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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Will Now Lead the DNC

Self described fan of the Shark Tank Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has garnered quite a number of distinctions throughout her congressional career -breast cancer advocate, class warfare warrior, and ObamaCare cheerleader to name a few- but now you can call her the newly selected Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

Perhaps confronted with the fact that there is nowhere in Florida for a hyper-partisan progressive Democrat to move up the ranks beyond her gerrymandered congressional seat- there’s little chance that a bona fide progressive Democrat can be elected to statewide office here in Florida- Wasserman-Schultz wisely chose another career advancement path that does not entail getting elected outside of predominantly Democrat circles.

While Wasserman-Schultz has been nearly omnipresent on cable tv talkshows throughout her career (and a very capable interviewee who can unhesitatingly put forth her Party’s spin), Debbie rarely misses the opportunity push her misleading Democrat talking points that unfortunately makes her incapable of venturing outside her extremely partisan point of view to engage both political and economic realities.

For a preview of what we’re likely to see in even heavier rotation on cable TV with Debbie as DNC Chair, this interview with Stuart Varney will wet your appetite.

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  • Sean O’Neill

    Oh, Gag me!

  • George Blumel

    She’s a perfect choice to represent the progressive Dem regime. Who else can lie with such ease, misrepresent that black is white and that ObamaCare will save money? She can talk without thinking because not having a normal brain no rational thinking can take place. And without any moral grounding she has freedom to automatically do and say anything that the most corrupt regime in American history wants. The only people in Florida morally and ethically worse than she is are those that actually vote for her.

  • Ibgon5

    Oh great! Another Howard Dean in a skirt.

  • Maria L

    ha ha ha…I LIKE that…Howard Dean in a skirt! That’s funny! Yeah, we’re in for ALOT of laughs with Debbie leading the dems!

  • http://Sharktank Rob

    She is one hell of a b/s artist. All with a smile.. I can’t beleive people buy her b/s.. I seen enough of her damage in Broward Co, Fl..

  • Kelly Florida

    That wont last long, she will lose her job in 2012. Florida got rid of grayson first and miss debbie will be next…no way she will make it through another election….

  • Cat

    Elected to 4 terms? What the heck is wrong with people on that side of the state? I agree she is a joke and Howard Dean in a skirt — rofl … good one and too true! The Dems demean the Republican women and then give us this and Pelosi etc … heal thy self!

  • Uselogic

    I, for one, am thrilled that this lying harpy is now the face of DemocRatic National Committee. All independents and virtually every liberal I know pretty much hate her…. because she symbolizes everything wrong with politics today. My friend Mitch, a Dem from way back, just despises her sociopathic ability to lie in the face of the facts. He turns the channel as soon as he sees her face. She is Pelosi Jr.

    One of the best things to happen to the conservative Republican cause in a long time.

  • electricjack

    If she is so great how come she refused to have a debate against our Karen Harrington? Sgt Scultz is a joke a class d joke at best. Anyone who votes for here definitely deserves the trash we have in Broward County look at the school board its just a question of time until the Governator fires the whole gang of the thieves. An then we go after Sgt Schultz hugely come out 2nite and join Karens Team to rid us of this trash mouth pelosite…a stain on America who does her hair Brillo Pads?

  • sue

    DebbieWS’s only talking point is to bash President Bush, and to continually interrupt the other person on the show. Totally annoying.

    I still cannot believe she gets re-elected.

  • Jeff

    Unfortunately by luck of the Gerrymander I am condemned to live in her district and I HATE, HATE, HATE her! I cannot stand the witch, I despise every single cell in her body and everything about her. In fact I have told her that so much, her office probably keeps a file on me. Now on top of everything else I have to put up with her being in charge of the Communist National Committee. It was bad enough before, but sheesh. Life is not good, and never will be until Wasserman or Schultz or Madam Comrade, whatever the heck her name is, and the rest of her ilk are put back down where they belong and where they came from – the gutter.

  • Jeff

    In answer to someone’s question about how come the witch keeps getting reelected, first of all it is Broward County, the Democrat capitol of Florida, if not the whole South, with apologies to Palm Beach County. And take a look at her district.

    At least in the last election she did not win by as big of a percentage as the ones before, so there is still slim hope of getting her out of there. But the way the district is drawn and its demographics, it will be very, very hard to dethrone her, if a good conservative like Karen Harrington couldn’t during the Republican sweep of 2010.

  • Jeff

    There are so many Dems(non- extreme Libs), Ind & Reps that live inside her gerrymandered district that are miserable that she is their U.S. Rep.
    But, one has to recognize that she is very accomplshed liar.

  • Sandman

    Don’t feel bad Jeff, I’m stuck in her district to. Weston to Miami Beach, what a gerrymandered joke!

    Whatshername Schultz could not answer Stewart Varney’s direct question, “make the case that taxing the rich creates jobs?” Of course she knows higher taxes on the employer class depresses the economy. But why would a redistributionist care about that. They would rather the poor be poorer so the rich can be poorer.

    Reagan proved lowering taxes not only stimulates the economy but it increases government revenue because of increased economic activity. The Democratic party’s policies inherently destroys wealth which in turn lowers their ability to tax income. They don’t even know that they don’t know!

    Whatshername Schultz is proof positive the Democrats love to elovate their biggest liars. Every single interview she does she simply falls back the party’s taking points and fails to ever articulate a lucid point of her own. She was reelected with 57% of the vote without campaigning. Gosh almighty are Weston and Miami Beach dummycrats ignorant.

    Thanks for reading,

  • Bill_B

    Sandman , for the record Ms. Wassermans district also goes up into Sunrise ,swiggles into Lauderdale Lakes and then there’s the snake line right through Ft Lauderdale into Wilton Manors and Oakland Park.

    The creation of evil to say the least.

  • chargerjohn

    She is a Jew. Jews in her gerrymandered district will keep re-electing her until another bigger Jew comes along. They don’t care if she is a treasonous sort, all that matters is she is a Jew.

    Jews vote for Jews. Look at Raul Martinez in Hialeah, Cubans don’t care that he is a criminal, they keep re-electing him. He beat 12 federal corruption inditments that he was clearly guilty of. Same as OJ.

    Re-districting is the only way to prevent such abomination from getting into office. Districts have to be square and not favor race.

    I will say that she will be the final nail in the coffin of the demo-commies chances.