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grayson monkey image of ryan

Grayson Pushes Monkey-Like Image Of Paul Ryan

Alan Grayson/ The Shark Tank

Alan Grayson/ The Shark Tank


Everyone’s favorite Congressman they-love-to-hate, Alan Grayson, is up to his old tricks again, as he puts out yet another fundraising email that includes a questionable image.

Earlier this year, Grayson used a KKK flag-burning image to depict ‘Tea Party’ Americans, which set off a ‘firestorm’ of bad press for the self-proclaimed “Congressman with Guts,” but that is probably what he was looking for. You know what they say, “all press, is good press.”

Grayson’s chief 2014 Republican opponent in the 2014 election cycle, Jorge Bonilla, was quick to pounce of Grayson’s flag-burning stunt, giving him more national name recognition, and helping with fundraising of his own.

Now Grayson has targeted Republican Congressman  Paul Ryan, calling him the “Commander-in-Chief of the Benefits Thieves,” accusing his “Ryan Budget” of eliminating every single Medicare guaranteed benefit, and to do the same with “every Medicaid guaranteed benefit.”

The image that Grayson includes in his fundraising email, is a primate-like caricature of Paul Ryan . Now, I am sure Grayson and others on the Left will say that this image is just that, a caricature of Ryan, and that by no way makes him look like a monkey, but you be the judge of that.

Grayson is dead-set against any benefit cut against Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, even the ones that would benefit the programs in the long-run.

Here is what Grayson wrote to his supporters.

  Dear Friend,

grayson monkey image of ryanRep. Paul Ryan, Commander-in-Chief of the Benefits Thieves, threw in the towel a week ago. He doesn’t see cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits in the near future. Which makes him so, so sad. But that news comes as a relief to the millions upon millions of Americans who paid for those benefits, who earned those benefits, who depend on those benefits, and who deserve to receive them. Let me explain . . . .

This year, 2013, was slated to be a very bad year for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid recipients. The House Republicans had lined up behind the Ryan Budget in 2011 and 2012. The Ryan Budget proposes to eliminate every Medicare guaranteed benefit(replacing them with a check that would fall $6000 short of paying for those benefits each year), and toeliminate every Medicaid guaranteed benefit(replacing them with fifty checks, one to each state, money that likely would never reach the poor and the sick). Paul Ryan also labeled Social Security a “Ponzi scheme.”

And if that weren’t bad enough, the budget that the White House introduced earlier this year proposed one Social Security benefit cut and three Medicare benefit cuts. The White House’s “chained CPI” would reduce cost-of-living adjustments. The White House’s Medicare benefit cuts would promote “means-testing” of Medicare recipients, meaning that although virtually every worker in America (including the self-employed) pays into the program, only poor retirees would benefit from it fully.

Well, you and I and a whole lot of other people weren’t going to stand for that. I composed the Grayson-Takano letter to the President and House Speaker, promising to vote against any and every benefit cut in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And working together, we got almost 50 Members of Congress to sign that letter.

We also set up a petition against earned benefit cuts at This is what it said:

We Are Against Any and Every Cut to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Not today, not tomorrow, and not ever. No way, no how. Not on your life, and certainly not on mine. N-E-V-E-R.

Sincerely, The American People”

That petition garnered well over two million supporters. It was my pleasure – and, oh, it certainly was a pleasure – to deliver that petition to both the White House and the House Speaker.

And it worked! We turned the tide against benefit cuts. Rep. Paul Ryan conceded that on Fox News a week ago, when he was asked about the prospects for a “Grand Bargain” (more like a “Grand Betrayal”) to cut earned benefits: “I don’t think that with this President, or this Senate, we’re going to have something like that. That’s why I think we need to win a couple of elections.”

Win a couple of elections? By insisting on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts? Good luck with that.

So we’ve won. At least for now. But we have to remain vigilant, always prepared to do it all over again. As anti-slavery leader Wendell Phillips said 160 years ago, the eternal role of active citizens is “unintermitted Agitation.”

So thank you, fellow Agitator. You and I make a great team.


Rep. Alan Grayson

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • bclomptwihm

    Alan Grayson compares The Tea Party to The KKK. With people like Grayson in power it would be more appropriate to compare The Tea Party to German Jews in 1932. Right before the roundups started. Watch any of The History Channel shows on WWII Germany and see the Jews and hear their concerns. Then go to a Tea Party Meeting today. The similarities between the two groups are scary.

  • Mike

    Alan Grayson sent out a fund-raiser with a Monkey-Like Image of Paul Ryan Not a peep from the media. What would have happened if some Republican sent out a Monkey-Like Image of President Obama? There would be NOTHING else in the news for days. Total double standard

  • geoffharvard

    Alan Grayson is a yutz and a putz.

    • http://none RICARDO36

      and an A**h*** TO BOOT!

  • Leisa Hale

    Alan Grayson would probably glory in hate mail, and use it to his advantage. I have been in town-hall meetings with him where he slandered people openly, and made fun of anybody who disagreed with him. The man is reprobate, and a more useless bunch of walking cells could only be found in the white house.

