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Allen West/ The Shark Tank

Allen West: ‘Democratic Party Proud of Creating KKK’

Allen West/ The Shark Tank

Allen West/ The Shark Tank


The cross-burning fundraising email that Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson sent out earlier this week, has set off a firestorm of opposition and condemnation from Republicans, for the insensitive and out-of-line use of a burning cross, which depicted Tea Party Conservatives as Ku Klux Klansmen.

Former Congressman Alan West appeared on Fox News and called Grayson’s email “despicable” and “demeaning,” as he remininisced “growing up and seeing that burning cross, on a clear night, atop of stone mountain, so that everyone could see,” while growing up in urban Atlanta.

West questioned why President Obama, the NAACP, Urban League, the Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, as well as members of the Democratic Party leadership in the Congress, have not come out and condemned Grayson’s email.

Instead of Grayson pulling back his statement, the self-proclaimed “Congressman with Guts” defended his initial email with this statement:

“Tea Party members have circulated countless altered pictures depicting President Obama and the First Lady as monkeys. Tea Party members also called my fellow Member of Congress, civil rights hero John Lewis, a ‘n***ger,’ and Rep. Barney Frank a ‘faggot,’” Grayson wrote verbatim in a written statement. He continued, “One could go on and on, because there is overwhelming evidence that the Tea Party is the home of bigotry and discrimination in America today, just as the KKK was for an earlier generation. If the shoe fits, wear it.

West then stated that he believed the Democratic Party was “obviously still proud” about their creation of the KKK.

Obviously what we are seeing is that the party, the Democrat Party, that created  the Ku Klux Klan, and also created that symbol of the burning cross, is obviously still proud to have that symbol of being displayed- Allen West

West is not the only politico who has railed against Grayson’s tasteless email. Grayson’s Republican Congressional opponent, Jorge Bonilla, whose statement pounced Grayson for releasing the email, caused a buzz on social media, and was published in the National Review, CNN, ABC, as well as other media outlets.

Republican Jorge Bonilla, who’s challenging Grayson in 2014, said the email is “despicable and needlessly hurtful to the many millions of families that still deal with the wounds of racial prejudice.”-CNN

Here is Bonilla full statement, where he accuses Grayson of just trolling for donations, called on the Democratic Party Leadership to Grayson’s “vile and repulsive” cross-burning image.

Jorge Bonilla/ The Shark Tank

Jorge Bonilla/ The Shark Tank

The depiction of burning crosses in Congressman Alan Grayson’s most recent fundraising ask is despicable and needlessly hurtful to the many millions of families that still deal with the wounds of racial prejudice.

Such times as these call for our elected officials to be uniters. Unfortunately, Mr. Grayson is only interested in dividing us, and has no qualms in doing so on the backs of those who suffered the horrors of racial persecution.

What’s worse, he does so for no other reason than to troll for donations for his reelection campaign. I call on House Democratic Leadership to condemn this vile and repulsive use of such imagery.-Jorge Bonilla (Source-website)

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Javier Manjarres

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  • http://facebook Sarah Stewart

    Grayson needs to go it’s people like him that keep racism alive

    • Rich

      Now, come on, I’ve seen the photo shopped stuff the baggers post of President and Mrs. Obama.
      Can you look yourself in the mirror and tell me that things as described by Rep Grayson ARE NOT the work of racist bigots?

      • Tom

        Rich, you must be very young and therefore cannot remmeber that the KKK was overwhelmingly populated by Democrats. Why don’t you post those photo posting that you attribute to tea party members and show some evidence that they are as you say. Anyone can claim to be from a tea party organization.

        I recall the accusation a few years back that members in a tea party rally in DC were spitting on black Democrat elected officials. Someone offered a large sum of money for images or video of such action. No one came forward to claim the money. Why? Because it was just more slanderous accusation from people that only know how to lie and deceive in order to manipulate the media and divide the American people in order to stay in power.

        • MotherBatherick

          Tom: Unfortunately, I remember when that Hater claimed a TEA Party member spat on him…with one of the biggest race-baiters standing right there doing nothing, proving it didn’t happen. Another thing I remember, the race-baiter was Jesse Jackson Jr and…he’s now in prison, which is where obama and the rest of his supporters ought to be.


