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McCalister Fires Back, Blames Hasner for Attack on His Military Record

by Javier Manjarres

U.S. Senate candidate Col. Mike McCalister has fired back against the accusations made at  him by another retired colonel, Chuck Winn.  Winn recently made a post on his Facebook page charging that McCalister was not being honest about the extent of his service while serving in the U.S. Military, saying that McCalister was lying about his involvement in special operations, ie ‘black ops.’ See: Mike McCalister’s Military Record Questioned in FL Senate Race

The Miami Herald has picked up on the story, reporting that “an ad-hoc veterans group that calls itself  “Stolen Valor” has been asking McCalister about his record for more than a month. They haven’t gotten anywhere, but McCalister quietly changed facts and toned down his rhetoric on his website.“- Miami Herald

Colonel Mike McCalister’s full rebuttal, and Colonel Winn’s post can be read here: (Did Senate candidate Mike McCalister lie about his military record?– Marc Caputo,Miami Herald)

Because Winn had stated that he liked former Senator George LeMieux in the contested Senate race, some have speculated that Winn is not being up front about who he really supports and is actually favoring Adam Hasner.

The McCalister campaign is convinced that Winn is an operative of the Adam Hasner for U.S. Senate campaign after Senator LeMieux released a statement denouncing the “unfounded attacks”, while Hasner has not issued any statement regarding the matter.

Colonel McCalister’s campaign released the following statement regarding the recent attack on his Military record:

 “The fact is that as soon as Mike got a lead in the polls, the Hasner campaign started their negative attack politics against Mike, just as they did LeMieux previously.  The primary campaign they are running is not worthy of a Republican U.S. Senator, and that explains why they are dead last in the polls.”-Mike McCalister for U.S. Senate

As we pointed out in the prior post, Winn was an ardent supporter as well as the campaign manager for former retired U.S. Senator Bob Smith in 2010 when he ran against Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Charlie Crist for the vacant Senate seat.  That doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility that Winn is working on Hasner’s behalf, as Winn has consistently stated that he himself is a staunch conservative who only supports staunch conservatives.

But it also doesn’t eliminate the possibility that Winn is actually a supporter of dark horse candidate Craig Miller.  Two central Florida sources have divulged to the Shark Tank that this is exactly the case- that the two men are friends.  But again, the candor and motives of all the players involved here are still uncertain.  We don’t really know who Winn actually supports, other than the fact that it’s not McCalister.  Perhaps Colonel Winn should make an official statement as to who he is supporting in the U.S. Senate race?

A statement like this would surely clear up a lot of confusion regarding his motives for the allegations he made against McCalister. We shall wait and see…


The McCalister camp at this juncture has not provided concrete proof to support their assertion that Hasner is in any way involved with Winn’s charges against McCalister.


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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Statement Was Issued

    In an open letter addressed to former Sen. George LeMieux released yesterday, Chuch Winn said;

    “We are a non partisan task force who collectively represent well over a century of experience, and are supported by seasoned former and retired military personnel from around the state and country. Our position was summed up very well in both the Miami Herald and St Petersburg Times today, and obviously are not “unfounded” or without basis.

    Although we have noted that you made some good votes as a member of the SASC, we also have noted former Representative Hasner’s outstanding record on veterans issues in the legislature. We wish you both well, but do not intend to support either one of you, or any other candidate until after the Republican Primary.”

    • Coco The Blowfish

      Both Winn and McCalister have some serious ‘splaining to do here. Winn has issues with McCalister’s service yet he has yet to see any DoD documentation on McCalister, like the DD214 so I’m saying COW PIE. These are guesses on McCalister based on his own military experience but still COW PIE.

      At the same extent, Winn is even allowed to assume on McCalister’s service because of McCalister’s failure to yet release his DD214. COW PIE as well.

      McCalister needs to release it ASAP and the fact that he has yet to do so is troubling and questionable. And Winn needs to zip it, because his ow credibility and true intents here have been and still being questioned as much as McCalister’s.

      But to say that Hasner is involved, without proof, is outrageous. What I don’t get is why would Hasner have to say anything about this? Just because LeMieux condemned the attacks? Are any of you that gullible to think that LeMieux is not happy about this happening? Difference is that Hasner is not a hypocrite and he’s doing the right thing by staying away from this insanity.

