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scott vs crist

Scott vs. Crist, Are you Ready to Rumble?

scott vs crist


Are you ready to rumble? I certainly hope Charlie Crist is because switching from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party evidently causes short term memory loss.  But that’s what we conservatives are here for to remind Charlie Crist, and any remaining stray supporters, that Florida was the big loser when he held the Governorship.

In a great graphic from our friends at the Republican Party of Florida, they introduce round one between CRIST CRASH VS. SCOTT SURGE! They take a sharp right hook reminding Floridians that under Crist the state suffered the second largest jump in unemployment in the entire country.  However, under Governor Scott “Surge”, the state has enjoyed the second largest drop in unemployment out of the entire country.

From the Republican Party of Florida

From the Republican Party of Florida

The right is already fighting hard against Crist who continues to dance around the ring without officially announcing he’s running. But the Left is wasting no time taking below the belt shots at Scott by spreading inaccuracies. For example just this week the Shark-Tank reported  the Tampa Bay Times’ Politifact essentially called Florida Dems liars as they quickly knocked down their claims.

Regardless of who the Dems put in the ring, here’s hoping for a TKO in 2014.

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  • John Henke

    So, which liar, thief and con man do you want to vote for? The Tallahassee cesspool of corruption just gets deeper and fouler with every passing year. So which liar and thief should give away more public assets to their private corporation gangster friends? Which liar and thief should give away the Florida retirement fund to the crooks on Wall Street? Which one will be the next sycophant to the unidentified African in the Whitehouse? Who do YOU want ripping off your money and violating your rights? The Democran/Republicrat coalition of corruption will soon be staging another “election” and we will all go get to pick which sold out soulless treasonous criminal we want to have in the governor’s mansion.

    • Sandi Trusso

      @John Henke – Well, if those are my only choices, I’d much rather vote for Scott who has substantially lowered the unemployment rate, and whose policies have greatly helped the pitiful state of our economy left to us by Charlie Crist. Don’t forget Gov. Jeb Bush left Florida with a surplus, and Crist not only spent the surplus, but put us a couple billion in the hole.

    • lowie

      History, my friend, history. Take a look back and get it into your thick head that the Democrats pushed for every tax known to man and the stupid Democratic voter keeps voting them in for more taxes. If this contest galvanizes, this voter will always vote for the tax cutter and one that promotes Florida as the place to do business.

    • Paul

      I’ll take Scott again. He’s been great. I feel like someone is actually getting things done for Florida. Scott walks the talk.

  • SSMcDonald

    A better match-up would be Colonel Allen West vs. anybody the Democrats select. .

  • Cat

    Scott or Crist — neither … so sick of R’s that are Democrats .. Florida needs a conservative .. someone who won’t push for Common Core or bow down to Obamacare. I know I am dreaming ..

  • Cat

    Governor Scott is poised to betray gun owners by signing a key part of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s nation-wide anti-gun agenda.

    Please Contact Governor Scott right away and urge him to VETO HB-1355.

    Governor Scott has just a few days left to veto this bill, or it will become law — with or without his signature.

    • http://SharkTank MJean

      HB-1355 prohibits the purchase of firearms by mentally ill persons. I reviewed it and don’t see that it applies to anything other than that.

    • John Henke

      I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t sign it. After all his handler Obongo wants it.

  • Denver

    Oh come on, I am as partisan as anyone (and a republican from Florida) but comparing Crist 2006-2010 to Scott 2010-2012, is like comparing hominy grits to creme of wheat.

    The major economic shrinkage occurred between 2007-2008.

  • Denver

    Like comparing grits and cream of wheat.

  • beano

    When you have two pieces of garbage running one must ask themselves, which one is willing to go after your 2nd amendments rights?
    One MUST pick the lessor of two evils. Rick Scott has already proven he’ll trample on 2nd amendment rights when he fired Liberty County Sheriff Nicholas Lee Finch.