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There are many stereotypes of Hispanics held by small-minded individuals who believe that all Hispanics and Latinos essentially fit the same mold – that they’re all poor, dark-skinned immigrant workers who got here by crossing the U.S. southern border.

These same people might be surprised to learn that not all Hispanics look and sound like Speedy Gonzalez, drink Budweiser beer and wear large multi-colored sombreros to block out the sun.

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"Javier’s book is a must read if we want to become aware of the goals and objectives the progressive left has in store for the Hispanic community – extending their dependency society.

Javier’s book is not about “outreach” it is about policy inclusiveness and the recognition that constitutional conservative values such as faith, family, freedom, education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance are in alignment with the values of the Hispanic community. Javier’s literary endeavor seeks to remind us of that fact."

— Allen West, Former U.S. Congressman

In Brown People: Hispanic Politics and the Disunited State of Amigos, Javier Manjarres offers up a very lively take on Hispanic politics and his experiences covering the political beat. Manjarres is quite comfortable discussing issues that most writers wouldn’t want to touch with a barge pole, and he does so in a way that is humorous without being mean-spirited.

Manjarres also calls some much needed attention to the Progressive Left’s racial politics and how they are attempting to guilt Americans into accepting more social programs, bigger government, and further balkanization. His book is street smart, informative, and sure to entertain.

— David Limbaugh, New York Times Best Selling Author