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Rick Scott Withdraws Florida From Federal Common Core Testing

Rick Scott/ The Shark Tank

Rick Scott/ The Shark Tank


Florida Governor Rick Scott has announced that the state of Florida has withdrawn from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) federal education testing standards the state’s Board of Education was slated to implement.

I told the federal government we are rejecting their overreach into our state education system by withdrawing from PARCC.-Gov. Rick Scott

Scott has been a supporter of higher education standards, but after increasing pressure from conservative activists from around the state, who have been pushing him to back away from the “socialized education” standards, Scott had to act.

Florida is still on track to fully implement Common Core standards, but the federal testing standards have been nixed, leaving Common Core detractors feeling very little satisfaction with this small victory.

 “We listened to many people who are passionate about making Florida’s education system the best in the world during our Education Summit in Tampa a few weeks ago. The summit’s discussions were so robust and diverse that they have led to three actions today.

First, I sent a letter to Chairman Chartrand outlining a six-step course forward for Florida to ensure we continue to hold our students to high education standards. Excellence in education begins with high expectations for our students.

Second, I told the federal government we are rejecting their overreach into our state education system by withdrawing from PARCC. Last, I issued an executive order to address state assessments, ensure student data security and support a transparent and understandable school accountability system.

“While the debate surrounding Common Core Standards has become polarized into a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ discussion, we heard during the Education Summit that most education leaders agreed on two things. We agree that we should say ‘yes’ to high standards for Florida students and ‘no’ to the federal government’s overreach into our education system.

Therefore, I notified the federal government that Florida would be withdrawing from PARCC, and at the same time we will hold public comment sessions to receive input on any alterations that should be made to the current Common Core Standards.

We are committed to maintaining high standards for our students. Period. The six steps outlined to the Board of Education will help Florida move forward in maintaining exceptionally high standards while removing federal intrusion into our education system.”-Gov. Rick Scott

Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future, who has been championing the Common Core efforts, released a statement in support of Rick Scott’s decision on Florida’s education standards

“While our students have made great academic gains, the truth is a high school diploma often doesn’t prepare students well enough for college coursework or today’s jobs. I am encouraged by Governor Scott’s continued commitment to the thoughtful implementation of Florida’s Common Core standards while he also seeks input from the public.

This can’t be good if the catalyst for Common Core in the state of Florida is happy with this move by Rick Scott.

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  • Iggy

    I prefer Obama’s method, 3×4 = 11 or maybe 9 because math and accounting is nor an exact science! Haha we need a better standard throughout the country but will always have the dummies because the minorities in this country do not see the value in education because you do not need to be able to read and write to apply for welfare or food stamps! More input from parents is required , however since these kids mums are out slutting instead of helping their kids these unfortunate kids will miss out and become welfare dependent just like the mothers!

    • You’re a Jerk

      Wow. Did you really just use “slut” as a verb to describe children’s mothers. I hope no one ever says anything so crude and unfounded about your mother.

      And who are “the minorities” you speak of?

      I hope you realize you sound like a racist, sexist, jerk. Any valid point you may have is drowned out by your remarkable ability to be a piece of crap excuse for a human being.

      • hahaha

        no …. he is right. if a comment offends, its typically because its true. Im a minority but im not offended because it doesn’t pertain to me.

        • Iggy + hahaha = moron

          No, an offensive comment is just that. I am a minority and I am very well off however I am still offended as this is a stereotype which presumes guilt rather than innocence. The statement “…because the minorities in this country do not see the value in education…” is a generalized comment meant to be applied and inferred upon all (presumably) non-whites ethnicities. There was no clarification on this made by Iggy. Thus he just insulted you as a minority.

    • Matthew

      Asian-American kids don’t need socialist education. They have Tiger Moms !!

      Good article, Javy !

  • Sheri Lee

    Dear Gov Rick Scott & former Gov Jeb Bush,

    If Jeb is agreeing and congratulating Rick, then I
    KNOW it can’t be good for parents of children who will have to be taught through CommonCore.

    Let me be clear … I don’t want the federal government telling my child’s teacher WHAT SHE CAN TEACH.

    Let me ask; will your children be taught by CommonCore standards? Or will you be getting ‘Waivers’?

    My children are NOT COMMON.

    Please leave teaching to our state!

    Sheri Lee

    • hahaha

      Well put. The federal government doesn’t do anything very well. They should not have anything to do with education or Health Care or Marriage or anything other than what they are constitutionally entitled to.My kids are not common either. In fact I’m teaching them to have Un Common sense.

    • Ron Bedell


  • william lloyd

    Dear Governor Scott,

    This is just one tiny baby step in the right direction. Just as you feel the federal government has over-reached, local districts feel the state has over-reached into our local, community based education. How about you withdraw the FCAT from all counties!!!!

