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Alan Grayson’s Wife Files For Divorce

Lolita Grayson, wife of Congressman Alan Grayson, has just filed for divorce against the controversial legislator with the Orange County Clerk of Courts in Orlando, Florida.

Mrs. Grayson filed the Dissolution of Marriage with the court through her attorney Terry Cressler Young on Monday, January 6, 2014.

The two have five children together.

Grayson is best known for his over-the-top and controversial statements, as well as for using inflammatory imagery (Cross-burning) to attack his political opponents, in efforts to raise campaign donations. Grayson faces a tough Republican challenge in the 2014 mid-term elections from Republican Jorge Bonilla.

Here is the Orange County Clerk of Courts Register of Actions for Grayson, Lolita vs Grayson, Alan. Click link


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Location : Orange County


register of Actions

Case No. 2014-DR-000167-O


Case Type:

Dissolution of Marriage

Date Filed:



Div 38

Judicial Officer:

Kest, Sally D M

Uniform Case Number:




Party Information

Lead Attorneys
Respondent GRAYSON, ALAN


Events & Orders of the Court



Amended Administrative Temporary Order Provided to Customer


Case Initiated


Cover Sheet for Family Court Cases


Petitionfor Dissolution of Marriage and Other Relief as to Lolita Grayson


Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Actas to Lolita Grayson


Notice of Confidential Information within Court Filing


Notice of Social Securityas to Lolita Grayson


Notice of Service of Interrogatoriesas to Lolita Grayson


Request to Produceto Alan Grayson


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  • MikeR

    I’m shocked that Grayson’s wife has filed for divorce. He seems like such a pleasant and joyful guy.

    • Pat Nezi

      Mike R
      You must be delusional, unless you’re being sarcastic (I hope).

  • humberto garcia

    This guy is a social excrement but his personal life should not be our concern. If his wife wants to divorce him, let it be. Is none of our problems. Let’s be higher and better than him.

  • SSMcDonald

    Show us her photograph.

  • Isabella1709

    Understandable! Despite that I hate to see this happen to any couple.

    •,0, Honetea

      Alan Grayson stands with his wife Lolita after his victory speech at Salsa Latina in Kissimmee on November 6, 2012.

  • Tim McFall

    Yep, just can’t wait for all the juicy divorce and custody battle tidbits too come out this year on him. Just in time for his defeat in November….once again.

  • http://none Nancy Celano

    Hooray for Mrs. Grayson! No sane woman could possible remain married to such an idiot as Alan Grayson. His poor children must be ashamed to bear his last name.

  • Luke Thomas

    So people get divorced…what else is new?

  • Bea

    The shocking thing is that it took so long, hopefully Florida citizens will divorce him as well. His entertainment value has worn off, I hope.

  • Carlos

    I doubt she looks like the Lolita in the famous movie, LOL.

  • Paul

    I actually can’t believe anybody married him. She must be a real loser and I suspect the babies are from the milkman, mailman, etc… Regardless, I hope she takes him to the cleaners. Not that it will matter; if he gets elected, I am sure he’ll figure out a way to pay her at tax payer’s expanse.

  • Gene Slater

    GOOD, I hope she cleans him out, that man is a classic idiot, you GO gal…..I want him totally destroyed and unemployable……

  • 56Survivor

    I detest the man, but am sorry another family is failing. My heart goes out to the five children involved.

  • william enton

    Sounds to me like his wife has had a fit of good judgement.

  • Matthew Tsien

    Many polls reveal that conservatives are far more happy than liberals.

    How can one go through life content promulgating class warfare, resentment, fake hate crimes, multiple sex partners, globally failed socialism, and believing everybody who disagrees needs to see one of your psychologists, and even have a happy marriage ?

  • BoldFreshJew

    If Democrat Alan Grayson were a Republican, he would be Peter King.


    I don’t delight in the misery of others – even if that person is a miserable person like Grayson.

  • Testiclese

    Asking a clown such as Grayson to represent them doesn’t say much for the people of his district…

  • Stan Lee

    My sympathy goes to Mrs. Grayson. She has obviously persevered through the births of five(5) children with the distraction of having Grayson taking up the same residential space. Now, he will come to know what responsibilities are expected of him by law, and that includes harnessing his erratic behavior….unless he rushes himself into medical hands to be committed as a mentally unbalanced person.

  • bob bonnell

    My God! what took her so long? Maybe she’s as looney as he is

  • Honestea,0,
    Alan Grayson stands with his wife Lolita after his victory speech at Salsa Latina in Kissimmee on November 6, 2012