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Shark Tank Exclusive Interview : AG Bill McCollum Swims in the Tank

by Javier Manjarres

The GOP primary race for Governor in Florida continues to heat up as Attorney General Bill McCollum and Rick Scott continue to exchange tough political barbs to try get an edge in the race.  McCollum has been a conservative stalwart in Florida politics for quite some time, and he was favored to win this year’s Gubernatorial race- that was until Mr. Scott jumped into the race. Recent polls show Mr. Scott leading General  McCollum by double digits. General McCollum has recently been endorsed by Governors Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. (VIDEOS)

General McCollum was gracious enough to sit down with The Shark Tank and answer some tough questions, ranging from his comments on the controversial AZ Immigration bill and a possible bill similar to it here in Florida, Obamacare, and  the BP oil spill. I can’t say I was surprised by the manner the AG embraced and answered my questions, because it seems that he has always been up to the challenge of answering tough questions.  The General seemed very relaxed and answered the questions with quite a bit of confidence and showed how well versed and knowledgeable he was on all the issues.

The interview ran a bit long so I split it up in (3) segments. There are a lot of interesting remarks made throughout the segments, so you may want to watch the whole thing attentively.

For more information about Bill McCollum Campaign for Governor, please visit

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Mike

    Great interview! Bill will make a great governor.

  • Marty in Pcola

    Mr. McCollum is a conservative’s conservative and this interview proves it. Can’t wait to vote for him in August.

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  • GenEarly

    Mr. McCollum was in Congress and has been FL. Atty Gen; Why didn’t he get er done on Illegals? It’s only been 16 years. And more recently Repub. Atty. Gen., A Repub. State House & Senate, a former Repub. Governor and no one thunk that Illegals were draining the budget? Shazam you Repubs are sooo smart. But you took the obama money for the bullet train, that there is NO state money to match funding.Repubs are Repubs don’t automatically confuse them with Conservatives.
    Conservatives are usually Republican, but Repubs are lip service Conservatives.

  • Ana Gomez-Mallada

    We all knew something was wrong with Greer’s bahviour last year – as Greer cleared the field of contenders for Governor for General McCollum and attempted to likewise clear the field for Crist by invoking the RNC’s Rule 11, enacted to protect the party against clearly “udesirable” candidates and rarely used.

    In fact, Greer’s taped telephone conversations indicate much that is very disturbing along those lines.

    Interesting listening at:

  • Fl. Republican Voter

    Wow! I’m glad I saw this interview. I was leaning towards Rick Scott but now after listing to Bill McCollum I have realized that Bill is the right guy for the job!

  • Edward Lynch

    Very good interview. Javier, you asked the right questions on issues which have been brought up and are important to the voters.

    I thought Bill McCollum was concise and forthcoming and I am proud to support him.

  • Conservative Diva

    This guy is a career politician. We need some new blood in Tallahassee,not the same people that gave us Charlene Crist and Fat ass Greer. McCollum is buddies with these guys and probably knows more than what he has told the interviewer. Rick Scott’s issues are nothing, anyone with a brainand knows anythign about business will see that CEO’s are overruled by the majority on the board.

    Rick Scott needs to be our next governor. McCollum is simply put, establishment.

  • Conservative Diva

    Just one more thing, everyone make sure to go read the Robert Lowry lawsuit on this same blog. What an idiot?! Isnt he friends with that other two-time loser, Edward Lynch?

  • Elizabeth Craine

    Great interview! I have been a fan of Bill McCollum for years. He is a proven conservative. He has my vote and he will make a great Governor. I dont think we should throw people out just because they have been in gov a number of yrs. Look at McCollum’s record. He has stood up for what is right.. Do you want someone for Gov that you dont know anything about. Scott is using his charm offensive to get people to vote for him. Is that what you want? People looked at the charm offensive for Pres and look what we got. Scott started out on day one of trashing Bill McCollum. Do you know for a fact that he is pro-life. He says he is, but the hopitals he ran did elected abortions and he benefited financially for it. Do you know what Rick Scott stands for?
    My vote will go with a tried and proven conservative. Just remember there are people who will talk conservative to get elected and show their liberal stripes after they are elected. With Bill McCollum you know you have a conservative.

  • Elvira F. Hasty

    Bill McCollum is well known in Republican circles as an honest and patriotic American. He has not been in government all these years to become wealthy or gain power; he is truly what we want and need in politicians: “a public servant.” Born in the small town of Brooksville, Florida, Bill McCollum has spent his life working on behalf of his beloved state and serving his country as an officer in the U.S. Navy. On the other hand, Rick Scott moved to Naples, Florida, seven years ago after becoming wealthy while his company had declined due to corrupt practices. Bill McCollum chose service to his state and his country over wealth creation. No one can point to any corruption, any scandal, or any dishonest practice by Bill McCollum in all the years he has served Florida and our country. This is something to admire, not to deride!
    Rick Scott has tried to implicate Bill McCollum in the scandal of RPOF Chairman Jim Greer. Rick Scott dishonestly misleads Florida Republican voters when he well understands how Party governance works. The Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida is elected by Party members, consisting of Chairman, State Committeeman, and State Committeewoman of each county plus Republican elected officials. Jim Greer entered the race for RPOF Chairman with the strong support of newly elected Governor Charlie Crist. Most RPOF members who voted for Greer did so to help support a new Republican Governor. As Attorney General, Bill McCollum had only one vote in any RPOF proceedings. If anyone is to blame for Jim Greer is his good friend Charlie Crist and the RPOF members who voted to re-elect him in 2009.
    As Attorney General, Bill McCollum has worked hard to protect our Florida children from Internet pedophiles. Attorney General Bill McCollum has placed Florida as a national leader in the fight against child pornography and internet child predators. He has also pursued mortgage fraud, Medicaid fraud, and several scams to protect Floridians. He has improved our state’s security against terrorist threats and crimes against the elderly.
    After passage of the Obama Healthcare Reform, Bill McCollum was the first AG to file for a lawsuit against the new law. Today Bill McCollum is spending much of his time on the oil spill problem that has now reach the beaches in Pensacola. Bill McCollum’s plan to revive the Florida economy includes lower taxes, regulatory relief for businesses, and tort reform. On the issue of Immigration and the Arizona law, Bill McCollum opposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform and supports the amended Arizona Immigration law. . Rick Scott misleads voters in his ads as if McCollum was against the Arizona law, just like the rumor about Marco Rubio. Arizona passed the law after the amendment——-what Scott mentions is before the amendment. Please keep in mind how distortions occur in politics. In addition, keep also in mind that a law that in any way would have used profiling would be detrimental because both Arizona and Florida have very large numbers of legal, loyal, good American citizens of Hispanic origin. I AM ONE!

