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Peter Vivaldi Felony Arrest
9/28/1989 Orlando P.D.

Republican Peter Vivaldi Caught Lying To FL Governor About Arrest Record

Peter Vivaldi's 1989 Felon Arrest Mugshot

Peter Vivaldi’s 1989 Felon Arrest Mugshot


A couple of weeks back it was discovered that Republican congressional candidate, Peter Vivaldi, was arrested for a felony bad check writing charge in 1989, where he subsequently plead “no contest,” allocuted in to the court what he did, and was sentenced to probation.

Click here to read more about Peter Vivaldi’s felony arrest.

Now Mr. Vivaldi’s situation seems to have gotten worse, as his ethics are being called into question, again.

According to a public records request obtained by the Shark Tank, in May of 2010, Peter Vivaldi submitted to then Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a questionnaire and application for consideration of appointment to the vacant Orange County Commission District 3 seat.

The County Commission seat Vivaldi was applying for was left vacant due to Crist suspending former County Commissioner Mildred Fernandez, who was arrested, and eventually sent to prison on corruption charges.

On page four of the questionnaire, those filling out the form must answer question #14, which reads:

“Have you ever been arrested, charged, or indicted for violation of any federal, state, county or municipal law, regulation, or ordinance?


Vivaldi answered “No,” clearly lying about never being arrested for a felony, and then proceeded to falsely swear in the presence of a Notary Public, that his answers were “complete and true.”

Vivaldi submitted  two applications for the seat. He had to  submit a second application after he forgotting  to sign and notarize the first application. Click here to view the entire application and questionnaire>>  Peter A Vivaldi App.

Moving forward to 2011, newly elected Governor Rick Scott, was put under enormous pressure to appoint a Puerto Rican to replace Lui Damiani, who was appointed to the commission seat, which itself was continued fallout from the Mildred Fernandez corruption scandal.

Peter Vivaldi lobbied extensively for appointment to that seat, and had heavy establishment support by individuals who stuck their necks and vouched for him.

Many within the Puerto Rican community were shocked and outraged when Vivaldi was passed over at the 11th hour. According to sources in the Scott administration, Vivaldi didn’t vet, due to material misrepresentations on his application.

At the very last second, and after promising not to run for reelection, John Martinez, the son of former U.S. Senator Mel Martinez, was appointed to the seat. Peter Clarke, the current Commissioner in district 3, has openly endorsed Peter Vivaldi, but most likely did not know about Vivaldi’s lie on the application, or the felony arrest.

Vivaldi is currently in a Republican primary race against Realtor Carol Platt, and Navy veteran Jorge Bonilla. The winner of the primary will face off against Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson in the 2014 November general election

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Javier Manjarres

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  • Benton H Marder

    As I wrote as a comment to a previous post on this subject, we know more about Peter Vivaldi than we do about Barack Hussein Obama. This business of Vivaldi lying on an official form reminds me of Obama’s Social Security card and his Selective Service card. Why, oh why do we know so much more about Peter Vivaldi than we do Barack Hussein Obama? Why, we know more about Peter Vivaldi’s school records from grammar shool through college than we do about Barack Hussein Obama’s. This is a great mystery inside an enigma—.

    • Rich

      Aren’t we just a little bit off topic, sir?

      Are you still on the “birther” bandwagon? I thought you all gave that up as foolish a long time ago.

      Do you really believe that if Mr. Obama’s identity was fake, someone in the media wouldn’t have jumped on the biggest scoop in years by now? Time to stop fooling yourself.

      • Benton H Marder

        Dear Rich, At least, I want to know something about whomever I vote for. You, apparently, chose to buy a pig in a poke. When your man surfaced, my immediate question was what he had accomplished to qualify him for any public office. There was nothing on record. No papers, no important legislation, no practical experience in management or governance. You raised the ‘birther’ matter. Rich, the law is pretty clear. A natural-born American citizen is born of two citizen parents. Mr Obama was never naturalized. He remained a British subject/citizen of Kenya. Further, Mr Obama’s mother repeatedly swore that she was present at Barack’s birth in hospital at Mombasa. The paper records submitted are garbage, poor forgeries. Have you bothered to look at all this, think a bit, ask questions, receive satisfactory answers and evidence? I think not. Further, in the sense given in Washington’s Farewell Address, Barack Hussein Obama is an usurper of the responsibilities and prerogatives of Congress. Further, Barack Hussein Obama lies like a rug. Face facts, Rich. Be sane.