        Rich thinks that Obamacare is going along great. He’s waiting for his $2,500 drop in premiums as soon as the website begins to work. He knows he won’t have to drop his doctor or his plan. So, when pea brain calls you a racist, consider it a badge of honor.

        • Rich

          Now there, smart guy, when, if ever did I say that?

          How typical for an ignorant bagger to accuse me of things I’ve never posted. You see, this is what happens when you have only a minimal intellectual capacity and your arguments have no basis in fact.

          I am sorry for you, but there probably is no real hope for you until the fear and hatred within you eats away your insides.

          Please note that this “gentleman” failed to refute any of the points made in my post, resorting to the tried and true bagger tool of name calling.

        • MotherBatherick

          RICHISATOOL: I like your user name. And oh yeah, you’re right about the Rich guy that comes on here getting himself all worked up. Must be some sort of sick turn on for him that he can no longer control. Kind of funny now to watch him blow.

          • Rich

            Ma’am, all worked up?
            How silly, it seems that you may be the one who drools and spits all over your computer and monitor.
            I happen to be calm and cool.
            My purpose is to demonstrate to you all they hypocrisy and foolishness of most of your positions.
            It’s really nice that you can opine about me without even knowing me at all!?!?
            Please explain why you and your bagger friend’s passion is to enrich the already rich at the expense of hard working, tax paying middle class Americans?
            I fail to understand how the easily manipulated baggers come to worship wealth and denigrate working Americans?
            Can you explain this to us, madam?

      • James Painter

        Pulling the race card and unfounded accusations of racism is the last refuse of small minded cowards.

        • Rich

          Yes, and I feel very sorry for you over that, sir.

          Did you happen to read some of the crap conservatives/baggers post on Craigslist that proves my point? I’ll bet not because it’s simply more fun to revel in your misconceptions and call me names.

          • James Painter

            Don’t flatter yourself, sir. I never accused you of pulling the race card. I accused Grayson and all the other low life Lib/Progs of using their favorite accusation and deflection to cover for their own failings.

          • MotherBatherick

            Rich…bet you posted that “crap” yourself, now didn’t you. C’mon…set your soul free and tell the truth, we’re all waiting.

          • Rich

            Lady, why must you attempt such poor comedy here?
            You insist on making yourself seem more foolish daily.

            Now, when you have the means to post an intelligent, lucid thought, without feeling it necessary to insult someone, feel free to come back and post.

  • Eydie

    What else is there to say except that Grayson is a “pig”.

    • Rich

      The truth hurts, doesn’t it??

      • Tom

        Sure does. To imagine a pig representing us in Congress – that hurts.

      • Sandi Trusso

        While there are people of ignorance on both sides of the aisle, and the political spectrum, I believe that when people deliberately misinform others of an entire group, or an individual they should have their socks sued off every single time they do it!

        Politics have always been dirty, but in my lifetime I have never seen it sink so low until Clinton was in office. Since that time we’ve on a downward spiral to where I can only see us digressing to cave man culture.

        • Rich

          Right, Ms. Trusso, and who, if you remember back, began all this “scorched Earth” type of political climate in the USA?

          It was Newt Gingrich and it’s gotten worse since the right wing noisemakers decided that the way to power was to keep conservatives fearful and mis-informed.

          • Sandi Trusso

            You can’t be serious… The political strategies of the Clinton’s have always been to “seek and destroy”. Look what they did to Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Jennifer Flowers, Linda Tripp, and Kathleen Willey! Then we discovered that Monica Lewinsky was on her way to a mental institution if it hadn’t been for Linda Tripp talking her into keeping the blue dress, and then Linda Tripp was destroyed. Ken Starr was a well liked, man of honor even among Democrats (which is why he was picked to do the Clinton investigation)… Once he went against the Clintons he was attacked unmercifully! …. and there sat little Hillary when the Monica scandal first hit, telling everyone that she “wasn’t just some little Tammy Wynette standing by her man (of course she was, but only because she had political aspirations of her own).

