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GOP Congressional Candidates’ Narrow-Scoped Campaigns

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The three Republicans vying to become the next representative in Florida’s 13th congressional district, all seem to be missing the big picture, as they campaign and tout their endorsements, accomplishments, and promise to bring home the bacon for the constituents living in the congressional district.

Kathleen Peters, David Jolly, and Mark Bircher,  all say that they know the district well, and know what Americans living in that respective congressional district need. But as they state that they will ‘win it for Pinellas,’ or ‘bring it back to Pinellas,’ what all of these Republicans fail understand is that they will be representing all Americans, not just those who live in Pinellas County, Florida.

Members of Congress are voted into office to represent specific districts, but they are also expected to vote on issues that will best represent all Americans, not to mention look out for their best interests.

Who should  Republicans living within Florida’s 13th congressional district vote for in the  January 14th special congressional election?

Should voters cast their vote for a virtual ‘no-name” in retired  Brigadier General Mark Bircher, who was recently endorsed by former Congressman Allen West, or should David Jolly, a federal lobbyist and former counsel to the late Congressman Bill Young, be given the nod, because he may know how the incestuous  “Beltway” works?

But what about the pro-choice Kathleen Peters? Why not vote for her, regardless of her support for Common Core, and her opposition to a full and immediate repeal of Obamacare?

Whomever wins the contentious GOP primary race on January 14 better have their sights focused on the fact that they will be one of 435 elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives, elected to represent more than 300 million inhabitants in the United States.

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GOP Congressional Candidates’ Narrow-Scoped Campaigns

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