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DeNapoli’s Questionable Ethics Still Front and Center

by Javier Manjarres

The questionable ethics and leadership of Charlie Crist Republican Richard DeNapoli continues to divide Republicans in Broward County- so much so that past BREC Chairmen, Board Members and supporters are privately calling for his ouster.  But DeNapoli’s woes do not stop at the local level.  Higher ups within the Republican establishment and other Statewide County Republican leaders are clearly at odds with DeNapoli, and they are at their wits end  with him. At the most recent Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Quarterly meeting, one ranking member of the RPOF bluntly told DeNapoli to his face, “Your leadership sucks.”

In 2004, DeNapoli inherited his grandparents Hollywood, Florida home, a home in which according to Broward County public records, DeNapoli has lived in and paid property taxes on it since coming into the property.

During the 2006 political electoral cycle, DeNapoli appeared to have falsified Supervisor of Elections documents by stating and submitting a Wellington, Florida address as his residence when he applied to run for Palm Beach County Commission Seat #6.

View the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Document here :Denapoli 

Couple this indiscretion with a $4000 donation to a local Broward County candidate in 2010 that was not reported to the Broward Supervisor of Elections when DeNapoli was the acting Treasurer, and a clear pattern of unethical political practice begins to take shape. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Governor Charlie Crist appointed DeNapoli to the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC), where he is still a member.

The BREC elections were held on December 6, 2010, and it was discovered on that same day the BREC failed to disclose a $4000 donation it made to the campaign account of now Broward County Commissioner Charles ‘Chip’ LaMarca on October 28, 2010. In his 2010 G-4 campaign finance report, LaMarca posted the $4000 donation from the BREC, whereas DeNapoli, the Committee’s Treasurer at the time, did not.


On December 27, 2010, an amendment to the original 2010 G-4 finance report was posted to the Supervisor of Elections showing the $4000 donation to LaMarca’s campaign account.

The question that now arises is who amended the report– former Treasurer DeNapoli, or current Treasurer, Mike McCarthy?  And why would there be a need to amend the report in the first place if all reports were properly and promptly filed, as DeNapoli and former Chairwoman Cindy Guerra asserted.  At the last BREC meeting, Guerra publicly stated that ‘all’  BREC Treasurer reports had been filed correctly and on time.  Guerra’s statement was prompted by a document that was circulated throughout the BREC meeting questioning why this same $4000 donation was missing from the initial BREC finance report.-(Credibility, Competence Still MIA at the BREC)


This now also brings into play other questionable ethics practices by DeNapoli. As mentioned above, current BREC Treasurer Mike McCarthy may have been pressured by DeNapoli into amending the missing $4000 that DeNapoli failed to report while  the BREC Treasurer.

But the fun and games do not end there. DeNapoli appointed Rico Petrocelli of Plantation, who according to the Miami-Herald, lost his re-election bid to the Plantation City Council in 2009. Petrocelli and his ‘goodfellas’ way of carrying himself is charged with the everyday operations of the BREC, but members and concerned Republicans question Petorcelli’s character and intentions with GOP donations after Petrocelli agreed to pay a $1,500 states ethics fine earlier this year from the Florida Commission on Ethics(Read more here)

The fine stemmed from Petrocelli’s attempt to solicit donations from entities with interests in the city at a holiday party for the Plantation Athletic League that were deemed to be for his own political benefit

According to Broward Supervisor of Election’s records, the BREC has paid Petrocelli $10,750 in ‘consulting’ fees from January 7, 2011- April 10, 2011.  The weekly consulting payments made to Petrocelli support the speculation that he is being compensated a hefty $3000 a  month salary.(See Report here)

DeNapoli has also shared some of the wealth with another staunch supporter and former staffer of the failed Lowry for Congress campaign, Sally Musser. Musser’s company, EDCO Awards and Specialties, was paid a total of $715.60 for ‘awards’ presented at this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner.

But what is most disturbing about Richard DeNapoli’s actions is the retribution he is carrying out against BREC members who did not support his candidacy for Chairman of the BREC.

During the campaign, DeNapoli used supporters like Chad Lincoln, Mark McCarthy, Chris Legatt and others to intimidate would-be voters that they believed would vote against him. One of the candidates, Jay Narang, sustained a public and unprovoked attacked by Lincoln with libelous accusations made about his family and his business.  McCarthy actually called BREC members and told them not to bother coming to the election because they were probably not eligible to vote.