    How to Fix Education in 4 Easy Steps

    Suspend all Standardized Testing for Three Years – standardized testing is a waste of time and money. It does not reflect a student’s overall ability and has caused much frustration, hostility and low morale. All the research conducted by true educators in the last 30 years fly right in the face of standardized testing, and yet, the legislators continue to pass laws that demand standardized testing. The current Reading FCAT question are questions geared more towards critical and analytical thinking than reading comprehension; Recent Brain Research shows that the frontal lobes of our brain where this type of thinking takes place is not full developed until age 25. Kids are learning to read, and educators have not failed; in fact, the only reason kids are learning is the Teachers-PERIOD! The ridiculous policies have nothing to do with it. It is abusive when all is said and done.

    GET RID OF THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION! OR, SINCE YOU WON’T DO THAT, ––––––Train All Workers and Those Who Pass Educational Laws – those who pass education laws most of the time are legislators and lawyers—not educators; they do not have a clue and most likely think every child should learn the way they learn, and demonstrated intelligence the way they do; this is the misconception that is ruining education. The policies being implemented in our state right now are absolutely foolish and laughable if it were not so tragic. It has very little to do with learning and everything to do with controlling teachers because that is the only part of the educational puzzle that the lawmakers can control, and it is downright abusive. Take a portion of the money saved from suspension of standardized testing and provide training. Peak Training, Dunn Learning Styles would love to train the ignorant. Also, all those who impose laws on teachers should have to teach for more a semester in the public school.

    Place the Burden of the Learning Back on the Students Where It Belongs—Through the years there has been a subtle shift where the burden of the learning has been placed on the teachers; it has shifted from the student to the teacher, and this has sent education into a tailspin where in many cases, the kids are running the show. We must come up with a system that makes the student accountable. The simple adjustment of attitude that the ADULTS ARE IN CHARGE HERE will alleviate many problems.

    Simplify Teacher Evaluations- the evaluation system currently being used in Florida will be known as one of the biggest debacles education has ever seen.* Teachers Evaluations should monitor the following: Classroom Control; Knowledge of Subject Matter; Presentation of Material; Methods of Student Demonstration;

    *a miracle took place last year at Palm Pointe Educational Research School in St. Lucie County; over 70% of the teachers were rated ineffective and yet it was an A school.

    • Sue Smith

      Way to go Gov. (AL) Gov. Bentley, are you listening???? to the crude writer who used the word “slutting,” it’s always a good thing to be sure we have our own standards of english and grammar up to par before we start criticizing others for their deficiencies. Also, your crude language brings to my mind this thought: profanity is the sign of a weak mind trying to express itself forcefully. Your crude description of people you don’t even know shows how desperate you really are.

  • Linda

    What they are not telling you is that if we in Florida let the federal Government take over the decision making of what is to be taught in our schools then it is not going to be just about reading and math. The Obama wants our children to start learning about homosexual relationships, Gay marriages etc …… If they are not aloud to talk about religion or pray in school then they should not be aloud to teach this alternative lifestyle. If parents want this lifestyle taught it should be done at home. School should be about reading writing and arithmetic only and leave sex out of the schools. It is not up to Obama or the Federal Government to take the decision making process away from parents on what we want taught to our children.

    • hahaha

      Great comment. There are some things only a parent should discuss with their children. Sex, Sex acts, Sexual relationships are off limits. Perverts may think this is a good idea. Parents should be trusted with this, not lefty progressives with an anti religious agenda.

    • Judy

      Aloud should be spelled ‘allowed’. :-)

  • Shirley A. Smith-Rhodes

    Close the Department of Education! Save a whopping 69.8 Billion Dollars per year! Return regulation, planning and supervision to our States where they closely reflect the desires and priorities of the community! Institute a Voucher system so that parents can choose where their children are educated and/or choose to home school! Church and Private Schools will flourish! The costs will be greatly reduced when we educate instead of Indoctrinate! By and large, our “dumbed down” educational system have NO COMPETITION! Their primary focus is INDOCTRINATION, NOT EDUCATION..

    Schools in America originally were established with the focus of Reading Writing And Arithmetic! Originally “Church Based” with the desire that Everyone could read the BIBLE! With a comprehensive voucher system giving parents the “choice” of where their children are educated, the current educational FAILURE of the government would see Church Schools flourish and our children’s educational training Excel!

    • Valerie

      Absolutely agree Shirley!

    • hahaha

      Wow, I like the thoughts of the people on this site. You are one of the people who are paying attention. Make them dumb, feed them, vaccinate them, divide them. Sounds like a cattle operation to me.

  • John Henke

    Too late Rick. All Rick Scott has done is prove time and time again that he is a criminal and a gangster. We have another year of this guy and he and his cronies are going to steal everything they can from Florida before they go.

