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White House Website Posts "No Double Jeopardy" For Zimmerman Petition

Barack Obama/ The Shark Tank

Barack Obama/ The Shark Tank


This petition posted on The White House website is what is right with America. This country has been hijacked by racists who do not believe in  American exceptionalism, and denounced the Constitution, whenever it is convenient for them. Radical civil rights leaders are now looking to pressure the Department of Justice to prosecute George Zimmerman on civil rights charges.The link was first posted in the latest Shark Tank post, “NAACP, MSNBC and Other Fellow Bigots Look to Incite Racial Unrest. 

Let’s see how long the White House lets this petition stand.


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  • D/R H.

    The jury already reached a verdict in this case. Just because is wasn’t the one that some people wanted doesn’t mean that the DOJ has a right to try George Zimmerman in civil court. Let the man go back to the best version of his life that he can have after this ordeal. Let the “NOT GUILTY” verdict STAND!

    • http://yahoo.com joseph burkhart

      the jurors spoke. they are honorable and sane, more than i can say for our leaders, ie obama, and holder. the jurors had no one to appease and no agenda. time to move on.

    • Sandra Miller

      I get sick to death of of people yelling racist… the young man made the wrong decision and cause his own death.. zimmerman was tried and he’s not guilty, he was defending himself and trying to protect the neighborhood of more breakins… keep it up America, we’ll be fighting each other right here in the US, like the rest of the world… leave it alone! The real racist are the ones that won’t let it go, stop digging up bones!

  • Richard Brockman

    Leave him be!

  • Patricia P. Toler

    Leave this man alone. He has had enough stress for long enough. He did’t break any laws, and he does not deserve double jeopardy. This IS THE UNITED STATES.

  • mary

    George Zimmerman has been tried. he was found not guilty. leave him alone.

  • Daniel D Diz

    I want the White House to know that I am asking that no further legal action be brought against George Zimmerman in spite of any pressure that any groups may place on our President, and the whole of this institution.

  • Patti King

    Double Jeopardy indeed….the White House, Obama and Holder need to take care of their own business with America instead of sticking their noses in state affairs. The man stood trial and the jury has spoken. There are many other cases involving black on white, black on black and brown on brown murders that have never and will never receive the attention this case has gotten…all because Obama had to make his “Trayvon would look like my son” remark and stir the racial tones! If Obama had any intergirity at all he would clean up all the scandals in his life and keep his nose out of the states affairs.

    • Gary

      Your no better than anyone else blaming obama for everything. Politics is what made this a bad situation to begin with why cant people just state thier opinion about this case without interjecting thier political beliefs? This isnt a petition for you to rant about your political leanings its a petition to stand up for politics NOT being inserted again. Its people like you that started this to begin with, if everyone could just stop acting like everything is the other political partys fault in life we wouldnt have so many stupid problems in our government. Represent what you believe in and quit acting like Democrats or Republicans are responsible for everything. BTW before you ass of yourself by assuming, im not a democrat or republican and I dont think Zimmerman should be tried again, it would be wrong he has been found innocent in a court of law. Im independent and have views on both side of the isle like I think most reasonable americans do. So quit acting like a political party is responsible for spilling your cherrios and just stand up for the single issues you believe in and maybe just maybe things might start being accomplished again in Washington, if people will stop thinking of “bi-partison” as a curse word.

  • Martine

    Separation of powers are there for a reason! The administration has no business challenging the “not guilty verdict found by the jury in a court of law!

  • Marsha Welsh

    Enough is enough! The man stood before a group of juriors and was found not guilty, his life will forever be changed and he will forever be looking over his shoulder due to the media condemning him before his day in court. Would this still be going on if it had been a 17 year old white boy? I don’t think so. The media made this a racial case. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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  • http://yahoo SA

    Our justice system is there for a reason and the jurors have made the determination; there should not be a Federal trial brought by the Justice Department just because the Civil Rights people want it. If it had been a white man(and at 18 he is a man) that was the aggressor and was killed nothing would be said except ” the jurors have decided”. We better move on to the Black on Black killings and try to stop them don’t you think? Chicago are full of them and other cities have their problems too, Mr President…why do you try to divide this nation and cause more racist activity…..inserting race in everything that you can does not bring a country together.

  • JOHN

    What about the border patrol officer that you murdered Mr. Holder, oh that’s right he’s white. And Mr. O. you have a drinking problem, the way you end up having a BEER fest.

    • DebraP

      You, me and a lot of other Americans, including Rep Darrell Issa have not forgotten Agent Brian Terry or the murders at Benghazi. Let’s hope Holder will be brought to justice so that the brave may rest in peace.

      • Shana

        Absolutely agree. Holder should be put to justice for his own crimes not in charge of any type of justice in this country. He is a disgrace to this country and to the justice system

  • http://divergentroad4600.newsvine.com/_news/2013/07/15/19478141-how-to-own-50-wii-games-with-50-bucks divergentroad4600.newsvine.Com

    I almost never leave a response, but i did a few searching and wound up here
    White House Website Posts “No Double Jeopardy” For
    Zimmerman Petition – The Shark Tank – The Shark Tank. And I
    do have 2 questions for you if you don’t mind. Could it be just me or does it give the impression like some of the remarks appear as if they are left by brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are posting on other online social sites, I would like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Would you list of all of your social pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  • Sarah

    The WH has major issues with the status our Country is in, at the present….besides Trayvon Martin. Gee, another ignorant “wannabe” diversion to not address major problems this administration has and continues to cause.

  • Shana

    The jury rested get over it. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson get over it. They are making this into something it is not, a civil rights issue. This was a tragic self defense case. I COMMEND THE JURY FOR LISTENING TO THE EVIDENCE AND FOLLOWING THE LAW AND LEAVING THE RACE CARD OUT OF IT! It is pathetic that they are going to riot and pitch a fit over this case which was truly a self defense case instead they should be focusing their energy on young black on black crime. The evidence supports George Zimmerman and if the DOJ, Eric Holder, or any other politicians get involved it proves that this case was politically motivated from day 1. The jury spoke, the case is over, respect the criminal justice system and our constitution. MOVE ON and invest your energy elsewhere. This was a tragedy and we can learn from it in many ways but we must leave race out of it and move forward.

  • Leon

    The jury has spoken and it;s about time Obama and Erick Holder stay away from it and try to use it for political reasons . Where was the outrage when the trail was going on when 10 black were killed , 75 wounded in Chicago ? Why because they were black only fox reported it the rest of the media ignore it because it wasn’t whites on blacks .