            Furthermore, if you want to bring Newt Gingrich into this…. if it hadn’t been for Newt Gingrich and his “Contract with America”, which led to the balanced budget (the majority of credit going to Newt, but until recently when he gave Newt credit at the Dem convention, little Mr. Bill Clinton had gone out and claimed all the credit for himself… But the truth is that until he realized what Newt was doing and how this would make little Bill look, he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to even work with Republicans!

            Look what the Dems tried to do to Justice Clarence Thomas (with Anita Hill, claimed he was sexually harassing her, when the phone records showed that she was the one making all the calls to him). There sat Ted “the sexual harrasser” Kennedy on the committee judging Clarence Thomas, looking down his alcoholic nose at Justice Thomas as if he (Kennedy) was some saint…. (haven’t forgotten the Mary Jo Kopechne deal, but there was Teddy the hero among Dems right up until the day he died). Look what they did to Judge Borke!!!! Oh man, I could go on for weeks with these.

  • Barry

    I think you can clearly see from Grayson’s post that he just cannot help but live back in the history and glory days of the Democrat Party. Democrats started the KKK and they controlled people by running around threatening people; burning crosses in their front yards for all to see; shooting and hanging people; controlling polling places to make sure the “wrong people”, according to them, didn’t vote….Yes, they collectively loved the power…and apparently he does too.

  • Rich

    Please, Mr. West, no right minded American is “proud” of the KKK.
    Again, we have cowards and losers living in the past trying to get a reaction by throwing “red meat” to the conservative minority to score points and raise money for the next election, although, thanks to his big mouth, Mr. West may not have a “next election”.

    • Sandi Trusso

      Then where are these people who claim to oppose the KKK, when they should be denouncing Grayson’s Tea Party/KKK analogy? Instead, they’re silently allowing this blight on American history to be circulated as reminders of those things (which many of us successfully fought against), and then applied to an entire group of people because of the possible actions of a few who are immersed in ignorance (if in fact these things ever happened). Does Mr. Grayson consider this humor, or satire as he has claimed with his past cruelty? If so, I must say that in my opinion this type of humor/satire rates right up there with a 2 year old’s “doo doo/poo poo” bathroom humor! This should be beneath a man of Grayson’s accomplishments yet there it is right out there for everyone to recognize as cruel deceit!

  • http://none Nancy Celano

    Liberals don’t remember that it was the Democrats who were the most radical fighters AGAINST integration. Remember George Wallace and Lester Maddox, etc. They have been the worst racists in our country’s history. Martin Luther King was a Republican who advocated against the very same behavior practiced by the Democrats today.

    • Rich

      Again, living in the past gets you nowhere.
      This issue is about TODAY and at first glance, it would appear that conservatives seem to have cornered the market on bigotry and racism.
      Just go and read some of the posts on Craigslist, where there is very little moderation like Mr. Manjarrez provides, and I think this point will be proven out.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Where in the world ARE these supposed pictures of the President and First Lady, depicted as monkeys that were supposedly coming from the Tea Party????? Where are these statements, supposedly coming from Tea Party members, describing an African American by using the “N” word, and describing a homosexual by using the “F” word?????? Did I miss something? I know a lot of Tea Party members, but I have never seen or heard of any of these things.

    I have never been a member of the Tea Party, but (unless a particular group is Libertarian, which in my opinion, is often more Democrat than anything else) I agree with their philosophy regarding our Constitution, Sovereignty, economy, enforcing our laws, etc.

    If I had ever heard of any of the above-mentioned things, I would’ve publicly denounced the Tea Party as an organization unfit for the membership of true, American Patriots. I believe that when one resorts to personal attacks (name calling, cruel pictures/drawings) they lose all credibility.

    This is not to say that there can’t be a handful of bigots clothed in ignorance somewhere within the national Tea Party membership. Just as Alan Grayson does not represent the majority of Democrats, or even the majority of any people I ever knew (other than some really cruel and vicious people we’ve seen on TV, or read about) I don’t believe that Democrats as a whole resort to such disgusting, “bottom of the barrel” tactics.

    If these handful of Tea Party bigots do exist they certainly are not representative of the over all Tea Party membership. So to imply that the Tea Party as a whole, has the same mentality as the KKK is despicable.