Keep in mind that the BREC Chairman is not a paid position, so to use these kinds of Jim Greer-esque tactics is one of those things that really makes you go hmmmmm?

DeNapoli has already threatened to oust current BREC Secretary Sheela Venero. DeNapoli told Venero that he would have her recalled if she did not vacate an appointed Congressional District Chairman’s seat- a seat that she was unanimously voted into by the Palm Beach GOP Chairman and his Board.

“Being a leader is tough whether you lead 3 people or 3 million. Our job as Party leaders is to unify!  I have heard complaints about myself,  about others and about the BREC  but rarely do we stand up past idle gossip. We are on the cusp of a political war and we must come together. Instead of complaining,where is the action? If we are doing something wrong or if there is an idea for something better then please speak up.“-Sheela Venero, BREC Secretary

Venero is really throwing down the gauntlet to other BREC members who perhaps are reluctant to express their opposition or disgust with DeNapoli.  But as DeNapoli and his BREC minions attempt to tune out the opposition by touting their fundraising “successes”, these so-called accomplishments are nothing more than a smoke-screen to try to cover-up the growing animosity and disapproval that BREC members have towards DeNapoli and the Republican Party of Broward County.


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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Joy Richards

    I think Richard is doing a great job. I am nobody’s minion. I attend all meetings and am very impressed with how they are conducted.The treasury is doing extremely well. The 4000 spent was to help a Republican get elected.Isn’t that the purpose of BREC?I thought that these feuds were settled at RPOF.This is like the Hatfields and McCoys-it goes on and on.Give it a rest please. We have bigger fish to fry. Concentrate on the 2012 election and stop the petty infighting.
    If I can’t have Mitch then Rick is just fine and as conservative Tea Party as you can get with the much more important electable appeal in the general.

  • Tim Loyd

    Joy Richards is A BIG FAT A*S kisser.. I have seen Richard in action and he has been very arrogant to people at Brec! Maybe Richard has been nice to you Joy because he probably knows how CRAZY you really are!

  • BREC Member

    Richard is bad news. His ethics issues don’t stop with a $4000.00 donation to Chip LaMarca we would never even know about if LaMarca had not reported it himself.

    There is a rumor fo another $18,000.00 “loan” made by BREC to somebody.

    Richard’s BREC is shrinking faster than cotton in a warn wash.

    He refuses to disclose BREC’s finances, so all the members have to go on is … wait for it … HIS WORD!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    And the silly lemmings think just because that rodeo was well attended things are fine. They are not. The rodeo. was fun. And the Chairman worked hard to get people to go. That does not translate into funds raised, visibility for the BREC, volunteers or an expanded BREC.


    – $3000.00 a month is NOT a hefty salary. Especially where rumor has it poor Petrocelli had to wait 3 months to get a paycheck at all.

    – EDCO has done BREC’s awards for many years; long before Richard became involved.

    Richard better get offf the stick, stop alienating people, stop threatening people and start opening up: both his committee and his books. Otherwise we will be Dade County where a forensic audit threatens careers.

  • Another Brec Member

    What gets me is that when Richard DeNapoli ran for Chairman DeNapoli said things would change @ Brec if he was elected Chairman but when DeNapoli won he never asked anyone if they would volunteer or even ask anyone for an interview for the Executive Director position. He gave the position to his friend Rico Petrocelli within days who helped DeNapoli get elected. I know some well educated retired and experienced Brec members that would of volunteered for that position and would of saved Brec thousands of dollars! Plus, for Chairman to not even set up any interviews for that position is just wrong. It looks like if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours I guess? I would like to know where all this money is going to?! Something smells bad…

  • stopped attending

    I missed my first BERC meeting since becoming a member in 2007. As much as I want the BREC Chair to be successful, he does seem to have a broad record of alienating and threatening BREC members and Club Presidents.

    It is a bizarre shame that we are having all these problems with trust of the young Chairman, especially after the tremendous success our Party had in the 2010 mid-term elections.

    I have always liked the previous BREC Chairs — Shawn, Chip, Cindy — even if others criticized them, but Richard is just not working out and drawing too much unfavorable attention to his reckless behavior.. He has been a disaster with many dedicated and resourceful people, and I had hoped for much better. Hopefully, he won’t run for re-election.

