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Charlie Crist Receives Embarrassing Smack Down From Young’s Widow



 Former Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat, Charlie Crist, has quite possibly received the biggest, most embarrassing public smack downs in recent memory.

The widow of recently deceased Republican Congressman Bill Young, Beverly Young, sent Crist  an email “officially” advising him that his presence at her husband’s memorial services would be “unacceptable.”

Young stated that he did not want the political opportunist to try to exploit the memorial services for his own political agenda.


This e-mail is to officially advise you that your presence at my husband’s memorial services will be unacceptable. I have watched over the years, as Bill had, your transparent attempts to manipulate the political arena. I don’t want my husband’s memorial service to be another opportunity for that and I will not tolerate anyone turning this into a platform for political gain.
Please honor my families request.

Beverly Young
Widow of Congressman Bill Young

 Why did Beverly Young feel compelled to send Crist the email? The Tampa Bay Times cited  that the reason for the email could possibly stem from a 2009 political move by Charlie Crist that involved her late husband.

Precisely what caused the bad blood was not immediately clear Monday night, though some Young allies were turned off with the way Crist in 2009 held a cattle call of sorts, summoning Young and other potential candidates for Crist to appoint to the unfinished term of U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez. Young showed up looking in sneakers and baggy polo, as if Crist had interrupted his lawn mowing, and told a surprised Gov. Crist he had no interest in the appointment.

Mrs. Young said she also emailed Pinellas County Commissioner Charlie Justice and St. Petersburg lawyer Jessica Ehrlich – both Democrats who ran against her husband – telling them they were unwelcome at the memorial service.- TB Times

Mrs. Young later stated that her husband specifically gave her name, which included Charlie Crist, of people he did “wished wouldn’t show up.”

 “BILL SPECIFICALLY said he didn’t want his memorial service to be a platform for local politicians to work the crowds. He’s right. It’s not only wrong , its disgusting to see that happen,” she said. “HE GAVE me the names of the people he wished wouldn’t show up, that was just three and we both know i dont care about poltical correctness so i took it upon myself to honor his wishes.I’ve been at many political funerals and listened to locals standing in groups planning their strategies. God gave people souls, but some don’t know to take advantage of that God given gift.”-Beverly Young

Really big ouch!

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Javier Manjarres

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  • MyKisa

    good for her!

    • HankRB

      Yep, good for her and I like the anti-PC attitude too. Put her in congress and get rid of the trash like Grayson!

  • http://sharktank John

    What Mrs. Young did is correct and respectable, she continued with her husbands wishes. I would not want an ambulance chaser anywhere near my family’s funeral, or any other politician that would be there to lay out their game plan that is just downright nasty. I admire her for stating she is not politically correct that is the condition that has contributed to us being where we are now. My thoughts and prayers are with you Mrs. Young during this difficult time.


  • http://sharktank jim

    Crist is a political whore! (can I say that?)

    • Paul

      I’d go to his and Grayson’s funeral :)! Right after that, I’d have a large party and you are all invited.


    Wow! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving politician! But will his ego allow him to honor the request?

  • surfcat50

    I hope she has security arranged to turn away uninvited guests.

  • Jerry Liverette

    Now, if she could just smack down those ugly pictures of Crist on the turnpike.

  • megan southwick

    How petty.

    • Susan Meitner

      Not petty. It is her husband and her husband’s funeral. I salute her for not wanting a wolf in sheep’s clothing to attend.

  • Ts walk

    Smack down the worm Crist- he’s only in it for himself- fact I’m Surprised he can still live in Florida after all the money he owes people For being a turncoat-

  • Glenn

    Charlie Crist is a member of the Charlie Crist party.

  • Florida Native

    Tell it like it is!

  • Sandi Trusso

    WOW! Talk about laying it on the line. Good for her.

  • S.S. McDonald

    Morgan and Morgan (lawyers) are giving Crist a LOT of FREE pre-election publicity with their Crist-pictured billboards permeating the state. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out who Crist owes if he gets elected. // And while that is occurring Governor Scott continues to plod along with a seeming lack of effort to get his message out there.

  • Lightweight

    Another Charlie Crist Smack Doown. In this video start at the 28
    minute to 33 minute mark and you can see again Charlie Cris has no soul.

  • cindy

    yeah, Charlie Crist sucks. I would not want him at my funeral either, and I’m nobody.

  • Perseids

    She has of guts and class.
    It is so telling of politics that she felt it necessary to go public abut this.
    They can’t even respect the dead at the funeral.

  • megan southwick

    Independent voters look at this public display of bad manners and see a reinforced perception of Republicans made up of a bunch of haters.

    Why did Mrs. Young feel we all had to know about a private slight or was it the press that revealed a private matter without her permission?

    Insider R’s relish the smack down, but outsiders see it as pettiness. R’s won’t begin to gain the Independent voters until they can defuse the bitterness.

    It would be nice if the services could be about celebrating a man with a great life- teaching us all how to appreciate the good in public service.

    • David Clark

      Megan, you’r last paragraph is the only thing you said that makes any sense here. It was the wish of her deceased husband that his memorial service not be a political circus. The attendance of “Gov. Suntan” Christ would have made it just that! He is one of the biggest political “whores” in Fla. history! He’s the “clown” at the circus!!!

    • Splinter

      You discount the fact that the Young’s are well aware of Charlie Chameleon’s lack of ethics and moral compass. I would think the Young family does not want to turn an honorable man’s funeral into a political rally for Fritz Mondale like the Progs did with Paul Wellstone’s funeral in 2002.
      (This is the memorial where Republican senators Trent Lott and a couple others were booed out of the place).
      Now that’s petty….

  • lowie

    Heart felt condolences to Mrs. Young and her family. Goes to show you how “down and dirty” our political system has become. Floridians should not embrace it and should stand up to rid the ranks of opportunists. We must stop sending these types to Washington who seek only to enrich themselves. Mrs. Young was right in carrying out her husbands wishes. May God rest his soul and may God continue to Bless America.

  • DW

    That’s gonna leave a mark…

  • g8ters

    HA,HA you piece of crap!!!



  • George Blumel

    Charlie Crist is the consummate politician without any principles other than his own advancement in politics. He would surely go to the funeral for the exposure and the opportunity to lobby for his next run. Mrs. Young is right to avoid such a spectacle at her husband’s funeral.

  • DW

    A** kicked by a grieving widow. Crist doesn’t really hang around the girls, so this must really have been painful.


    Kudos to both the late Bill Young and his courageous widow, for expressing themselves in this way. The more such blows that are struck against the lunacy of political correctness, the more likely it is that our nation stands a possibility of surviving this era of Obama absurdity.

  • St Pete Native

    I guess between his wife losing her children and not having any contact with them for two years and him losing the election and having no core values, his bid for Governor is a mute point. Even his employer said he would only support him if Bill Nelson wouldn’t run; I don’t want a second choice from Morgan and Morgan. Thanks but no thanks. No vote for Charlie Crist ever!

  • Marty

    Kudos !!!

  • Stan Lee

    Good for Beverly Young! Crist has demonstrated that he has no core values except “Charlie Crist.”

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  • Anna