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Hawaiians Annoyed & Inconvenienced By Michelle Obama’s Lavish Vacation


As we reported earlier this week, tax payers are footing the bill for Michelle Obama to take an expensive vacation to Hawaii as an early “birthday present.” The First Lady turns 50 on January 17.

The White House said that tax dollars will be used to fly Michelle back to Washington, DC on her own private government plane when her vacation concludes. During her Hawaiian stay, she will be at Oprah Winfrey’s 12-bedroom vacation home.

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The First Lady’s flight plus the cost of Secret Service personnel, extra security, and transportation will not be cheap.

Michelle’s lavish trip is starting to anger Hawaii residents. They feel that her presence is making their normal, day-to-day life a burden.

Whenever the First Family travels anywhere, security is abundant. In Hawaii, near where the First Lady is staying, there are numerous checkpoints on neighborhood roads. Such checkpoints cause traffic jams and make traveling a hassle for locals.

According to TMZ, business owners have been complaining that they are unable to keep their shelves stocked due to Michelle’s visit — since many roads have been closed, some store deliveries nearly impossible.

Other store owners are complaining that customers and employees are unable to make it to their shops due to the road blocks. Of course, this hurts business.

To make matters even worse, many recreational areas like hiking trails are closed down during Michelle’s stay.

What are your thoughts on Michelle’s extravagant vacation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Hawaiians Annoyed & Inconvenienced By Michelle Obama’s Lavish Vacation

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