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(Video) Allen West Announces A New GOP, Dresses Down Democrat Party

Former Congressman Allen West was in attendance at the Palm Beach Country Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner, where was asked to introduce the presentation of the colors.

West gave a short, yet inspiring portrayal of what the Republican Party stood for. West said that the GOP did not stand for the Grand Ole Party anymore, but that it stood for Growth, Opportunity and Prosperity.

We believe in the individual. We believe in the indomitable American spirit. We believe in individualism and entrepreneurship that can cause us to be here together in this great hall, that can allow a young man from the inner city from Georgia to stand before you tonight. That is who we are.-Allen West

In typical West fashion, the former congressman manages to dress-down the Democrat Party.

The other side, instead of the physical bondage, now they believe in an economic bondage. The other side would have looked at this young man in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, would not have believed it was possible for me to stand before you this evening.

Vintage Allen West. Watch the video.

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  • LtCol Doug Pettit, USMC (Ret)

    Yes sir, Colonel West…WE believe in those things you talk about….I’m not real sure the Republican Party believes in those things. John Boehner and Karl Rove certainly don’t believe in the things WE believe in…at least they haven’t demonstrated that they do. And I, like you, as a former military man, believe that ACTIONS speak far louder than words. Boehner and Rove and Priebis et al can TALK about how they believe in our values, but their actions don’t represent that they do. Semper Fidelis!

  • G Speed

    Ah yes -the Growth buzz word. By all means lets have growth–need lots of growth to pay the compounding interest on that debt we all share.
    Lots of growth, opportunity and prosperity —but not much Life, Liberty or the pursuit of happiness (all irrelevant to the corporate welfare) —-so whats the bottom line here Allen—-Is it moar( as in growing) gov’t or less hmmm? Is it moar surveillance and trespass with another “Patriot Act” hmm? Is it moar (as in growing) welfare for the MIC–hmmm? Is it moar (as in growing) payouts to the special interests like it was the last time you were a voter in congress hmm? just askin.

  • Carlos

    Great, Allen, but the GOP of today is a disgrace and went out of its way to destroy you. It will continue to undermine freedom, settle for permanent minority status in exchange for crumbs from an opposition that loathes it and target any candidate or elected Republican who dares to challenge their spinelessness. Until we remove people like Boo Hoo, Grahamnesty, Mc Lame and Mc Connell, nothing will change. None of you should give a penny to any PAC, RNC or RINO. Support Tea Party Republians or we will not not win the Senate and risk losing the House.

  • Florida Jim

    When Abraham Lincoln was passing the Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves the Democrats were passing a law saying “slavery forever”, check it out and publicize the truth. The KKK was begun by Democrats, abortion was demanded by Democrats to control the races, see Margaret Sanger for details. The democrats have a long history of being racist and they control thee schools and have revised history telling students how harmful Republicans have been, wrongly.
    “Life At The Bottom” By Theodore Dalrymple tells even more horrible things democrats have perpetrated on the races, the feeble minded, the infirmed and has not been publicized until, now here is a comment on it:
    This book describes England where non-judgmentalism, multi-culturalism, out of wedlock children, 25% illiteracy, violence, jobs are not wanted ,acceptance of being on the dole rampant. This book” describes underclass reality in an unvarnished fashion and lays bare the origin which is the propagation of bad, trivial,and often, insincere ideas. If blame is to be apportioned it is to the intellectuals who deserve most of it. They should have known better but preferred to avert their gaze. They considered the purity of their ideas to be more important than the actual consequences of their ideas. The author says “I know of no egotism more profound.”
    It is a premonition of America under the Progressives.

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