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FL Governor Rick Scott Pulling Back Throttle On Common Core Education Standards

I told the federal government we are rejecting their overreach into our state education system by withdrawing from PARCC.-Gov. Rick Scott

That was Florida Governor Rick Scott’s statement back in September 2012, after being inundated with grassroots pressure to abandon his support for Common Core, and the federal education standards testing that went along with it.

Prior to his statement, Scott had signaled that he could have a change in mind over Common Core, as he told the Shark Tank that he did indeed support the education proposal, just not the data mining involved in gathering student information.

Just a couple weeks after Scott pushed back on Common Core data mining, Senator Marco Rubio sent shockwaves around the state and country when he told the Shark Tank he opposed Common Core, which was then followed by State Representative Debbie Mayfield (R) introduction of a bill to stop Common Core in Florida.

And I am very concerned, and quite frankly opposed to any effort to try to create some sort of national curriculum standard and then try to leverage the power of the federal government’s funding to force states to adopt a certain curriculum standard. State and local levels are the best places to come up with curriculum reform, and its something the federal government shouldn’t be deeply involved in.-Senator Marco Rubio

The anti-Common Core sentiment seems to have grown legs within Florida’s Republican ranks, as the Republican Party of Florida’s state committeemen and committeewomen supported a resolution opposing the Common Core standards, at the Party’s annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Now Scott is backtracking a bit more, by saying that he would support legislation coming out of the Republican-led state legislature that would limit data mining, and specify education curriculum to be a “local responsibility.”

“Here’s what we’re going to ensure: These are Florida standards,” he said. “They’re not some national standards; they’re going to be Florida standards. This is our state. We’re not going to have the federal government telling us how to do our education system-Rick Scott (Daytona News Journal)

Only time will tell, as to how this Common Core issue unfolds, considering all of the moving parts involved, Scott’s re-election this year, and former Governor Jeb Bush’s influence and support of Common Core.

Bush has been the driving force behind the national Common Core movement, and will be hell-bent to see it not implemented to some degree in his home state of Florida.

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  • Carla Prinster

    While common core is important it is not all inclusive. There has to be a balance with all subjects including the arts. Im sick of seeing the arts cut from our schools. How can we teach common core without including creativity and divergent thinking? Stop hacking away the big picture. Kudos to Rubio and Scott for rejecting Federal control. I pray for all states to follow. Feds are out of control with their control policies.

  • Observer

    Javier, Good article but lets look at the internal details.

    It appears that the term “Common Core” will be purged from Florida Law (SB1076). This 2013 appropriation bill redefined Florida Standards to mean Common Core. Although the term may be purged, the COMMON CORE CIRRICULUM standards will continue to be implemented in Florida until the Education Secretary Pam Stewart writes an open letter to ACHIEVE withdrawing Florida from Common Core. The ACHIEVE copy rights allows up to 15% addition to the standard and still remains in compliance. Removing the term is intended to quiet the grass roots while appeasing the Jeb Bush & Bill Gates profiteering and initiated Federal control.

    Today Florida ranks within the top 10% of the nations education while not spending or wasting the amount of funds to rank in the top 30 (Spending grade of C). Results Count and positive results for less dollars is what we seek in local & state government as conservatives. The radical Liberal thought is to dumb down America while stripping and redistributing our income to their pockets.

  • http://www.stopcommoncorefl.com Chris Quackenbush

    Governor Scott’s statements do not support his actions. Common Core has been fully implemented K-12 in Florida. While he can say they are state standards, they simply are not. All the texts approved at the State level are Common Core aligned. Local districts can only choose Common Core aligned books and materials. Commissioner Pam Stewart, the 5th Commissioner in 3 years, loves Common Core. All the people on the State Board of Education have ties to Jeb Bush. While admitting their school grading system was “statistically invalid” they voted to continue preventing schools from changing more than one letter grade.

    After the sham hearings Oct 15-17, 19,000 comments were taken and we have no surprise to find they are heavily opposed to Common Core. Important note! Tuesday, the “changes” proposed to the Common Core system the state has adopted will be open to review by the public. go to http://www.FLDOE.org/ and go to list of rules under review near the bottom. They have not even made the proposed changes public and yet we must make cogent comments on them Tuesday. They call this notice?