  • Jacqueline L

    A step to short, but at least in the right direction ! This program was all about teaching to the tests and the tests ate up hours of true education in the classrooms!
    NOW kick out Common Core and give our schools back to the states and districts! NO, we will not agree that 3X4=11 if the kids can give a “good explanation”. Will that work when they are making change at McDonalds? Will not knowing why we fought a revolution, or Civil War make them better appreciate what it is to be American?! Common Core “teaches” to the lowest common denominator. If you do not know what that means maybe you were taught under Common Core!

  • SSMcDonald

    I agree with the William Lloyd comment. The governor has made a wise move. Now it’s time to further advance and take the kids’ education back to Dick & Jane, spelling, arithmetic, history, geography, civics AND physical education.

  • paid a ton for higher education and still stupid and dont know it

    did anyone expect anything less from a guy who answers to the bush family i mean come on. who they kidding? i wouldn’t send my kid to MOST florida public schools. public schools in other (major) places are far more advanced in so many ways. thank god for the teachers though who go to work everyday alllll dayyyy to teach the future of this great country for very little pay and thats stripped away more every year. and as they get laid off or furloughed the superintendent gets a raise cause we all know how much they contribute other then stupid senseless meetings and trying to reinvent the wheel. and please stop giving kids trophy’s for just participating cause in the REAL WORLD only WINNERS get trophy’s!

  • Tom

    I hope Gov Scott listen when we speak clearly: NO COMMON CORE. Centralized education is as bad or worse than centralized government. Let out school boards determine what is best for out children. We can hold the school board members accountable – or vote them out.
    I realize there are parents that are not as involved in their children’s education. Go fix that problem, directly with those parents. And leave the rest of us that are closely involved in our children’s life to determine what is best.
    Or is the goal to become like Germany that makes homeschooling a crime punishable with loss of guardianship of their children.

  • http://thesharktank Mark Stewart

    Thank you Governor Scott for standing up against the overreach of the federal government. The only way to restore (not transform) our country is for the individual states to assert the power given to them by our constitution. I also would like to see our state legislators get behind a movement to restore our State sovereignty.
    Please read Mark Levin’s new book (The Liberty Amendments) to better under stand how we as a people can return our country to a representative republic as it was intended to be.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Common Core is the completion of the philosophy changes we saw in the Sex Education programs (nation wide). Parents were so concerned over the fact that these programs were teaching explicit sex information (K-10) that they never realized the equally (or perhaps even more) dangerous segment which steered children away from traditional moral values, and programmed them into the acceptance of the “new morality” which we currently witness daily (K through 12, and even College).

    While they went about changing moral values, they also programmed children into the acceptance of liberal/progressive political philosophy.

    So when you’re wondering why kids today are so out of control, just remember there have been 40 years of indoctrination into “anything goes” values and the liberal/progressive political philosophy. Common Core uses the at least part of the same methodology to complete the indoctrination that began with Sex Ed.

    Aside from the Kohlberg/Piaget (stages of moral development) method of eliminating the “inductive” stage of moral development (where facts are laid out, upon which children can base and make informed decisions), they go straight to the “deductive” stage of moral development (where children deduce what is morally right for them based NOT upon what their parents teach them, or what their church teaches them, but upon their “unique feelings”… if they “feel” it’s right for them, then it’s morally right! The bottom line is that if they have never heard the facts, reasoning behind moral logic, they have no foundation upon which to conclude and base their personal values. And (generally speaking) It’s apparent in what we see today, in the results of the changed values they concluded for themselves.

    3 other methods:

    1) Role Playing – This is the “walk in another’s moccasins” method. A speaker sets up the ultimate conclusion they want drawn by the kids. Two people stand before the class, one takes the supportive role, one the opposing role. Then they switch sides. Of course the role supporting what the speaker just finished telling them, has the most ammunition, so they conclude exactly what they were meant to conclude.

    2) Values Clarification – This sounds as if someone is going to clarify values, but nothing is farther from the truth. This establishes that there are no right or wrong answers. As I said above, each person decides what is right for him/her based upon his/her unique feelings.

    3) Sensitivity Training This is a brainwashing procedure used in prisons and concentration camps… it’s the peer pressure method… The purpose is to eliminate past thinking while educating into whatever new thinking they have predetermined (Today, it is the same method used, but they call it something different… I believe it’s the Delphi ad Hegelian Dialectic Methods, and the way to recognize it is this): You have a speaker setting up whatever it is you are to conclude. When the speaker is finished you divide up into small groups. As soon as you see yourselves being divided up into small groups, ask yourself what opinion/value of yours they’re steering you away from, and what opinion/value they’re replacing it with.
    Each group has a facilitator to guide the group into the previously determined conclusion. Each small group comes to a “small group” consensus, which is reported back to the overall group at which time you have an “overall” group consensus based on what has been reported back. Here’s the kicker: If there are a couple of dissenting opinions in each group, those opinions are not reported, so those whose opinions oppose the “general consensus” think that they must be the only ones who feel this way, so “there must be something wrong with me if I’m the only one who feels this way”. People are embarrassed to stand before the group and say they disagree, because if they had already stood in opposition before they broke up into groups, they had been ridiculed or made to feel stupid. THIS IS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE WITH ADULTS, SO YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW EFFECTIVE IT IS WITH CHILDREN WHOSE LIVES REVOLVE AROUND THEIR PEERS!

