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Senator Marco Rubio/ The Shark Tank

Marco Rubio: 2013 Loser Of The Year?

Senator Marco Rubio/ The Shark Tank

Senator Marco Rubio/ The Shark Tank


The ever-c0lorful, and controversial Tampa Bay Times, has easily called Senator Marco Rubio, their choice for 2013’s loser of the year.

 While I don’t agree that Rubio is the loser of the year, I will say that Rubio made a compelling case for himself, and his year was more like that of his beloved Miami Dolphins, who turned out another lackluster football season. Boy, do the Dolphins really stink.

 Once thought to be the future of the Republican Party, and the one that could and would beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, Rubio managed to commit one of the biggest unforced errors in political history.

 Rubio was at the top of his game, until the immigration reform debate took form. Instead of offering his own immigration reform bill, one that would encompass his pro-legal immigration position, he nestled into bed with the devil, and his demonic stooges, Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin, and offered Americans a whopping amnesty bill that only served to enrage them, and paint himself as a pro-amnesty hack.

 Rubio desperately switched gears into conduct damage control, after realizing the mistake he had made. His own staffers from the very top, to the ones at the state level, were out trying to put out the grassroots fires Rubio started, but to no avail.

 Rubio had done irreparable damage to his brand.

 Some within Rubio’s political circles believed that this would blow over, but this screw up will transcend far beyond 2013, and possibly affect his chances of winning the GOP presidential nomination, if he decides to run for re-election, or for higher office in 2016.

 The Republican Party, which was once considered to be Rubio’s party, is now that of the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul.

 Now in all fairness, Rubio supports conservatives and conservative causes 95 percent of the time, including his recent showing of how hawkish he is on foreign affairs, and with the recent repeal Obamacare movement.

 But while most Americans praise him over his accomplishments and bona fide conservative voting record, his position on immigration reform, and co-sponsoring of the amnesty-lite Gang of Eight bill in the Senate, have become the political anvil permanently strapped to his ankle.

 This said, Feliz Navidad!

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • norma brown

    I respect him for that 95 percent and in major parts disagree with his approach to immigration, but it isn’t as if he is soft on border strengthening, which is what we need first. That and a legal guest worker program for the worker only (not the family) that allows them to work six months in the US and return home for 6 months. Lots of Jamaicans have built themselves a nice life in Jamaica on six months a year picking fruit in the US. But Rubio should never have stood shoulder to shoulder with those dino-freaks Graham and McCain. It put him in very poor odor.

    • TheRaven

      What good is fencing the border when we already have more than enough illegals on American soil to literally collapse the entire lower middle class into poverty if they’re given amnesty?

      If “law and order” aren’t valuable arguments with you, think of simple math and Economics.

      What is going to happen to the tens of millions of American youth who enter adult life armed with nothing more to offer a potential employer than the “strength of their backs” when you add 20Million illegals to the job pool who are willing to work for entry-level wages for the rest of their lives?

      Do you seriously believe that an American kid with nothing but a high school diploma (or less) will ever be able to move up in economic class and achieve the American dream if we add 20Million low-skill workers to the employee base?

      This is a recipe for total economic disaster for the country. But if you have any concern at all for young American minorities you really need to think this over. What Rubio has supported will, if passed, virtually guarantee that a young black American coming out of high school will spend their entire lives in poverty and/or on some form of welfare.

      Excusing away Rubio’s support for amnesty, because he’s “on board” with the rest of the conservative agenda (if you really believe that BS) is like saying, “aside from gassing a few Jews, Hitler was a pretty good leader”…

      There are some “mistakes” in philosophy that outweigh all the possible good a leader’s other political positions may do for them. And this is the “text book” example.

  • Dick Brady

    So sad to see Marco fall into this hole. I too felt he was the face of conservatism until his immigration proposals. I don’t know how or when he will be able to overcome this, but hope he can. I still have a lot of confidence in him because I know he is a man of his convictions. I do believe Marco tried to sell this immigration reform package to gain hispanic favor to the GOP and put this problem behind the country, but it backfired. Only time will tell if he survives.

  • delena May

    You know Javier, this take on Marco… and you had choices in presenting the story, demonstrates how shallow and mean-spirited you really are.

