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Wasserman-Schultz Blames Bush for Hamas’ Rise to Power

By Javier Manjarres

During the second of her scheduled townhall meetings held at a Jewish Community Center in Pembroke Pines, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz stated during the Q&A segment of the program that Hamas came to power because of President George W. Bush’s push for democracy in the region, and said “the rise of Hamas is thanks to quote -un-quote Democracy.”

Let’s call it her “Denial of The Nile” take on foreign policy.  Wasserman-Schultz is correct to note that we should be leery of what results may come from “democratic change” in the Middle East, but what she’s blaming Bush for (again) is actually what the Obama Administration has aided in the so called “Arab Spring” in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, where the supporters of Islamic fundamentalism promising a return to Sharia Law are ascendant, and anti-Israel sentiment along with Christian persecution is on the rise.

So logic of the DNC Chairwoman is this- in spite of the fact that the Bush Administration marginalized Hamas over the course of his entire administration, he’s the one responsible for their rise to power. Really?

Is this fair, Jody?
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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Bill McPherson

    Just moved here from out of town and glad to see that Joe Kaufman supports so many gay republicans here in Broward County.

    Great to see so many conservative LGBTers!

    • Homo Agenda

      There’s soo many you can’t help but hit one while pulling out your driveway.

    • Trisha

      I KNOW Joe Kaufman…I see you’ve been reading your ALINSKY’S RULES…nice try.(What does Joe Kaufman have to do with this article?)
      Also,even that earthquake that went through DC was Bush’s Fault…no really,the FAULTLINE is now being called,’Bush’s FAULT”…it was caused by the Founding Fathers
      ROLLING in their Graves!!

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  • Homo Agenda

    I blame Bush for my Gout.

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  • Lightweight
  • ed fouts

    wasserman you are done u are a low life pos,

    • Perry

      She won’t be voted out. The “puppies” who vote in her district are as sick as she is, especially, if I may say, those who are her coreligionists.
      I know it. Some are my relatives.

    • Al

      Let us hypothocate, even if one could say that Bush helped Hamas to come to power, I thought liberals favored Hamas, so it is a good thing in liberal think, right? In liberal lexicon, Jew is bad and Arab is good,right? Even some American Jews seem to support the enemies of Israel. If not, why do so many Jewish Americans vote Democrat? Of course, I wish Bush had the power liberals give him, we might have avoided the economic crisis, the rise in Mexican violence on our border, the Chinese problem, all the Arab uprisings. He could have waved the majic “bush” and made it all go away.

  • Steve

    She’s right. Bush began this misguided effort to implant democracy in the Muslim world. Obama is recklessly pursuing Bush’s misguided vision with a vengeance.

    • Sandi Trusso

      …And everyone knows that Bush was responsible for Noah having to build the ark, and for Adam eating the apple!… Man, these people never stop whining and passing the buck! I’ll say one thing for Wasserman-Schultz… She’s really, really good at dishonesty! I’ve caught her in several things (relative to the Health Care law, which I had printed out and read) that as an attny, she would’ve known the truth about, yet she deliberately deceived people.

      • Steve

        She is dishonest as you say and so is Obama. Both blame Bush for things that are happening on Obama’s watch, such as this miserable economy. But she is right – even if for the wrong reasons – about Bush pushing this democracy scheme in a savage part of the world; a world which exists in the seventh century. Instead of surrounding himself with honest scholars and advisers on Islam, Bush surrounded himself with idiots and apologists for Islam. This in no way excuses Bush for his repeated lies about Islam. Like I said, Bush began this democracy-scheme idiocy. Obama (America’s first Muslim-born president) is pursuing it with a vengeance. Why wouldn’t he pursue Bush’s misguided vision? It furthers the global jihad. Were it not for Bush and his apologists (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et al), it can be argued there would be no dangerous Muslim-born president in the White House today.

