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Allen West/ The Shark Tank

Allen West Will Run For U.S. Senate in 2016, If…

Allen West/ The Shark Tank

Allen West/ The Shark Tank


The Shark Tank has been speculating this move for many moons. Allen West will run for the U.S. Senate in 2016, if Senator Marco Rubio wins the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.

Florida former Rep. Allen West said if Sen. Marco Rubio runs for president in 2016, “of course” he’ll run for the open Senate seat.

“If that became an open seat, of course I would run. I have a good statewide appeal and a lot of people would like me to get back on Capitol Hill”-Allen West (Politico)

Here is what we wrote last month:

There has been talk that West may be interested in running for the U.S. Senate, possibly in 2018, or in 2016, depending on whether or not Rubio wins the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. Woah! Let’s slow down here. First, Rubio would have to commit to run for President, and if he won the nomination, Rubio may have to relinquish his Senate seat to be able to run an effective nationwide presidential campaign.-Source

Here is what we wrote back in 2011 about why West should have ran for the U.S. Senate in 2012:

Congressman West’s name ID is increasing everyday across the country through plenty of earned media appearances and memorable YouTube ‘performances’.  Like Senator Marco Rubio, West has the ‘Tea Party’ and the base of the Republican party already sewn up- in addition to his burgeoning national support.  If West were to jump in the Senate race either late this year or early next year, his national exposure would guarantee huge donations from Floridians and from Americans from across the country –Source

If Rubio decides to stay in the Senate, expect West to run for Senate in 2018, as Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is rumored to be considering retirement, and most likely will not seek another term in office.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Kim

    We need him to take on Bill Nelson and send Bill packing.

    • Edward W. Sweeney III


      • Matthew Tien

        Hi Ed !!!

        Congratulations on the Pirates great season. Saw them play down here with Andrew McCutchen.

        Hope you’re doing well.

  • Edward W. Sweeney III

    Rubio is no more qualified to run for President than Bobby Jindal or Barack Obama. NEITHER of his parents were American Citizens when he was born here. If he were eligible, he most likely would have been Romney’s running mate. People really need to start researching the Supreme Court cases that defined a Natural Born Citizen. I really don’t think Ted Cruz is eligible either.

    • Liam Layne

      Marco Rubio was born in the USA, as was Bobby Jindal. That makes them eligible to be president.

      • Clara

        Edward- I think the I Hate Ted Cruz people want to talk to you.

  • MotherBatherick

    Get back on Capitol Hill? How ’bout in that White House on Pennsylvania Avenue!

    • Rich

      Mr. West just got booted out of his job for making inappropriate and rude remarks to a fellow female employee.
      He might have a difficult time being elected dogcatcher now. The man just does not know when to shut up.

      • Sandi Trusso

        If Allen West actually made the comment about a “Jewish American Princess”, it’s amazing that anyone would care. This term has been around within the Jewish community for years. Many Jewish friends of mine call themselves JAP’s, and consider it partially in fun, and partially in truth. If he actually called her that, my guess is that she had been acting exactly like what the term references… A woman who is monetarily spoiled rotten, and surface-thinking, and as such thinks she’s above everyone else. Most politicians today would be careful to say it, even if they think it. However, Allen West, with a military background, doesn’t sugar coat things, and I say that if he said it “congratulations”.

        There have been times in my life that I’ve thought of myself as an “Ethnic American Princess”.

        I’m so sick of this garbage where people can’t say anything without some idiot jumping on it. I also have some Cuban friends who call themselves CAP’s.

        Big deal! Who even cares about getting upset over something as insignificant and ridiculous as this?

        • Rich

          Like it or not, maam, it is improper to say such things in the workplace, unless you feel that Mr. West deserves special treatment for some reason.

          Such things can be said jokingly in everyday conversation, but it is still improper in he workplace and it looks like Mr. West’s propensity to run his mouth has done him in. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow………LOL!!

        • Clara

          He also told her to shut up.

          • Clara

            Sandi, it’s a little different when a person in a supervisory position calls his subordinate a JIP.

  • Lightweight

    Allen West has lost his honor to the US Constitution.He behaved like a policitican when asked about taking a stand on Obama’s natural born status.And now he is a gentleman to another politician who is not qualified to be president.This is why the republican party is over and only option is to merge with the democrats.

