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Congressional Candidate Page Kreegel Takes Big Swipes At “Establishment” Opponent

Former state representative Paige Kreegel, who happens to also be a emergency room doctor, is running for Congress, again. Kreegel ran against former Congressman Trey Radel in the 2012 GOP primary race, but lost.

Because Radel was forced to step down after being arrested for buying cocaine from a federal agent, Kreegel is taking another stab at the U.S. Congress. Like his rival in the upcoming special Republican primary election, state senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, Kreegel supports the idea of fully repealing the Obamacare law.

Kreegel believes that the number one priority for him is to repeal the healthcare law, but warned that because the Democrats control the Senate, chances that the law will get repealed are slim to none. Kreegel says that Republicans should look to defund the law because the President can’t control the defunding process, but could in fact, and probably would, veto any repeal legislation coming out of the full Congress.

When asked how he saw the job performance of the U.S. Congress, which includes the Republican-led House of Representatives, Kreegle said that their performance was “sub-optimal,” and that he would not be beholden to Republican leadership.

We asked the former state legislator what he would do if he was elected to the Congress. Kreegel jokingly said,” I’ll tell you a few things I won’t do, but we will leave Trey Radel out of it.”

Kreegel was obviously poking at Radel’s recent cocaine bust.

As far as taxes go, Kreegel hates them, and believes that increasing corporate taxes would hit Americans in the pocket book, as these business would have to pass along the taxes to their customers by raising prices on their goods and services.

Last week Congressman Alcee Hastings stated that he would like to see an increase in the federal gas tax. We asked Kreegel what he thought of Hastings gas tax proposal, in which the good doctor sarcastically said ,” I am sure of what this country needs is more taxes.” Kreegal also recalled that growing up in Miami, he remembered hearing about Hastings after his arrest for “selling justice on the sidewalk.”

We then asked Kreegel about his opponent, Lizbeth Benacquisto, who is currently in a position of power in the state senate.

Kreegel, who says he was an early supporter of Senator Marco Rubio, and has bucked the Republican establishment as far back as when Charlie Crist was governor, says that Benacquisto is actually in a “position to extort money out of people.”

But Kreegel didn’t stop there, as he took another swipe at Benacquisto when he said that he believed that voters in SW Florida would not be fooled again.

I think the voters may have learned a lesson in that all that glitters is not gold, and right now, she is trying hard to glitter, we’ve had that. –Paige Kreegel

Kreegel’s statement was another obvious shot at both Benacquisto and outgoing Congressman Trey Radel, adding that he has 8 years of legislative experience, 33 years of medical experience, and 55 years of keeping my nose clean, in all senses of the word.”

According to Kreegel, Benacquisto is the epitome of what a down-the-line establishment Republican politician is, and adds that he also believes she is beholden to the GOP leadership in Tallahassee, Florida.

She is the darling of Tallahassee, and the darling of the Republican Party, that’s obvious because they are running ads for her, with their money and their name on it

If elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, Kreegel says that he will not carry the Republican establishment’s water, but will do his best to represent the voters in southwest Florida, “not lead them and not tell them what to do.”

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Congressional Candidate Page Kreegel Takes Big Swipes At “Establishment” Opponent

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