her husband left the home, and before her mother in law was to arrive to kill these children. Then she called the police to tell them what she had done). But diehard liberal Dems saw fit to see to it that she be placed in a situation where she could be released and possibly do this to other children.

  • Zero

    Really? How dare Ron Paul be a person who stands by his principles and won’t throw his support behind neo-cons.

    How dare he refuse to support people who want expanded and endless foreign wars, bank favoritism, and bigger national government via DHS/TSA, US Department of Education, more debt and more spending.

    If we’re not serious about real liberty, electing Romney won’t mean a difference in the future of the country as opposed to Obama. We’ll get another W – more entitlements, more military spending, more general federal spending, and no credibility as a party to boot.

    And we all know George W Bush, HW Bush, and Reagan all reduced the deficit and reigned in spending. Yeah – let’s keep electing people just because they wear the letter ‘R’ and supposedly “aren’t as bad as the other guy.”

    • Sandi Trusso

      Acstually, if Ron Paul was honest, he would’ve stood by his principles as a Libertarian, not pretending to be a Republican, and trying to destroy the Republican Party through deception. He is a dishonest man!

    • Shawn Bess

      I have an Idea. This guy Manjarres has made one heck of an attempt to hatchet Ron Paul. If he is really concerned about losing to Obama he should start right now telling everyone to vote for Ron because we can’t afford to lose that 11% of the voters.

  • Tim

    Our military presence in NATO and elsewhere has kept the relative peace for the past 65 years…not opinion; fact. And anyone’s refusal to acknowledge that truth and then assert isolation as a “plan”, when history proves otherwise is in denial and unqualified to lead a platoon, much less a country.

    Some of Paul’s domestic ideas warrant merit. But his inexplicable blindness to the realities of foreign policy is dumbfounding and dangerous.

    • Florida Girl

      I really agree with most of Ron Paul’s domestic policy’s particularly the constitution. The Federal reserve, and balancing the budget. I don’t agree with his foreign policies, nor his legalization of drugs, but to say that he is not a patriot and would help Obama get re-elected is ridiculous. This article certainly brought my opinion of this web site way down.

      • Sandi Trusso

        Do you not understand that a vote that would normally have gone to a Republican, but is not cast, is the same as a vote cast for a Democrat. Furthermore, a third party pretending to be a conservative splits the conservative vote and allows a liberal to get back in (namely Obama)

    • Bryan K Donnelly

      Obama’s complete troop pullout from Iraq is aimed exclusively at shoring up his left wing looney “blame America first,” base. The Army wanted to maintain a presence of 10,000 or so for years to come in order to protect our strategic position in a vital region. Obama just “cut and ran.” American boys will, one day, have to fight their way BACK IN! Here though is another area wher the rabid Paulistas agree with the Marxist in the White House.

  • Chuck

    You are misrepresenting Paul. Paul has never and will never endorse Obama. He publicly said that he would consider voting for his impeachment! Paul, if he didn’t endorse a republican, would probably endorse the libertarian or constitution party candidate. To say he would endorse Obama is a lie, and you ought to remove this article. He is consistently ranked as a very conservative member of congress.

  • Zero

    Actually Sandi, lemme fix that for you:

    Republicans believe that the government is a powerful tool to promote 35-50% of the country’s moral view at home at the end of a gun, punish people before they’ve committed crimes or if they’ve simply done something seen as immoral (weed), even if it’s nowhere near as devastating to the fabric of society as other legal substances (alcohol).

    Why don’t they bring back prohibition? We need less drunks to fight our wars against countries that attempt to price crude in non-dollars, right? After all, making weed illegal solved the problem, right? And making Prohibition illegal didn’t create massive alcohol cartels and massive organized crime, did it – bring back prohibition!

    “This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

    In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

    We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

    We’re well beyond what Ike warned us about.

    • Sandi Trusso

      The whole country is crumbling around us and all you can worry about is getting high legally. Wow, there’s a well thought out opinion. By all means let’s let the people who are spaced out on Pot run the country and define “liberty”. My brother was killed at the age of 28 by a guy who was doped out on Pot at the time, so this isn’t even open for discussion to me. Furthermore, I wouldn’t care if they brought back prohibition. The idea that we don’t make alcohol illegal, because the mob might benefit is like saying let’s not make murder illegal, because the mob could benefit.

  • SSMcDonald

    re: Ron Paul article by Javier Manjarres…. Attention Shark Tank: you give me as much print space as you gave Manjarres and I’ll write you a similar hatchet job about Javier Manjares.

    • Marco

      SSMcDonald – Javier Manjarres is the OWNER of Shark Tank. He is allegedly a former muckraker of the “National Enquirer.” He has favorite candidates, even though he denies it at first and writes propaganda articles such as this to invoke fear and to throw votes towards the candidate of his choosing. He is very smug in his attitude and thinks he is some kind of celebrity for his 4th grade writing “skills.” However, all he cares about is getting readers and he can only do it by writing crap like this which invokes anger in people. The Shark Tank will be dehydrated after the elections.

  • Jeff B. Willis

    Ron Paul is a Libertarian. But his views are much closer to the Republican candidates than to Obama’s. His supporters have proven somewhat dogmatic. We have seen this is Governors races as well. It’s a disquieting reality. Yet, when all dust has settled, we can conclude that Paul is a “constitutionalist.” This translates to getting behind the candidate who most closely mirrors his own strict constructionist views. “Neo-Cons” such as Gingrich, Santorum and Bachmann can easily be eliminated. Cain is politically dead. His supporters won’t admit it. As least, not yet! But he’s through. That leaves Huntsman, Romney and Perry. Huntsman is a “pro-choice version of Bill Clinton.” Romney is, at best, a RINO. Paul doesn’t like Perry. Oh yes, Gary Johnson? Interesting that he is the other Libertarian in the race! In short, Paul may need to hold his nose and find a way to encourage his supporters to participate. “Getting mad, taking his toys and going home,” will help Barack Obama more than anyone! What I would prefer to see would be “an endorsement of the candidate who most closely reflected to Paul’s own views as a constitutionalist.” In essence, who interprets the 10th amendment in the same way. That candidate is, of course, Rick Perry. In exchange, Paul would be appointed Secretary of the Treasury. Then he would be able to truly make a difference in influencing monotary policy. Could this happen? It is difficult to say! I don’t know the true relationship between the two. It doesn’t appear friendly! They definitely don’t agree on defense. But Perry is a “10ther.” There is a lot of agreement on the federal governments versus state governments role by the two men. Paul’s supporters aren’t too “keen” on Perry. But once they realize that Cain is politically dead and Gingrich will never capture enough female votes to win the general election, this might change.

    • Sandra

      Why is Cain dead in the water? Because some woman with money problems got on the band wagon, paid for by Chicago thugs? He is the candidate most feared by the left, so they have struck out to knock him down a few notches. Dont be fooled by their wretched attempt to discredit the only man that can defeat Obama. This is exactly what they want. Besides, we have elected many idiots with skeletons in their closets. At least we need to consider getting rid of Obama!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody but obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandi Trusso

      Saying that he is a Constitutionalist, is just one more way that Ron Paul has deceived people. He has distorted the Constitution to fit his personal agenda.