    I remember in DC when I asked JR who you were…, I said, “Beautiful guy, buy there’s just something about him..”

    now I’ve figured it out.

    • Javier Manjarres

      Please. Marco is my friend, actually spoke to him a couple days ago. He knows his mistakes, and is owning up to them, at least to me he is. The story is accurate, and I support him.

      • Edward W. Sweeney III

        Javier, I appreciate that Marco is owning up to his mistakes to you. Now, he needs to do that to the voters. And he needs to put out a statement acknowledging that he is NOT eligible to run for President as he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. I believe this is why he was not chosen to be Romney’s veep. I believe he still has time to redeem himself before his next election to the Senate, and it is likely I will vote for him should he stave off any primary challenge. But, for now, he needs to spend a good deal of time apologizing and making up for how he “turned” on his constituency with the immigration bill debacle. Merry Christmas!

      • TheRaven


        Was something he did with regard to abandoning his pledge on amnesty, “accidental”?

  • Lightweight

    Shark Tank spins it again.Marco Rubio is not a looser,America is the looser.Marco Rubio did not high-jack by another group of liberal politician’s immigration policy abandoning his own.Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin, immigration stances are the same as Marco Rubio’s. As a State Senator he held it up 7 times because it would never allow him to propagate the lie that he did not believe in Amnesty.Ha-Vee-R,you forget Rubio dodging questions on the issue in 2010 election.Marco Rubio is not a looser,he won and America has lost time on an issue that should have been enforced years ago,all under the excuse of need for reform.Marco Rubio does not believe in the U.S.Constitution and that is why we are still looking for excuses that will re-invent him.Shark Tank,you do not understand how propaganda works.You are supposed to teach trash to un-informed people for it to work.The Shark Tank and Barack Obama have the same thing in common.Shark Tank won Blogger of the year and Barack Obama was the Nobel Peace Prize before that had accomplished what they were rewarded for.

    • TheRaven

      Oh, you’re so wrong. Marco was the #1 contender for the Republican presidential nomination in Iowa before he pulled this little “amnesty” stunt. He almost instantly plunged in polling to “bottom of the barrel” for the 7 potential candidates they polled Iowa voters about.

      That’s political suicide in anyone’s book. Marco will be lucky to survive the primary to maintain his own seat in the Senate. His presidential aspirations have turned to “chit.”

      Rubio was the odds-on favorite for the 2016 Nomination. Now, his chances are worse than McCain’s would be if he were stupid enough to throw his hat in the ring again.

  • S.S. McDonald

    Rubio, Loser of the Year? Nay he is not #1 in Florida; that title belongs to Bill Nelson, with Charlie Crist a close 2nd.
    Rubio irreparably damaged himself with his slide to the left and into the establishment’s arms. Now, unless the one-world government promoters with their bought and paid for media decide that Rubio is the man they want in the 2016 election, he will henceforth be a non entity. Rubio served their purpose and now has to pay for it.

  • ben t

    Rubio has his faults, as does Rand Paul and Ted Cruz but I would vote for any one of them over ANY Democrat and 99% of the GOP Congressional caucus.

    • TheRaven

      Fair enough. But aren’t you just saying you’d prefer your hemlock in weaker doses…?

  • Jeff Willis

    I agree, Javier.

    Rubio is not a loser. If anything he gained some serious turf! Anytime Bill O’Reilly calls you “a moderate,” independents take note.

    Is Rubio truly a “moderate?” Rubio’s voting record is more conservative than 85% of the Senators. But suddenly the media is overlooking this!

    Best of all, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have taken the mantle of “Tea party favorite.” Republican conservatives dream of a Cruz or a Paul in the White House. But Rubio would be more electable.

    • Iheartdagney

      You really should pay attention to who the independents are. Most are disaffected CONSERVATIVES from both the Republican and Democrat parties who cannot stand the cowardliness/greediness of the R’s nor the radical Marxism of the D’s. For more edification, view this video….

    • TheRaven

      Romney is watching government operations from the “outside” today, specifically because 4million American conservatives couldn’t bring themselves to vote for one of the most “moderate” Republicans to ever win the Republican primaries. Had conservatives supported Romney he’d be president today.

      Rubio has lost his conservative support. And losing the conservatives makes you 100% “dead” as a Republican candidate for the White House. George HW Bush would have had a second term had he not stuck a knife in the backs of conservative Republicans. Remember…READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES!

