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Which Republican Candidate Will Challenge Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

By Javier Manjarres

With Congresswoman/DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz busy making the fundraising rounds for President Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, the congressional district she is supposed to be representing is clearly playing second fiddle to her more pressing concerns on the national stage.  In the Republican Primary race to unseat her, the field of candidates has now grown to four, and many interested political observers are waiting for one candidate to truly distinguish themselves from the pack.

Businessman Ozzie deFaria recently announced his candidacy and stated that he would be self-financing a substantial portion of his campaign, and he joins grassroots favorite Karen Harrington, who ran against Wasserman-Schultz in 2010, Joe Goldner, and Joe Kaufman in the quest to win the Republican nomination in Florida’s 20th Congressional district GOP race.

As usual, the typical disclaimer- while the poll isn’t scientific, it does give us an idea of who the Shark Tank’s considerable readership supports in the contested race. This poll will  end on Saturday October 29th at 12pm.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Liz

    Karen Harrington has all of South Florida’s Support because she is a true Patriot!

    • Rich

      What makes her a “true patriot”?
      Did she perform heroically in the military?
      How do you know that if she wins a seat in the Congress that she won’t immediately sell out to big business like the rest of them and totally abandon the people?
      Will she refuse the “Cadillac” health care package like the teabaggers want other government employees to do? Will she offer to pay for at least a portion of it? Will she volunteer to forego the awesome retirement program the Congress has and go to Social Security like the rest of us?
      IT would be nice to know this up front!!

  • Liz

    Karen Harrington has all of South Florida’s Support because she is a true Patriot!

  • Maria Lima

    Karen Harrington…HANDS DOWN WINNER !!! No one is better qualified than Karen to take it to Debbie! We MUST MAKE SURE Debbie is kicked out of the People’s House..and only a proven candidate, one with true grassroots support. I am convinced that the rules have CHANGED..and that any one candidates ability to raise significant amounts of money, even his just not enough…Just ask Carly Fiorina! YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU! Karen Harrington does.

  • florida jew hopes wasseman loses

    karen is the girl

    just visiting the jewish school shows she is more in tune with jews than wasserman shultz

    what has debbi done for jewish children besides supporting obama anti israel stance

  • SJ

    Are you people serious? None of the above is the correct answer! Karen, bless her soul, cannot even raise enough money to retire her debt from her last campaign. None of the above candidates can take on the Wicked Witch of Weston and win! What we need is a young, attractive polished woman who knows Washington and who can take on DWS and clean her clock. We need a candidate who can inspire the party…

    • FriendGOP

      Wow, never mind brains right?

      conservatism is the only way

    • Sarasota John

      Why must it be a women? How quickly we forget the indignity of how we were treated in the past. Now we turn around and do the same to the American Male?

    • Sanford Without Son

      SJ, before you make such a moronic comment, have you checked Harrington’s FEC filing? Have some intellectual honesty, will you?

    • meg

      lol DC works for us …is that you? Karen’s great. She will work hard and be a conservative voice and not have her head stuck up Barry’s butt like lil Debbie.

  • Military mom

    Karen Harrington hands down! Karen has the most experience and it takes a women to beat another women in this race. DWS can’t play… I’m being bullied by a man card.

  • Joe Goldner

    Now is the time for all of my supporters to click on this link and start voting for the one person who will fight for all the people in the district. The one person who will not be in the pockets of the special interest, the lobbyist groups and the same old political talking points. It is time to connect with the people, fight for and support the Jewish Community and Israel. Fight for our constitution and our country the way our founding fathers intended it to be. A real constitutional conservative, Joe Goldner! So go on the link and vote for the constitution, vote for freedom and vote for the country. VOTE FOR JOE GOLDNER NOW!

    • Sanford Without Son

      Goldner, here we all are, months later, and you’re still the same deceitful, lying creep.

