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Who Should Run For President in 2016?

sarah palin

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With the 2016 Presidential election a mere 3 1/2 years away, we thought it would be kinda fun to take a very non-scientific poll on which politico you would like to see consider a run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2016. We listed some of the most likely Republican figures who are currently considering a run for President, and some who may consider a run. If you candidate or potential candidate is not listed in the poll, add him or her in the comment section. One last thing, Ron Paul has retired, so all of you Ron Paul supporters need not get all mad because his name is not in the poll.

Let us know what you think, share the post, and leave us a comment.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Subotai Bahadur

    Voted for Sarah Palin, but want her running as the candidate of an American Freedom Party, not the Republicans who are the kept concubines of the Democrats.

    • J. Troxler

      Our government is broken and disfunctional. We cannot fix it as ti is currently. We need a constitutional convention to dissolve the government, have a trial for the treasonous politicians and restart the government using the constitution and 10 amendments.

      • JohnBoy

        Our Constitution is still good we just need to reestablish the rule of law.

        To that end I would like to see Sarah Palin Pres., Col. Allen West V.P. and Ted Cruz either AG or Sec. of State. My option 2, Sarah Palin Pres., Ted Cruz V.P. and Col. Allen west Sec. of Defense or Sec. of State.

        Rand is good also though not sure where he is best suited. Possibly treasury.

    • john norton

      Governor Palin is the only one that can fix the mess they have made of it… ~ !

  • LolRinos

    Santorum and Trump have zero votes.. maybe there is actually a chance of sanity this time.

    Palin .. really?

  • John Pippin

    I chose Sarah Palin in this sampling for a couple of reasons. 1) She may very well be up against Hilarious Clinton and we (Conservatives) definitely want the 1st woman President to be a Conservative and not worry that we chose a RINO. She is a TRUE Conservative and smart and she will help turn our country back onto the right track. …2) I like her and always have. Someone should have been there for her when she joined McCain’s ticket. To tell her that she was being picked as a stooge and was never meant to win. They the liberal(progressives) wanted to smear her and keep her from ever running for President on her own. The same thing happened to Paul Ryan when he was persuaded to join the Romney ticket. Both (RINO’s) McCain and Romney were boxers that were instructed to throw the fight and did exactly that. Every time “we” tried to pick someone other than Romney, somehow they lost and Romney was still chosen. Why? RINO’s were pulling the GOP strings. We can’t allow that to happen again. E V E R !

    At any rate, that is why I chose Sarah, but I want to say that there are RINO’s on that list and we have to keep them off. Rubio, Perry and Bush. But there are good Conservative contenders on the list as well. And leading that list is Rand Paul, my next choice. The others as I see it are Cruz and Santorum. Santorum may be wrong as he is now a loser from 2012. I like Allen West, but I think it would be a big mistake to run a black man immediately after the dismal excuse of a President the first one was and the liberals would hound us with how phony it is that ( “now” ) we conveniently run a black man to replace their God Obama. I don’t trust Trump and I don’t know Dr. Carson yet. Isn’t he black as well?

    So why this long speech? Just to say that you should re-do the survey to allow a ranking rather than just “pick one”. Thx for reading.

    • Stephen

      Sarah will never run for national office. She just wants your money.

      Pony up!

      • http://yahoo Nelda

        Pony down@ Sarah has my vote….My next choice would be Rand.

        • G. Washington

          Good to hear that you will consider Rand.

      • Melinda

        If Sarah Palin runs for president, not only will I happily donate the maximum amount, I will work my tail off trying to ensure she wins!

    • DoubleC

      How about Paul Ryan, a really smart guy and a conservative and Allen West for Vice-President. Somebody in the White House has to have some balls, we are pretty much doomed right now, but maybe there’s one more chance? Why is it no one toots the horn of the Republicans on Abraham Lincoln, The Civil War and the fact that it’s the Democrats that hold the Black people down. A few like Dr. Ben Carson, get no positive publicity at all. I’d be afraid for him in Washington, he’s a gentle person and they would probably serve him for lunch. Too bad for us. Meanwhile all the hoods in the NFL seem to be running the country and not doing anything for their own people. Ok, name something. They turned Bill Cosby into a pariah for speaking the truth to them.

      • http://yahoo Nelda

        Love to see Rand and Sarah….