  • Dick`

    Hasner and LeMieux have both learned political dirty tricks. I have listened to McCalister and believe him to be a very honorable man with true convictions for the direction of our country and away from this death roller coaster that Nelson, Obama and the rest of the libs in this country have put us on. As far as his position on abortion: I am pro-life, McCalister is pro life. The Republican party of this country needs to get off this social debate that has nothing to do with running this country and get on with fixing it’s ailments.

    • David Crespo

      I have to strongly disagree with you. Ronald Reagan set the standard that conservatism is a three-legged stool: fiscal,social and national security issues. You cannot seperate one from another, because they are linked.

      As for McAllister, for now I will take your word and hope that McAllister is a pro life as you said. I don’t have a beef with him though, even though I am a Hasner supporter. I wish him blessings.

    • Walker

      I completely agree with you. These same people started vicious attacks against Rick Scott when he started rising in the polls. They don’t want to realize that the “good old boys” days are gone . . and they are not in charge of the Republicans any more. We think for ourselves now, and we LIKE the tea party candidates. :)

  • Matt Bruce

    Wow, Javier! Better YOU than ME to talk or write about this! However I will be having Ret Col Mike McCalister back on my LIVE weekday afternoon radio show SOON and everyone will want to listen to the questions and the answers. Will advise further when date is set up…

  • Richard Riker

    This attack by proxy of Adam Hasners’ shows just what type of politician he is and how he would represent this state in the US Senate. We don’t need another backbiting, win the election at any cost professional politician. Look at the mess we’re in because of the professional politicians. We need a good, solid, courageous person who actually has the best interest of this country as his agenda, not the political agenda of a professional politician such as Hasner. That Senator of the people will be Mike McCalister.

    • George

      This has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with Hasner. Even now, several days later, there is nothing, nothing, nothing tying any of it to Hasner. It’s a fight between Chuck Winn who is not a Hasner supporter and McCalister.

  • Trisha

    We ABSOLUTELY want Adam Hasner up there working side-by-side with his friend & former oolleague,MARCO RUBIO.
    Together they can do great things for Florida!

  • E. R. White

    Anyone who even did an hours research would have know he was inflating his actual service record. Rear Echelon paper pusher.

    On Whales, Satan Worshiping, Bordellos and US Senate Candidate Colonel Mike McCalister

    On “End of The Rainbow” and “Colonel Mike McCalister Has No Clothes!!”

    Finally people are waking up to the fact McCalister is a fraud. The above posts were written IN MARCH when I first heard Mccalister speak. I knew he was full of it within 2 minutes of his launch into his stump speech.

    However, once again private citizens and new media are doing the job the MSM still refuses to do.

    Truth in Advertising: I have donated Money to Adam Hasner.

  • Marcia

    How am I expected to learn about the candidate’s position on the important issues of our day if our news is only about politics? Let’s talk issues and may the best man win.

  • tigre

    Hasner is the rigt choice for U.S. Senate. We want a real conservative in D.C.

  • Ken Lovejoy

    Reading the article and all the comments, really makes me wish that Allen West would run for Senate.
    I sense a certain “squishyness” in most of these curren candidates.

  • http://None Figgy

    Colonel Mike, You must be scaring the heck out of them !!! That’s what happens when you stick you head up high.. People start taking shots at you.. God Bless you Colonel Mike. I’m with you.

    Neil Fig

  • dal

    if “we the REAL people” don’t get HONEST FISCAL CONSERVATIVES in govt seats (esp DC) to fix this mess with cut cut cut cut cut cut spending then we are going to be the USSA sooner than you think. all of these men need to produce sworn affidavits on any issue to put any issue to rest for the people of Florida.

    the political games of the past must be buried or ALL OF US WILL BE BURIED IN THE END.

  • Emma

    The politician who loves America more than any I know of -Sen Marco Rubio will work very well with whomever we choose. We owe it to him to send him some help & rid Florida of the embarrassment of Sen Bill Nelson

  • Leslie Hatcher

    I am elated sitting here reading the political infighting which is taking place. As a a democrat, it is nice to see the focus on the real enemy, those in your own political party. So please continue your inappropriate, unprofessional attacks on each other while the current incumbent remains a non-issue in the race for Senate!

    • Charles Martel

      Enjoy the feeling of elation you have now, Leslie. We will recoup after the intra-party squabble. Your boy Nelson is a sitting duck with no compelling reason or record to be re-elected on. See you in 2012!

