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Rubio’s Epic Senate Speech Clarifies Debt Ceiling Issue, Cleans Kerry’s Clock

by Lone Shark

It’s too bad speeches alone can’t solve our debt ceiling “crisis” and bring Democrats’ frivolous alarmism and Republicans’ timidity to an end- if they could, this one by Senator Marco Rubio on the floor of the Senate would probably do the trick.

The video is almost 15 minutes and definitely worth watching in its entirety. At about the 7:45 mark, Senator John Kerry pre-empted Rubio’s remarks and posed two questions directly to him that by any fair assessment were very convincingly answered.

[vsw id=”_68GjR6V6zI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  • Warren

    Marco, yet again, you couldn’t have expressed the central point with any more clarity and there are only so many ways to skin the cat. Hard to believe the Democrats still look for ways to justify the unjustifiable. Reminiscent of the Pharisees trying to deny and conceal the facts and the truth in the face of OVERWHELMING and COMPELLING EVIDENCE.

  • Jonny

    Florida, you did well to elect Rubio to represent you. He is one of the most dynamic speakers in Congress. We need people like him who have innovative ideas and a fresh approach in our status-quo government. I hope he can keep himself clear of the corrupt politics of Washington. I know that is difficult in the behemoth system — but I can hope.

  • Lightweight

    Marco Rubio does know the right things to say.The problem with this is he lectures with great authority,but he actually has less experience in the private sector than Obama

    While entering the Senate race he was under investigation for misappropriation of funds and when the GOP decided he was the “one” the investigation got dropped out of gop mind and gop media minds. No announcements of found innocent or charges dropped.

    The whole idea of picking Obama’s historical debt limit views apart is he has no credibility to be so dogmatic.

    It is clear Senator Rubio is not where he is at on his own merrit,he was picked and puffed. The emotion about no compromise is again the right words to say,I only hope he lives up to them. Too many politicians got where they are at with undeserved praise that makes it hard to criticize,which is why we are stuck with politicians we can not fire.

  • Nancy Celano

    Mr. Rubio,
    My respect for you, your knowledge, your patriotism, grows with each passing day. I watched your speech on the Internet and it reenforced this respect a hundred-fold. I feel safe and confident having you in the Senate. You are the biggest asset Florida, and the United States, has representing us. Senator Kerry was over-powered by you. Please, please keep up the good work.

  • FloridaGirl

    Bravo for Marco. He spit it out plain and clear, without calling names. When you look at Marco you are looking at a leader in the making.

  • Larry Klutz

    Lightweight, you are rightly named. The investigation for misappropriation of funds got dropped out of gop mind and gop media minds because there was no substance to it. It’s what is often called “a flamingo”. That is, a spurious charge by a desperate opponent that he hopes will divert attention away from him. Knowing the alligator’s (media;s) fondness for flamingos (corruption), he points to the swamp (uninformed public) and shouts, “Look, there’s a flamingo”. As the public gets better informed, this tactic becomes less effective. No flamingo could be found in this case.

    One further note, in our system one is not found innocent, one IS innocent. They may subsequently be found guilty if they have, in fact, done wrong.

  • http://TheSharkTank Gayle Gdovin

    I was amazed and thrilled to hear someone up in Washington actually talking about the 2 1/2 year delay in a budget. I never hear that mentioned. I think you are great Marco and I hope you have enough influence to make your points known and listened too. Forget Kerry. He is an old, over-the-hill retread.

  • elizabeth forte

    Marco you have said it right. We need to save the house!!!!!

  • Rich

    I though that these teabaggers were coming into the House to work on creating jobs. That is what the campaign cry was. Where are they? The tax cuts should have produced millions of jobs, where are they?
    Speeches don’t mean anything. What has he DONE. Mr. Obama give a pretty damn good speech, too.
    When your boy Marco has done some things, written some bills that actually mean something and get passed through the House and Senate and become law, then we can see what kind of leader he is.
    He talks the talk, I’m waiting to see him walk the walk!!

  • Carlos

    Newsflash to Rich: a freshman Sen. in the minority party can only speak out and vote. Prince Harry hasn’t submitted a budget in 822 days and he’s the supposedly elder statesman, Sen. Majority “Leader”? To call out Marco is asinine and unrealistic. Obama has been DOING plenty, mostly DOING the entire nation, yet lacks the gonads to take responsibiltiy for the destruction of our economy, assault on
    our freedoms by empowering the govt. and accruing debt as never before in our history. I’d love to hear Marco debate Obama and make him defend his policies and their catastrophic result. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel…

  • Cherieo

    Rich..There you go a typical Liberal/Socialist who knows nothing but talk from the same little ole box of tricks.
    Your Buddy in the White Hut is the cause of all the job losses and MORE WILL BE COMING…which will make him even happier. Mr. Obama WANTS this country to be a Third World Country and run by the UN. He and George Soros are doing everything in their power to bring this country to it’s knees. It is also people who can’t get their heads out of the sand who are helping to do just that.

    Have you ever seen a poor person create jobs? Government taxes American companies/corporations 3-4 times what other countries do around the world. So, American companies have shipped job overseas for that reason and because Labor Unions also want a big piece of Companies along with the government. Wake up Rich and Lightweight..
    Come out from under your rocks and see the daylight!

  • Cherieo

    Good response Carlos…

    Obama couldn’t debate Marco…because he can only talk with his teleprompter and can not make any decisions until he confers with George Soros. To talk on his feet Obama is lost…ah, ah, ah…when teleprompters go down..he’s lost again. A puppet on a string and when Soros is done with him he will be tossed aside or go back to Kenya and be their King.

  • Jacqueline L

    I would have led a standing ovation for what he said and the way he said it! I also agree with Marcos’ fears that the Tea Party is being co-opted by big time interests. In DC it is moving away from its’ roots towards another “established Political Party” and I mean that in the most derogatory way.

  • JP

    Rich is correct. You right wingers are soooo desparate to hang your hat on someone – anyone. New boy on the block Rubio!! Maybe he will be your savior. You have tossed aside Newt (he spoke the truth on Meet the Press), Speaker Boner (he caved), and you have a pile of clowns running in the primary led by a flip flopping Mormon from Massachusettes.
    Of course,any objective viewer will come to the conclusion that Rubio did not “clean Kerry’s clock.” And it was far from “epic” LOL LOL LOL But nice try :)

  • Jonny

    Hey JP. You guys hang your hat on a broken hat rack called “hope and change”‘ What a total disaster that has been. Keep in mind that all of us have to trust what people say at some point in the process. People’s word is all we have. If they deviate from their word, we vote them out… something Democrats don’t understand. You guys keep voting in the same corrupt retreads election after election. You lefties just aren’t that smart, are you? You need to step back and take a good hard look at the debacle in the WH you are defending. Democrats are the most hypocritical, vindictive bunch on the planet. So before you go criticizing people who are genuinely looking for change, clean up your own swamp — so to speak.

  • Idehan

    Lightweight, JP and Rich why is it, you never disussed the Content of this speech?
    Is it too painfully obvious to you that you have nothing to stand on?
    You should remain silent and be thought the fool, instead of opening your mouths and confirming it.

  • JP

    It does not matter what he said, as the teapartiers will make him the boy du jour (that is until he strays a bit – then under the bus “Hey Newt! While you are under there, can you check the bus tires” LOL). I never critized what Rubio said. I criticized the rush of the teapartiers to treat him like the second coming of jesus. And let’s face it, so far the line up in the Republican Primary is not stellar.

    A bit of advice Idehan, not sure how old you are, but you will sound much more intelligent expressing your own views, rather than copy and pasting quotes off the Internet.

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