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U.S. Senate Lucha Libre on Cinco de Mayo

by Javier Manjarres

The verbal slugfest is underway in the 2012 U.S. Senate Republican primary as former House Majority leader Adam Hasner took a big swipe at Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos during a campaign stop in Jacksonville, Florida.  While speaking at a local Conservative Republican Forum, Hasner was very critical of Haridopolos’ role and failure to pass an ‘E-Verify’ driven immigration bill, stating that,“the results from the Florida Senate looked like what you would expect from Harry Reid’s Senate.“-Adam Hasner (Full story-Florida Times-Union)

It was just a couple months ago when on the steps of the old Capitol building, Haridopolos affirmatively stated that E-Verify would be part of the immigration reform bill in the Senate:

“I’m here to verify it will be a part of our Senate bill,”-Senate President Mike Haridopolos

In fairness to Senator Haridopolos, his promise was kept to a certain extent, as there is a ‘public’ E-Verify component in the Senate immigration bill.  However, immigration hawks and Tea Party activists were also looking for a private sector E-Verify component, a measure that was excluded from the bill due to pressure from ‘Big Business’ lobby that campaigned against its inclusion.  The Senate bill does include a measure allowing law enforcement to request an immigration document from ‘arrested’ individuals suspected of being illegal immigrants, but unfortunately, it does not do the same for individuals pulled over in a traffic stop or that are merely being questioned.

Immigration hawks and Tea Party activists clearly felt that the Senate measure is ineffective, and that the private sector E-Verify was the single most important component of any immigration reform bill that could be brought up for consideration in the state legislature. U.S.Senate candidate, and former U.S. Senator George LeMieux tweeted ,” Fla. Legislature’s inability to pass meaningful immigration reform is a failure of leadership.”– also an obvious and direct jab at Haridopolos.

Haridopolos’ senate campaign spokesman Tim Baker wasted no time in defending Haridopolos by taking a shot of his own at Hasner and former U.S. Senator George LeMieux:

Unlike Leader Hasner and Senator LeMeiux, who never raised a finger to support immigration reform during their tenures, Senator Haridopolos has led and gotten a bill passed that gets tough on illegal immigration in Florida and implements E-Verify across many state programs,” ” I’m sure Adam Hasner has plenty of ideas of what he would like to do, but unlike Adam, Senator Haridopolos led on this issue and got legislation passed.”

The record does show that Hasner did co-sponsored an immigration bill with now Congresswoman Sandy Adams, a bill that passed in the House, but died enroute to the Senate in 2010.

As for Senator George LeMieux, he has recently stated that he is not in favor of an Arizona Style law for Florida, but believes that  Law Enforcement officials should be able to check the  immigration status” on routine traffic stops of anyone who is pulled over, regardless of the reason for the stop.  LeMieux added that if someone cannot prove their citizenship or is here illegally, then “they (those persons stopped)will be detained, processed and deported.”

Hasner is considered by many as being the immigration hawk in the  2012 election cycle , whereas Senator LeMieux, even with his strong pro-legal immigration rhetoric, is still considered by many to be very soft on immigration, at least partly based on his past association with Governor Charlie Crist, who was a proponent of full amnesty for illegal immigrants.

As the issue of illegal immigration comes into sharper focus within Republican circles, the failed E-Verify initiative that Governor Rick Scott campaigned on and that Haridopolos promised supporters could very well be the pivotal issue in the leadup to the Republican primary in August of 2012.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Sandman

    Just another issue that shows Hasner is the best conservative for the job.

    By the way, watching the Republican presidential debate last night, the GOP has a new superstar and his name is Herman Cain!

  • Jack Gillies

    Hasner and LeMieux are right! Mike Haridopolos totally ignored the will of the legal citizens of Florida. If Haridopolos thinks he can sweep this under the carpet he is sadly mistaken. The tea parties and grass-roots organizations are well informed and are on to him. Haridopolos will never recover from this major blunder. His United States Senate run has officially ended.