    • Sanford Without Son

      By the way, Goldner, what happened to the endorsements you claimed to have received from Jim DeMint, Bachmann and Mark Levin? What about Rick Perry’s campaign manager running your campaign? These are just a few of the blatant, insane lies you have spewed that, rest assure, nobody believed. Are you really unable to face truth and reality? What makes you live in this pretend world while burying yourself deeper and deeper in the sewage you spew? Man, you have serious mental and behavioral problems.

  • Sally

    @ Joe Goldner, how much money did you raise this last quarter? All other candidates filed how much they raised but you did not. Why???

  • Joe Goldner

    This week we have sent in our FEC papers and we are on our way. The first few months we concentrated on getting the name out to the constituents in the district and beyond. Yes we have some support but really not concentrating on the fund raising aspect of the campaign. Just like Herman Cain had said, it is not about the amount of money raised but the meesage you are giving. We here at the Goldner camp know that the people in the district are sick and tired of candidates that attache themsleves to lobby groups like Karen Harrington has done consistantly or to special interest groups like Joe Kaufman has done. So as what the constituents in the district and the nation has been telling everyone is that they want a plain talking person who looks like them acts like them and is actually one of them. It is about the person and his message not how much money he has raised. But for your information when we reach the goal required to report earnings we will do so. We have followed the rules and regulations and have not strayed from it.

    • Sanford Without Son

      “The first few months we concentrated on getting the name out to the constituents in the district and beyond.”

      Goldner, if by district you mean Facebook, I believe it. Are you truly that insane, believing your own lies and not paying attention to what we all are telling you? We know you lie, you lie about who you are and what you did. You were never a spy or a marketing wizard. Your own platform, on your website, it’s copied from three other candidates. You cannot even tell us what you stand for, on your own words. Don’t rush, trying to scrub the website, there were screenshots taken of your website next to the websites of the honest candidates that you stole from. You’re probably going to claim that they stole from you but that won’t work since one of the sites you stole from belongs to a candidate that ran last year. This is who you are, Goldner: a thief. You steal others’ accomplishments and claim them to be your own. Pathetic to say the least.

  • Ed McClint

    I can’t believe it. Joe Goldner is on the Shark Tank. How are you Mr. Goldner? Did you raise that million dollars yet? Well you keep up the good fight. This virtual campaign that you are running is radical. Imagine if you could win the primary with no support, no money and never leaving the house. You might be the first to ever to pull it off.

    • Alvin Greene

      I’m advising Mr. Goldner on how to run a campaign and never leave the house. After losing to Jim DeMint in 2010 I remain living in my mothers basement.

      • Jimmy McMillian


    • Sanford Without Son

      He was too busy reaching out to the constituents of the district, holding townhall meetings. And yet nobody have seen him anywhere (other than Facebook, pimping himself). What is really mind boggling is his insistence and belief that he is actually fooling us. This is psychotic behavior to say the least.

  • opar5

    I’ve always appreciated women with brass, but a Goldner with brass brought a smile. Can’t beat that! Haven’t seen as much from the other three candidates.

    • Sanford Without Son

      Hey Gayle, how ya’ doing’ ? Pimping your baby daddy? Is the entire family that ethically depraved? What brass does your Joe have? The brass of attacking the only friend that was there for him for a long time, giving him rides, taking your family to the grocery store or hospital and then attacking him in the most vile manner? You are all disgusting individuals, you have no inkling of friendship, loyalty, honesty and self-sufficiency. He should run as a Democrat, he’s the perfect candidate for the DNC. Get away from us, you’re mere presence is soiling good candidates like Harrington, Kaufman and DeFaria and the conservative movement.

      • Sanford Without Son

        Make that “your mere presence”. Onset nausea seeing Goldner’s lies here, once again so I made a typo.

  • opar5

    Wonder why nobody has noticed this administration and Dims in general have been taking us back to the days of involuntary servatude, but now there’s no debtors prisons to get the PC slaves from. WE – and generations yet unborn are enslaved to the debt these people are putting on us.

    • Sanford Without Son

      Servatude? More Goldner family values: misspellings and bad grammar (amongst the lack of ethics and integrity).