  • Paladin

    If you listened to all of the Ron Paul interview you know that Paul also stated that he would NOT run as a 3rd party candidate. Electing “great society” republicans will not solve this country’s problems and a mindset of electing “anyone but Obama” may get you another rino like Romney.

  • TadM

    So, Javier… What you’re saying is the you would disavow everything you stand for, everything you’ve said and everything you hold dear and have been fighting for, for decades in order to support a candidate that you know is antithetical to all the afformentioned?

    It takes a man of strong moral character to stand up for what he believes in.

    Your article and it’s tone expose your inability to even comprehend such character, much less appreciate it.

    • Sandi Trusso

      It isn’t “standing up for what you believe” if you’re doing it while pretending to be a Republican, and while pretending to be conservative when you’re only a fiscal conservative, but you’re not conservative in most other things. This is called “being dishonest”, “trying to get your own way through deception”, but it is not called “standing up for what you believe”.

  • Lightweight

    Now that Cain is out,Paul is rightfully hurt because the GOP treats him the same way they treat the voters,Paul like the People exsist for the Republicans on High.All they want is our votes and then ignore US. The GOP has nothing to offer but the next election.The GOP is over.GOOOH will have candidates in every Congressiona; and Senate race accross the country,so the GOP will be split the vote.All we are waiting on is a non political Independent presidential candidate to step in.

    Something has to happen,Talk Radio has stooped to the same tactic as the Left Media.

    • Don’t Step In The GOOOH

      GOOOH is another wing of the Democrat/Libertarian leaning goof-balls that are trying to re-elect Barack Obama. Yes, that includes you Ron Paul zombies!

      • Bryan K Donnelly

        Have you noticed? The “Occupy Wall Street” loonies are trying to attract libertarian (actually anarchist)types. And some of ’em have shown up!HATE HATE HATE all those ‘big banks.” Economic illiteracy. Right wing populists are just as crazy as the left wing variety.

    • Sandi Trusso

      … and so this case is at reat, because therein lies the true goal of Ron Paul and all Libertarians.

  • earl swann

    Ever heard of the expression ” We aint sitting on the back of the bus” us Ron Paul folks are going to ride in the front seat or we are going to get our own bus. No more wars from a viet naim veteran.

  • Joy richards

    Hey Jeff you just wrote my total sentiments.Rick Perry is the closest viable candidate to Ron Pauls proconstitutional position. Ron Paul as Treasuty secretary! you must have read my input before. Perry will go to Washington and REALLY change things in the same subtle way he changed the Texas University system eliminating a bloated administration.His record on creating a pro-business environment is what this country needs to get real jobs back into the economy. Also, his record on exports from Texas is terrific.He will allow high paying energy sector jobs to be created and in an indirect way eliminate the need to intervene in Mideast politics(NEO-CON) BECAUSE OUR COUNTRY WILL NO LONGER REQUIRE THE OIL FROM PEOPLE WHO HATE US. MY MOTTO BETTER TO SACRIFICE AN ALASKAN CARIBOU THAN An 18 year old American kid.They even had to kick over every rock literally to get a pseudo-scandal started on Perry.The elites are apopletic about Perry in Washington. He does,by the way want to audit the FED,unlike Cain the ultimate FED insider.

    • Florida Girl

      You are right about Cain, he thinks the Federal Reserve is wonderful, but you are wrong about Perry. Perry created 279,000 jobs between 2003 and 2011, problem 225,000 went to aliens that arrived in USA after 2003. I can’t live with his immigration policy. I like Romney, I don’t think he is a flip flopper, any one here, that has not changed their views on a lot of subjects in the last few years are liars. Times change, people change, as one gets more knowledge on a subject if you have any sense , you will change also. Romney is the only one that can beat Obama. This election is to important not to win. Keep your eye on the goal. Do not stand behind another Sharon Angle , or Christine O’Donnell.

  • fiscal conservative


    If you think it is liberal to audit the fed, cut regulation, cut government spending, stop spending money on unfunded wasteful wars, then I wonder what you call conservative. Your article makes you sound like you support not auditing the fed, more unfunded wars, more government regulation. Javier is your philosophy lets just get a liberal Republican in? A liberal Republican is better than Obama?
    Ron Paul is what the Republican Party use to be and good for Ron Paul, for keeping up the pressure.

  • Robert Boots

    The idiot that wrote this ought to be fired, or working for CNN. What ever happened to journalism in this country? People that write these articles offering nothing but their warped logic trying to attract attention by coming up with a sensationalized lie for a headline should go to Hollywood or China where they can be creative without regard for the truth.

  • Sandra Too

    I am really tired of reading articles about Ron Paul with misleading titles which are intentionally meant to dissuade the voter and cast negative opinion on the man. Once the article is read, the reader discovers what Ron Paul really said, which is far removed from the title of the article. And because Americans typically don’t read the articles, they run around spreading the GOSSIP suggested by the title. It would be very refreshing if writers and bloggers wrote honestly for once! But they won’t and the country will continue to fail as the moral fiber and integrity of the character of Americans continues to slide into the cesspool.

  • Tom

    Ron Paul is a true conservative and father of the tea party movement.
    I wouldn’t try and alienate RP supporters and instead give them a reason for them to vote for the Republican nominee. I would suggest the nominee promise to make him Federal Reserve chief or Secretary of Treasury, that would appease most of his supporters I think.

    • Florida Tea Party Convention

      Isn’t funny how the Paulities call RP the father or godfather of the tea party and he only pulls about 5% of their polling results.

  • Stephen

    One day, likely when it’s far too late, people will wake up & realize Ron Paul was right & the mainstream media like the article above led them into tyranny.

    Have you noticed that the Marxist like to redefine & re-label everything?
    For instance, unemployment has been redefined to NOT include those
    unemployed who’ve been unemployed so long they’ve given up looking for work.
    So what they say is the unemployment rate is not the same as what you/we
    think as the unemployment rate. This is part of their modus operandi.
    Remember the Clinton trial? His definition of sex wasn’t everybody else’s
    definition. When we live in a world where everything depends upon what your
    definition of “is” is, then nothing is as it appears or is as a normal
    person would think it is. They have created a world of delusion (Marxism).

    People so rarely hear the truth anymore, so when they do hear it, they shun
    it because it’s foreign to them. It doesn’t fit what they’ve been taught
    (brainwashed) to think. I’m continually amazed how well this brainwashing
    has worked on me for so many years. This is why people don’t listen to Ron
    Paul–because what he speaks is foreign–the truth.

    Did you see/hear Marco Rubio’s speech at the Reagan library?
    It’s a bit long, but buried in it he expresses support for replacing the
    Libyan government (don’t they all? Those that don’t are considered
    crazy/unelectable, etc.). Have you noticed how that’s turning out? The
    ways of Islam & Sharia law where this was absent before. If the United
    Nations/NATO’s goal for the countries around Israel is socialist Islam/sharia law, why
    should we think their goal for America would be any different? Are they not
    forcing Christianity out of America for this reason? The U.N. pushes
    Islam/communism, they attempt to usurp our constitution via. bankrupting
    Agenda 21, small arms global gun ban treaty, attempting to force Marxist
    unions upon us to bankrupt us, etc. Why do “republicans” continue to
    support this? Why do “republicans” continue to support bankrupting Marxist
    Keynesian economics?