    • Sandi Trusso

      For Mr. Grayson to use these low class attacks seems to imply that he has nothing of real substance to put forth.

    • Rich

      I told you, scan over the posts on Craigslist where there is little or no moderation and tell us what you see/read.

      • MotherBatherick

        It says “Don’t believe a word Rich says, he’s a paid madman for the Democratic Party”.

        • Rich

          Madam, no one pays me to post here. Why do you insist on making yourself look foolish?
          Remember, I told you that it’s better to be silent and to be thought a fool than it is to open one’s mouth and PROVE it. Of course, you failed to heed my advice and look at the result.
          If I could post photos here, I’d go there and find some of the despicable things that folks with views like yours have posted, but I can’t and, of course, because it’s not some right wing BS machine, you won’t do it yourself.

      • Sandi Trusso

        How reputable is “Craig’s List”? I don’t even know what that is. Isn’t that the thing where that guy advertised for prostitutes and when they came to the hotel he murdered them? Oh please!

  • Jerry Calvin

    Hey Rich:

    There is none so blind as those who refuse to see. Stop with the stupid comments about “because someone else did it, its ok” you sound like some schoolyard bigot from the 60’s.

    • Rich

      See, you choose to infer things into my posts.

      I never said that any rudeness is “OK”, although it seems to be the baggers’ major political tool these days.

      Have I ever posted anything insulting about an opposition politician or referred to them in a demeaning way or failed to acknowledge their titles like the baggers do President Obama?

      Come, come, now. Before you accuse me of “bigotry”, please know that I marched with Dr. King, in Chicago for open housing and also to end the immoral Viet Nam War.
      Where were YOU?

  • Ron sancetta

    This is not the first time for outrageous verbal slander on the part of Mr . Grayson. Why in heaven’s name was he elected back to congress in the first place? Evidently this is the kind of scum that modern day democrats want to represent their party. When will moderate democrats realize that their party has been hyjacked by socialists, communists and race baters who want to destroy this country. I wonder why the Tea party is not seeking a lawsuit for slander, since this vile analogy is slander and there are damages to the Tea Party Brand by this false statement. Imagine the lawsuits that would have been triggered if Grayson attacked any major commercial food or beverage brand names with such a vile analogy. Where are the attorneys willing to take this case to the courts? Tea party patriots need to be aggressive in protecting their brand name as conservatives upholding constitutional values.

  • jeanette

    If the Tea Party sent out this raciest garbage it would make headlines but the difference is all the race haters like Sharpton would be out in front HE shld be fired just like if anyone of us would be.Corp Amer would never accept this behaviors He is a embarresment to our Nation.

  • DW

    We know that “Rich” is what his political father, Karl Marx, referred to as a “useful idiot”. He is a Democrap plant, paid or not, to put garbage on this site in a feeble attempt to confuse. Don’t waste too much time on him. The distraction is all his. At least he’s not out doing any real work for the Socialist Party USA.

    • Rich

      DW, you are a foolish person.

      The communists assassinated much of my family back in Ukraine. Whomever the Bolsheviks didn’t get, my grandfather figured the SS got in WW II.

      It is extremely stupid of you to accuse me of any type of “communist” leanings and merely exposes you as a typical intellectually bankrupt teabagger who only gets his information from extremely biased sources.

      No one has “planted” me here, sir. I post here to expose the foolishness and hypocrisy of the right wing.
      Tell us, please, why you feel it is so necessary to further enrich those who are already rich and sacrifice things that could/would benefit the hard working, tax paying middle class Americans to do so?

  • Larry Klutz

    We should look with some satisfaction on the disgraceful attacks by Grayson and that Tennessee turkey that called Tea Party people “terrorists”, satisfaction based on:
    1) anyone who knows anything about the Tea Party knows that it has NO social agenda, and
    2) the left is terrified and desperate in the face of Tea Party activity.

  • Maryanne

    When one does not have truth, all one has is anger and hate. That is the problem with the liberal Democrats. They do not have truth. So they resort to lies, anger, calumny, and hate. They can’t enter into a debate because the facts are not on their side. So they have to throw out red herrings and try to cause hysteria. I pity them. And I pray for them. They show by their actions and language that they are lost. The biggest racists sadly are those who cry racism.

