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Heckler Apologizes to Allen West, West Accepts Apology

by Javier Manjarres

The liberal heckler who was out to disrupt Congressman Allen West’s town hall meeting Pompano Beach ended up embarrassing herself after she came to the realization that she and Allen West were in agreement on one of the issues she was calling attention to.  This is the same woman who ‘let it all hang out’ last month at West’s Boca Raton townhall meeting and was booted by police for her numerous outbursts. The assembled press caught up with her in the lobby of the community center where the event was held to try to get her take on her outspoken objections to Congressman West’s positions. Unaware to the reporters was that the older woman who tried to hush me for asking the woman a question was a reporter for  Listen to the woman’s rant before she agrees with my logic of waiting for the end of the town hall to address her issues.

Code Pink Hecklers ‘Let it All Hang out” at Allen West’s Townhall (VIDEO) The woman featured is the same woman wearing the pink tank top who was escorted out of the meeting.


Here is today’s video of the woman talking to reporters after storming out of the town hall meeting.

[vsw id=”icAy5VjGCP0″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Carlo

    I can feel her frustration on the businesses not paying their fair share of taxes (especially in light of GE throwing it in our face that not only did they make 14billion in profits but they got a refund from the Government as well). She is misguided though when she pins it all on the Republicans. This country has to stop looking at things as Democrats or Republicans – boths parties buy the vote. It’s time that we stand up to both parties.

  • JP

    Corporations Do Not Pay Taxes. EVER.
    it is an expense, and is added to the costs determining the pricing of services or products, so if you buy anything from a company who has their taxes raised you are the one paying for it.
    Simple econ 101.

    There should be no Federal Corporate tax.
    Property taxes and local fees are different.

  • Jackie de Carvalho

    Allen West town hall’s are extremely frustrating as they are structured so that his constituents really cannot speak. That seems to be the goal. So I too feel her frustration. As for having her wait for the question and answer period that was just as useless and frustrating since West does nothing more than stick the GOP talking points and will not veer from that or clarify anything for his constituents. He runs these things like a dictatorship – not a democracy. Someone reads the questions, he gives his standard template answer and if someone asks for clarification they are simply ignored or kicked out if the speak up too loudly. I have to ask myself why do my taxpayer dollars pay this man his salary? Maybe that’s where we should start looking to fix our “spending problem” – Cut West’s salary and benefits since he does not listen to his constituents. Instead they are doing it on the backs of the middle class while the wealthiest Americans and corporations are getting tax breaks; they are killing medicare, de-funding essential programs like planned parenthood & cutting pell grants for students and the list goes on. So maybe Allen West should listen to his constituents who DO NOT LIKE the RYAN budget plan. People do not want medicare to be destroyed and this has been shown in poll after poll. So why he would support something like this is beyond my comprehension.

  • BocaBubba

    This woman proves the theory that all blondes are dumb !
    Her false statements range from “They killed medicare” to Oil not paying any taxes and on and on.

    I have seen her at the gathering and she is certainly a sample of that group’s thinking.

    Next time ask her “Where were you at the Ron Klein Town Halls ?”
    Nowhere since they were never held !!!!!

  • Artwork


    She looked like an absolute fool attacking West when she didn’t even know his voting record on the issue.

  • Blonde Gator

    I was there yesterday, and had to listen to this idiot constantly disrupt the meeting.

    She is blatantly lying when she says Allen West didn’t answer the question about corporations not paying taxes, he specifically mentioned GE, which is headed by Obama’s paid economic advisor, Jeffrey Immelt, as earning $14B in profits whilst paying no taxes. Furthermore Congressman West stated several times that he wanted to see corporate tax rates rolled back to 20 – 22% w/all loopholes closed.

    She’s apparently a Move.On mouthpiece. And Bubba, watch the dumb blonde stuff, okay? I know all about Ron Klein’s Town Halls….he didn’t have them, the jerk “phoned” them in. Hence he’s gone.

  • BillieUSA

    Ron Klein certainly was not doing anything good for his senior constituents when he voted for Obamacare. Maybe he listened to the ones who did not know anything.

    Planned Parenthood is not essential to be paid for by my money. It should be privately funded, same as NPR and other programs with a political agenda. Yesterday Eli Pariser from was on NPR, talking about his internet book. To paraphrase, he said that search engines are wrong to feed you what you WANT (based on the profile created by your previous searches), but organizations such as his are correct in feeding you what you NEED. Few callers challenged him to explain who decides what we need, and those who did were timid. SICKENING.

    I am sick of politicians focusing on Medicare and Social Security cuts to the exclusion of cuts like Planned Parenthood, NPR, the US Department of Education, Amtrak, and anything else that takes, takes, takes, and does not produce results, OR programs that should be privately funded. Politicians please talk more about 1,000+ ways to cut corruption, waste, etc., before you talk about Medicare and Social Security. In theory privatization of these might be good, but in practice, seniors have a contract with the government, and have been living our whole lives depending on this contract. We are at a point in our lives where survival is pretty tough, and we should not be cut loose now.