    I do know that thoughtful complaints have been made to Congressman Allen West, CFO Jeff Atwater and to the Governor’s staff. And that is really sad.

    Maybe Secretary Venero would be a better Chair for BREC. I hate to see Richard fail but his judgement with people and other decision-making issues are really suspect, and the list is getting too long to ignore.

    Finally, I agree whole-heartedly with the BREC members who say that Rico Petrocelli should not at all be drawing a salary. He is a nice guy, but not particularly talented.

  • AJE

    Sounds like there are people out there in left field who are upset because they didn’t get the E.D. job/appointment.
    According to Javier there are people in the State Party and elsewhere who are casting the evil eye and pointing the finger at the Chairman but -like the faceless/nameless “Another BREC Member” and “BREC Member,” they lack a sir name?
    Since I think Richard is trying to do a pretty good job I imagine Tim Lord will have some choice words for me too so Joy Richards shouldn’t feel isolated.
    Nothing like stirring the bedpan as we head into a year-long battle to replace our Tax and Spend President.

  • Sharon Taylor

    I have not been a member of BREC for a long time as others have, but I have been attending meetings before becoming and member and since. I like the way the meetings are conducted as they afford all members in having an open forum to be heard. I can not see why any member would have a problem with this unless… some think they have all the answers and do not need to hear from the “minions”. I find that term disturbing and coming from a blogger who I use to think was a fair person and could keep their personal opinions out of their blogging reports. I can’t help but wonder what is in it for those who want to push this issue and drag BREC through the mud? I am all for pointing out a republican who is damaging the party, but I can not see how supporting other members of the party is damaging and ethically in question. With the 2012 elections upon us I only hope this witch hunt will not hurt the chances of getting more conservative candidates elected to our local, state and federal governments. Time to put your personal differences aside and get into our real task of trying to save liberty.

    Just one humble conservative becoming fed up!

  • Charles Martel


    The BREC is what it is. Like any other political body, there are several factions competing for power within it, some for more noble purposes than others. If you have a problem with Javier identifying these factions and calling them out for their questionable tactics and backroom dealing, you’d prefer not to know what is really going on around you and assume that everything is operating in perfect harmony when it’s not. These are not mere “personal differences” like we’re talking about chocolate and vanilla, some people are simply out for themselves and their narrow interests rather than in it for the more important principles that we need to be re-introducing to government that ensure our liberties.

    Time to ‘cowgirl up’ rather than getting fed up.

  • Brec Member for 2 yrs

    STOP!!!! No one is perfect. Only my high power who I choose to call G-D is perfect. Follow his guidelines. Maybe one day you will find your way. Our country is going to the dogs. We must unite and be a team. All of you need to get over it!!!!

  • Lisa Rovella

    @ Sharon Taylor, why are you so quick to go after Javier from The Shark Tank for? Don’t you want to wait and do you’re research and see if Javier has his fact straight or not? Don’t you want to know the real truth If some of the board members from Brec are doing something wrong or not? And wouldn’t you want to know who it is and have the problem fixed? Or are you one of those “minions” that don’t care about the truth because you want to be liked and want to be part of a social club so bad that you would walk with blinders on??? I’m so glad that their are people like Javier that keep people in check when it comes to politics! If not? Who will? There are too many yes men and women that let the wrong people get off the hook just to be accepted by a few. And it’s people like you that bitch and complain when things get out of control!

    Just one humble conservative that’s been fed up with people that let things just slip by just so they can be accepted. “They like me they really like me!”

  • gabe

    Sounds like Miami GOP “Ex” ecutive Director JC Hernandez has been has been running the BREC, too

  • Joy richards

    Mr. Lyod you are very rude and engage in the type of adhominum attacks that DEMOCRATS are well known for. I am not crazy just passionate in my beliefs.The truth is Richard has brought our treasury from nowhere to the stratosphere. I support TRUE REPUBLICAN candidates I kiss no one’UNLESS I BELIEVE IN THEM AND RESPECT THEM!IDO NOT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT WHERE IS THE RUDE BEHAVIOR FROM RICHARD? MAYBE I AM MISSING SOMETHING BUT THE ONLY RUDE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED IS FROM YOU! this matter was closed by the
    rpof awhile ago.I would like you to insult me to my face at the next BREC meeting.GET OVER it MANJARES LOST THIS ARGUMENT .