    • Rich

      Are you telling us that being a jerk to everyone that disagrees with you is the proper way to govern our country?
      If this is your idea of how politics works, you must have missed a few civics classes in school, maybe a lot of them??
      Since when does being a jerk make one a good politician?

    • John Henke

      I kind of agree with you on that. Only the merger took place a long time ago, they just didn’t tell us about it.

  • Flintlock

    Who cares if Rubio’s seat is empty? I wish he’d primary that lying, two faced amnesty pusher Rubio. If Rubio is out of office in 2018 when Nelson’s term is up, he’ll probably pull a Charlie Crist, declare himself a Democrat and run for that Senate seat.

    • Rone

      Absolutely. If Rubio is anywhere on the GOP ticket in 2016 I wont be voting COP.

    • John Henke


  • cindy

    I too would like to see West give Rubio a primary challenge. There is no way Rubio will win a republican nomination- his participation in the gang of 8 has effectively lost him support of his base.
    I watched the Cruz un-filibuster most of the night. Rubio was on from about 5 am till about 7:30. I watched him with sadness, because he sounded like the same Rubio I met several times during his campaign. He has it in his heart and in his head, he speaks extemporaneously without notes or teleprompter-it is amazing to see. But can we trust what he says now? He also said he would never support amnesty for illegals. I just cannot get past his capitulation with the left on immigration; cannot believe he was so naive he did not realize they purposely set out to neuter him because they recognized the threat he was to them. So, Run Allen, Run. Pray about it and do not make your decision contingent on what someone else is doing.

  • SSMcDonald

    A better plan is to run a recall against Nelson. Pick ANY issue for which he has voted against our Constitution and/or his constituents. Then appoint COL West to fill the empty slot.

  • Balto2

    Marco Rubio is not the man I thought he was and he is pro amnesty and I no longer respect him. I would like to see a stronger conservative move him out of his seat as I do not trust him as he let me down with his Gang of 8 in on the Amnesty issue, or whatever it was called. Marco Rubio is not qualified to run for President, he is no different than Obama in the sense he is not a Natural Born Citizen and that shows how he favors foreigners who do not come here the right way of standing in line and waiting their turn.

  • ?? Vicky Jackson

    I’ve lost all respect for Rubio — and his gang of 8 (now 7). I saw him several times during his campaign and I had a gut feeling that I could not trust him, so I voted for Costello. Glad I followed my instincts.

    As to Allen West, I have a gut feeling not to take him at face value either. He voted for NDAA — allowing for indefinite detention of civilians. Google it — it’s not for me!

  • Donna Messineo

    I would vote for Allen West but Rubio can go back to cuba

  • Rone

    Rubio is an eloquent liar. He does it with such ease that it is truly disturbing. He was jsut as eloquent when he said he would never support Amnesty but immediately changed his position after he was elected to be the main spokesman for Amnesty. He lost his creditability and that applies to any issue he is talking about. He has proven himself to be dishonest.

  • John Henke

    I wish Allen West would just run for president. Marco Rubio sold out to the wet-back hoard and betrayed all of the folks who voted for him. He is a Democrap in Republicrats clothing and he will do a Pandering Charley if he needs to just to stay in a job where he can sell influence and get rich.

  • Denny

    I smell a rat, a Demorat. He blogs as “Rich”.

    • Rich

      Aw, Denny. Can’t you think up a better insult?
      That one is very old and tired, don’t you think? Oh, that’s right, you don’t think, you’re a teabagger, you just do what the Koch Brothers want you to. Sorry.
      You all cry about immigration, but don’t recognize that the gop condones it because their corporate sponsors want it to keep the wage scale depressed.
      Job creators? You and I are the job creators when we spend money. No one just creates a job out of thin air, there has to be some demand for goods or services before a job is created.
      We need to address the issue of income inequity which you baggers seem to always conveniently ignore because the Koch Brothers don’t want it addressed. That means they might have to pay more in salaries leaving just a little less for those greedy bastards who make tons of money that supports the tea party with illegal front companies that trade with Iran.
      Have a nice day, Denny.

  • Pete

    I’m confused. You don’t like Rubio but think it’s OK to like someone who has no problem with Rubio running for president. Where’s the logic in that?

  • George Metz

    Rich, I trust you say the same thing about Alan Grayson?

    “Are you telling us that being a jerk to everyone that disagrees with you is the proper way to govern our country? If this is your idea of how politics works, you must have missed a few civics classes in school, maybe a lot of them?? Since when does being a jerk make one a good politician?”