    Political correctness, redefining, relabeling, whatever you call it, to be politically correct, you’d need to call it something other than what it actually is. Like calling Islamic, Christian hating, nation building “war on terror” or “humanitarian crisis” intervention.

    • Sandi Trusso

      Keep right on drinking the Kool Aid, till America is no more!

  • Mirand Sharma

    Since the Shark Tank doesn’t report on stories such as the Federal Reserve printing $16 trillion dollars, or Rick Perry lying about his support for TARP, or about the Al-Qaeda flag flying on the courthouse in Libya, I am unsubscribing. The shark tank has become lame.

  • Thomas Nash
  • CalFl

    I thought Shark Tank was above this type of Huffington Post, NYT “reporting”! As an undecided, conservative, Republican I find this headline and article absolutely asinine. So what’s next..?”Rubio Supports Sales Tax” (He did propose a state wide sales tax in ’07) or “Cain is Pro-choice” (He did say it was a “personal-choice” on CNN) or “Santorum Supports Abortion Rights” (He backed pro-abortion Specter over Toomey in ’04). The point is your headline and subsequent article is absurd. I don’t agree with much of Ron Paul’s positions, but I admire his unwavering commitment to his principles. Clearly, this is a tough concept for you to grasp. If ’08 should have taught you anything it was that blindly, and robotically pulling a lever for a candidate simply because they have an “R” after their name is foolish….BTW, Javier, how’s that Liberal-Interventionism working out for you in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya…I’m sure they’re about to become huge pro-USA bastions of democracy any day now, right!? That is why we spilled blood and treasure, right?

  • Stephen

    So, in the “war on terror”/”Humanitarian crisis” intervention (AKA = Islamic, Christian hating nation building), which Islamists are we helping win their war against the other Islamists? Are we building Shiite Islamist nations or Sunni Islamist nations? Whichever side it is, we’re setting up unified nations/a unified force against Israel, are we not?
    Why do “republicans” support this? Are they blind and deaf?

  • The Truth

    I held my nose and voted for McCain last time. I don’t think he would have been any better than Obama has been.
    I’m done holding my nose.
    Good for Dr Paul for standing by his principles!
    Hopefully in his retirement he will continue to write and his writings will inspire people and we will once again become a nation that values liberty.
    For the rest of the GOP crop, they don’t care for liberty more than Obama

    • Bryan K Donnelly

      You’ll change your tune when confronted with four more years of Marxiam. McCain was a TERRIBLE choice, but I did vote for him. No patriot can fail to vote against Obama.

  • Don White

    I agree with Fallin. Mr. Javier Manjarres, you wrote a rotten article. The title is misleading. It searches for readership but misses the point. The point is saving a nation. The meat you offer is garbage. Ron Paul will release his followers–as if he has us by a chain. He is the greatest and best hope for America we’ve got. He is the smartest candidate and not dedicated to getting elected at all costs “Katie bar the door” style. I think I know Ron Paul as well as anyone, I wrote the cliff notes to his wonderful NY Times best-selling book “Liberty Defined.” Mine is “Patriot Call of Ron Paul” available at Barnes and Noble as an ebook. Get it, you may learn something Mr. Manjarres.

    • You’re Under his Spell

      Ron Paul will not release you… you are under his spell!!!

  • Sammy

    Look at all of the crazy Paulbots coming out to attack the Shark Tank, simply because the author speaks his mind. Funny how these same Paulbots get upset when their thoughts are questiond, such hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are all making the case for why the majority of Americans think that you are stupid and nuts!

    • BC

      He’s not speaking his mind. He’s saying that Ron Paul should give up his principles and tell his block to vote for the next big Rino Republican candidate. Did you see the spending by the Federal Government for October was over 200 Billion. More than last October before all these great Tea Party Conservative Republicans took over. Boy they are doing a great job getting this ship turned around. Anyone but Ron Paul will be status quo.

  • Paladin

    You people are “in the tank” for the establishment republicans. Ron Paul said, in that same interview, that he would NOT run as a 3rd party candidate. He is the only candidate who will apply a strict interpretation of the Constitution to the present federal behemoth. If the republicans continue to put forth an “anybody but Obama” criteria for the next election the media will select “Obomney” just as they selected the rino McCain in 2008.

    • Bryan K Donnelly

      Not running as a third party candidate is NOT the test of loyalty as a Republican or an American. Not only Ron, but ALL conservatives, libertarians, and decent patriotic Americans must ENDORSE and actively SUPPORT whoever the GOP nominee may be; even,UGH!, Romeny. We won’t get a second chance to take our country back. Anther term and the Obamanistas will have so destroyed our system, the socialist cancer will have so metastasized, that we’ll be FINISHED as a nation.

  • The Judge

    This deceptive article is from Javier is yet another attempt to distract and discourage Ron Paul Republican Supporters. Ron Paul is the Real Deal–a True Constitutionalist Conservative that has Won more Straw Polls than the other candidates–most recently California, Washington DC, and Illinois–of course you probably didn’t hear about that on highly controlled main-line news. We certainly don’t need and can’t afford another Bush type in office–growing the Federal Government- 4 fold, TARP / BANKER Bailouts, endless Trillion dollar Wars around the World. Obama even worse.

    Ron Paul would Never support Obama. Virtually all of the other Republican Candidates have dark histories of flip flopping on vital conservative issues. Consequently–they are all eliminating themselves. Ron Paul would beat Obama in a head to head contest–Survey’s show that. His challenge right-now is to Win the Nomination by waking-up more Republicans to the Value of having a Smaller Government and a True Constitutionalist Represent them. He can Win it All and is the One to get our Country back on course for the Free and Productive Society that our Founders intended.

    This documentary video “Obama Deception” will greatly help to understand what is really going behind Obama & our overall Political System and how we have been manipulated:

    The Video was released when Obama entered office and the predictions have come true. All backed-up by the facts.

    • Bryan K Donnelly

      Ron wins straw polls ONLY when anybody off the street may show up and vote. When delegates are in any way vetted, as we who attended Presidency5 in Orlando, he never wins. His support is a mile deep and a YARD WIDE.

      • You’re Correct

        You’re Correct Bryan

        Besides Ron Paul being crazy, I think he loses more support because of his obnoxious followers.

  • Kenny

    Ron Paul has some great ideas and some not so great ideas. I support him on most domestic issues. But I will support the eventual Republican nominee anyday over the current SCUMBAG Marxist currently in the White House. That is a no-brainer.

  • earl swann

    Ever heard of the expression “we aint riding on the back of the bus” Front seat or we are going to get our own bus. “Read it and weap” as they say in poker.

  • Mike

    Ron Paul is a nut. Paul and all of his stupid sounding pack of rabid dogs need to get a life, or get out of politics/

  • Chuck

    “So there you have it- you either accept all of Paul’s neo-liberal, non-interventionist foreign policy nonsense, or you can shove it.”