      • elba schmitt

        Agree with Sandi. Debbie Wasserman is a scum

      • Kareem

        Mr. Obama is a master of the tools in the old book How to Lie with Statistics . Let me hihlhiggt a few issues, starting by pointing out that this plot does not represent jobs , but rather the change in jobs (math wonks call this the first derivative ). The correct plot requires a plot of actual jobs; you must add up all of the negative bars on the left. Then you notice that the job gains on the right are negligible.We also must remember that the important issue is POLICY, not PARTY. Following the election of a Democrat Congress in 2006 (off the graph to the left), Bush adopted the Keynesian and corporate socialist policies of the Democrats (as Richard Nixon We are all Keynesians now did, creating the Nixon Carter recession).Keynesians borrow money from the private sector and spend it on politically favored economic activity. The overwhelming body of peer reviewed economic scholarship shows that this loses jobs (tax cuts cause job increases). The first Keynesian stimulus bill was under Bush in early 2008 (jobs dropped). The second is under Obama. Jobs dropped horribly. In short, the policies still being advocated by the Democrats, implemented by a Democrat congress with the complicity of both Republicans and Democrat presidents, have lost nearly 7 million jobs, an average wait of 27 months for reemployment, and a 20% underemployment. Now, the job loss has stopped, for a moment, if we include census employees. Of course, the jobs loss HAD to stop somewhere; everyone can be unemployed. But this is not a vindication of the policies.Admittedly, any Republican who does NOT run on Repeal and Replace will NOT have an effective message against the misgovernment that Democrat policies constitute. They MUST run as Reaganites, recognizing that government is the problem . restoring the rule of law to economic transactions (no more taxpayer money to unions who supported Obama), and lowering the burden of government on people who create jobs.The Democrats could ALSO be successful if they also support such sensible policies. If they do not, they will need to lie with statistics, as in this plot.

  • butch248

    If you Idiots down in FL-20 vote this Witch in again in 2012, then you deserve what you get. She was Pelosi’s right hand man, I mean girl. Everywhere Nancy went, there was little Cocker-Spaniel Debbie.

    • Steve

      Never underestimate the stupidity and the folly of the voter. Look at this dangerous man who was elevated to the White House, November 2008, and the support he continues to enjoy in public opinion polls.

  • Jayne Fischer

    If the Floridians in Wasserman-Shultz’s district don’t vote her out of office, there has to be something wrong with them. This woman is Pelosi’s lap dog and is a menace to the United States House of Representatives and to the United States of America. VOTE HER OUT!

  • grandmaof5

    That blonde bimbo is so deep in Pelosi and Obama’s pockets she couldn’t crawl out if she wanted to – power and a big mouth do that to you.
    Just as Alan Grayson’s constituents voted him out, I encourage the voters to get rid of his replacement, the next “most embarassing attraction in Florida”.
    Our country and our freedom ride on the 2012 election. Pray, and pray hard that it isn’t too late to save her, ourselves and our economy.

  • florida jew hopes wasseman loses

    wasserman-shultz can say what she wants

    we all know she hasnt done one thing for israel in her years in office

    why isnt pollard free
    why does she agree with obamas plan that would harm israel

    im not voting for her and my freinds arent either

  • Arizona Bill

    …was it Halloween that brought the Florida goblin out from under her bridge?

  • Claudia, Tampa FL

    More reasonably it was probably Obama’s Cairo speech praising Islam & his demoralizing hostile treatment of Israel that has empowered Hamas and the Islamic Spring in the Middle East. Though, I felt Bush and Rice were stupidly naive in promoting the Gaza “democracy” vote that put Hamas into power initially. American foreign policy has been a bust for decades with it’s acquiescence of Islamic power through the oil threat. Debbie and the Dems are as much at fault as we are for not acknowledging we MUST develop our own resources and join with own Canadian allies to do this & that would break the cycle.

    Debbie, being Jewish, I can only see as self-destructive, as are the other 78% that despite clear evidence of Obama’s anti-Israel philosophy. It is a sad day for the Judeo-Christian’s.

    • Mike

      “demoralizing hostile treatment of Israel”? Are you serious? We’ve done nothing but blindly follow and support the state of Israel and we’ve done so to the detriment of our standing across the world. Is our position on Israel truly sustainable? The politics on the ground are changing and if we remain married to the policies of yesterday we will be left behind. Stop pulling the religion card to justify the actions of an aggressor. Israel has every right to exist and protect its own people, but it does not have the right to do so at the expense of EVERYONE in the region. It’s time Israel be held responsible for its actions and for the U.S. to look like the silent lapdog. Get a grip conservatives. You’ve been disillusioned for far too long.

