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All of Charlie Crist’s Democrat and Republican Men



Charlie Crist’s announcement that he is running for Governor of Florida is imminent, this we already know. But considering that Crist touts his widespread support across party lines, will his old squishy Republican friends openly support his gubernatorial candidacy, or will they take the much quieter and less controversial support route?

It will be interesting to see if the likes of State Senator Jack Latvala, as well as State Representatives Peter Nehr and Dane Eagle, not to mention State House candidate Richard “Dick” DeNapoli, who twice heckled Senator Rubio, will embrace Crist’s run for office.

If he wants to be Governor so bad again, if he wants to come back to the state of Florida, and lead our state, why did he leave us when we had a 12% unemployment rate, and the state of Florida was having its hardest times? Weatherford continued,” Florida really needed a leader and stick up for them, why did he chose to leave? I don’t know how he is going to answer it. –Rep. Will Weatherford

Sen. Jack Latvala

Sen. Jack Latvala

The safe bet to take  here is that all of these guys will clam up, and probably help out Charlie  with any possible cross-over donors and voters within their respective districts.

Aside from the liberal Democrats like former Congressman Wexler, expect to see Greg Truex and former State Representative Mike Fasano, along with Michelle Todd, Crist former Senate staffer, to openly  line up behind his candidacy.

Here is some light reading for all of you who have forgotten who Charlie Crist is, and where he comes from.

Just last year, Todd attended a luncheon with Crist hosted by the Poynter Institute with Truax in attendance, as well as the moderate Republican State Senator, Jack Latvala. Todd is said to frequently field any questions for interview requests on Crist’s behalf.  Yet, there is more to Michelle Todd.***( For those of you in Rio Linda, Todd was disgraced from the Republican Party when she decided to continue supporting Crist after he jumped the GOP ship only) –Charlie Crist continues to align his Liberal allies 

With Sink still hedging on a possible run, a potential Charlie Crist vs. Alex Sink Democratic Primary would be fun to watch. Sink would have the privilege of opening up the first wave of “Shock and Awe” political mudslinging against the political world’s foremost evolutionist, Charlie Crist.-Alex Sink Vs Charlie Crist

I guess its his coming out party, so to speak, so he is coming out and letting people know where he really stands philosophically-I don’t think it surprised a lot of us- he governed as a Democrat. –Crist’s Coming Out Party

But now there are more questions about Eagle’s ‘conservatism’ with pictures surfacing of him,not only with Crist, but also with former President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama. Could these picture begin to start painting a much different picture of Eagle’s ‘conservatism?’ Dane Eagle, Charlie’s close friend

On the mailer, Nehr posts three pictures of him looking pretty exuberant as he poses with Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, Democratic Guberntorial nominee Alex Sink, and with his ol’ buddy, former Republican, turned Independent, and soon to be Democrat, Charlie Crist.Crist’s close ties to the FL legislature

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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  • geoffharvard

    Oh, pardon me, this is so embarrassing. I thought when you referred to all of Crist’s men you were speaking of those at the Green Iguana Bar in Tampa.

  • cindy

    Interesting. I am starting to connect the dots now. Unfortunately, Dane Eagle is from my corner of the world. And yes, he REALLY did parade conservatism in his campaign. The jury is still out on that and who he supports in the next gubenatorial campaign may bring in the final verdict.

    Last week, I heard John Morgan on a local radio show and the topic was a referendum for medical marijuana. Morgan had all the usual rationale, and he was convincing in many ways. What discredits him to me is that he hired narci-crist to work in his law firm. Now, if Morgan wanted to help his buddy who wants to run for governor on the libtard ticket, then what issue might coalesce liberals and young people in the state, and even some old potheads who have convinced themselves that their only solution to coping with life is being in the weeds? I’m just sayin……………………………………..
    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  • Carlos

    Any Republican who even gets near Crist will be flagged as the RINO they are. Will Weatherford is no conservative and was ass deep in manipulating Allen West’s district while only fortifying DWS’s district. He also will also pay dearly with S. Fla. voters for his smug power trip and refusal to even let the Sun Life stadium renovation bill come to a vote.

  • I C

    I wonder if Crist will come out of the closet during the Democratic primary to get the gay vote. There’s no way he’ll get the conservative or moderate vote.

    • Bryan K Donnelly


      I don’t care if Charlie is gay or not. I object to him because he’s a power mad ego driven sleazy professional politician with NO principles.

      We’ve had quite a number of good conservative Republicans who were homosexuals. I imagine that many remain, though hiding in the “closet.” Unfortunately, our own party has a few small minded bigots among the “Christian” elements of our coalition who reflexively object to such people, though gays, typically with above average income and education, should be a natural GOP constituency. But we, foolishly, turn them away with some of our rhetoric. Amazingly many actually DO vote Republican once it the privacy of the voting booth, but not enough.

      BTY before you label me such a “one of THEM,” let me announce that I’m resolutely straight, as if it mattered.

  • lucille j. justin

    Charlie will do anything to get his old job back………,

  • Bryan K Donnelly


    Nobody should be surprised at Charlie “Mr. Suntan,” Crist becoming a Democrat-socialist. He would, if he thought it would get him elected, become a Nazi, a Communist, or a Nudist with equal facility. It is ALL about winning.

    Charlie would not know what a principle was if he tripped over one. He is a professional politician whose goal is not any sort of program or agenda. No it’s all about HIM. Like Bill Clinton, he cares only about GETTING ELECTED for its own sake; to stroke to his narcissistic ego.

    Thus we may always expect Charlie to do the following:

    1. Always put himself first, before his party, his constituents, before any “principles” if he really HAD any.
    2. Carefully consult the latest opinion polls and/or focus groups to see just WHAT his deeply held beliefs are TODAY.
    3. Stare at his mirror every day saying to himself, “THIS is what a PRESIDENT looks like!”

    The Democrat-socialists would do well to consider, Charlie wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to stab THEM in the back if he found it politically expedient. Besides, why nominate a “Johnny Come Lately” to the party when there are so many deserving lifelong Marxists available?

  • surfcat50

    How about we get rid of Spray-Tan Charlie AND Botox Bill Nelson first chance we get?

  • Shemp

    Bill Nelson looks like Cotton Hill. Senator Nelson is just a proxy for the desires of his DNC overlords.

  • http://seniorcitizenspublicsquare JJ Cambell

    Charlie Christ is just the kind of governor we do not need.
    He is a suck up to the white house marxist’s. And can never be taken at his word. The Obama handlers will do a lot and spend a lot to bring our state under their thumb.

  • http://SharkTank Elaine

    We can’t afford Crist! It cost taxpayers too much to support him and his friends. For your own good please help to defeat him.

  • Rich

    Can any of you make a point without making some pointless personal comment?
    Who wants to tell me that Gov. Scott, who led the firm that perpetrated the largest Medicare fraud in the history of Medicare is a wonderful governor?
    If making your friends wealthier while cutting back on services we need is good, then I guess some of you will argue that.

    • mark Generales

      why don’t you stuff it. goal post on Huffington Post you don’t belong here and frankly nobody wants to read your garbage. you Democrats will do anything to win even take trader charlie Crist total narcissist Waco un principled 10 and up Morgan and Morgan slimeball