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2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year- El Sharko!

Amigos, I don’t know what else to say other than a hearty “gracias” to all of you who’ve supported the Shark Tank and think the blog has made a difference in both Florida and national politics. I am honored beyond words to have been nominated, let alone selected, as the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. The Shark Tank has done its best to report on local politics throughout the State of Florida (and elsewhere!) and we’ve promoted solid conservative candidates who we thought would best represent the Republican Party of Florida.  We are proud to have influenced elections throughout the state, from local municipalities all the way up to U.S. Congress and the Governor’s House, and we’ll continue to do that in the future.  Thank you CPAC, and I look forward to seeing all of you up in Washington D.C. next week!  Gracias!

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  • Coco The Blowfish


    You EARNED this all and all.

    The smelts are having a coronary right now, so look out for bloody waters from their heads exploding!

  • Jordan Raynor

    CONGRATS Javier. Well deserved.

  • Debbie

    Way to go Javier!!!

  • Jewfish

    Congrats Manjarres! You deserve it!

  • AJE

    It takes a lot of hard work and it does show. Congratulations.

  • Ana

    Congratulations, Javier…you deserve it. There’ll be plenty more where that came from, I’m sure.

    -Ana =)

  • No Fly Zone

    Congratulations Javier! Way to go!

  • Andrea Shea King

    A hearty congratulations and ‘whoop-de-do’ Forida cheer for a blog that has become a “must read” for many of us! Keep up the great work! See you at CPAC next week.

    Andrea Shea King
    The Radio Patriot
    Central Florida’s “First Lady of Space Coast Conservatism”

  • Gabriel Jose Carrera, Esq.

    Oye mijo… this award to denappali so he knows that you are da bomb! LOL Que come mielda es el tipo ese!

  • Jay Narang

    Congratulations Javier ! Well deserved. Thanks for your service to the Republican party despite the hardships that come with your work !

  • Tami

    Congrat Javier!

  • Jeannie

    CONGRATULATIONS Javier! Way to go! We will continue to spread the word to all the Florida folks we can to be in the know by making the SharkTank their main place for Florida Political news! See you at CPAC!

  • Kelly Cook

    Congrats on this! Love your work.

    Come by our booth next week at CPAC. Would like to meet you.

    Kelly Cook
    National Field Director
    ACT! for America

  • Joyce Kaufman

    Too bad you can’t cover BREC events…makes Republican leadership in Broward County look pretty stupid, eh?

    I love rogue journalists, and Javi, you are the King of Rogues.

    Unfortunately CPAC has been infiltrated this year by CAIR etc and I am looking forward to you exposing that from there. I will be boycotting the event myself this year.

    Even if they give you awards…keep ’em honest.

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  • Kay B. Day

    Javier, just did a post about your award–congratulations. You really earned that recognition and you made a difference.

  • johno

    Congratulations, if you want it.

    Personnally I’m boycotting CPAC. Between CAIR and the homo’s, I’m not sure they’re conservative anymore.

  • Ginger

    Congrats! Nice to know someone is appreciated for keeping politicians honest!

  • Gene Robinson

    JAVIER: You have kept them honest, even when they hated you, and came after you. The LORD said, “If they hate you, know that they hated ME first, and without cause!!” So, you are running in pretty good company, my friend. It takes heart to expose people who do not want to be exposed, especially when power and money are involved, because “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!!” It isn’t going to get any easier, now that you have been recognized for the work that you do, but I am sure you are up to the challenge. KEEP IT UP, and………. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • Debbie Vorpagel

    Congratulations! Keep it up, you really have made a difference!

  • Lightweight

    You won being Pro-Marco without asking real questions,enjoy the fame.

  • http://MissionJabez,Inc. Ben Bennett

    More work to be done amigo….the “bait fish” are gathering…in circles.

  • Chiefez

    Lightweight – You mean he treated those running for office with respect and did not badger them like the lame stream press?

  • Coco The Blowfish

    @Lightweight: CRIST LOST! Get over it !

  • Levi

    CONGRATULATIONS SHARKMAN! Excellence for those who pick up a pen is oft celebrated for what is written; the discerning reader gleans from each stroke the wisdom in choices made for what is actually written (see Proverbs 10:19). All the best my friend.

