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scott vs crist

Scott vs. Crist, Are you Ready to Rumble?

scott vs crist


Are you ready to rumble? I certainly hope Charlie Crist is because switching from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party evidently causes short term memory loss.  But that’s what we conservatives are here for to remind Charlie Crist, and any remaining stray supporters, that Florida was the big loser when he held the Governorship.

In a great graphic from our friends at the Republican Party of Florida, they introduce round one between CRIST CRASH VS. SCOTT SURGE! They take a sharp right hook reminding Floridians that under Crist the state suffered the second largest jump in unemployment in the entire country.  However, under Governor Scott “Surge”, the state has enjoyed the second largest drop in unemployment out of the entire country.

From the Republican Party of Florida

From the Republican Party of Florida

The right is already fighting hard against Crist who continues to dance around the ring without officially announcing he’s running. But the Left is wasting no time taking below the belt shots at Scott by spreading inaccuracies. For example just this week the Shark-Tank reported  the Tampa Bay Times’ Politifact essentially called Florida Dems liars as they quickly knocked down their claims.

Regardless of who the Dems put in the ring, here’s hoping for a TKO in 2014.

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Scott vs. Crist, Are you Ready to Rumble?

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