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Poll: Jeb Bush Or Marco Rubio For President in 2016?

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has not decided on whether or not to run for President in 2016, but all signs point to a Bush path to the GOP Republican nomination.

Many say that if Bush runs for President, Senator Marco Rubio will not. I disagree.

While Bush is well respected throughout many Republican circles and is the quintessential establishment Republican, Rubio is a lot more charismatic, and has a message that transcends across different voting blocs.

jeb-bushA Republican primary between the two will be interesting, in that both are perceived to be pro-Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Bush supports a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, and Rubio has been crushed by conservative activists for his sponsorship of the controversial “Gang of Ocho” Senate immigration bill.

Rubio has always taken a hard-lined approach to immigration reform, but his misstep in 2013, could cost him many votes. But, if pitted on this issue against Bush in a Republican Presidential primary race, Rubio will prevail. Rubio is tougher on it.

But what about Common Core education standards, which is the issue du jour of the Republican grassroots?

Bush is the Pied piper for Common Core, while Rubio is completely against it.

Advantage Rubio.

Take the poll:

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • S.S. McDonald

    NEITHER would get my vote.

    • Javier Manjarres

      Hey all, I just realized I didn’t offer a third option. Oops! Just added “Neither”

      • Earl

        Neither would have been correct.
        Americans do not want illegal alien

        How about a poll for the Florida
        governor race? I would like to see
        a GOP Primary challenger to Rick

  • mikecnj

    Should the Karl Rove-y crowd think they’re gonna push Progresso-Jeb on us…
    they’ll get the VERY SAME treatment that Mitt Romney got.

    We WON’T show. That simple.

    PS : And, Mitt was a much more likeable guy.

    • Ernest

      None of the above. We have put our trust in members of the Bush family too many times. Remember It was President Bush who authorized the first stimulus check too start redistributing our money to bail out wall street. Senator Rubio went along with immigration/amnesty.Refresh your memory.

    • Dianemarie

      Not showing is showing in absentia! Work at finding grassroots individuals who are not afraid to stand up to the Corporate Lobbyist play books. Settling is not the answer and if we do not repeat in 2014 and 2016 what we did in 2010 you can kiss America good-bye!

  • Mari


  • Charles Bethel

    Neither Jeb Bush nor Marco Rubio support immigration enforcement. I’d rather fish than vote for open border RINOs. See

  • Marvin Hart

    Bush and Rubio are both Pro-AMNESTY. Bush is more honest about his position, but both are full in support of AMNESTY. It was not a misstep for Rubio in dealing with the Gang of 7. He thought that was his opportunity to get AMNESTY through by playing conservative and pushing for a bill that can only be described as AMNESTY. His radio ads and public rhetoric, describing the comprehensive immigration bill as tough on illegal immigration, was an obvious and cynical lie. Neither are fit to be President. Not only will I not support them for president, i will not support any ticket with either one of them on it. They are both are the worst kid of RINOs. Either one of these pro-AMNESTY liberals are are sure loss for the GOP. I agree that conservatives will not vote for either of them.

    I think Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama would make an excellent President. He is right on every issue.

  • jeffbwillis

    While Jeb Bush tops the GOP Establishment “wish list,” my concern is that he will perform poorly with Independents and have a difficult time getting conservatives out to vote. In talking to Democrats insiders, it’s obvious that they fear a “2008 in reverse” if Rubio were to be pitted against Hillary Clinton.

    Conservatives may have been vexed with Rubio’s seemingly moderate stance on Immigration reform, this would actually help him in a general election. Besides! Conservatives have no place to go. They might stay home, but I doubt it. Evangelicals will even like Marco, if they read his book and take the time to learn about him as a person. One thing is for certain: They won’t break for Hillary!

    There is the question of how well Jeb or Rubio will do with Rand Paul’s Millennials. My guess is Rubio would do quite well and Jeb would do not well with them. Common Core is a “deal breaker” for most conservatives. I was extremely disappointed when Jeb came out in support of this “top down” education concept. It’s more big government and that is what has become the hallmark of all of the Bushes!