  • Mark Groves

    One must reverse everything a progressive demon-crat says, ‘progressive’ actually means ‘regressive’, Blaming Bush means demoncrats did it but want to hide their footprints because until recently the president had to get congressional approval or at least congressional funding to put anything into action. Demon-crats moral support for and acceptance of hamas and supporting their denial of Isreals right to exist are a root cause of this ongoing problem. Dems blame Isreal because hamas bombs and rockets Isreal, why support the agressor instead of the victim? It is called Selective prosecution and we suffer from it everyday with the demon-crat refusal to enforce laws EQUALLY in the US, the law gets enforced against any of their opponants and forgotten for any of their supporters, that’s why we have dangerously open borders and little to no immigration control. Demand Equal (non-selective) Enforcement or Bow in Slavery!

  • LV

    Elma Fudd always tries to speak out of both sides of her pathetic arse.
    Wewy….she does.

  • David Crespo

    As much as I detest DWS, she is correct. If Bush hadn’t pressured Israel to give up the Gaza Strip, Hamas wouldn’t have a base of operations to launch their rockets at Israel.

  • CaptTurbo

    Despicable creature. She must have whore-moan problems.


    REPLY TO 11-1-2011

    I have relatives that live in the district she presides over, and watched it grow and deteriorate at the same time. There is a large elderly Jewish community here, as well as young families of all shapes, sizes, languages, and colors. Her district is in the county known as Broward and has a majority Democrat progressive base, with a growing Republican and Tea Party presence.

    Wasserman survives on organized labor money and the large elderly Jewish cash contribution to fill her war chest. She does not appear to have any special traits or attributes that would make her “special” and so her rapid rise up the ranks of the Communist party of Broward County is puzzling.

    She is Jewish, panders to the elderly Jewish, and lies to them about her alliances and Obama’s true plans for America. She holds these meetings with her Jewish followers in Century Village and probably caters in enough Motza Ball soup and Rye Bread to bribe even the 2 independent voters in the crowd.
    But when she leaves her Jewish friends, she climbs aboard Obama’s lap and helps spread the Marxist propaganda of hate toward the Tea Party and American Patriots and warriers, and then gives aid and comfort to the Islamic Enemies of Zionism and Cristianity.

    Wasserman has no allegiance to her faith, but only to Obama and the Marxists and Islamic destruction of America.

    Now she is bringing the largest prison of its kind in the US to her district. This is a modern Holiday Inn type prison to house illegal aliens and Mexicans. Except it next to a developed population center of homes and businesses and schools.

    The plans to construct this prison next to our homes was kept secret at the direction of Homeland Security. This several hundred million dollar prison will be built next to schools, single family homes, shopping centers, and parks.

    Is this not a waste of our tax dollars ?
    Instead of putting these criminals up in a Holiday Inn style facility with doctors, athletic fields, and 3 meals a day, they should be put up in tents in the Texas desert, so that they can be deported by kicking in the ass and launching them the 50 feet into Mexico.

    But that’s not what Obama wants. Instead, Wasserman and Obama will treat these illegals better than many Americans get, and fly them home first class after the several years it will take Eric Holder to decide what to do with them.

    This Obama regime is corrupt, and Marxist. So is Wasserman Schultz.
    This prison should not be built. The Borders should be sealed so these criminal illegals are prevented from coming into the US in the first place.

    Thats why this prison smells like a bribery and favorites game is going on. There are some locals that will make a lot of money from this prison, like that Mayors of Pembroke Pines and Southwest Ranches, the two communities that will host the prison and provide utilities and other municipal services to it.

    For more on the Debbie Wasserman Schultz Memorial Prison Ranches

    Write Congress and tell them not to spend one more dime to feed and house illegals in Southwest Ranches and Pembroke Pines, Florida.

    • Sandman

      Great post!

  • http://TheSharkTank bruce moore


  • concerned


  • Doris

    I blame her father,for not having used a condom.