    Javier, this is how principled people act. They don’t compromise on bedrock issues. You apparently are ill-equipped to understand that the status quo is no longer an option. We are out of money and out of time. I truly feel sorry for you and rest of the so-called conservatives who just don’t get it. Business as usual is suicide. So go ahead and continue to mock Ron Paul with this kind of uproductive rhetoric. Don’t bother to engage his ideas, just continue to hide under a rock. This is very disappointing and is proof that this country is truly in very grave trouble.

  • Ron Eddo

    Paul’s antics don’t matter.

    If Obama is defeated, and it’s even CLOSE, it will be a pyrrhic victory. He’ll do everything he can before he leaves office to booby trap the new administration. And when it all goes to hell, he’ll say something like, “See what happens when you give the kids the car keys?” and he’ll run for re-election is 2016.

    Obama is like a resistant bacteria strain. If he isn’t crushed, (politically) he will emerge stronger, and a debased electorate will welcome him back.


  • Bryan K Donnelly


    If this is true and Ron is not once again merely shooting off his mouth, he has condemned himself; willing to put his personal pique and particular views before loyalty to the United States of America. Willing to see our country destroyed.

    Conservatives-libertarians with any sense have long known that Ron Paul, with his absurd neo-isolationist (“non-interventionist”) foreign-military ideas and his band of true believer conspiracy theory John Birch Society style kooks he refuses to renounce, is a CRANK. Yes, when he says we need smaller government, lower taxes, drastically less regulation, and restoration of the Constitution, one readily agrees. But when one hears him calling for a return to the failed isolationist “America First” policies that gave us Hitler and World War Two, he becomes a joke. And THEN when one hears his supporters getting all worked up about the “international (Jewish?) bankers” as were such buffoons as Fr. Charles Coughlin or Charles Lindbergh in the 30’s-40’s it is impossible to take him seriously.

    Obama is an avowed MARXIST who is attempting to destroy this country, its institutions, its foreign standing, its economic system, its moral foundations. He is an UN-AMERICAN DISASTER and has to be removed, all his policies, legislation and initiates reversed, all his band expelled from office! Anybody who would, by their political action or inaction allow the Communists in the White House to remain one minute after noon January, 20, 2013 is a BAD AMERICAN!

    Even when we defeat Obama and the Democrat-socialists next year, that may not be enough. The next president may be forced to call upon our military to put down an active communist revolution in our cities carried out by the bands of radical loonies among those now “occupying” Wall Street. Guys like Michael Moore are calling for a violent end to our free enterprise system, and they’re not kidding. Stock up on ammunition.

    I dislike Mitt Romney; RINO with no principles not found in his latest poll or focus group. He’s a “moderate” liberal “Republican” from the People’s Republic of Taxachussetts, and father of Obamacare. He reminds me of, UGH! Charlie Crist. But he IS a capitalist.

    I support Herman Cain. Should my guy falter, I’d probably get behind Newt Gingrich who could also soundly defeat Obama. I’m in the “anybody but Romney” conservative majority of Republicans. I’ll work like hell to prevent his nomination.

    But, in November 2012, NO MATTER WHO the Republicans nominate, I’ll vote for him along with the entire rest of the Republican ticket; even Charlie Crist clone George LeMieux here in Florida if he’s nominated to replace Bill Nelson. No Republican, no conservative, no libertarian, no Tea Party activist, no religious conservative can take any other path and remain a patriot. Yes EVEN ROMNEY! At least he does not hate his country as does Barack Hussein. A Republican Senate and House, along with a still active Tea Party will be able to “hold his feet to the fire” could steer him the right way. We’d at least have a chance.

    Ron is NOT going to be the GOP nominee. He never had a chance. He’s a non-starter. I say that as an active libertarian Republican ( Anyone who does not unite to defeat Obama, much less run as a third party candidate is a Judas Iscariot to our great nation and will be condemned by history.

    • Nice Post

      Nice Post Bryan

  • Rabid Ron Paul Follower

    I’ll follow Ron Paul over a cliff! I’m RABID like “all” Paul supporters are.

  • Chris

    Author needs to get their facts right.
    I don’t support RP for president, I think he SHOULD support the GoP candidate so that we can get Obama out. But if someone is going to make false claims about someone’s political beliefs I cannot take them seriously. People need to do their research before spewing stupidity

  • Patricia Douglas

    When exactly will we wise-up and realize that the “Republican Party” needs a massive overhaul…or what we need is a solid third party that truly represents the majority of the people. So many of the voting public is no longer democrat or republican; we are a combination. We cannot let faith dictate politics or the way in which government can be permitted to interfere with our lives. For example, whether we are por-choice or pro-life is irrelevant to a functioning and effective government. Republican and democrat candidates are extremists and the voting public is not. Where is the party that represents a conservative, capitalist, fiscally sound government , which opposes a system built upon hand-outs and perpetuating poverty and massive spending. Where is the party that encourages corporate incentives and facilitate businesses, which in turn fosters a healthy governments, but which at the same time stays out of my bedroom. out of my home and does not deem itself the moral arbiter and judge of lifestyles. Republicans will not prevail under the current platform. Get smart and gutsy and make some changes that reflect the majority of voters. I am ashamed to be known as a republican , horrified by the candidates, and embarrassed by the “leaders” currently in office. These people have no interest in serving the people. They are interested in power, promoting their own agenda, and creating more and more benefits for themselves. Under no circumstances should elected officials be entitled to perks to which others are not. Pay taxes, pay social security, abide by the laws you purport to support. You are servants, community leaders, representatives of the people. It’s time you act like one.

    • Bryan K Donnelly

      I couldn’t agree MORE. The Washington, New York Republican “establishment” are also the enemy. We must “cleanse the stables” in the party, starting at the local level all the way up to the utterly useless Republican National Committee. But re-electing Obama is akin to committing suicide to make one’s point.

      I’m an American first, a conservative Tea Party activist second, and Republican a FAR THIRD.

  • Voter

    A vote for 3rd party is a vote for Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!!

    • Bryan K Donnelly

      A third party vote is a vote for Communism.

  • Patricia Douglas

    Oops, typo…I said fosters a healthy government…I meant economy.

  • Fish in the Pond

    Javier, It’s amazing how you can take a slow day and make it exciting. Write a story about their “cult” leader and they come out all over the country. I wonder what these people are going to do when Ron Paul dies one day? I hope their not reproducing.

  • Sam Vazquez

    SOUR GRAPES!!! It looks as if his attitude is “IF I CAN’T BE THE CANADATE I’M GOING TO THROW THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO THE WOLVES” What a narcissistic stupid attitude. “DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY NOT WHAT IS RIGHT TO FEED YOUR EGO” We have too much at stake. It’s going to take solidarity to save America from obummer.

  • Patricia Douglas

    clearly Obama has to go…..please! And maybe not “a third party” , What I really want is a republican party that gets it. Massive restructure. Otherwise, forget it. Obama wins. That is what will happen unless RNC, and party get it together.