  • Elaine

    Congratulations Javier. I couldn’t be happier for you…

  • Patrick

    Javier, the code of the gladiator and for those who do battle is “Strength and Honor”.
    Strength is exhibited in different ways, the strength to fight for what you believe in and follow your convictions is just like doing battle and the honor you receive from your peers is worth more than gold. I salute you and congratulate you.

  • honeygetoverit


  • Maria Lima

    CONGRATULATIONS, Javier! Like Joyce said, this sure makes some people look pretty stupid!! Keep up the good work!

  • Ana Gomez-Mallada

    Congratulations, Javier!! You earned it through a lot of hard work.

  • Tijeras_Slim

    Congratulations from New Mexico!

  • scorpio0679

    Congrats! Blogging the way you do is hard work, and you lead news not just report it!

  • Patrick Castronovo

    Congrats my friend! The Dem’s and the Rino’s must be so mad! HAHA! CPAC is NOW going to be great!

  • Delia Garcia Menocal

    Javier: Great news! ¡Felicidades on your award! I thank you for keeping me informed.

  • demNOmore

    Quite an honor. I get 100 emails a day (plus FB and Twitter), yet I never miss a single one of your posts. I guess I am not alone. Congrats. Quite an honor.

  • Mirand Sharma

    Great job!

  • Lightweight

    Chiefez,not badger,just ask real questions.Like what is his relationship to Marco Rubio?

  • Larry Spilfogel

    Wow! CPAC Blogger of the Year. You are a true asset to the Republican Party in Florida. Keep up the good work. CPAC is going to be great.

  • TheConservativeLady


  • Coco The Blowfish

    @lightweight “Chiefez,not badger,just ask real questions.Like what is his relationship to Marco Rubio?”

    Javier and Marco are both Oprah’s long lost brothers !!!!!!!!

  • Harris Klein

    Great to speak wity you today and thanks for the information. You deserve the award and more for what you have done to provide unbised information and your well put comments.
    What happened to you Monday, although I wasn’t present, was a total mockery of anything resembling decorum etc. I have received reports from highly respected sources, including the Sunsentinel Report describing the horrendous actions. This can do no good for BREC or the GOP. Again, many thanks and please continue.


  • P. Henry Saddleburr

    I was just reviewing the CPAC agenda and saw that you made Blogger of the Year. You’re in distinguished company, Javier. Ed Morrissey and Ace of Spades are no slouches.

    I’ll admit that I wasn’t clued into your blog, but I am now. Just posted your hilarious Allen West video on my blog. That was great!

    See you at CPAC!!

  • Javier Manjarres

    @P. Henry Thanks, I am honored to be mentioned with Ace and Ed, don’t forget Erick at Redstate. See you next week!

  • Al from Fl

    Congrats but watch out for the sharks in CPAC.

  • Shark Fan

    DeNapoli must be going nuts over this!

  • Sandman

    Reading some of your work last year I thought you engaged in gutter politics dragging the GOP down and making it totally ineffective in my district. Although this is quite a feather in your cap and I congratulate you anyway.

  • Rod Sullivan

    Congratulations Javier:

    I’ll be at CPAC all week. How do I get Liberty Legal Alliance listed as an official CPAC Blogger?

    Rod Sullivan

    • Javier Manjarres

      @Rod You need to contact FreedomWorks for that.

  • George Blumel

    Congratulations, Javier! We have a lot of good conservative bloggers but you stand out for your extra work in chasing the politicians and putting the camera in their faces and asking the pertinent questions. You’ve been an uncompromising, consistent conservative. And, judging by the comments of your fans above, you’re appreciated –except for the aptly named “Lightweight,” of course. Even his warped comments are a compliment in their own way.

    Would you like to come back to our Republican Club for another informational and motivational talk?

    • Javier Manjarres

      @George Thanks for the kind words. Let’ plan another visit…

  • Vince

    @Sandman and @Lightweight : Stop being bitter ! It appears that both the comments are from the same guy. Why you ask ? As Congressman West says, when you stick your head in the sand, certain part of your anatomy is exposed and that could be a lightweight part. That said : What El Sharko has always done is exposed the gutter politics even though it placed him in the line of fire. It takes courage to do what he does. He is not the one that played gutter politics, he just reported on it. Unfortunately, you district may have been infested with gutter politicians. As a conservative patriot that you appear to be,if I were you, I would be glad that Javier is going after unethical politicians that run under the R umbrella to appease us conservatives but have nothing in common with us.

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