    • Koma Kehuli

      I choose Sarah Palin ’cause no one in the current potential male GOP candidates can beat Billary. Not JBush, Rubio, Paul or Ryan. Like Obama, this candidates are going up against historical event. They will be going up against the first woman and could possibility be our next President. Sarah Palin is the only person that can minimizes the gender gap. Woman against woman for President and that will be something to see. Sarah Palin is already been vetted, she is unafraid and can go on offensive against Billary and not be call-out as against a woman which the GOP male candidate can’t do. We all can see, she is very aggressive and can think fast without a teleprompter. I doubt whether Billary can defense her dismal records without a teleprompter.

  • Thomas

    where can I go to see the results after I have left the page?


    Rand Paul, because Ron Paul wasn’t put on your list!!!!!

    • jp

      We need someone to pound over and over again the joke obama was and hillary can’t be trusted to answer the phone at 3AM

  • http://Facebook Wendy Kilheffer

    Toss up between Rand Paul and Dr Ben Carson

  • Perseids

    No more nanny state Jeb or any other Bush for that matter. Two in the W. H. was two too many.

    I hope dear marco does go for it though, I can’t wait for him to get what’s coming to him. One good ass whipping. Then its home to his alleged domineering wifey and a first class ticket to Martinezville. Mel needs a sympathetic ear these days.
    Adios jeb’s boy.

    • http://yahoo Nelda

      I agree….

  • BoGo

    Unless the GOP has an active and effective program to “kill” {1} Hillary it won’t matter who the candidate is. The low information voter will be ecstatic for the chance to once again make history.

    {1} “Kill” is used in the same sense as it was used by the Obama campaign where their goal was to “kill” Romney. In no way do I condone violence against any public figure, unless it is sanctioned by our wise and benevolent NSA. (think that’ll get me off the hook for using the doubleplus ungood word?)

  • Mark America

    This was a no-brainer.
    Rand Paul helped bring the Gang-of-Tr8ors bill to the senate floor for a vote. Scratch him…
    Marco SCRubio together with Schmuck Schumer AUTHORED the Go8 bill. No chance…
    Ben Carson, nice guy, but too vague and I don’t think we know enough about him to take him seriously
    Ted Cruz – promising freshman senator, but needs a longer record before I can support for Prez(voted for him for Senate)
    Allen West – Also a promising individual…
    Rick Perry – Um, no.
    Jeb Bush???? Seriously? Who would vote for this guy? Doesn’t he have some “Fertility” issues to worry about?
    Rick Santorum – No chance
    “The Donald” – All loudmouth, all the time. We already have one of those…
    Sarah Palin: The only feasible candidate listed who can beat back the GOP establishment and speak to a broad range of independents while broadening the “big tent,” but not compromising conservative principles.

    • BoldFreshjew

      Rand Paul did NOTHING NIL NADA to advance the Gang of 8 SHAMNESTY bill. Trust me [ask any Blogger on Twitter] I follow my neighbor state Senator like a hawk.

      • Mark America

        I must say that you are entirely mistaken. In order to come to the floor for debate, the Gang-of-Eight bill required 60 votes. Among those voting to bring it to the floor was Senator Rand Paul. Read and weep:

        Now, having debunked that claim, how do you feel about Rand “I was for amnesty before I was against it” Paul?

        • Erik

          Are you sure that wasn’t an effort to get his amendments voted on?

          • Mark America

            Okay, perhaps you have missed the point Eric: There would have been no need for an amendment to the bill had it not made it to the floor. This is a classic DC dodge: You vote to bring a bill to the floor for debate and vote, and then vote against it to claim purity, relying upon others to carry it forward. Rand learned from his Daddy who was an expert at voting for stuff in committee, then voting against it in the whole House, thereby seeming to be pure with his small government stance. It’s safe, since you know the others will vote for it, you’ll still get your bill, but you will have maintained your “ideological purity.” One of the oldest games in town, and the number of people who still fall for this amazes me, no offense…

      • Yup

        Exactly, do people just like to perpetuate lies or what?

        • Mark America

          I posted the link. If you follow that link, you will find that Senator Paul voted in the affirmative, as signified by the annotation: “Yea.” The linked page is the official report of the US Senate. It’s all well and good to call somebody a liar, but to do so when they’ve posted the evidence supporting their assertion for your evaluation says more about the accuser than the accused. Continue to follow your hero uncritically. It’s no affair of mine, but do not complain later that you have been misled. I tried to tell you…

    • Jolyn Colon

      Totally agree, Mark America. Sarah Palin is the one we have been waiting for. She is steadfast, a patriot, a commonsense conservative, country first, kind hearted, and she will not put politics over principles. She will do what is best for our nation.