  • Joy richards

    Perry is a very strong immigration candidate. He was handed a border problem defacto because of the geographical location of Texas. The border is a FEDERAL issue,just like education is a STATE issue and any questions wbout education belong in governor’s races not Federal races. It is the mantra of true conservatives like Paul and Perry to rid the Washington dept of ed bureacracy.Now as for immigration, due Federal malfeasance Perry was forced to spend 400 million dolars of Texas taxpayer money to combat the problem, joined Az in a lawsuit against the Fed government,placed Texas rangers and national guard on the border, vetoed a bill allowing driver’s licenses for illegals and banned sanctuary cities.I do not believe that the sins of the father should be placed on the sons,so granting in-state-tuition to children of illegals who were brought here by their parents is the Christian thing to do. Better to educate than to incarcerate.All the armchair immigation types like Bachman,Romney and even Paul who have not had to deal with this problem in a practical way should defer to Perry who is the ONLY candidate that knows this issue firsthand.

  • antodav

    Wow, the profound ignorance on this page is astonishing…although it probably shouldn’t be. Blinded by hate, enchained by ignorance and with your minds closed by fear, you fail to see the bigger picture, which is that if a candidate such as Mitt Romney or Rick Perry wins the nomination, there will be no discernible impact made in the size, scope, or nature of government. None of these candidates actually understands or cares about what is at the root of the problems facing this country today. They prey upon people like most of you, who are imprisoned in a two-party paradigm, brainwashed into thinking that certain parts of the status quo are unavoidable and that anyone who wants to change them must be crazy. You don’t really believe in liberty, because you’re completely in favor taking away the freedoms of those whom the government deems as a threat. You don’t believe in limited government or in the Constitution, because you see no problem with perpetual undeclared war at the cost of billions of dollars and thousands of lives, while our economy sinks deeper into malaise, and out of your fear you insist on letting people deemed a threat languish in prison for years without trials, letting the government render privacy rights meaningless, and forcing people to practice certain “moral values” dictated by your religious beliefs even though following God’s law not because you love God but because man tells you to is completely meaningless. You don’t understand the meaning of sound money, you don’t understand the concept of “blowback”, you don’t know what socialism is or what it takes to actually restore a free market system in this country. You don’t want sincere reform, all you want is to shave a little bit off the top of government and keep it growing at a slightly slower rate than what Obama has been doing.

    Mitt Romney originated much of the bad policy that Obama has implemented since he’s been president, and on top of that he is a spineless man with no conviction who goes wherever the political winds will take him. Rick Perry is a clone of George W. Bush who will do nothing but perpetuate the failed foreign policy of the last ten years while continuing to drive up the debt and violate our civil liberties—and forcing evangelical Protestantism upon all of the rest of us who either aren’t religious or, like me, find it to be an abominable perversion of true Christian doctrine. Herman Cain is an ignoramus with no foreign policy, no experience in government, and a simplistic “999” plan for the economy that doesn’t even come close to addressing the real issues at the heart of the economic malaise and for many people would make things much worse. Newt Gingrich is intelligent and articulate but his record is shady and questionable; he has proven himself to be lacking in conviction (the immediate abandonment of most of the Contract of America after the Republicans took power in 1994) and a strong proponent of the status quo. Michelle Bachmann likewise has virtue only in her belief in limited economic policy but continues to support imperialism abroad. Rick Santorum is a neoconservative farce who does not believe in liberty or in the constitution and has no substantive plan for reducing the size or scope of government.

    That leaves only two candidates who would have any real chance of making a difference in this country if elected: Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman. You ignore them, because you can’t stand the idea of other people consuming substances into their bodies that might harm them, even if it has no impact on you (and even if you probably consume even more harmful substances like alcohol, tobacco, and many prescription drugs), and because you believe that it’s perfectly appropriate for a nation founded out of rebellion against an empire to maintain a massive, hugely expensive overseas presence, in countries where we either have no political interest or are deeply unwelcome, while bringing about the deaths of thousands on both sides under the assumption that this somehow helps our national defense and in no way creates more enemies than it destroys, irrespective of what reality has shown.

    All that motivates you is hatred for Obama…a man who, while he has indeed been a terrible president, is just one man, part of a much larger system that has to be brought down if REAL change is to happen. The candidate who understands that the best and who has most clearly articulated the basic principles of economics and social order that are required for prosperity—the very ideals that the Founding Fathers themselves espoused—is Ron Paul. If you had any brains or balls whatsoever, you would see that fact which makes itself blatantly obvious at every debate, and support him on principle, regardless of what the (fixed) polls say or which one of the candidates has been able to scrounge up the most money from special interests. Getting rid of Obama and putting in one of these other Republican clowns will accomplish nothing. If you want real change, vote for the candidate who wants to implement real changes.

    • Dave

      Well Stated…….
      A vote for Romney or Perry or Cain is a vote for BIG GOVERNMENT and more WAR!!!!

    • Dan Ray

      110% Correct!! Javier should run your reply as a Headline Commentary! We had spineless goofballs like Dole and McCain run before. We were ‘bushwacked’ by phony conservatives – father and son! NOW IS THE TIME FOR A TRUE CONSTITUTIONALIST to lead our republic back from the brink! Ron Paul is that man who has a plan that includes LIBERTY!!

      • NO RON PAUL 2012

        Okay, gotha Dan, you supported Gore, Kerry, and Dukakis.

  • Dave

    Mr. Paul is a man of principle who believes in his duty to the Constitution. He di not specifically say he wouldn’t support the GOP candidate………he wants to vet them first. I mean really, to support Romney or Cain for instance is basically a vote for Wall Street and war, who needs another RINO NEO-CON to take us into another war with Iran, etc. Another “elitist” who will continue to spend, leave Obamacare intact, do nothing about the FED or Wall Street? I will have a tough time voting for another Bankster/Warmonger.

  • Joy richards

    Oh please. Rick Perry wants a FED audit and in the words of the great Perry is more radical on the counterfeiting FED than Paul is, seeing the devaluation of currency as did the Founders right there in the same category as treason.Perry is for the repeal of the 16 and 17 amendments ,two progressive Woodrow Wilson initiatives that took rights from the people and expanded the scope of the centralized Fed government.Allowing the US to use its tremendous oil reserves will free us from the foreign entanglements that you complain about. We have to hold our noses and pander because our entire economy would collapse without the oil so our sons must trade blood for oil.Washington DC and the liberal media is working double time to keep Perry from getting the chance to prove himself. Give him a chance,look at his record and past the one liners and speeches. Seems the ability of pols to give speeches without accomplishment put us in this mess.

  • Joy richards

    I also must agree with Javier, the huge Republican field only dilutes the anti-RINO ant-Obama vote.I know that a third party will only dilute the anti-Obama vote. One way a loser wins is if he can split the vote and thus wins a plurality. I fell for the third party with Ross Perot who elected Clinton with 42 of the vote. the other 58 went to the Republicasn minded candiates HW and Perot. Seems Perot’s only mission was to defeat HW Bush and his bogus candidacy did just that.So the next time I voted for Dole but the other idiots fell for it a second time!Fool me once , shame on you,
    fool me twice shame on me!Also, don’t give me Clinton was a great President. He handed W a huge mess. Ignored the terrorists and expanded the CRA which created the economic disaster that we are now in, all the while disrespecting the office with philandering.