  • Gabriel Jose Carrera

    First of all I am not the poster “Gabe.” Second, I am an active promoter of conservatism in Broward County. I am Tea Party but I am NOT a Republican.

    All you Republicans have lost your way settling for leadership that abuses you and steals from the ciffers as it pleases. The rank and file are too cowardice to speak out against the soft tyranny of BREC Chairman Mao, but the same seem bent on promoting RINOs that always compromise with the opposing party. When this is brought to the BREC’s attention with mentions of third party all BREC howls “no” because the Dems win if the vote is split.

    How can Republicans win against the Dems when thier house is condemned with snakes, rats, and other vermon. Get rid of the vermon to reignite the base. Forget unity…reignite the base and bring back the memebers that quit out of disgust. The only way BREC will win elections in Broward if it its spirit is that of Reagan and Rubio instead of Crist and Greer!

    Finally, for those of you who will attack me because I am NPA and not (R)

  • Gabriel Jose Carrera

    Finally, for those of you who will attack me because I am NPA and not (R)…..kiss my GRITS!

  • Javier Manjarres

    @Joy Richards There was no argument to lose here..hahaha!! DeNapoli is the most hated and laughed at Chairman in the state-he did this to himself. DeNapoli showed what kind of an self-serving and emotionally challenged clown he is when he disrespected the Greivance Committee. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time DeNapoli will be making negative news.

    Stay tuned for more ‘Fun times and the FREC’….

  • Joy richards

    The trouble with extreme Tea Party types is that they end up losing general elections.See O’Donnel and Angle and Miller. Believe it or not I am very close to Tea Party ideas. I believe in Austrian aconomics and very ,very limited government. But if the Republican party winds up losing elections then what do we get? Very liberal winners who get us closer and closer to Socialism. Is this what you all want?Really?Boehners agenda would have been better served with a Republican Senate and the Loyd types cost us the Senate.This is why I get so upset.I am so frustrated with this stupidity to the point of crazy. Are the people at BREC so blindsided by their craziness that they lose site of this?It was this very type of stupidity that gave us O’Bama. We must stay united. I do not require 100% agreement with my positions.Only that the candidate is close to my beliefs.We have DWS in district 20 because a dynamic candidate was destroyed by the Shark Tank. Also look at the mayoral race in Miami where a very liberal Meek backed candidate advertised on Sharkies tank and defeated a Jeb Bush Republican.Throw nasty insults at me all you want. I am crazy all right,but crazy as a fox.

  • Javier Manjarres


    Ok, now I will say it, you are crazy Joy. You failed to mention that Robaina also advertised on the Shark Tank, simultaneously along with Gimenez and Llorente. What is your point? You don’t have one.

    The funny point is the fact that you blame me for DWS, please. You keep blaming me for Lowry’s uncanny way of being an idiot by putting his foot in his mouth everytime he speaks-cool, I’ll take all the blame.

    He lost his race because he sucked as a candidate, period.
    He surrounded himself with incompetent individuals; couldn’t raise money, shot at a DWS target, which he scribbled the initials on the target himself, and then lied about it.

    I would like to publically state that I, El Sharko, am very proud of the work that I did to expose him (Robert Lowry) for the sham that he was/ is, and to help defeat him 😉

  • Joy richards

    I thought this matter was CLOSED with the RPOF findings on the matter,Javier.I read the case. Why do you bring it up still if not to cause division in BREC?Chip is the only Republican on the Broward commission. Only a DEMOCRAT would not like his election.Money was spent to get a Republican elected.The Democrat controlled Broward School Board and the Commission is mired in corruption.I am hoping Republicans can drain that swamp and Chip is the first soldier in that campaign.This is the purpose of BREC!Come on Sharkie admit, it you have no real principles. You only go for a candidate that enriches you with power or money. I was an Allen West backer before you even heard of him and refused to kiss his *** when I did not like what he was doing particulary on the patriot act.Now I admire him again for voting against it..My son gives even Republicans a tough time when he does not like their positions.You and your rude minion Lyod would kiss any *** if you saw something in it for YOURSELVES.I am trying to talk my son into a blog that has true principles. Not this National Enquirer insulting stuff.I got in this political game because I see firsthand everyday how students are being shortchanged by Democrat controlled Teachers unions and the abuses they engender. I get no money for myself only help for my causes. So why would I kiss *** if only for my principles?