    Rick Scott is not listening. He’d better check with the people he appointed and stop their adoption of Common Core now, or this will seriously impede his reelection efforts.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Since Jeb Bush’s Common Core proponents have Gov. Scott’s ear, I think it only fair that Common Core opponents (who are not the hysterical little parents they’re portrayed to be, but rather well researched people from all over the country… among them are college grads, teachers, Phd’s, etc.) be granted equally as many meetings as proponents to present their factual concerns before the governor makes a decision. One cannot make a responsible determination without hearing both sides of an issue!… and one cannot understand where we’re going unless one understands where we’ve been!

    One of the most upsetting things about this program is that it’s presented identically to other Gov’t developed and implemented programs… Such as Sex Education, Character Education.

    1) parents are always presented goals and purposes using the identical methodology and deceptive (usually redefined words and erroneous) phrases. Check it out… see if you recognize this process in any of the presentations you’ve attended with Common Core, Sex Ed, etc.:
    2) Within each state, or county, parents are always told that “their program is different from the rest, only to discover that they’re always the same. As soon as parents discover what the program is actually doing, the name of the program changes (example: Sex Ed changed to Family Living and then to Human Growth and Development… etc.)
    3) Usually, the first step is to gather a group of highly respected members of the community for input into these programs, only to discover that the finalized report contains none of their suggestions (because the program was pre-determined)
    4) Even if there is an existing curriculum guide, parents are rarely able to get a copy (in fact, to date, I know of no parent who ever received a copy)
    5) Values Clarification (sounds as if values will be clarified, but in effect it means that only the student can define his/her values (not based on what your parents teach, or what your church teaches, but based upon his/her unique “feelings”.. If you feel it’s right for you, then it’s right.
    6) Both parents and students are subjected to an indoctrinational segment which gradually eases them into the pre-determined issue they were supposed to conclude. A Speaker lays out this issue, overall group divides into small groups for “small group consensus”, one group leader reports back his/her group consensus (always in line with what the speaker has just proposed) therefore if there are others who disagreed, those reasons, facts or logic is not presented to the overall group, thereby allowing the Overall group consensus to be exactly what was planned, and leaving those who disagreed to think they must be wrong, because everyone else agreed with the speaker. This is extremely effective with adults, so you can imagine how effective it is with kids who are very peer oriented.
    7) Parents are always told that values cannot be taught regarding moral/social issues, because everyone’s values are different. It’s never taken into account that there are (or at least there used to be) societal mores, and that teaching “no value” actually teaches the value, that there “are no values”. I think the proof of the effectiveness of the methodologies, is that if you look around at today’s children (including at a university level) people are wondering how these kids ever came to the moral conclusions they’ve determined… It’s because the speakers/teachers gave info (most of which has not been proved) that leads the student to conclude exactly what they were expected to conclude… (the very values you see them carrying today)
    7) Please consider this: Forty years ago, Sex Education programs were sold to parents based on this: 1 million teens per year are getting pregnant, and we needed to educate teens to reduce the numbers of teen pregnancies. – - Up until a few years ago, they’re still using the “1 million teens” argument. Planned Parenthood and like agencies have been receiving billions of dollars annually (I found $388 million in Florida, alone, (SOME COMES OUT OF HHS, AND SOME COMES OUT OF TITLE X OF SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY, and I’m certain there’s a lot more hidden throughout the state and federal budgets) without even having to prove that this program has successfully lowered the pregnancy rate!
    DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE NO ACCURATE TEEN PREGNANCY FIGURES IN OUR HEALTH DEPARTMENTS? DID YOU KNOW THAT THE TEEN PREGNANCY RATE IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE BASED ON THE ESTIMATE OF ABORTIONS, AND THE ESTIMATE OF MISCARRIAGES (the only accurate figure that these pregnancies are based on, is the number of births). These pregnancy estimates (shown in the Guttmacher report, Planned Parenthood’s research arm) are used to expand the programs, to show that they need more education on this (or to show how successful their programs have been) so they can receive more gov’t monies. When the truth is that you can have a lower pregnancy rate with a higher birth rate if the abortion rate is lower. Or you can have a higher pregnancy rate with a lower birth rate, if the abortion rate is higher. … and here’s the bottom line: How are they able to receive billions of tax dollars annually based on an estimate that’s based on two other estimates and only one accurate figure?