  • Larry

    Alan West is my congressman, but I would suggest that the adjoining district vote for anyone but the poodle they have now.

  • Matt Bruce

    One thing IS for sure, it’s ALL about the $money$ anymore if you want to get elected to public office, not to forget about the “good ol boys” network and the “it’s my turn” political mentality. How about just once making it the BEST choice for the PEOPLE. Don’t these politicians work for US?????

    • Sanford Without Son

      Captain, did you actually vet Mr. Goldner, before having him on your radio show? He has been banned from ever attending Tea Party Fort Lauderdale because of his lies and behavior and every person or group that ever associated with him will have nothing to do with him anymore because of his lack of ethics and character and, sadly, his evil attacks against anyone questioning his claims. People have asked him questions regarding his claims and instead of an honest question, he actually went on a full attack and threats against voters questioning his claims. This is the man who wants to be a Congressman!

      On a side not, Mr Goldner, we would have gladly embraced you if you were honest about who you are and what you accomplished. We all know each other and we all know who you are. We don’t care about your financial status, if you were a businessman or not, if you were a spy or served in the military. These are not the things that makes someone a man. Integrity is what makes one a man and your behavior alienated every single one of us. You made a choice on how to behave and the claims you made and now you have to answer to them. You won’t because you know them to be false, but the day of reckoning is here. It comes down to this: we don’t want to see you around us or the forums or blogs we contribute because you are not one of us. We will continue to have the ongoing struggle between the camps of Javier and Richard but neither of these 2 gentlemen ever lied about themselves or their accomplishments or who they are. And despite the struggle, neither side wants to associate with you because we find you reprehensible. We all support either Harrington or Kaufman and you went on a full scale, disturbing, unethical attack, full or lies and deceit. This is precisely what Obama does, since he cannot run on his proven failure, he attacks his opponents (the GOP, the conservative movement and the tax payers).

  • Hooterman

    I would vote for Satan if I thought he could beat DWS…Ed

    • Sanford Without Son

      Hoot, that would still be voting for DWS. Ha!

  • Katherine Coudriet Easlick

    Just a comment to SJ whoever they are.I know Karen and she is attractive AND polished.Who do you think you are? Can you clean Debbie’s clock? Since when must one be attractive to go to congress? Debbie is loud and unattractive.Take a look around and look at many unattractive and unpolished in congress.I think you would find Karen when she gets there not only what I said she is but also smart and conservative.HOW REFRESHING!

  • http://sharktank Connie Waterman

    I will contribute to the republican’s campaign just to get rid of Pit Bull Wasserman-Schultz. That woman is a menace to society.
    And I live in another state!!!

    • Sanford Without Son

      Just don’t donate to Goldner unless you want to support a proven liar.

  • ed fouts

    this debbie wasserman sh…….ts is low life trash and should be treated as that, trash azz kisssing obama lover who is destroying our, this trash is not doing her job just su..k-ing obama azz, i will be glad to see this bi..t…..c–h dumpped

  • Mabala

    What is the need for yet another poll? Haven’t the people already spoken TWICE very convincingly and declared the best candidate in the race, Joe Kaufman, to be their choice? Karen has already proven one thing-she cannot beat DWS even in a non-presidential year election. Karen may be the pick of Shark Tank’s minute audience but Joe Kaufman will be the next congressman from Florida CD 20. GO KAUFMAN!

    • Sammy

      Do you actually think that Kaufman can win? What other poll? If you are talkin about the red broward poll,well that is a joke. The Shark Tank is super credible, and is widely read. I don’t know wat you are saiying.

      Seems like other pundits are payingclose attention to this poll…

    • Sanford Without Son

      Mabala, I don’t think you are in any position to decide if enough polls have been done regarding this race. I applaud your support for Joe Kaufman but there is no need to call Karen Harrington’s supporters “minute audience”. If Joe wins the primary, he will need these “minute audience” and continuing to attack Harrington’s supporters is not overly bright. Actually, it’s quite dumb. In case you forgot last year primary between Rick Scott and McCollum, McCollum lost precisely because of the same reason: his supporters embarked on deranged attacks against Rick Scott supporter (who proved to be the best for our state). I guess you would want Joe Kaufman to win fair and square and your behavior, as a Kaufman supporter, is not reflecting positively on Joe’s campaign.

