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Christmas Decoration Prompts 9-11 Call


Bubba Murphy of Gwinnett Couny, Georgia, was shocked when he opened his front door and “there were  fire trucks, ambulance, fire marshal, police car and six fire men.”

It turns out that a woman had called 9-11 after she drove past Murphy’s house and saw what looked like a man hanging from the roof. It turns out that what she saw was a Christmas decoration — a hanging mannequin with a fallen ladder surrounded by Christmas lights.

The 9-11 caller claimed that the display was incredibly realistic. She was horrified by what she saw as she drove past the Murphy house with her two young children.

One of Murphy’s neighbors said, “We saw the ambulance we didn’t know what was going on because live right down there, we were just hoping everyone was OK.”

Dawn Murphy was in shock when cops and firemen pulled up at her home. She said, “I couldn’t believe it. I thought maybe someone was pranking us, but nobody would prank us with that many county resources.”

The Murphy family initially took down the display after fire crews advised them to do so. However, after popular demand, the display was recently put back up.

Murphy said, “Hope we didn’t offend anybody.”

My only question — how many tax dollars were used during this incident?


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  • Clara

    Guys, this has nothing to do with offending anyone. The woman”thought” there was someone in distress and called for help. The display was so realist . You think it’s better for a neighbor to “see something and not say something.”? As for the thousands of dollars and manpower wrested spent on this ” offending display”, emergency personal have to go regardless. I doubt EMT’s have the perilous minutes to ask the caller to investigate the scene for fakes before they show up.
    If this guy put a hanging men on this roof, he knew there was going to be some sort of problem. Like those people who hang dummies from trees for halloween. How many calls do you think cops get for that ?