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GOP Candidate Peter Vivaldi Caught Lying About Felony Arrest


Peter Vivaldi

Peter Vivaldi


The following post should serve as a lesson of what not to do for anyone thinking about running for elected office.

Embattled congressional candidate Peter Vivaldi is watching his fledgling campaign crumble, as a result of the clownish and self-inflicted political moves he continues to make.

As many of you will remember, the Shark Tank posted the story ‘outing’ Vivaldi 1989 felony arrest, and we followed that story up with the recently uncovered fact Vivaldi purposely lied on an application to be appointed to a vacant seat on the Orange County Commission back in 2011.

Vivaldi recently interviewed with the Spanish language edition of the Orlando Sentinel, El Sentinel, where he continued to deceive readers about the truth behind his checkered past, and has reverted to the desperate attempt of blaming the Shark Tank for his woes.

Peter Vivaldi's 1989 Felon Arrest Mugshot

Peter Vivaldi’s 1989 Felon Arrest Mugshot

The interview was conducted in Spanish. Here are excerpts of the Google translated text from the El Sentinel story.

In the article entitled “Felony Arrest Haunts GOP Candidate Peter Vivaldi” Manjarres published, among other things, the photo of Vivaldi at the time of his arrest and an extract from the public record stating that the September 8, 1989 Vivaldi was stopped by Orlando Police driving with clapboard (plate) up, and subsequently arrested on a charge of issuing a check invalid.

Vivaldi does not deny what happened. But advocates ensuring that was an isolated incident that occurred more than 26 years, and that information, in addition to being available online, it could only have been obtained by someone really interested in “pop” that story for political gain.

“To create this story, they [The Shark Tank] had to come here [to the city of Orlando] records request, sign, pay and do a whole research [research] of me … And it seems that as they have a solid platform, looked this way to me out of the race, “said Vivaldi.

Yes, the Shark Tank conducted a public record search online and discovered the felony arrest, among other items that were in his public record, and then did what most legitimate reporters do, follow up and obtain any and all pertinent information, including Vivaldi’s mug shot, which was used in the original story.

Vivaldi also said he was sorry and aware that the story about his past would come out eventually, however, he was surprised that what he calls “the dirty war”, came from people within the Republican Party.

“I thought Grayson, who obviously has attacked everyone, I would me in the general election, but in the primaries never expected,” he continued. “I can not accuse the Republican Party, this is simply a person who is attached to one of the candidates in the primary adverse me”.

Vivaldi acknowledges the fact that he knew about all of this ‘shortcomings’ before he decided to run, bringing up the question, why would he even consider running for any public office with so much baggage, especially against  someone like Grayson, who would obviously use this information against him and the Republican Party?

Manjarres’s blog published a second article accusing Vivaldi also of lying under oath in the office of Gov. Charlie Crist in 2010, denying his arrest in 1989 while answering a questionnaire to fill the chair of District 3 in Orange County , after the suspension of Mildred Fernandez for the corruption case.

“When I saw [the question about the arrest] I considered it a felony [felony], I have never committed a felony , and this incident happened many years ago that I remember, “replied Vivaldi.

“The Shark Tank” in Articles 20 referred to other disputes, and closed, which is attributed to the candidate from 1984-2013, which include foreclosures, breach of contract and eviction of a property, among others.

The sad fact is, Vivaldi has been caught lying, again. Mr. Vivaldi was in fact arrested and charged under Florida Statute 832.05, which is a third degree felony. Below is a screen capture of the actual “Register of Actions” where Defendant Peter Vivaldi was charge with the “Third Degree-Felony.” This information can be found at


Vivaldi states that he saw and read the question about being arrested, and thought they were asking if he was ever arrested for a felony. If Vivaldi can’t even read a simple application and questionnaire correctly, how will he convince voters that he will read and understand the complex congressional bills that govern Americans?

Here is the exact wording of question #14 of the questionnaire Vivaldi submitted to the governor’s office. You be the judge.

“Have you ever been arrested, charged, or indicted for violation of any federal, state, county or municipal law, regulation, or ordinance?

Peter A Vivaldi App_Redacted vivaldi-pdf-1

Vivaldi’s sad run is over, and he knows it. Carol Platt and Jorge Bonilla are by far  better and more electable candidates in this race. If Vivaldi continues to campaign (which I suspect he will) expect him to try to run a scorched earth campaign, that will utterly embarrass himself.

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GOP Candidate Peter Vivaldi Caught Lying About Felony Arrest

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