  • All Eyes Are On Mike

    The leader of the RINO’s in Florida is Mike Haridopolos. Look at the beating the Democrats and RINO’s took in 2010! The slap-down will continue in 2012 as conservatives will find people to oust them in the 2012 primaries. This feels like Charlie Crist all over again. How dare Haridopolos treat the hard working “legal citizens” as if they are below the “illegal aliens”.

  • John Roane

    We all know that big business runs the Florida State House just as they do the US Congress. It is our fault, the people, for putting in the same old thinking and creed, into office wether in Florida or US Congress. Same on us if we re-elect any of these people.

  • GenEarly

    We ALL Know Allen West can win the US Senate race AND Support The Constitution once elected. Hasner is also a fine candidate.
    Hardopolus should just drop out now, and LeMieux is a John McCain RINO and a Bush Progressive, with either Illegal Amnesty is assured for Florida.
    As for the Hispanic State Senate Republicans pandering to ILLEGALS, you should be representing LEGAL CITIZENS. You are Disgusting!

  • Bill_B

    Just amazing how those that say one thing and then do another can stiill think in this day and age they can get away with it ….well just like Crist Haridopolos doesn’t have a chance in ‘ell to further his ‘me first’ political career. Bye Bye Hairy.

    Oh and I concur Sandman, Herman Cain really made a strong impression last night. Hopefully he’ll give those noshows a run for their money.

  • G Speed

    Bill_B, Sandman– —–
    Herman Cain???? I can’t believe you talk about Haridopolos as being a RINO and then turn around and say the Herman Cain is the “man”. Herman Cain is the biggest Fed R mole that ever lived– He was head of a Fed bank for petes sake. Next you’ll be talking up Ben B for king. You are so completely owned by mass marketing. If Cain gets to be pres you can kiss your kids future g’bye.

  • Bill_B

    G Speed, Sorry to say but besides Haridopolos being clearly a Rhino in my book he’s also listed under Scum Politicians. Seeing Hariy in action during the Florida Property Tax Wars when politicos on both sides of the fence sucked up to all the taxing entities by fighting commonsense reform and then too being so beholden to the public employee unions first and foremost. Nope, Hariy’s just like Crist, a lying two faced wannabe lifer politician. These types can no longer be allowed to advance. Though I do hope the pendulum being finally being unstuck from far left wont go too far right of center where the hearts and minds of Americans can put this country back together.

    And while my Cain reaction is a first impression, compared to Romney a much better candidate. NOT a politician says it best.

  • Sandman

    First off G_Speed no one has coronated Cain president. He just made outstanding showing last night. He’s hardly been mass marketed. So what’s the insinuation about the future if Cain got in? What’s he gonna do, do tell?

    I do feel a little uneasy that he was chairman of the fed in the 90’s. But c’mon, he was not the one flooding the world with printed US dollars. At least he is now calling for more congressional oversight of the fed.

    And the crack about Bernanke was a low blow. Maybe your a little upset that Hairodopolos has been exposed for the little fraud that he is.

  • Brigida

    Carlos Lopez-Cantera State Representative (R) also opposes any Arizona type or any state immigration law reform at all claiming that this should be left to the Federal Government – Another RINO!
    i.e. Give the O administration more power and keep the illegals here right?

  • Carlos

    Hehy Javier,

    It was great meeting you today in DC at Marco Rubio’s office-what a small world, indeed. Let’s face it, no Hispanic legislator’s gonna be tough on illegal immigration.
    Haridopolos is betting his partial fix will suffice and allow him to call a more biting
    bill “extreme”. But forget about the Hispanic lawmakers getting tough, it’s gotta be
    an Anglo. Here’s where Mike H. leaves an opening for Hasner. Keep in mind, if
    Hasner wins the primary he’ll have a new problem. It’ll be Bill Nelson doing his best
    Andy Griffith act and imploring the Anglo voters to be “good crackers” by not beating
    up on those poor latinos who only wanna do the jobs Americans won’t do. He’ll pander
    to no end and Hasner must overcome that facade by hammeirng Nelson on his voting record. It may even be as bad as when Chiles scared old fogies into fearing Jeb would take away their benefits.