  • Stan Lee

    Grayson takes such extraordinary excesses in his hallucinated statements because he has little to no respect for those citizens of congressional district 9 who voted for him, in the hope that he would represent them properly. If his lunacy is proper, then those people in FL congressional district 9 have voted for the lowest form of sensationalist who ever represented himself as a Floridian….and his being a Floridian is questionable anyway. We may have a rerun of ex-Congressman Robert Wexler here. He who really lived in NY.

  • Benton H Marder

    There is another aspect of white Dem liberalism. Back in the ’70s, in the North, when federal and state judges were ordering forced desegregation of public schools, the white Dem liberals that pushed so hard for desegregation were very assiduous in enrolling their children in private schools lest their little ones be polluted by the presence of a black child sitting in the same schoolroom. Northern white working class families were very well aware of the utter hypocrisy of our glorious elites—who are still playing the same games with ObamaScam. Nothing ever changes with these people.

    • Rich

      Please cite some proof to back up your allegations, OK?

      • Benton H Marder

        How about you read the newspapers and newsmagazines and opinion journals, Rick. This was all over the place back then. Oh, you eren’t born yet? It’s just old history? The leading Dem politicians then and now take great care to segregate their children from the very real world they impose upon the rest of us. One of the very few exceptions was Jimmy Carter. He sent Amy to public school, even in Washington. The Secret Service had to request he do otherwise during his Presidency on grounds of Amy’s safety. Jimmy Carter, despite all his faults, is one of the very few exceptions to the usual Dem hypocrisy.

        • Rich

          Well, there, Benton, I was alive then and in school with all my buddies, a public school, as a matter of fact, if I remember right, there were damn near a million of us rubbing elbows with minority students on a daily basis.
          Let’s deal with the real people, the politicians have, for the most part, for ages now, regarded themselves as the “upper crust” although, we hung out and went to school with Dan Rostenkowski’s daughter who also went to a public school.
          How about we deal with the here and now. Go to Craigslist and read some of the stuff and look at the photos those who purport to be baggers/conservatives post and then tell me who seems to be bigoted/prejudiced these days.

  • VTS

    If Mr.Grayson is looking for racists he should start by looking at his own party.He could start with the new black panther party [same as the old black panther party].Anti white,anti semetic and of corse democrat.Then of course there is the black muslim party,also anti white,anti semitic and of course democrat.Can not forget La Raza the hispanic organization,also anti white,anti semitic and very anti american and of course democratic.Yes Mr Grayson,racism is alive and well in the DEMOCRATIC party.

  • MotherBatherick

    TEA Party; Taxed Enough Already!
    Democrat Party; Racists and Bigots!!!

    obama? Marxist In-Chief *boo*

    • Rich

      Madam, I understand that you are mentally taxed by the foolishness you post.
      Your foolish accusations merely show how you’ve been brainwashed by the right wing noise blaring from your television and radio.

      Someday, and it won’t come soon enough, you will thank me for exposing the foolishness of the right wing.

  • http://shark jeanette

    I believe that man is Mentaly unstable

  • http://none Nancy Celano

    Rich—you have the right to speak your mind, as do the rest of Americans. On the other hand, you do not have the right too condemn people for things that are not true. I am a Tea Party member, and proud of it. I have never attended a rally in which people showed up in purple and green hair, with skirts up to their crotches, stoned or drunk. There has never been any garbage left for others to clean up. There has never been any shouting, yelling, or profane language. But—at one rally a hearse pulled up and liberal scrungy “people” exited the vehicle and shouted profanities at us and carried disgusting signs. Some of them were dressed a ghouls and zombies, others just filthy. We paid no attention to them, even offered them bottles of water. The police took care of them. Super-liberals just aren’t worth paying attention to.

    • Rich

      Why would a seemingly sane person stand out in the Florida heat and humidity to advocate for policies that will make the already wealthy even wealthier at the expense of hard working, tax paying middle class Americans.

      NONE of you ever will face that issue and I wonder why???

  • Clara

    So West is saying all the KKK are demos? And Obama should have been a rep?