      Dole, McCain, Romney…they all failed to win the White House, not because they couldn’t sway moderates, but because they were all the least conservative of any of the candidates in the Republican field. They couldn’t win the support of the conservative Republican base.

      Rubio has “chit” himself in the eyes of conservatives, who will never believe a promise from this man’s mouth again.

      The only hope Rubio will ever have to win back conservative support is to come out in public and offer a full apology for going back on his promise about amnesty, and promising to never again back an amnesty bill, and to never reverse-course after making a pledge to his voters. I’m not sure it would sway enough conservatives. But unless he literally throws himself at the feat of those conservatives who put him in office, and begs for forgiveness, the odds that he’ll ever be able to count on their support is virtually “zero.” And without their support any hopes he had for the White House are vaporized in the fog of his lies.

  • Joe

    Truth be told, your spin on Marco Rubio could not be further from the truth. He did cave on the issue (as did McCain, Graham, et al) regarding illegal immigration and that has hurt him and the Republican brand.

    Republicans believe it or not want people who stand on principles, especially on legislation as critical as the Constitution and illegal immigration. While Rubio is right 95% of the time, he really picked the wrong issue to fall flat on his face with.

    Regardless of his rationale for taking the stand that he did, he misread the tea leaves and sided with the “establishment” just as the establishment started its war on Conservatives. This was ill-advised timing to say the least. It also highlighted his ability to see the issues strategically as well as tactically.

    Because there are now several other “Principled” Republican leaders outside of the Beltway Establishment, he finds his role in the leadership of the party greatly diminished to say the least. Once you have lost credibility the luster can rarely be regained and that is where Senator Rubio now finds himself.

    My suggestion is to shed the mantle of being “co-opted” by the likes of Boehner, Graham, McCain and the rest of the “Beltway” insiders and reclaim by actions his independence and by default his integrity. Stand with the reformers because they are the only ones that can save the Republican party from the fate that befell the Whigs 160 years ago.

    Don’t get me wrong! I am really pulling for Rubio being that it is only human to make a mistake, the true test is to not make the same mistake again. Boehner, McCain, McConnell, Graham are all lost causes as is the Republican party if it continues on it’s “Apology” tour and attack on Conservatism by embracing its self-destructive love affair with “moderation” and “beltway cronyism”. The choice is clear for all, including Senator Rubio and the others that came to Washington embracing Conservative and Tea Party values. Either you stay true to your beliefs or you sell out to the allure of the trappings of power within the Beltway.

    For what its worth!

    • Iheartdagney

      Exactly right.

  • TheRaven

    Yes! Rubio is a huge loser. He lied when he promised Florida voters that he would never support an amnesty bill for illegal aliens, which is exactly what he did.

    As a result, Rubio dropped from the #1 contender for the Iowa Republican presidential nomination to “dead last” among all viable contenders.

    Rubio will be lucky to survive the reelection process.

    There are certain lines a candidate cannot cross in the Republican party. It doesn’t matter if Rubio is correct on every other issue the country is facing.

    Amnesty would quickly destroy the American middle class, and ensure that the vast majority of US citizens who enter the US workforce armed only with a high school diploma…or less…would have virtually no chance of moving up the economic ladder and living the American dream. Poverty is the only promise offered by an “amnesty” bill…endless poverty for tens of millions of Americans, and the end of America as we know it.

  • http://facebook Kathy Schweigert

    Rbio lost me when he pushed immigration on Americans. I thought he was a true Conservative. But once they get a little power the climb in bed with the same old group that just want power instead of what Americans want. Lost my support.

  • Perseids

    He quickly found the formula for burning bridges with those who vested him with power. It has to be that Marco is the loser of the year. It seems fitting that this honor also be shared with brother Jeb.
    For when Marco loses Jeb is also a big loser.

    How’s that amnesty working out for ya now Marco?

    What the good voter hath giveth he can also taketh away!.

    We will remember!