    I could see Rubio being endorsed by Jeb, in the event that Jeb decides to pass on a Presidential run. I could also see Rubio as the VP on a Perry ticket. Ideologically, Marco is closer to the Governor of Texas on issues such as education, the economy and federalism in general than with Bush. Perry proposes that the Department of Education be abolished and I think that he is correct in regard to the constitutionality of the department. I am fairly certain that Marco is of the same persuasion.

    • Tina Marie Lawler

      JBWILLIS, I agree and well stated.

  • MikeR

    Neither will get my vote. If Bush or Rubio gets the Republican nomination, I’ll go fishing that day. I won’t participate in electing someone who is pro-amnesty to the presidency. It’s going to take someone like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, or Rand Paul to clean up the mess the Democrats and Boehner Republicans have created.

  • Flintlock

    I didn’t take the poll because it’s essentially the same as asking, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet”. There is no winning answer to that question, as there is no winner with a poll that only has those two weenies. When you have a real poll with all the potential candidates, then it’s worth responding to it.

  • observer

    They have proven successful at spending large sums of money in past presidential campaigns which enriched many Campaign coordinators, but provided little else. The Money with the Carl Rove fashion with either (Common Core, Amnesty man) Jeb Bush and Liar Marco Rubio would be the end of the Republican Party domination… the party will go to the way of the Whig. I think they have sold out the base one too many times and they will not be forgiven nor forgotten… Good Luck with these Bull Shi**ers…

  • zeyda

    Javier…is there a reason that you didn’t give the option on the poll to answer neither? Neither one..I’ll pass

  • Lowie

    A better position for Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is Secretary of Education. What our nation needs is a younger
    generation to lead this nation out of the disastrous past 40 years. BUT if Jeb is the Republican nominee, I will NOT sit at home like so many did the last two times causing the progressives to finish the job of transforming our exceptional nation towards socialist globalization.

    • Perseids

      Let us not forget jeb and Common Core.

    • Dianemarie

      The whole Bush Klan are Progressive – how soon we forget Daddy Bush as the first to utter the words “New World Order”.

  • cindy

    You needed a third choice: NONE OF THE ABOVE.
    Neither of them will get my vote. I’m done with both of them.

  • henry knox

    If the establishment Progressive Republicans think they an win a national election without the conservative/libertarian vote, good luck. We won’t vote for the lesser of 2 evils again. To win they better hope there are more Progressive Republicans than Progressive Democrats.

  • Linda


  • pam

    Ted Cruz!!

  • Marek Voit

    Bush vs Martinez (sorry-Rubio). No more rinos please. This is the reason why so far only 119 people voted .No choice.
    Crist– ? Republican ,? Soc-Democrat, ? Fascist, ? Communist, ?????? Maoist..
    Will take Scott anytime, made some mistakes but has some backbone and showed character.
    Crist, office cleaning boy for M&M should go back to his cleaning duties.
    After all Morgan and Crist hosted Obama. and promoted his goals. Romney was too radical extremist for them.
    Rinos– I rather will vote for Putin than for any of you rino–a………..s.
    For the past 70 years lawyers run every level of our government. See the results——disaster.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Knowing that Jeb Bush was Rubio’s mentor (when Rubio was in the Florida House), and knowing Jeb’s support of amnesty, I will always believe that Jeb was the master mind behind Rubio’s involvement in the US Amnesty deal…. and as intelligent as Rubio is, I think he lacked the experience to realize what Bush was doing…. I think Bush was clearing the way for his own 2016 run by misdirecting Rubio into this position…. While Rubio really believed that he could have an impact on softening whatever McCain and the other liberals were planning to do.

    I loved Jeb as Governor of Florida, but I (and many others) will not support today’s Jeb, who is nearly unrecognizable from the Governor we supported. … not only because of a number if libertarian positions he’s taken, not only because we believe he was involved in Rubio’s decision re immigration, but NOW because we know he’s pushing Common Core…. If he had been duped that’s one thing, but to stand and call parents who have thoroughly researched this program, “immature”, when he hasn’t even bothered to hear what they’re trying to tell him, and showing the documentation to prove their statements tells everyone that he knows exactly what this program is. This tells us all we need to know about WHO he is!