  • Shirley Dennis

    We certainly agree with Tom as well as Shirley A. Smith-Rhodes. Anything that has to do with Jeb Bush and his Surprise! side-kick Charlie Crist trying to gain control of our most precious children can never be worthwhile. Let Florida decide our own educational system. The influx of intelligent, successful people to Florida over the past many, many years is the encouragement we have. And that includes our Spanish families who are known as good parents with a father in the home, with discipline and close to their churches. Gov. Scott, let’s get to work and take back Florida’s educational system.

  • lucille j. justin

    To our Great Governor Rick Scott: Ref. Common Core


  • Cat

    No Common Core .. he did not reject their data mining of children and their families .. this will NOT make those opposed go away.

  • George Metz

    I don’t understand why they can’t seem to find tests that encourage higher standards. When I graduated from high school in 1979, having taken calculus and physics, and 2 years of chemistry, I was ready for college, and received a scholarship to Purdue to study chemical engineering, even though I only scored 1390 on the SAT (before they dumbed it down, twice).

    In other words, our old curricula was just fine, as were the tests, why don’t they revert to what worked for decades? It wouldn’t cost very much either.

  • OldmanRick

    Let’s hope more states withdraw from this joke of an educational system designed by Ayers and peddled by the brat..

    Thank you, Governor.

  • Ron Bedell

    Rick Scott only does the right thing when he is pressured to do the right thing other wise he will take his stand with the big government, Republican New World Order crowd.

  • Judy

    Succeeding through high school is expected. Then, after succeeding through a four year degree, you can ‘graduate’. Children are set up to feel that today’s education is enough. They don’t want to be bothered with tomorrow’s education, or next years’.
    Some children and some parents do not think that school is needed at all and they have no ambition whatsoever. Perhaps they have seen that they can get welfare money and don’t need to try to improve their life situation. It is heartbreaking….

  • http://panhandlepatriots.com Gaybinator

    Two schools: one common core, one 1960-1970 curriculum. Maybe the best school win. Obamacare has nothing to do with health or care, only control. Obama core has nothing to do with education, only indoctrination. It is school to work for “human capital” to be used as the STATE determines. Early on it will be decided whether or not this child suits the STATE’S needs. Those that are chosen will see higher education, those not chosen will be sent into the trades – with no option for choice. Progressive Utopians are all about choice – their choice of where you live, what car you are allowed to drive (if any), if you are allowed to own land what you may do with it, what temperature you set your thermostat and on and on. Obamacare is education for STATE control.

  • http://deepfriedmanates.blogspot.com Carolyn Tackett

    Getting rid of the testing is only the first step. And a baby step at that. Sandi Trusso did an excellent job in her comments of explaining Common Core. The short explanation is that a) education is the responsibility of the state, not federal, government and b) Common Core’s goal is to indoctrinate, not teach, children.

    Once upon a time education was hard. We diagramed sentences until our fingers nearly fell off and we memorized (‘memorization’ was not always a dirty word) these archaic little things once known as ‘facts’ (also not a dirty word). The system was quite simple-teachers taught, students learned. Back then teachers weren’t put on the Earth to stroke students’ self-esteem. In fact, learning was considered its own reward. Since then we have decided that doing poorly in school makes children feel bad and that the remedy is to dumb everything down so that no child ever has to feel bad. But we can’t just drop standards for students, can we? Statistically we know that the majority of teachers are not even proficient in their own subject matter. No worries, the union says they don’t have to be proficient. And heaven forbid we should hold teachers accountable for actually teaching. And while Iggy could have framed his comment much more artfully, the truth is that parents do share a huge blame for the current state of education. On one hand we have parents who are all too happy to turn their children over to the state and take no responsibility to ensure that they arrive at school each day prepared to learn. On the other hand we have parents who think that their precious snowflakes can do no wrong and expect little Buffy and Biff to be coddled all the day long. Newsflash Mummy and Daddy, your child’s education is primarily your job.

    Teach children to read, write, and do math and science. Leave everything else to the parents. Some kids will fail. Those same kids are failing now even if the grades and promotions don’t reflect it. And don’t look to the state to fix things.

  • Nancy Celano

    Way to go, Gov. Scott. One less intrusion into our lives by Schmobama’s socialist government. Florida can take care of its own. Now, we just have to get rid of Obamacare in some way.