  • Bill

    Does anyone take Grayson seriously? The guy is a nut case.

    • http://none RICARDO36

      A predicative to be a member of Congress, no?

  • Richie Dauer

    I have no love for Grayson or Ryan — they are the same to me– Grayson spent millions to get a job that pays less than 250,000$ what does that say about the creep– on top of that he received the benefit of voter fraud software from SOE that George Soros sculpted from the Leahman Bros break up– that Snopes could not even give a responsible answer about –without using an account that came from Think Progress –Soros’s own publication

  • Isabella1709

    There is something wrong with Grayson, and everyone that would vote for such a venial, vulgar moron. He has NO redeeming qualities, he is even a poor judge of character entrusting his fortune to a crook. HA! Couldn’t happen to a more appropriate guy.

  • Perseids

    That is only an outrage if you come from the offended ethnic group.

    I might have used the other end of the body with a hole to demonstrate how I see the juggernaut Ryan. Good call cutting vets pensions btw they’ve been getting away with murder for years while the Government & the DC creatures have been starving to death,.
    Yup the A hole is the real Ryan.

  • charles

    but grayson looks like a Neanderthal without photoshop

  • Marilyn

    To tell you the truth, the monkey image of Paul Ryan looks like
    Obama’s big elephant ears! If disgraceful Grayson could look just 1/2 as handsome as Paul Ryan, he’d be blessed! He’s never going to be that fortunate.

  • Progressives Are Idiots

    Republicans are the pinatas of politics. They are TERRIFIED of the media. It sends them into a cold sweat. So, Grayson knows there won’t be any blowback from the media, so he basically says whatever is on his sick, twisted mind.

  • Glen Haas

    Yes, we all agree that there is something wrong with this individual to which his supporters are blind. Grayson has no original ideas or constructive suggestions on how to solve the spending crisis in America.
    He acts more like a little kid who will do “anything” to attract attention to himself. His attitude and approach are to continue to make the problems worse rather than offering real solutions.

  • Armand

    There is no doubt something is wrong… Food Stamps and Welfare get Boo Kooze raises , Grayson says nothing. Social Security gets 1% pitiful raise, Grayson says nothing, White House raids Medicare for 500 B for HHS , Grayson says nothing… Now can we continue spending and borrowing NO…does the entire Tax System need to be reorganized, most defiantly.. does Grayson cherry pick just to cause havoc, BIG YES, does he offer sensible solutions… BIG NO.

    • Frankie

      Why did he make him look like Obama? He probably thinks Obama looks like a monkey also. Come to think of it, he’s just jealous because his face looks like a stomped, flat football.

  • Carlos

    The coward sent it out when he knows conservative media is on vacation. Either way, it’ll show up on FNC mostl likely. As for “we love to hate” status, it’s his wayof sticking a thumb in our eye. Some group of morons must like him enough to have reelected the troll after he was soundly beatby Webster. It really pissed me off to see Allen West gone and that POS Grayson back. We need to target him for defeat next Nov., ditto Joe Garcia and Barfly Murphy.

  • Harry Houdini

    Grayson is a TOTAL JOKE but his thoughts about cutting Medicare causes me to listen to Ryan’s plan with great interest. First of all, I am a conservative, always have been. I am also a tea party supporter. But I will tell you one thing. I was quite capable ( and still am) of taking care of myself with MY MONEY. Unfortunately, the US Government has taken money from my paycheck for over 60 years now with out even asking me if I want to opt out. NOW, I’ve got a Republican Congressman who wants to PENALIZE me once again by reducing my, yes my benefits on MY MONEY.

    Social Security benefits and Medicare benefits are OFF THE TABLE as far as I am concerned….You want to cut those benefits, fine. Then give me my money back PLUS a reasonable rate of interest for all those years CONGRESS has misappropriate this TRUST FUND( yea the word trust is part of the equation) and I will be happy. If not, Kiss my ass!!!

  • Jim McDonough

    This repulsive loser has the chutzpa to make fun of someone else’s face?

  • valiant

    Considering what Paul Ryan said about our Vets, and their pensions, grayson may have a point.

  • yshaw1

    Not being one to make fun of someone’s looks but……..
    doesn’t Grayson strongly resemble Shrek ???

    Probably when you look like that. it’s best not to draw attention to the fact that your ugly inside and out!,

  • keith m.

    It is a caricature. Get over it, have a sense of humor. A caricature by a caricature of a statesman. Grayson the Congressman whose Nuts, puts out a caricature ( I thought it was of himself at first) and the humor Nazi’s get into an uproar? I realized it was not of Grayson when I saw that the hair was not a toupee, but I guess that Smarmy Al can make his caricature of himself appear to have real hair if he wants. But mostly, lighten up, like most other monkeys, Grayson’s actions are humorous and you don’t want him deciding your future.

  • http://none Nancy Celano

    Grayson looks like a distorted version of a rubber-faced ape, but, has less brains than any member of the monkey family. He is in the league of Wasserman-Schultz and Schmobama.