    Now aside from all of the above. None of the Republicans who so loved him as governor will support him for president, because people are fed up with our country being run by the Kennedy’s, the Clinton’s, the Bush’s (and their choices for us for President) running our country. It has become apparent that if you are not one of the ruling families you’re just not IN the Presidential loop.

  • Perseids

    What difference does it make which one. They are both at their core the same.
    Let’s see, 4 years of GHWB, 8 years of the Clinton parasites, 8 years of more of the same with w, eight years of the O, and it is now hoped we continue the progressive Bush Clan Rule either with little brother or his proxy (stooge).
    Is it all about the dynasty?
    The difference between the progressive dems and the ruling class progressive republicans is mostly style, speed and courage. Either way we’ll end up at the same place in the end. They hope we opt for the kinder gentler limp wristed version of their repressive nanny state rule. Both, so far, have a credible track record of violating our God Given Rights with impudence.
    How about hell no to both of these lying deceitful political parasites.
    Why even vote at all if there is no hope of changing the dynamic in DC?
    The Constitution provides other options.

  • Lisa

    I wonder how many of the four million Republicans who stayed home in 2012 rather than vote for a “RINO” have ever attended a TEA Party meeting? Or marched on tax day, or faithfully contacted their representatives to weigh in on issues, or campaigned for a conservative (phone calls, canvassing neighborhoods, stuffing envelopes, etc)? I’ve done all of these things and I can attest that damned few of these purists show up to back their words on a website with action. Every conservative activist I know showed up to vote for Romney – and probably drove a lot more folks to the polls. We have you folks who’d rather go fishing to thank for four more years of Obama. Like the song says, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”. I guess in 2016, that choice will be Hillary.

  • Dianemarie

    America needs to listen to Barbara Bush – she said no more Bush’s!

    If the US has nothing better to offer than maybe Russia would be! We MUST have a George Washington hide somewhere in this country rather than more traitors which seem to abound!

  • Dianemarie

    Forgot the NEITHER!

  • Chopper




  • Tina Marie Lawler

    Just to be clear Javier, Common Core is NOT celebrated by Florida Republicans! AT LEAST 26 RECS passed a resolution calling for a complete repeal of the “adopted” Common Core NATIONAL Standards. The RPOF also UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution opposing COMMON CORE (by any name) in the State AND the RNC ALSO stands opposed to Common Core’s oppressive, BIG GOVERNMENT, and secret take over of education. So this begs the question, if JEB BUSH wears the big red “R” on his chest, who will finance him and help him win the nomination if the RPOF, RNC and millions of registered Republicans in Florida DON’T CONDONE HIS COMMON CORE AND PEARSON EDUCATION CRAP BEING SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS? Last time I checked the Republican Party platform stands for LOCAL CONTROL and LIMITED GOVERNMENT.. Maybe Jeb could pull a Chuckie Crist and run as an “I” but ain’t no self respecting conservative platform republican gonna campaign for him! (and this girl was a Tea Party chick BEFORE joining our local REC… JUST SAYIN…) The party needs to stay focused on what the PARTY used to stand for, and the RINOS gotta find a new party to play politics with… I’m not going ANYWHERE!!

  • lucille j justin

    Enough of this crap…………………Don’t we have enough of Bush’s. We have so many good people out there. Wants wrong with the Republicans. I voted for both Bush’s, Father and son. Now let’s move on. I hate “Common Core” More big Brother from Washington…………………….

  • Gramma MeMe

    I agree with Dianemarie on all her comments. Jebbie needs to take his Momma’s advice and stay home, and also stay out of our educational system. Marco I liken to an anticipated loaf of homemade bread – let it rise the appropriate time period and it will be perfect. We need him in the Senate.