  • jason bauer

    I am as conservative as they get and Ron Pauls views are liberterian rather than neo-liberal. I don’t think he would support Obama at all. Most of the current Republican candidates suck some of them are ok. My choice for President would be Allen West and Nikki Haley for VP! True conservatives!

  • Joy richards

    You miss the point,Jason. Javier is just saying that if we dilute the Republican vote or run a RINO like Romney are we getting closer or farther away from our ideal?The only viable candidates with any experience at governing are Perry and Gingrich. Romney is just Obama light. In politics you will never get all that you want right away.

  • Barbara Cox

    Rasmussen August poll had Dr Ron Paul beating Obama. Ron Paul is the best there is. If you don’t vote for him you bow to the Incumbent party system that has done SO well over the last couple generations and brought us to this critical time. How did that swallow it and vote for McCain work out for you? How did that occupy Afghanistan work for the Russians?


    While I agree that many of Paul’s supporters would sit this election out if he isn’t the nominee, I’m likely to be one of them myself, what a lot of them are fighting for through Paul is a drastically different approach to governing. None of the other candidates seem to be willing to make that change. In fact aside from repealing Obamacare, because well it’s just so darn popular with the average folk to repeal it, you likely wold stump them all if you asked them to name one other law they would like to repeal.

    The problem with Republicans in general is when you ask them what they would do is it often involves creating more government. I may not agree with everything Paul wants to do but I’d sure enjoy watching him attempt to dismantle the behemoth of a federal government.

  • DL

    If Ron Paul does not win the nomination I will probably just sit it out unless Romney wins, then I will have to pull the trigger for Obama reluctantly. Romney is way too dangerous and has no respect for liberty.

    • Bryan K Donnelly

      BAD as he is, Romney would be better than Obama by a factor of 10! ANYBODY IS BETTER THAN OBAMA.

      • NO RON PAUL 2012

        You can’t tell the dope smoking RP people anything. They’re married to their crack-pipes.

  • haha

    The author is obviously a real smart guy and so if what he predicts comes true I’ll be happy to know it will boil him with anger.

    Hear me loud and clear. We’re not voting for your Republicrat candidates. They are no different than Obama. And if we now control the outcome of the election it looks like you can either vote Ron Paul or f*ck off!

    One thing you should know for certain. There isn’t a goddamn thing you can do or say to make us vote for your loser candidates. So if you want to beat Obama vote for Ron Paul. If you don’t you only have yourselves to blame.

    hahahahahahaaaahaaaa nanny nanny boooooo booooo 😛

    • Bryan K Donnelly

      You sir are a BOOB!

      • NO RON PAUL 2012

        I second that!

  • haha

    and let me add… you twits have been pissing on us and calling us “nutjobs” for years now. And now you think we’re going to give a shit about what you have to say.. about anything?

    This is what they call payback… and it’s a bitch!

  • Quinton Tillman

    It’s not Ron Paul that will ensure Obama’s re-election. Just as in 2008 the republican party is incabale of producing a candiate that would inspire true conservatives to vote fore him! The republicans obviously have learned noting. They have a rediculous assortment of lame-ass candidates that remind me more of Max Headroom than a president. The republican party is a hucksters market of wanna be consertvatives trying to convince us that they can beat BO. Only party loyalist would vote for one of these jokers. The 2012 election will not be about defeating Obama; it’s about restoring liberty, vastly reducing government and returning us to a sound monetary system. Ron Paul is the only candidate that has put forth any serious resolutions to these problems. I couldn’t care less what party he is running with!

  • Harold Camping

    Harold Camping

  • Quinton Tillman

    Oh, and one more thing. The link on Shark Tank reads “Ron Paul to Support President Barack Obama”?! Nowhere in the text of the article does Javier have a quote to support this BS. This last thing Ron Paul or his supporters want is a continuation of the Obama administration polices (or that of the previous administration for that matter). Then the headline reads “Ron Paul Could Be Ensuring Barack Obama’s Re-Election”; as if that were some type of goal of his. Javier Manjarres has reduced himself to the level of typical liberal drive-by media; an outragious headline with no substance.

  • mikey michales(mikeymike143)

    Here is why Ron Paul has ZERO chance to win the Republican presidential primary

    1. His foreign policy ideas are simply the same recycled bad ideas that Jimmy Carter had. A foreign policy of ”let’s hide our head in the sand like an ostrich and blame big bad America and hope that everyone leaves us alone” is not only ignorant, but also dangerous for our country. And the big winners in last November’s elections were the ones who espoused ”american exceptionalism”, not the ones who espoused ”anti-american apologism”. Now I will admit Ron Paul’s foreign policy message would go over well with the Code Pink/Dennis Kucinich voters, but those type of people tend to be Democrats, not Republicans. One of my facebook friends put it best when he said ”if Ron Paul had been president during World War 2, we would all be speaking German now”.

    2. He has no real political power. And this was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in 2008. Yes, he can win any ONLINE presidential poll. So what. In 2007 the paulbots hijacked the same online polls and Ron Paul won them all. His followers then posed articles all over the internet touting his candidacy. He then suckered his gullible followers telling them that the ”polls showed he could win” and send to him money. Then came the 2008 primaries. Out of the 50 states that were availible for Ron Paul to win, guess how many he won? ZERO. And that is spelled Z-E-R-O. Now let’s go to the present day. His internet saavy paulbots are again winning all the online and straw polls for their idol. His followers are again posting articles about him like he actually has a legitimate chance to win. Next is going to come the annual ”moneybomb” when Ron Paul once again fleeces his followers by pointing out that he is ahead in the polls and has a chance to win this time. But their delusional fantasy is going to run into a buzzsaw called Republican primary voters. Paul got absolutely destroyed when he ran in 1988, got whipped by John McCain in 2008, and he will be a three time loser in 2012.

    3. There are plenty of people who are ”one issue voters” in politics. And in the Republican party there are plenty of people that ”opposition to islam” is the one issue they feel strongly about. You can go to any anti islam or conservative jewish site and see that the two politicians that are diliked the most are Obama and Ron Paul. Ron Paul has said ”I don’t believe for one minute the religion of islam is our enemy”. And Paul also attacked tea partiers for their oppostion to the ground zero mosque. And Ron Paul is also ok with Iran having nuclear weapons. Now i am not going to debate the muslim issue here, but the fact that a decent sized voting group in your own party considers you one of their main foes is certainly not good news for your campaign. Now to be fair, you will get the idiots who think Israel is unfairly oppressing Palestine and the pro muslim agenda voters will also be on Paul’s side. The only problem with that is almost all of that crowd are Democrats who support Obama.

