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Alan Grayson’s Wife Accuses Him Of Trying To Kill Her, Admits Long-Term Abuse

As most divorce cases usually are, the recently filed and  already ugly divorce case between Congressman Alan Grayson and his with Lolita, has taken another turn for worse for the self-proclaimed “Congressman with Guts.”

Alan Grayson on the 2011 Progressive Voices Cruise

Alan Grayson on the 2011 Progressive Voices Cruise with “Maddie’s Mom”-Political Gates

During an interview with police over the recent incident at couples home in Orlando, Florida, in which Lolita Grayson accused the congressman of assaulting her, Grayson’s soon-to-be ex-wife accused him of long-term spousal abuse. Police did not press charges against Mr. Grayson after a cellphone camera video shot during the altercation  vindicated him of hitting his wife during that spousal spat at their home.

“I’m done. My husband has always been hitting me for years,” she told investigators. “He’s been hitting me a lot. I’ve been so quiet for years.”

Lolita Grayson accused her husband of trying to kill her but said she stood by him until December when his cheating drove her to throw him out.

“I told him, ‘Handsome, I know the fact that you have been cheating for more than a year, two years,’” she said. “He doesn’t have any remorse. He’s so happy.”

Lolita Grayson told investigators her husband told her to stop talking about his mistress, saying, “‘You’re hurting me talking about my mistress. They are my mistresses and I’m proud of that.’”

Mrs. Grayson then said that Mr. Grayson told her to “F*&k off” after she apparently warned him against using his controversial email, in which he depicted the tea party of being a bunch of cross-burning Klansmen.
“I said, ‘Handsome, don’t do that. You’re destroying your (unintelligible). You accuse them because they’ve, they’ve never done anything to you.”- Lolita Grayson’s Police interview

Lolita Grayson’s accusations that Mr. Grayson abused her is somewhat consistent to what Grayson’s long-time friend, Tom Ubl, has said about what he witnessed on multiple visits over the years at the couple’s home.

Ubl alleges that he witnessed Grayson verbally abuse Lolita on numerous occasions.

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  • Gerard Fournier

    Where does one start to be critical of any one Domestic Violence scenario’s, such as the Alan Grayson and his wife Lolita, Javier? As someone who first stated the Battered Woman Program, along with the children that may be in the middle of this sad state of affairs, back in the 1970′s along with developing the Victim Advocate Program in my home state but also nationwide. Whether mister Grayson is a politician or not the issue is where the syndrome may lead. Lolita made the claim that he threaten to kill her. This allegation should be taken seriously whether Alan Grayson is a politician or not> Lolita, should be seeing a true professional if she hasn’t already. His behavior in life itself will ultimately reveal his true colors but hers are being revealed of his behavior that is all part of the syndrome that she had and has to endure till she recognizes the inner power she now has since its expose. I will pray and hope Lolita you have had help professionally and your life is becoming more focused on your well being and of the children you both may have had as well as their well being. Alan if all that has been said is true be thankful I am not a prosecutor or a police officer that would be sure you would be arrested to make sure you receive help as well before you violent behavior takes control of your life. Knowing throw my experiences in dealing with these type of cases be thankful I am not in your community to see that you are watched more intensely than you are now. Both of you need help and seek to find it soon. Both of you need the assistance for you well being as people period.

  • Mary Lombard

    She has a fake, uncomfortable smile in the above picture, don’t you think?

  • Robert V

    This guy is the biggest Jerk in politics.
    And the reason he hates the tea party is because they stand for what is good for America and he is with the party that does what is good for the party.
    His party is the reason it has taken the black people of America this long to get where they are now.
    They kept them in poverty because that was best for the party by giving them crums instead of jobs in order to get their votes.

  • Lowie

    Unfit to hold any office. What does this say about the people who keep voting for this SOB? Grayson has got to go,
    but lunacy prevails in Washington.

  • Isabella

    Cheating? Well, I guess some women will take on anyone just to have a man. How this wife put up with Grayson for years is a testament to either her weakness or her commitment to her wedding vows.

  • Florida Jim

    Typical democrat says one thing does the opposite. A philanderer like his hero Bill Clinton who was also a philanderer as his hero John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Birds of a feather comes to mind. Democrats should never be allowed out in public they mess themselves often and we have to clean up.

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  • Vickie Lee

    If this proves to be true….which in politics one never knows….the irony of it all, is Mr. Grayson has run ads time and time again accusing his opponents of supressing the rights of women. He would therefore apparently USE and ABUSE women on every imaginable level. No matter what side of the aisle, voters should NOT support this man. And Miss Mistress…you’re being used also…wake up!

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  • Flyover mom

    Just taking a guess here, but I wonder if his SIRI calls him “handsome”, too? Guys like that have such a low self esteem, they are always do crap like that to feel important.

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  • BoGo

    Proof that Grayson hit his wife in the head: she calls him “handsome”.

  • Carlos

    She calls him “handsome”? Lady needs to ck. out Vision Works. Have any of you noticed Grayson and Sluggo (Mr. Bill’s abuser) are never seen together? All humor aside, if it looks & talks like a brute, chances are it also lashes out like one. The fact this slug had mistresses, is ample proof the world will never run out of stupid women.

  • geoffharvard

    Alan Grayson is a yutz and a putz.

  • yshaw1

    But Folks look at the bright side, if SHREK can have mistresses there is hope for all !!

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  • http://improve-education.org Bruce Price

    There is a typo in the first paragraph. Should be: The Congressman Who Is Nuts.

  • Dar win Akbar

    If Grayson gets tossed out of office, he can always find work in the movies playing the Frankenstein Monster.

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