  • Javier Manjarres

    Matter is not closed, stay tuned. hahaha national enquirer stuff is funny, since every single news outlet, state and national uses Shark Tank as either a video or editorial source, know it and deal with it. I know that you and the other clowns from BREC are jealous and do not like to hear about that. So jealous are you fools, that because of the Shark Tank, everyone is trying to be like the Shark TAnk. There are no less than 10 copycat blogs that have surfaced since the Shark Tank’s inception.

    Tell your son to start his blog so he can be added to the rolls of wannabee Shark Tanks…lmao

  • Joy Richards

    The bottom line, Javier ,in the Lowry campaign is that DWS is still my representative in congress. Robert is a dynamic speaker who did make mistakes but I think DWS feared him .What better way to destroy someone than to split the field?Face it you helped her in the end. If we would have stayed united with Lowry we may have pulled it off. You insult people. Like you and that rude Lyod are the only ones with valid opinions on anything. Who elected you two dictators ,God?Politics 101- to defeat someone just divide the opponents support. Called divide and conquer.

  • Javier Manjarres

    You gotta be kidding me Joy?! DWS did not fear Lowry, they wanted him to win the primary so that they could use his own actions against him-fact!

    Loyd, whomever he is is not my friend, he is just posting her like you are. lowry had no money and no chance. He reported $150 after campaigning for a year, who fails this bad at fundraising?

    You need to face the fact that you ‘charlie crist, centrist’ approach to politics is a losing proposition. All of the candidates that you and DeNapoli picked to win in 2010 lost, end of story.

  • Joy Richards

    What? Bragging about getting the admiration of the Media?I call that something to be ashamed of!They as you like to destroy good people. That is why our country is in such a mess. This National Enquirer stuff is discouraging real talent like Mitch Daniels and Rick Perry from entering the race. The media loves you because they love anyone who destroys Republicans with principles-who may actually turn our country around into being a Republic with Virtuous Principles.My son did start an intellectual blog called Human Action but it was hacked. While you are reading O’Reilly junk he is reading Plato’s Republic and Lord Acton.He would no more copy your type of journalism than he would copy Bozo the Clown.I repeat ,I am only in this to act as an advocate for young people who are being murdered before they are born,mutilated by a war machine, underserved by a lousy education cartel, and their parents are being taxed into poverty.If I have to be a BIG FAT ***kissup to achieve these ends than so be it.

  • Joy Richards

    I am for Mitch Daniels and Rick Perry, not necessarily centrist just electable.If anything my son and I are Anarchocapitalists. Even more antigovernment abuse than the Tea Party.More Ludwig von Misces than Milton Friedman ,if you and the intellectual lowbrows like Loyd even know what I am talking about.But I am pragmatic. Willing to compromise just to stem the tide of Socialism.Republicans are not my ideal just closer to freedom than the other party.

  • Joy Richards

    Lowry lost a primary. The person who you picked to defeat DWS LOST.I voted for Republicans and avoided divisive primaries. Anyone running against Meek would have won the Senate-so big deal Rubio won.Charlie did not lose a general only the primary by the very Republicans who talked me into supporting Christ when I was for Gallagher. I was just afraid that Scott’s(I supported him because he is an R) past would catch up to him and it almost did. That last ad that Sink ran almost did it, if it were not for early voting.No one is jealous of your journalism,I would not brag if I were you ,given accolades by that idiotic media which passes itself off as intellectual.My son started a blog called Human Action which got hacked .He would no more want to emulate your Shark Tank type journalism than he would Bozo the Clown.You read Beck and O’Reilly political junk while he reads Plato’s Republic and Lord Acton.We need more real intellectuals in politics. Not hacks. Daniels and Perry, real talent ,are reluctant to run when their intellect is sorely needed to save our Republic but yellow hack journalism and rude discourse keeps them from it.Granted you all make money by this disgusting stuff-I like money too- but there are some levels I would not lower myself to in order make it.

  • Javier Manjarres

    @Joy are you off the medication again? Funny how you an your group of clowns over at the BREC cannot stand that there are others that disagree with you, and have more valid and realistic points of view. You all attack those who disagree with you, or back the other candidate-that is shameful.

    Joy you are a self-professed moderate Charlie Crist Republican, fine. But come one, stop embarrassing yourself by spewing such ignorant garbage, really.