    4. Let’s look at Ron Paul’s position on crack cocaine and heroin. Now I am totally fine with legalizing pot and prostitution in any state if the voters want it. If somebody wants to get laid or smoke a joint it sure isn’t any of my business. But we are talking about legalizing hard drugs because Ron Paul says that the government is unconstitutionally sticking its nose in peoples business by not allowing it. I say once it becomes legal, who is going to cover the costs of the people that get addicted to it to go to rehab or treatment centers. And please don’t say the addict. Probably the government will have to. Great, now here comes a great big expansion of government to fight the drug war that was ”caused by the tea party candidate”. Which by the way, I as a taxpayer will have to cover. Increased police and court costs etc, etc. But the issue isn’t what I think or Ron Paul thinks, the issue is what does the Republican primary voter think of this policy. The ”religious right” will certainly oppose it full force. And I would think that anyone that has had a family member suffer through the addiction process will be opposed to it. That’s two groups opposed. Of course, Paul will pick up the ”left wing hippie” vote and the anarchists vote. Except the left wing hippies are already card carrying members of the Democratic party. And all the anarchists who want to overthrow big bad America are already his supporters.

    5. If he were alive today, Ronald Reagan would strongly oppose him. Reagan believed in spending generously on our national defense and certainly had an interventionist foreign policy. And according to the Ron Paul playbook, that would make the greatest president of my era ”a neocon”. Their policies and beliefs are totally and completely different. Naturally Ron Paul’s followers will attempt to hide that fact by showing you an old video of Ronald Reagan praising Ron Paul as a candidate and using that as proof that Ronald Reagan would support Ron Paul in 2012. Now watch me dismantle that silly argument!!! Does anyone remember Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania? Arlen was the senator that everyone on tea party and conservative sites called a liberal RINO. He was challenged by a tea party backed conservative in the primary named Pat Toomey and when Specter saw how opposed conservatives were to his candidacy he changed parties to Democrat. He voted for TARP, Obama’s socialized health care plan, and was pro affirmative action and amnesty. Yet, Reagan praised him as a true conservative back in the 1980’s and even cut a campaign ad for him. But go ask a Pennsylvania tea partier what they think of Specter today. LOL. If you were a House or Senate member, and of course running as a Republican, Ronald Reagan would praise you as a candidate for office. That’s part of what a sitting president does for members of his party.

    But rather than look at a 30 year old video let’s look at Ron Paul has to say about Ronald Reagan. In 1987, Ron Paul wrote a letter to Frank Fahrenkopf, chairman of the Republican National Committee, stating that he wanted to totally publically disassociate himself with the policies of Ronald Reagan(funny but he yet to publically disassociate with the 9-11 truther movement or Code Pink). He later told the Dallas Morning News that the presidency of Ronald Reagan was a ”dramatic failure”. OK, let’s take a look at the political success of both politicians and decide if that is true. In 2008 Ron Paul ran in the Republican primary for president. He got 5% of the vote. In other words, 19 OUT OF 20 REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY VOTERS REJECTED RON PAUL IN THE LAST ELECTION. In 1984, Ronald Reagan was reelected as the president of the United States in a landslide, winning 49 out of 50 states, and his 525 electoral votes were the the most of any candidate in American history. Hmmm, I think we have to score this one for the Gipper.

    6. Illegal Immigration. According to the highly respected anti immigation group NUMBERS USA, Ron Paul has the lowest grade of any Republican presidential candidate out there, coming in with an F. Naturally, his paulbots try to put a spin on this by saying ”welfare and benefit programs should be unconsititutional so illegal immigrants wont come here”. If Ron Paul threw puppies off a tall building his hynoptized followers would be applauding and yelling it was ”constitutional”. That argument wont cut it with the voters. Polls overwhelmingly show that Americans are in favor of closing our borders and against all forms of amnesty. And that really holds true with Republican voters. April has posted articles by former Ron Paul allies like Tom Tancrdeo that blast Paul on the immigration issue. Yet again, Ron Paul thinks like a liberal Democrat, and in fact even has the same ”F” grade that NUMBERS USA gave Obama.

    7. Paul’s pork problem. One thing career politicians learn to do is talk conservative while picking the taxpayers pocket for money. And ”Porkulus Paul” has this shady routine down pat. First of all, let’s go back to last November’s elections to get the proper perspective on this issue. The Republicans destroyed the Democrats on November 3 due to the energy and votes of the tea party!!!!! Now the tea party came in and deservedly wanted to flex it muscles. And decided to take a principled stand against the unethical practice of pork(earmarks). The fight against earmarks was led by the Tea Party Patriots(TPP) and other tea party and conservative groups against the pork loving Democrats. In fact, TPP leader Mark Meckler considered this such an important issue that he promised to run a tea party challenger against any Republican that accepted them.

    “We’ll do what we always do,” said Meckler. “Our members will put immense pressure on every senator to vote against earmarks. This is a fundamental issue — it’s both substantive and symbolic. Will they vote against the politics of the past or are they still stuck in it? This is a vote that will never go away, like TARP. Tea Partiers have long memories. Politicians have always taken advantage of the fact that voters have short memories, but we’ll know, we’ll remember, and in 2012 when they have aggressive, well-funded primary challengers, they’ll know why.”

    Then it came out that a Republican asked for 150 MILLION DOLLARS IN PORK FOR HIS DISTRICT!!! Surely this was a RINO. Maybe Olympia Snowe or Scott Brown? No, it was actually Ron Paul.

    U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was one of only four House Republicans to break rank from the party and request earmarks despite a Republican Conference earmark moratorium. Paul sent 41 earmark requests totaling $157,093,544 for the 2011 Fiscal Year.

    Ron Paul is to the far left of the tea party on just about every major issue. Actually he looks just like a liberal Democrat to me.


    • anon

      go live in Israel you anti American prick. your love for israel and hatred for America shows everytime you inject your political poisin.

  • Paul Brooks

    Manjarres does a great job appealing to our emotions and egos by distorting the facts and engaging in unsupported allegations. Where is the discussion of policy and principle? A favorite tactic of progressives it to attack the character of an opponent rather than debate the substance of any issue. Could it be that there is fear that Ron Paul might arouse an appetite in the American people for serious debate about our foreign policy,national debt, burgeoning federal power, and the decline of our individual liberty? Are we so anxious to get rid of a progressive Democrat that we will accept without debate another progressive Republican?

  • Travis

    Nice going Wrong Paulbaerer

  • mikey michaels(mikeymike143)

    Ron Paul Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him

    by David Horowitz

    David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

    Long ago Bill Buckley drummed the anti-Semites out of the conservative movement, and the movement thrived as a result. But the Jew-haters have returned. For years the Texas crackpot, Ron Paul, has been attacking America and Israel as imperialist powers — the Great Satan and the Little Satan, and calling for America’s retreat from the battle against our totalitarian enemies. At the recent CPAC conference Paul’s Jew-hating storm-troopers swarmed the Freedom Center’s table to vent their spleen against Israel as a Nazi state. Now Paul is making a priority of withdrawing aid for Israel — the only democracy in the Middle East and the only reliable ally of the United States. Here is an alert from Gary Bauer about the amendment Ron Paul is proposing which may be voted on today.

    Thursday, February 17, 2011
    To: Friends & Supporters
    From: Gary L. Bauer

    Special Alert

    Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) has just introduced an amendment to end all U.S. aid to Israel. The amendment could be voted on before the day is over. I need your help right now to stop this ill-conceived proposal!

