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Rubio Warns Putin’s Invasion of Crimea is Reminiscent To What Hitler Did

During an address to a local Republican club in Palm Beach, Florida, Florida Senator Marco Rubio said  that if the world accepts Russia’s recent incursion into the Ukraine, then “we are back where we were in 1939, in 1940, and in 1941.”

Rubio is referencing Nazi Germany’s Adolph Hitler’s invasion of Europe, which began in 1939, as the world stood by and did nothing until they themselves were threatened.

We caught up with Rubio as he exited the building,where he expounded a bit more on Russian President Vladmir Putin’s power grab.

“Crimea is going to be a dead end for them-he is going to regret the day he did it.”- Senator Marco Rubio

Rubio believes that Putin’s invasion of Crimea was made because Putin feels countries like Ukraine are in his “sphere of influence,” and “he feels threatened by the fact they are pulling away” from him.

You look what is happening in Crimea, and why that matters. Here’s why that matters. Because of in the twenty-first century it is acceptable for a country to simply invade a neighbor, and take their land, we are back where we were in 1939, in 1940, and in 1941.


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  • Robert Fallin

    As usual, Rubio is on the wrong side of the issue. It was the US and the EU, with the assistance of rebels led by members of the Israeli Defense Force, who installed a Neo-NAZI regime on Putin’s doorstep. A lead phone call revealed the snipers that killed so many innocents were REBELS, and the illegally imposed government of the Ukraine has threatened to revive its nuclear weapons program within six months. Meanwhile, Crimea voters voted over 95% to REJOIN Russia, as the Crimea had historically been a part of Russia, in a plebiscite declared to be honest by international observers. Now, as George Soros has stated, fearfully, the EU is saddled with yet another financial “basket case” in the Western Ukraine and the IMF Central Bankers may have finally destroyed themselves with their murderous greed.

  • Raymond Everson

    First, the people of Crimea WANT to be Russian. Second, the US has no business interfering in the geopolitics of this region.

  • http://honeygetoverit.com newyorknadia13

    Wow, there is no end to the lunacy….these types of inane statements are what’s killing the GOP. As much as I hate to admit it, the Republican party has become rife with vapid talking heads that repeat the most absurd and least legitimate rhetoric, parroting each other ad nauseam. Does ANYONE in public office today have a degree in International Relations? Economics? World History? ANYTHING BESIDES LAW AND “POLITICAL SCIENCE”? Good grief. #TermLimits