    PS How come nobody talks about the debt reduction commission’s reports, the one set up by the President last year, the one a bi-partisan committee spent one year working on? There were some good ideas in it.

  • Uncle Sam

    I wish someone would have asked this genius to define “Corporate Welfare.” I love how the libs redefine what words actually mean. Setting GE aside, apparently a business paying a percentage of it’s profits to the federal government is “welfare” or a “subsidy” to the company if the tax bill is not high enough to satisfy the whims of others who want their money. You see, the Statists feel that it’s ALL their money and any amount that the govt let’s you keep, you should be grateful for regardless o what you produce versus actual welfare which includes that very money being given to those that produce nothing.

    As for corporate cronyism and buying elections, that is unfortunately real, but it only happens to the extent that the govt can influence business. Get government out of the private sector and respect the free market and there would be no incentive for corporations to influence elections.

  • Tevis

    I wonder if she does the same thing at a Debbie Wasserman Schultz meeting? She needs to keep in mind that Dems had control of congress for many years and allowed this to happen as well.. I agree with her, that Corps need to pay their fair share. Paying taxes does not increase prices, when taxes are paid on “profits” which are after expense due to costs are built in…
    It sure would be nice if the politcal biases were not allowed to cloud people’s judgements. She is clearly a liberal plant soley there to disrupt the process. As for the lady from, well they are just trying to stay relavent since every laughs at them now as they are last decades news…

  • Phil Busey

    Why is everyone ignoring the “Debt Commission” (the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform in which the Co-Chairs already gave us a plan for responsible long-term guidance (and additional variations among member statements). Are these proposals too reasonable for Democrats and Republicans?

    “We have a patriotic duty to come together on a plan that will make America better off tomorrow than it is today.”
    “America cannot be great if we go broke.”
    “We must stabilize then reduce the national debt”
    “Share sacrifice”
    “Don’t Disrupt a Fragile Economic Recovery”
    “Start gradually; begin cuts in FY 2012”
    “Ensure an affordable and sustainable safety net.”
    “Focus benefits on those who need them.”
    “Invest in education, infrastructure, and high-value R&D.”
    “Cut red tape and inefficient spending that puts a drag on the economy and job creation.”
    “Broaden base, lower rates, and bring down the deficit.”
    “Reduce the long-term growth of health care costs.”

  • matt

    The US has the highest corprate tax rate in the world — 35 percent. Many of the loop holes and write offs were created by Democrats, but a 35 percent tax rate is creating the flight of corporations
    to other countries.

    Further, corporations create lots of taxpaying employees and pay taxes everytime they buy something for the company.

    Frankly, the corporations did not create the debt, the liberal politicians from both parties did. If the corporations paid more taxes the politicians would just spend it, not use it to reduce the debt.

  • Maria L

    LOL…SHE’S HILLARIOUS!! She had her little talking points so prepared and rehearsed, she keeps saying the same thing OVER AND OVER! The ‘droning on’ of the Congressman is INFORMATION…HELLO, dumbo!! If she listened, she may get the answer to her questions THERE…The Congressman is so transparent about the legislative goings on..every month is a real education! JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN FOLKS!

  • grandmaof5

    Ms Carvalho needs to take economics 101. In what parallel universe are the costs a company incurs manufacturing and bringing a product to market, not figured into the price the retail market pays. How much lower would the price of a car be if we were not paying union workers union wages and pensions for the rest of their lives? The lower taxes on corporations means they can afford to expand and hire more people. It is a simple concept.

  • Sandman

    Another ignorant plant and the first one is already commenting on this thread. Get use to Allen West my marxist lady friends because the only place Allen West is going is up.

    It’s painful listening to their stupidity. First of all GE is run by statist liberals and get their tax breaks from the Obama administration. But the ooz-on idiots don’t seem to mind Obama crony capitalism.

    Oil companies don’t receive subsidies. A subsidy is money given by the government. Oil companies receive tax breaks to offset the costs of setting up the rigs. Which means they get to keep more of their own money. But of course the ooz-on ladies feel they have the right to confiscate everyone elses money. Why don’t they tell that to their supreme troll and leader George Soros.

  • Sandman

    Now to medicare. Notice how it’s the Republicans destroying medicare not Obama and the left who have already passed a law that loots 500 billion from medicare to fund their universal socialized nightmare health program.

    They have no idea what the Ryan plan even does. Medicare will be completely insolvent by the year 2024. That means busted and broke for you ooz-on ladies. Listen to Ryan explain his plan that provides more benefits to poorer people and LESS benefits to wealthy people instead of the one size fits all approach. Isn’t that what you progressives want?

    And the fained outrage because you just cannot speak whenever you want is just so pathetic. West has millions of constituents who would all love to personally address their concerns with their congressman. al least he gives you a forum to do so, but a civilized manner is not good enough for you. What forum did Ron Klein provide you with, oh yea none.