  • Gabriel Jose Carrera

    You RINOs belong in the Dem party. We conservatives have shown the Republicans how to win elections. Reagan, Bush (even though his 2nd term became liberal), Rubio, West, Scott, Bondi, Rand Paul, ect. Who have you given us? Dole, Ford, Crist, McCullum, and ect. Problem is you RINOs cant win without lying saying your conservative then in the general you run to the left like Fidel/Chavez wannabes. Why dont you stop backing BREC Chairman Mao who has violated every inalienable right granted by God in BREC and send him off to the Party of sin…Demon-crats.

    Bottom line is that Javier won Blogger of the year for exposing you RINOs for what you are. Your words have no weight with the 2010 blogger of the year banner on top of the shark tank home page. Its sort of like a hunting trophy with the game’s head on a mantle. Not to far in the distance the shark tank will have a new head on the mantle……BREC Chairman Mao’s!

  • Tired of BREC

    Javier – keep up the good work. RD needs to be removed from Chair. I know many people that he has attacked verbally and forced out of BREC. Why would he fail to charter several clubs and not try to build them up instead? He only wants his select circle involved in BREC. Time to go!
    Joy, open your eyes! Your very strange relationship with your son doesn’t help your argument that you aren’t crazy. The DiNapoli ship is going down – don’t stay onboard and drown with the rest of the rats.
    We have become the laughing stock of the state. It’s time for us to band together outside of the BREC and get Republicans elected. Looks like the tea party organizations are going to grow and prosper because of the BREC.

  • Joy richards

    I do not attack people who I disagree with. I supported all of the candidates who won primaries.I stay out of them because they are too destructive and divisive. If you really listen to candidates on issues they all spout the Republican line so the distinction really becomes personality assassination which I find totally repugnant. I hardly even speak at the
    meetings. Again you insult me with the med comment . I agree again with the PRINCIPLES of the Republican party and as such I want Republicans elected . If money is spent to break into a corrupt Democrat stronghold like the Broward Commission I am all for it. I see nothing unethical about it.What I do find unethical is allowing the corruption to destroy our country and the future of our talented youth.You said my candidates lost?No the candidate who LOST was who you decided to put up against DWS.You bring up Rubio .Anyone who ran against Meek could have won that and I did support Rubio after the primary which I did not get into. As for Rick Scott, I did support him but had reservations about his legal problem. I was right. That last ad that Sink ran almost did him in. He would have lost the election if it were not for early voting.The type of journalism that you engage in keeps talent from running,like Mitch Daniels which is very sad for the health of our Republic.
    I also spoke with people who like the Tea Party message, but find the messengers unelectable. We need intellectual cooler heads like Mitch and Rick Perry so the ideas do not appear like late night comedy.I and my son aremoreAnarchocapitalist even more against intrusive evils of government than the Tea Party. The comments made here about me being a RINO are absurd to anyone who even takes the time to hear my true views.I liked Charlie because under his regime we went from 31 to 8 in education which is why I got into this political game to begin with. You know I was for Gallagher in that primary but supported Charlie in the end and was put down by members of BREC for supporting Gallagher and now the hypocrits turn against Charlie. Politics sure is DIRTY with no room for loyalty .If you are loyal to who you support you become an *** kiss on meds.The likes of the Shark tank and Loyd really turn off good young people like my son from even wanting to get involved. So politics becomes infested with the corrupt.And that is very sad indeed.

  • Tim Conway

    This is a very interesting article, with very entertaining comments. I would like to suggest to any BREC board members to bring the allegations that are stated in this article up at the next meeting during their next meeting during the comment segment of the meeting. This would allow Richard and Javier to work out these issues and then we can go forward with electing Republicans into office and not concern ourselves with these accusations. Also please stop calling Joy a pill head it is uncalled for and un-Christian. All of these accusations in this article are exactly that, accusations with no facts. If the Shark-Tank keeps this up we may have a new name for it, Page 6.

  • A Fly on the Wall

    So how did the grievance hearing go today, Javier? Word on the street has it that you were kicked out of BREC by the Republican Party of Florida for two years. Say it ain’t so, Javier?

  • JoseCanYouSee

    A little bird told me mr. so called “Conservative Blogger of the year” just got his can canned by the BREC! ROTLMAO! Finally, some sanity! It’s high time you got taken down a few rungs.