        • Rich

          Sane, you say?

          If all this is you say it is, how did the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, inaugurate him?
          If all your information is as correct as you believe it to be, then why haven’t the baggers in the House offered up a bill of impeachment yet?
          Is YOUR information better than what they know?
          Your imploring ME to be sane? Please look in the mirror and then tell me who doesn’t have a firm grip on reality.

    • MotherBatherick

      Benton, another question gone unanswered, is where was the Community Organizer and his fellow Alinsky scholar (Hillary Hag Clinton) the nite 4 Americans were brutally murdered in Benghazi and which one gave the order to “Stand Down”.

      As for Peter Vivaldi, I would like to read less about him and more about Jorge Bonilla removing Grayson.

      • Rich

        Again you demonstrate, ma’am, you lack of the ability to make an intelligent point without having to display your ill manners.

        • MotherBatherick

          C’mon now, Rich, I am fair…I hate *ALL* Marxist-Leftists!

          • Rich

            Again, you have the nerve to call yourself a “Christian” yet you have no shame in spouting how you HATE.

            What does Jesus think of YOUR hypocrisy?
            The problem is, ma’am, that you are dead WRONG.
            For some insane reason you and your bagger pals have this insane desire to make the already wealthy wealthier at the expense of hard working, tax paying middle class Americans.
            Why is that? Are you really just that bigoted and hateful?
            Do you really despise hard working, middle class Americans that much?

  • Murry Blue


    • Rich

      Yup, I guess it’s better to stash the bulk of your fortune in offshore accounts like Willard does to avoid paying taxes like you and I do, right?

      • Benton H Marder

        How do you know that Barack Hussein Obama has not secreted serious money in off-shore accounts, the money being washed by OfA? How do you know that the waivers for ObamaScam were not sold for money washed into off-shore accounts. Despite his faults, Mitt Romney was and is a decent man. He would never have thought to deliberately hurt the people of this country like your man has done since he took office. Mitt Romney, actually, despite his faults, was eminently qualified to serve as President, which your man is definitely not. Mitt Romney has proven himself to be essentially a good man. Your man merely masquerades, playing a role for which he is grossly miscast. All I ever needed to know about your man is his position on babies that survived an abortion. He wanted them dead. This is five levels lower than whale droppings. This is a decent man?

        • Rich

          If he has, then PROVE it!!
          Willard Romney may be a “decent” man, but, does a “decent” man steal the pensions of his employees? Especially a “decent” man who is already wealthy?

          C’mon, what you fail to admit is that, basically, ALL politicians are crooks and the only difference is that some of them are better at hiding it from you and me.
          Time to learn this basic fact.

          • Eddie

            You are dead wrong about Romney having money “overseas’ to avoid taxes.
            It was a business deal open and reported.
            Both of you check the facts.
            Our country is being destroyed by ALL politicians and you want to indulge in B.S.
            As an AMERICAN, I can state that Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to us.
            I am not political, only care for the country I love!

  • Preston

    We have enought liars already, especially the biggest one of all in the White House. Time to elect people with integrity.

    • Rich

      Yeah, you might have elected Willard to be President…………….he didn’t really break any laws, in many cases it’s legal to steal your employees pensions. That’s integrity for you, a wealthy guy stealing his employee’s pensions to get just a little bit wealthier.

      • FS

        Guess what Rich…Willard is not the topic, he’s not in the White House so why bash? All here know the country is in the tank because of obeyme. It was sickening to hear him yesterday, pandering to the information challenged voters. I lost a good representative in Bill Posey because of district lines. Now, I am stuck with greason. I can only hope that it was a fluke and we are rid of him next year. Go J. Bonilla!

        • Rich

          Oh, and the rest of the posts WERE on topic, right?

          The poster was calling for “integrity” and questioning President Obama’s integrity, so I would guess that I was off topic replying to an off topic post.
          So sue me!!

  • Roger Peck

    Why do we not vet our candidates? I’m told nobody is going to be able to beat Grayson due to his dirty politics, I’m a nobody, may be I should run. Retired Army and never been arrested, beats this guy

  • Puppyme1

    This guy Vivaldi, is a damaged candidate and makes us Republicans look really bad! Allan Grayson would love Vivaldi to be our Republican nominee! God help us…