  • Nancy

    Instead of everyone here speculating, why don’t you go to, click on “meet the colonel” and you will see his record. He has also requested from DOD more detailed information for those non believers.
    Mike McCalister and Marco Rubio will work well together as they both have the best interest of the country in mind. Adam Hasner is trying to play the “Tea Party” aspect. Seems funny that until this race, he was only a Republican. Any Tea Party supporters need to wake up. Hasner is NOT the conservative you want to think he is.

  • http://kl5e Tea Party Truth

    I received an email solicitation from Col McCalister this morning seeking to raise money about this issue.

    Colonel, if you or your staff is reading this email, I want you to know that this is the last straw. I had my doubts. I was willing to see what you said. Instead, you put out a typical politician press release that didn’t answer any of the questions Colonel Winn asked…and now you’re trying to raise money off this.

    Col Winn questioned your honesty. You refused to come clean. But the fact that your raising money off this means you’re what I suspected: a liar and an opportunist.

    You’ve lost my vote, Colonel McLiar.

  • Marco

    I think Mike McCalister has an outstanding military record as well as superb qualifications to be the next Senator for Florida. I am impressed with all of the awards he has won and am especially impressed that he saved the life of a woman who was trapped underwater in her car. (Ted Kennedy must have been driving – Lol!) The few of you who refuse to accept the Colonel’s military achievements and life accomplishments, would find fault with him if he were Jesus Christ, himself. (But then again, who killed Jesus?) It’s time to focus on defeating Bill Nelson and his liberal/socialist ideologies.

  • Iraq vet

    McCalister always brags about his Military service. One time in a debate he mentioned he was in the military over 16 times! Ok! Ok! Get over it Col we know already! But the guy is no warrior like Allen West at least Allen fought the enemy McCalister just was a paper pusher and wants you to believe he is GREAT MILITARY MAN! Plus Mike is soft on Immigration and only raised $12,000 in his campaign last quarter. I’m not gonna waste my time voting for this guy and let LIBERAL LEMIEUX win so easily. In my opinion… McCalister is a FRAUD!

    • Iraq vet

      Sorry, McCalister is not soft on immigration but abortion. Read his book page 7.

  • Pirate55

    “I speak of the proper rule in republics, where, I think, we should have neither military statesmen nor political generals”. Robert E. Lee

  • Vietnam vet

    Wow! McCalister is a BIG BABY! I think this guy is a fraud?

  • Coco The Blowfish

    Colonel McCalister,

    Please provide the DD214. No fact sheets, no letters from any command centers. Nobody doubts your service, but accusations have been brought forward on what your service actually entailed. As a military man, you know how important such claims are for the military crowd. If not for your supporters, do it for your brothers and sisters in arms (currently and previously serving). You owe us that much!

  • Lady Gator

    Mike has some explain’ to do. This is bad watch this from the Miami Herald

    Mr, McCalister is not telling the truth and his campaign aid needs to chill. Team McCalister got busted and they are backtracking. This has nothing to do with Adam Hasner, this stuff he said which he now denies but said in public was on his web site too. He’s done.

    • Walker

      Hey Lady Gator, you will have to quote someone other than the liberal ragsheet the Miami Herald for me to believe it.

  • Bess

    Am I the only one who sees the hand of the “Maestro” (and can catch the stench of Charlie Crist)here? Who has more to gain from pitting McCallister against Hasner than LeMieux?

  • gailmarie

    I agree with Marco and Bess… they sure no how to sling the stuff on these blogs…. Now I understand why our Country is in such a mess.. Lets stick to facts people… It is our Country and Freedom that is in danger do your part Vet the Candidates honestly.

  • MurryBlue

    Speaking of vetting; let’s vet the most important ONE of all. The Sitting President; why does no one vet him properly? Why isn’t the Country and Congress screaming at the tops of their lungs…Why let him have a go at it again without being vetted?? Why not? He is still a candidate who is running for an office. Just because he is sitting doesn’t mean anything. Same rules apply to everyone. We want documentation for birth and college and anything else that is hidden. The birth certificate was a funny….still is a funny.

  • Marion Barrett

    After looking at all of the candidates, the best man for the job is COL. MIKE McCALISTER by far. A conservative man of sterling character.

  • Walker

    I meant to say that I agree with Dick. :)

  • Thomas

    I have Col. McCalister speak and I find him to be a real patriot. I would very much like to see him elected to the senate.

  • Thomas

    I have Col. McCalister speak and I find him to be a real patriot. I would very much like to see him elected to the senate.

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