  • Tamara

    Several weeks back Rick Scott almost had me sucked in. However I had to sit and think about my work experiences in HCA as an agency personnel, what I saw in how my patients were treated, and how i was treated when I addressed those issues. I found myself unable to commit to that thought because of those dealings.

    Mr. McCollum has taken his sweet time in speaking to the public in a sharable format, causing me a great deal of anger, however he has hit every issue here and Javier, you did a great job in pulling this information out of him.

    I will cut him a huge amount of slack in that he has been dealing with State of Florida interests while campaigning for Governor.

    Excellent summation to many questions I had myself!

    Job well done, Javirer

  • cindy fraher

    What a one-sided interview…Oops you can’t even call it that it is campaign monologue…shame on the Shark tank by giving one R candidate free press and not the other!

  • Javier Manjarres

    @Cindy Fraher

    Are you saying that I have not given Rick Scott free press?

    Maybe you missed this

    As you will see, Scott was the first to jump into the tank. You were saying?

  • Lightweight

    McCollum said 3-4 years to win repealing healthcare.In Janurary 2011 they start taking 20% of my HSA.And Obama’s record so far is he aint gone to court once,He keeps getting the cases dismismissed which proves he owns the courts.
    He said he is one of the right ones that need to be elected?I remember Bill McCollum stand on the steps in 1994 promising a bunch of goodies that gave the GOP a majority and he forgot to mention his record on the terms limits that he promise to vote for.He forgot to mention the law that the politicians have to live by the same laws that they make for us to live under.
    Bill McCollum is a lier.And the interviewer gave easy setup questions.I hope the host is voluteering.It would be a shame if they had to pay him for this trash.

  • grandmaof5

    Don’t forget we already have a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” in the White House. Do not fall for Rick Scott’s ability to speak well and his slick commercials as we have been down that path and look where we are now. Yes, Bill may be “dull as dishwater” but he has always represented Florida well and will continue to have our best interest at heart. He jumped in and took control of the national healthcare situation and led other states to do the same. He is fighting for the people of Florida. Don’t be fooled by sound bytes taken out of context and made into a Rick Scott ad, look at the whole picture. It will be a long 4 months if we have to listen to all the negative ads – let’s hear an ad with some positive spin, PLEASE.

  • Lightweight

    McCollum says a law on the book needs to be enforced.Why he as Congressman not enforce the law? It is Congress that the Constitution declares shall enforce it with appriate legislation.Congress has not when he was there not since enforced immigration.He says he was the guy who led the fight against amnesty back then?He was as late then as he is now on illegal immigration.Did you hear they are working even now on the immigration?Even now?Oh yea it;s an election year and “even now”?Mr.Scott does not know florida law,well Mr McCollum appearently does because he is drafting that law even now as we speak?Mr.McCollum is weak because he talks to people assuming they are stupid.The GOP is dead.

  • Michael L. Griese

    Rick Scott seems to be the better choice of the two. McCollum has too many connections with Crist, Greer and others with in the party. I hope Rick Scott can say more than just attack boring Bill.

  • Michale l. Griese

    Rick Scott has got my vote. Boring Bill is tied to Crist and Greer and the rest of the establishment of the party. We need a fresh face and someone who can lead. Boring Bill wouldn’t even challenge Crist when the interviewer gave him the opportunity to do so. vote Scott!!

  • Attorney Gabriel Carrera

    The problem with McCullum is that he is waffling even before the primary is over. He is another GOPer who will say whatever to get elected. This is the year of the “Reset Button” and we need to let NEW BLOOD into the Gov mansion……..not an anti-AZ law candidate that took campaign donation moneies from PLANNED PARENTHOOD and other abortion providers in his GOP carreer. RICK SCOTT is the man!

  • bill-tb

    You know, these career politicians are nauseous. I bet he doesn’t mean anything he says … If so, why didn’t he do it?

    Say anything to get elected, and we fall for it. Worked for Obowma, didn’t it.

    We need people of character, not characters.

  • HispanicConservative

    I do not want to be fooled again with the likes of another Obamaclone. Rick Scott is a carpetbagger coming here to FL not knowing our history nor even the names of our 67 counties, and using money he ripped off from US the taxpayer thru his fraudulent ways as CEO of HCA, and is using the same techniques that Obama used to lie about MCCOLLUM and spend obscene amts of money just to buy his way to the governorship. He doesn’t want to debate McCollum because he doesn’t want to look like an idiot for not knowing our state laws and rules already on the books. Wake up people, we already know what we got with a slick ad and teleprompter president. Don’t do a repeat in FL with the governorship. We know Bill, he is a proven honest, trusthworthy, conservative.