  • McFerguson

    Shark Tank summed up my opinion of Rubio perfectly. Rubio’s future is now a tattered rag bag. He blew his opportunity to solidify his position as the top GOP contender in 2016 simply because he could not resist the allure of the “citizenship for all illegals ASAP” message of Senators like Schumer, Durbin and, regretfully, McCain and Graham who wrapped their arms around “comprehensive immigration reform” years ago when they should have been concentrating on common sense immigration reform. Had he proposed the latter which would include border security first followed by E-Verify, and opposed citizenship for illegals, he’d have scored a victory in the eyes of his supporters. I think his brand has been permanently damaged. At least for me it has.

  • John Henke

    If someone goes into politics with the only conviction of getting elected and staying elected, then they will be blown about by every political breeze that comes their way. Marco has demonstrated this to the hilt.

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  • Press Watch

    Who is Rubio?

    “Dead to me” – All RINOs are !

  • JackT

    It was no mistake the Marco Rubio, the “AMNESTY KING” joined the Gang of 8 Liberals. His Chief of Staff, Cesar Conda, is a PRO AMNESTY Immigration Lawyer. Rubio purposely chose Conda for those “skills”.
    WHEN Marco Rubio runs for re-election, we will hang Cesar Conda around Marco Rubio’s neck, like a glowing medallion. Even IF he fired Conda now, he still will not erase that stink.
    I voted for Rubio. I, among many, were fooled by this RINO. The shades are no lifted and we all can see his true self.

    • Rone

      Rubio did not fall in with a bunch of liberals he JUMPED in with both feet. He is the face of Amnesty and from his constant pushing for AMNESTY there is no doubt that is what he wanted all along. I cant write the contempt I have for this lying low-life except that I donated to his campaign but I intend to donate 10 times that much to get him beat. He has nor creditability on any issue because he is a consummate liar. He is conservative until the chips are down and then stabs this country in the back like that. Rubio will push for AMNESTY as hard as he thinks he can get away with.

  • Kauf Buch

    While Obama “wins” (heh) the Loser Of The Year,
    Rubio indeed knee-capped his own career.
    Try as he may, it will do no good.
    He may as well join up with Paul Ryan, as
    once-inspirational has-beens.
    I hope he “does good” for Floridians as long as he is in the Senate.
    And, Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten to all:

  • Carlos

    Marco erred in only one area, but it’s a biggie. Anyone wondering why a Cuban so white would be soft on an immigration demo that feels he’s not even Hispanic? Rubio, IR-L and MDB must be fully aware the growing ‘indio’ voter block will turn FL into another CA in time, see Bob Dornan. Aside from big $ from Big Business, in return for cheap labor, look no further than his CoS. Not only is Cesar Conda a RINO product from none other than Darth Vader, he also looks like a La Raza operative. This progressive cancer has metastasized all over the GOP and will kill them if the Tea Party surgeons don’t perform a radical wimpectomy on the wussified, feckless GOP.

  • George Blumel

    No harm came of Rubio’s ill-considered effort to help reform our country’s ridiculous immigration policies. His voting record –and THAT is what counts in a pol– is superb from a conservative/libertarian Repub view. He is one of The Best in the Senate, just behind Cruz, Lee, Paul and Scott. We need him there –there is no challenger who offers a better record. One more term for Marco! (Term limits, you know ) Those with pen names above who diss him and claim to be Republican are either clueless Repubs or are Dems. Merry Christmas Javier and other good conservatives and libertarians!

  • ralph martin

    He could have made a come back to me at least until he voted for the NDAA and that pretty much ruined it for me right then.

  • surfcat50

    I will vote for Rubio unless he has a conservative opponent. For Senator, I mean. He’ll never get a Republican nomination for President and may well drag down the ticket of whoever does, were they dumb enough to select him for VP.

  • Rone

    I will support anyone except Rubio.

  • Arie Vinograd

    I voted for him for senator.
    He is not getting my vote again.
    He is a fake Tea Party boy, he is now one of the regulat DC you can’t trust.
    Just look to whom he connected himself.
    How come his name is not there with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee ??
    He is a fake

  • Joseph M

    Senator Rubio is like the flying wind sock at airports.

    I find it must unrealistic to claim the Senator is hawkish in matters of foreign policy. Secretary of State Kerry has double crossed Israel, encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood, sold us out to Iran and turned his back on the coptics, churches and christians in the middle east.