  • HankS_FtLauderdale

    Congressman Allen West welcomes all Americans to his town hall meetings. I would like to see the media interview some of the less-vocal Move-On people what have attended the past four meetings. My observation: many from the Move-On set actually quiet down and start listening! In the final 15 minutes of Pompano’s meeting (in overtime, by choice), the crowd was attentively listening to West’s answers.

    John Foley, Palm Beach County leader of, said of Allen West “he’s a tough opponent. He does fairly well. He can think on his feet.”

    At this rate, Mr Foley could actually become a supporter! Congressman Allen West is changing minds — he is the real deal!

  • ramjet

    This is an attempt by the DCCC, in conjunction with move-on, the NY Times, HuffPo and other elite, liberal media outlets to target freshman Republican members of the House of Representatives by coordinating ‘grassroots’ protests at town hall meetings.

    It is an attempt to mimic last years TRUE GRASSROOTS town hall protests emanating from the burgeoning tea party movement.

  • John Galt

    Until recently GE owned the NBC tv networks. One can say they were instrumental in liberal victories in 2006 & 2008. Now it comes out that they have been paying $0 corporate income tax.

    No payback here? wink wink nudge nudge

  • Blonde Gator

    Thanks for the links, ramjet. I’ll bookmark and pass around.

    Looks like we need to double down on our efforts to keep Allen West in his seat.

    That was such a lame “protest” yesterday. Very obvious they were plants.

  • tarpon

    Protesting at town halls is so last year. Especially when you have so many who are protesting … LOL.

    “Stop The Spending” has such deep roots with the public now, the liberals may never get rid of it.

  • CJ

    Obviously her only intention is to disrupt and make her own misinformation the message. If she really wanted answers she would stay for the Q&A period or make an appointment with his office to talk to him.

  • nomad2003

    some folks need to get educated. There are corportate INCOME taxes, there are OTHER taxes, there subsides, there are tax credits, and tax deductions.

    Oil companies do not get subsides. Oil companies paid 41% in taxes (like 15 dollars for every barrel of oil pulled from the ground on top of the lease, they match every social security dollar every employee pays, plus more). They only get tax credits for the research in GREEN energy. The dedcutions are the same every companies get. Some in congress want to strip these “same as” deductions.
    But oil gets additional taxes on both ends, when they take it out of ground, and almost 15 cents per gallon of gas in just FED taxes.

    Oil companies have an 9% profit margin, your cel phone company has a 24%, which is ripping you off.

    Gold mines and other mines, do not pay taking it out of the ground, but oil does.

  • Sally

    If this liberal WACO women is mad that GE did not pay any taxes then I think she should ask her boy Obama why on that one. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonas

    I have heard Lt Col Allen West speak 30 diferent times and I love the guy on all the points and issues he stands for.

    The Best part he says he’s not a politician (Thank God) but a Constitutionalist.(Praise God again!).

    He is a True Honest American born man who wants to get To The Truth of things, unlike what we see in office today.

    Allen is a True Red, White and Blue American Hero and American Patriot who believes and loves his country and believes in the American Values and Dreams. And wants to protect The American people and the Constitution of The United States! He is a breath of fresh air today, in an all corrupt political field of liars and users

    He Loves God and Country and Family and if he bleeds, he bleeds Red White and Blue!

    I haven’t seen an honest man like this in political office in all the days of my life since JFK.


    This woman is a turkey! Liberals Lady, is what is destroying the country! She does it all the time, distrupting meetings! She is a Heckler!


  • Jonas

    I have heard Lt Col Allen West speak 30 diferent times and I love the guy on all the points and issues he stands for.

    The Best part he says he’s not a politician (Thank God) but a Constitutionalist.(Praise God again!).

    He is a True Honest American born man who wants to get To The Truth of things, unlike what we see in office today.

    Allen is a True Red, White and Blue American Hero and American Patriot who believes and loves his country and believes in the American Values and Dreams. And wants to protect The American people and the Constitution of The United States! He is a breath of fresh air today, in an all corrupt political field of liars and users

    He Loves God and Country and Family and if he bleeds, he bleeds Red White and Blue!

    I haven’t seen an honest man like this in political office in all the days of my life since JFK.


    This Loud mouthed Rude liberal woman sounds like a yapping chihuahua. Muzzle her please.

  • Rick

    She’s as sharp as a sack of wet shit. Typical “Fiberal”

  • http://S7BM Carlos

    I agree with much of her outrage but I wonder if Blondie is as upset that 1,200+ companies (all on Obama’s pals list) have been given waivers from Obamacare. Also, am I the only one who caught one fib she slipped in? She says the GOP has killed Medicare-
    wrong! It’s Obamacare that robbed it off $500 billion. But Ryan’s Plan must NOT keep
    that proviso, it’s bad for us all and electoral suicide.