    • HollyS
  • http://Sharktank Helena Starke

    I would love to see Sarah Palin run but I doubt if she could win. The women in this country HATE her for some reason I could never figure out. She would make an excellent pres.,she has more stones than ALL of the male politicians and always tells it like it is.

    • Mark America


      I don’t think the hate you’ve identified is nearly universal. I know many women, young, old and in-between who think the world of her. Maybe it’s just some of the women around you.

    • Melinda

      This woman loves her and so does her mother and all three of her sisters, so women in general certainly don’t hate her! Sounds like another one of those liberal talking points meant to discourage those who would vote for Gov. Palin. Sorry, but it isn’t going to work this time around!

  • Chopper

    Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

    A Palin/Cruz ticket would be a definite winner.

    Both are articulate, handsome, and knowledgeable.

    BUT, Sarah needs to announce early and not play the coy dilettante she did in 2012.

    • kgirl

      Cruz is not eligible! You can’t say Obammmer is illegal because he is not a “natural born citizen” and then chose Cruz or Rubio to be prez or vice pres. Neither is eligible under the “natural born citizen” clause

      • DoubleC

        Here we go again, as Ronald Reagan would say!! But, you happen to be right……….and that goes for Vice President as well. Thanks for bringing it up, nobody seems to want deal with this subject but I guarantee you the Dems will be all over it if they’re nominated. Cruz and Rubio are not qualified, take them off the list. Save everyone a lot of trouble, actually they should take themselves off.

  • Wayne

    Sarah may have the right ideas but she self destructed when she resigned from the governor’s spot. If she were to get the nomination, she would be labeled a “quiter”.

    On the other hand, West not only has the right ideas but would also appeal to ethnic groups if he were to run against Hillary. After all, color is what put Obama in the White House.

    Cruz would also appeal to that group and has the right ideas. But since when does someone need a longer record before he can become President?

    Whoever gets the nomination will have the last opportunity to save this country or is it too late already?

    • Mark America

      Wayne, it seems you’ve bought the leftist screed on “quitting” nonsense. West is a good guy, but I don’t think we should select candidates on the basis of their supposed appeal to ethnic groups. As for experience, I wouldn’t hold out Barack Obama as an example. He’s the perfect demonstration of why we need to see these people tested for a term or two before being given the top spot.

      It may be too late already to save the country, but it will take somebody with a willingness to speak bluntly about its state if it is to be saved, IMHO.

    • Melinda

      Palin did not “quit”, she left office in order to save her state from being destroyed by Obama’s team of lawyers, who were filing nonsense lawsuits and FOIA requests, wasting her, her administration and her state time and money. She then went on to keep the promises she made when she left office….her documentary more than tripled the number of tourists that visited and spent money in Alaska and her efforts to keep her promise to help get conservatives elected to Congress, she almost singlehandedly took the House and a great many state seats back for Conservatives! Obama quit his first term as a US Senator in order to run for president, far earlier than she was forced to resign her position as governor! Of course he wasn’t doing anything as a Senator, so I guess no one really missed him when he took off on his teleprompter tour!

  • Walkerz

    I nominate Trey Gowdy! :)

    • Melinda

      I LOVE Gowdy…but he needs a bit more experience before he becomes president….how about as Sarah’s VP?

  • Old Gray Bear

    Unfortunately Cruz carries the same disqualifier for President that Rubio, and Obama suffer with…none of them are “natural born citizens” as required by our Constitution. You can readily see the mess a dual loyalty citizenship has given us with Obama…he prefers European Socialists to the greatest system ever created and that is Capitalism.

    • kgirl

      Very true!

  • Sally Gawne

    I still prefer Rudy! A real leader.

    • BillB

      Rudy works for me too, someone with …spunk. Not that Sarah doesn’t have it just she needs to be appointed to something after the election. Rudy would really drive the left off a cliff.

  • ImaLindatoo

    It seems anyone who supports Rand Paul for president is because they don’t pay attention to what he does and says!

    Everyone forget about Grand Stand Rand Filibustering over drones over America and americans?

    Then shortly afterwards, after Boston Bombers, Pander Rand said, ‘I’m not against drones, you know, like if someone is running out of a liquor store holding again, take him out’.