  • Scott

    Debbie WS is so discusting to listen to and look at. Has she been to our district? 90 percent of the space is vacant and yet she claims our ecomnomy is hunky dory. Her communication skills remind me of Anthony Weiner, she has to have something hidden in her closet,

    • Rich

      What does it matter what you think she looks like? You are a low life scum. She looks the way she looks, just like you look the way you look. It is disgusting and not very civil to demean the way she looks.
      Are you some kind of super model that you can say you look so good?
      Go back to the rock you live under.

  • Kelly Florida

    I am going to move to her district just to vote against her…

    • Max

      Yeah, word on the street is she had an affair LOL! Gross that someone’s attracted to her, but true non the less

  • Sandman

    Whatshername Schultz is a contemptible vile delusional liar in the class of the Iraqi minister of information. Harrington will easily win the primary and Schultz will unfortunately defeat Harrington again unless the district is reboundried to not snake from Weston to Miami Beach. Does anyone know if the districts will be redone before the 2012 elections?

  • Carter Brooks

    It is time to rid ourselves of the politicians and their thieving lobbiests! That is why Herman Cain, Allen West and Karen Harrington are “on fire”. Think about it. Let’s get some honest, hard working people into the government at all levels. It is an honor to serve the people for your appointed time and then return to your career. Do not let any more “career politicians” into our government or our lives. Look at the mess and vote your conscious.

  • MG

    DWS is just creepy dishonest and has messed with my fav guy Allen West..SHE’S GOING DOWN! Karen’s the best!

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  • Jerry McLauchlin

    I am from North Florida so I really do not know any of the potential candidates. All I do know is you from the south need to put a stop to Debbie Wasserman Shultz as she is nothing more than an Obama crony… whatever the is on Obama’s agenda is front and center with WS… I have heard her lie as her commander and chief does time and time again… NOW KNOWING SOUTH FLORIDA HAS A STRONG JEWISH VOTE, ONE OF TWO THINGS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. THE JEWS NEED TO QUIT VOTING DEMOCRATIC AS WE NO LONGER HAVE THE OLD DEMOCRATS ITS MORE LIKE THE NEW SOCIALIST PARTY OR YOU NEED TO FIND A CONSERVATIVE JEW TO RUN… JUST REMEMBER, OBAMA CARRIED FLORIDA AND THE JEWS OF SOUTH FLORIDA PUT HIM IN OFFICE… THE ONLY OTHER COUNTY THAT HE WON WAS ALACHUA BECAUSE OF THE LIBERALS THERE.

  • Michael Katz

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your straw poll; however, I can’t provide a vote for any of them until they present their case as to why they should be elected to such an important “leadership” position. What experience do they have in leading people, standing their ground on important issues, and having a logical, and possibly biblical, plumb line to measure truth on the issues they will have to vote on. What does the DNA of a leader look like, and who can attest to their leadership history? Do they desire these positions to obtain fame and fortune, or do they have a genuine, minister’s heart to help people live in an equitable democracy. Thank you.

  • RushLimbaughFan

    Out with Debbie Downer, this hate filled angry woman who continues to foment race baiting lies while pretending not to be an extremist. She is an extremist and its time for the GOP and conservatives to label her and the other crazy talkers as extremist. They do it to our side so fire back and call them out! Vote Debbie Downer out!!!

  • nola51

    We must defeat DWS!!! Our Louisiana Tea Party group is adopting districts to help elect conservative republicans, since we don’t have any congressional seats up for election this year. We will help support whichever Republican that runs against DWS! We leave the choice of the best candidate up to you. We need to take back the senate as well as the White House and get as many conservatives in the House as possible.