    So here’s the rub… Just because government tells you something you cannot assume that it’s true (especially these days when we’re regularly lied to)!

    Listen, I could go on with this for days about this. I started my involvement as a parent, and have watched these programs going on for 40 years, during which time I have gathered facts (usually from the written info and reports of those developing the programs), showing that each is more brazenly presented than the previous program. It appears to me (from the recommended text books) that this is the completion of America’s indoctrination into the “new morality”, the “new history”, the “new constitution”, the “new English”, the “new math”… none of which has proved to actually educate the children. Consider that in English alone (while some children actually learn under any given situation) many of our children can’t speak properly, or spell. Their vocabulary consists of conjugating the “f” bomb as a verb, noun, adjective, etc.

  • Florida Jim

    Common Core is another overreach of government. We should have state government that rules and the only time the federal government gets involved is when we, as a state, invites them. The should fund war, they should make treaties and they should stay out of our lives as much as possible. Our federal government should be cut in two at the very least and the massive Washington D.C conglomerate abolished no lobbyists, no lifetime jobs, Term Limits for all , including State and Local governments, until we achieve these ends we should be vigilant in restricting federal government they have abused their offices and we should reduce their power and size massively.

  • Carlos

    Commie Core is what they use in Cuba & Venezuela.

  • Jackie Noveck

    I am a white suburban mom. I am a mom that Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan insulted.
    I am actually involved in my child’s life. I do homework with him.

    I am vehemently opposed to Common Core. If anyone is on the fence or doesn’t have an opinion on the subject, pick up a new 5th grade Common Core math book or go to http://www.learnzillion.com. They have tried to reinvent and teach a “new” way of doing multiplication, division, and converting fractions.

    The pressure on the students to do it the “new” way is very fanatical. My son was forced to erase the way I taught him to do it, or go to the principal’s office. Luckily, the principal told his 5th grade teacher to back off.

    I am a financial professional with an extensive math background. I know 5th grade math!

    The is the indoctrination of this country’s students. There is only one way to do it, and you better do it my way.

    If this is how you want our children to be taught?

  • Dwight Hoffman

    Just Follow The Money. Just like Al Gore and Global Warming, Common Core is another MONEY PIT for connected politicians like Jeb Bush. They will make millions with related companies supplying the materials for common core .

  • Tom

    Gov Scott needs to decide if he wants to be re-elected. And if so, he needs to decide if he wants the grassroots support that is needed to get him there. And if so, he better stop the lip services and exercise leadership and eliminate common core from our state, as well as many other insidious power grabs of the federal government. He has to be different from Obama who tell us what he is doing something, because it is what we want to hear, but then takes action in the diametrical direction further destroying the moral fiber and greatness of our America.

    I like Scott, but will vote for any credible opponent that in fact demonstrates his/her intent to stop the overreaching of the government into all areas of our lives, to reduce the size and scope of the government, and to restore to the citizens the freedoms that were guaranteed in the Constitution by our forefathers, and preserved through the brave and gallant actions of our veterans.

  • http://sharktank Jim

    Anyone want to save money??? Of course we do, so eliminate the Dept. of education. at the federal level…

  • G Speed

    It’s evident from the comments that the Common Core opponents are well researched and committed. I commented before on Shark Tank that Common Core should be the litmus test for incumbents and wannabes for any political office in this state.

    Any grass roots organization that works to “get out the vote” should make it loud and clear that the Fed Gov’t needs to stay out of FL Education by supporting those opposed and fighting those for the Common Core agenda and the curriculum. I think the fight should be particularly vicious when it comes to school board elections and school administrators.

    Nothing is more personal than ones children– and I consider Common Core a personal attack! Actions like
    Common Core don’t just happen–they are foisted on the populous by persons of power for their own benefit. Fight as if you had a knife at your throat.