    Then Flip Flop master Pander Rand got so much heat for his latest flip flop (amnesty chiefly among them, as Dad rightly called out the sham) He said “oh, I don’t mean like flying these drones over to take him out, I think we should place them on police cars’

    Pander Grand Stand Rand showing that he will out talk out of both sides of his mouth even Barry “Just Words” Obama!!!

    • Maximus

      It is obvious you listen to media BS. The Rand Paul drone comment was taken out of context. Rand Paul is hated by our government and media because he is the true patriot. You are either a government tool or just too lazy to properly educate yourself before you make a comment.

      • ImaLindatoo

        ROFL You obvious listen to the rest of Paulbot excuse making 101

        Tell me, are one one of the same young angry men that I just ran across in a store telling me he’d rather buy Mexican produce instead of American, because of the big bad Agribusiness? Not realize that America has the strict standards and it’s the Big Bad Agribusiness’ paying off our gvt so they use our tax dollars to not plant in our farms, so they can do business elsewhere out of the control of America’s standards?

        Oh, thank you. But no, it sounds like you just listen to the right side of Rand Paul’s mouth and blame what he says on the left side as his excuse making on the right. Honey, read it for yourself, I will not provide links, because I learned a long time ago, if you REALLY want to find out, and not just whine like child, attack and make excuses of WHY he did and said, you would look for yourself.

        It’s better to be an informed voter. Worse is when you repeat nonsense, you only look like a fool.

        Thank you for allowing me the chance to help you.

      • Melinda

        You Rand Paul bots are just the same gang that believed every word out of Ron Paul’s mouth! You were had folks…neither are who you think they are and neither will ever be president!

  • Dave Atkins

    At this time Sarah Palin. She’ll take on the establishment & bureaucracy and return our republic to its founding principles and values. Where is Bobby Jindal’s name.

  • Bob Hastings

    Not a viable candidate on that list.

  • Paul Brown

    Sarah Palin would be about our best chance to pull this country out of the mess that this muslim puke put us in. I think Sarah would do a geat job, she’s smart and has what it takes to take on the big morons in Wash. I would be proud to call her MY PRESIDENT.

  • MrMidnyte

    The Demoprogs would love to get another crack at Palin. She is toast, politically. Be wary of some of those who promote Palin, you will notice they are the same as those who promoted Romney. The Democrats have operatives amongst us.

    Who we need is a tough campaigner who will go for the throat of whoever the democrats run. Personlly I think Hillary is out. The baggage she has over her mismanagement of the state department and the Benghazi attack have blown her chances of winning the White House.

    I think the most viable candidate has not shown themselves yet. I like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz but issues with both of them make them problematic. Rick Perry needs to stay governor of Texas. Rubio and Bush are out, as is Santorum, Trump and Carson. Do Not Let The Media Choose Our Candidate for Us, like they did in this last election.

  • Florida Girl7

    I think we first need to take back the senate. I think Dr Carson, Allen West, Santorium, and Sarah Palin should all run. They could all win. Only then should we be having a debate over who should be President. That Senate is killing us. We need to work hard to elect people that can win the Senate.

  • Falvey Sr

    Sarah Palin is the only one that has actually cleaned up a corrupt Government. Of course the political hacks made sure she did not get re elected.

  • Corrin

    Rand Paul!!!

  • David

    Cruz and Rubio are not eligible to be President. Why are they being put on this poll? The Constitution and the security of this nation matters!

  • Enjay

    Cruz and Rubio are not eligible, but neither is Obama so obviously laws don’t count. When I see Zero sitting is arse in prison then I will say Cruz isn’t eligible. I too think Palin/Cruz or Palin/West would be a great tickets. They are patriots that speak their mind and that’s exactly what we need.

  • Peter Bailey

    Our Lady Sarah, of course!

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Rubio, Cruz and Santorum do not qualify for the office as they are not natural born citizens.

    Palin, west, Carson any combination of two for president /VP. the third one as defense or state.

  • Nancy



    Don’t know why mine was not posted so then I am trying once again.

    I still think that Mitt Romney would be the best President for our nation. Next, I would vote for West.

    Please post this one, this time . . . thank you.

  • BillyBangBang44

    I’m thinking we of course need another Ronald Regan…So what about William H. Cosby, Jr. (Bill Cosby)???