    Please click here to quickly and easily send a message to your elected representative urging them to stand with Israel.

    Don’t be deceived. This Ron Paul proposal would not lower our budget deficit. By abandoning Israel while its enemies are gaining strength, the risk of a major war in the Middle East would increase. A major war would cost the U.S. billions and billions of dollars as we have already seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The U.S. gives billions of dollars a year to foreign countries that hate us and regularly vote against us at the United Nations. But, Israel votes with the U.S. 97% of the time. They are a loyal ally that shares our values. The aid they receive is used to buy military equipment from U.S. companies so the money comes back to us. Ron Paul’s proposal makes no sense.

    Please right now go to to tell your congressman to stand with Israel.

    You may also call the Capitol Hill Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your representative’s office. If you don’t know his or her name, give the operator your zip code and they will transfer you. Tell them to stand with our most reliable ally Israel by opposing the Paul amendment to end all foreign aid. Please take action now!

  • mikey michaels(mikeymike143)

    Rush Limbaugh: I’m sorry, but this Ron Paul is going to destroy this party. This is nuts on parade. The media loves this guy as nuts on parade. They want the whole Republican Party to be identified with the kookiness of Ron Paul.

    Mark Levin: This guy is poison…

    Judson Phillips, Chairman, TPN(tea party nation): Has Ron Paul been evaluated for dementia? He is raving mad.

    Allen West: Ron Paul ‘Not the Kind of Guy You Need to Be Sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave’

  • 1776Liberal

    Anyone but Obama can start after the Republican nomination.

    Until then, let’s work to get the best Conservative (preferably one who is strongly Libertarian) available to run as a Republican.

  • Alex Snitker

    Javier is writing another article to get more people to read his website and mission accomplished.

    I find it amazing that a person who stands on principle is attacked for it. The rest of the candidates will at best slow down the expansion of the federal government. There will be no change back to a constitutional republic without Ron Paul.

    And just so everyone knows I will not vote for Obama, Romney, Cain, Newt or Santorum. I will not vote for full or partial socialists.

    Not that it matters because Neo-Cons are really socialist anyway but have such a lack of understranding what it means they think they are conservatives.

    Our numbers are growing more and more everyday. We are not the majority yet but we now have enough to sway this election one way or another. Go ahead and vote against Ron Paul. You will be the people who reelected Obama.

  • elizabeth dunn

    Great post, Javier and astute point:

    “So there you have it- you either accept all of Paul’s neo-liberal, non-interventionist foreign policy nonsense, or you can shove it.”

    I guess every party has their own petulant ‘Ralph Nader’ and Paul is ours. Thanks for breaking the story in such a timely manner.

    I’d love to see a commentary set up here at the Tank for a post-debate review (next go-around). And at some point in the GOP primary race, I’d be interested to know which candidate the Tank is backing!

  • Alex Snitker

    And one more thing. I have switched over to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary.

  • Emma

    Rep Ron Paul should NEVER be able to run as a Republican again.

  • elizabeth dunn

    As a big fan of Mitt Romney, may I add a quote from contributor Bryan K. Donnelly (who is, assuredly, not a supporter):

    “I dislike Mitt Romney… He’s a “moderate” liberal “Republican” from the People’s Republic of Taxachussetts, and father of Obamacare… ”

    “But he IS a capitalist.”

    And that’s an excellent point!

  • Maximilian

    If anyone is going to give the election to Obama its the status-quo “Republicans” who don’t understand that the rest of GOP field have the same in common with Obama/Bush, that is more domination of foreigners and manipulation of U.S. citizens. I will be voting for Ron Paul and no one else. Get with the liberty movement or enjoy Obama and the status quo for another 4 years.

  • The boyzzzz


  • C Lon Smith

    First, let me say than any one of the Republican candidates would be far better that Husien Obama!
    The Goal of these GOP candidates should be, AMERICA & Citizens first, GOP Party second and with all the candidates agreeing to this then, without saying how bad they feel about their ‘little-opposition’ and cutting them down, tell us why they would be the better choice. Focus on their strength, expose the current corruption with this non-American President and his cronies. The ULTIMATE GOAL . . . depart from this President and try him as a traitor along with all his little punks.
    Wake-up time. We can wait no longer. Handcuff the criminal and paralyze his actions.

  • SSMcDonald

    “Ron Paul to Support President Barack Obama.” This headline is irresponsible and yellow journalism at its worst. The Shark Tank has degenerated to a slime slinging bias allowing such journalism. Javier Manjarres should be fired without mercy or recourse. There is NO excuse for allowing this kind of smear.
    I am not a supporter nor detractor of Ron Paul. My only dog in this fight is the incredible libel perpetrated by Shark Tank on a candidate for president.

  • The Judge

    Javier Manjarres your article title and content shows your bias and corruption. This deceptive article is from Javier is yet another attempt to distract and discourage Ron Paul Republican Supporters. Ron Paul is the Real Deal–a True Constitutionalist Conservative that has Won more Straw Polls than the other candidates–most recently California, Washington DC, and Illinois–of course you probably didn’t hear about that on highly controlled main-line news. We certainly don’t need and can’t afford another Bush type in office–growing the Federal Government- 4 fold, TARP / BANKER Bailouts, endless Trillion dollar Wars around the World. Obama even worse.

    Ron Paul would Never support Obama. Virtually all of the other Republican Candidates have dark histories of flip flopping on vital conservative issues. Consequently–they are all eliminating themselves. Ron Paul would beat Obama in a head to head contest–Survey’s show that. His challenge right-now is to Win the Nomination by waking-up more Republicans to the Value of having a Smaller Government and a True Constitutionalist Represent them. He can Win it All and is the One to get our Country back on course for the Free and Productive Society that our Founders intended.

    This documentary video “Obama Deception” will greatly help to understand what is really going behind Obama & our overall Political System and how we have been manipulated:

    The Video was released when Obama entered office and the predictions have come true. All backed-up by the facts

  • bill cunnane


  • Shawn Bess

    Javier Manjarres, You are trying to reelect Obama by not encouraging everyone to support Ron Paul. You and everyone else with any common sense at all know that he has been right 100% of the time. Yet now when you are given a choice, you continue to choose the same old cookie cutter politicians.

  • Michael

    The only thing irresponsible is this article and some of the responses against Ron Paul. Anyone but obama are you kidding me anyone but obama. What kind of wacko talk is that. So lets give up our rights to anyone but obama. No lets give control of our gov. to a Constitutionalist like Ron Paul not just anyone but obama. Wake up wackos give control of our gov. to any other gop candidate and you give away our country. RonPaul2012

  • carlos

    Never liked him, never will. Ron Paul strikes me as an egotistical traitor.

  • Milt

    It may not matter if Ron Paul is the best candidate. Primary voters will decide if he is the one that faces Obama. But he already made a decision based on pragmatics, not ideology, when he chose to run as a Republican rather than a Libertarian. If he does not get the primary vote, he should make another pragmatic decision and back the Republican nominee. I would love to see him win, but I’ll take a Republican consolation prize rather than another term with Obama. Cheers.