    Senator Rubio voted for confirmation of Senator Kerry along with 92 other Senators. These 93 Senators should be absolutely ashamed of themselves but they are not. To make matters worse Senator Rubio acknowledges playing a large roll on the confirmation as a member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    He had to know about the Swift Boat Veterans saying Kerry was a liar, a traitor and quilty of treason. Furthermore, Senator
    Rubio had to know about Kerry’s book titled “Speak Out”
    which was full of lies and certainly anti-American. In addition
    Senator Rubio had quick and easy access to the forty page testimony Kerry gave to congress upon his return from Vietnam.

    What philosophy does Senator Rubio work under?. Here is what he wrote me on February 13, 2013. “While I am ideologically opposed to many of Secretary Kerry views, I believe the President has the ability to choose their cabinet members”. This is nothing but double talk. Wake up! The truth is before your eyes. He confirmed a traitor to be Secretary of State and the Secretary of State is working against the interest of our country. Senator Rubio cannot in any way shape or form be called hawkish.

    He has turned his back on defending our country.

  • G Speed

    If your keeping score that would be Tampa Bay Times -one —Rubio zero.

    • G Speed


  • Pat Nezi

    I am so disappointed with Rubio. I was one of his biggest supporters. Met him, listened to him, donated to him. I’ll never understand why he joined “the gang of eight.” He ran AGAINST amnesty and I and many supporters considered this a broken promise, exactly like all of Obama’s PROMISES. We cannot have another “lying” President.I believe Rubio is a conservative, a good man, but has been “turned” by the Republican elitists(and I am a Republican).

  • Terry

    Rubio…really? Not Obama and Obamacare? Not Hillary and Bengazi? Not a shocker really, The Tampa Times (aka St Pete Times) is a liberal rag. They would never label a dem the loser of the year. They must really fear him.

  • C T Vivian

    We don’t need another f’ing mclame. The flake Flake is going to get his a$$ handed to him too in round two of his senatorial career! Ted Cruz is twice as intelligent and also speaks with the force of a pair.

  • Independent Fl. Voter

    Rubio, is the only Republican that can beat Hillary in 2016! Plus… You can’t agree with any politician 100% of the time. I agree with Marco, 98% on what he says & votes on and that’s good enough for me.

  • Fred Freeman

    TBT made a mistake and forgot their beloved Obama the longest running candidate campaigner even when he already ran and won the presidency!

    Amnesty killed him for some but the sheeple never considered other bad mistakes of Rubio.
    Rubio is the perfect Republican . He is branded like the most of them.” Conservative” LIARS and deceitful globalists. Unfortunately, you all forgot to mention he was touting his approval for Trans Pacific Partnership and he was the first to come out in approval of CISPA, restricting First Amendment of the internet until he was booed from the Constitutional and Liberty Americans. Thereafter he backed off of PIPA and SOPA. Just proof he either doesn’t read the bills or he doesn’t take the Constitution as seriously as an oath keeper should. “Conservative” is a lethal brand these days. Constitutional liberty minded Americans have branded them two-faced liars.

    Rubio, while he was Speaker, appointed
    Communist Harvey Ruvin for the Climate and Energy Department, the Chair of the UN ICLEI/USA that supported Agenda 21 in Florida. Today he claims he doesn’t know what Agenda 21 is all about. The same Marco that voted for the NDAA of 2012 . This is spit in the eye of Liberty loving Americans.

    He voted for extensions of various Patriot Act provisions.

    He voted for trade agreements with Panama and Columbia again selling the US short.

    HE is the ULTRA RINO ( John McCain style) that is not eligible for President.
    He was born before his parents were citizens. So I guess like most gullible Republicrats and Demoncrats , he’s a go …just like the President sitting right now, a foreigner. Not a natural born citizen and a serious danger to the sovereignty and freedoms of America.

    America needs a second party or more NPA that have no allegiance to the GOP/ Dems of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    America needs candidates that will simply protect their God given Constitutionally protected rights.

    Wake up team players, your team R or D, is the same team and they aren’t working for you. They are the shadow government’s team. Sheeple, wake the flock up!

    • Perseids

      Any vehicle we can use to keep him away from the reins of power will work for me. I;d prefer a resounding rejection at the polls demonstrating a very high level of toxicity. Then he’d just fade away into oblivion. A just reward for his treachery.