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Sen. Marco Rubio (Shark Tank Media)

Rubio: “You don’t have the right to illegally immigrate to the United States”

Sen. Marco Rubio (Shark Tank Media)

Sen. Marco Rubio (Shark Tank Media)


A new Senate amendment co-sponsored by Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and John Hoeven (R-ND), that would bolster the border security aspect of the ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bill by building an additional 700 miles of fence, and employing thousands of more Border Patrol agents, is expected to be introduced today, and could garner the needed Republicans votes to pass the Senate.

Officials described a so-called border surge that envisions doubling the size of the Border Patrol with 20,000 new agents, constructing hundreds of miles of additional fencing along the border with Mexico and purchasing new surveillance drones to track would-be illegal border crossers. The cost of the additional agents alone was put at $30 billion over a decade. -Fox News

Senator Rand Paul has all but said that he would not support it, while Rubio is fully backing this amendment. Yes, if this amendment is inserted into the ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration reform bill, it would make the border stronger, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that this new bill, were it to pass in the Senate, will die in the House of Representatives.

As we stated yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office has stated that 75% of the existing illegal immigration will continue, regardless of whether the current Senate immigration  bill passes and is signed into law. Now, in all fairness, this 75% figure could be cut significantly, if this amendment becomes law.

“Taking into account all of [the] flows of new immigrants, CBO and JCT expect that a greater number of immigrants with lower skills than with higher skills would be added to the workforce, slightly pushing down the average wage for the labor force as a whole… However, CBO and JCT expect that currently unauthorized workers who would obtain legal status under S. 744 would see an increase in their average wages… [An] increase in the average wage would not occur for a dozen years.”-CBO

Senator Rubio appeared on Fox News to address the border security amendment.

They violated the immigration laws of the United States, you don’t have a right to illegally immigrate to the United States…  I don’t think people who have violated the immigration laws have a right to demand anything.-Senator Marco Rubio

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  • Cat

    Talk is cheap Marco .. I no longer trust anything you say. You say one thing on Fox and another on Spanish language TV … you can NOT be trusted .. you have sided with the invaders too often. That this bill will only stop 25% of the invasion is a joke .. if they admit it is that low .. we know it is really closer to 0%.

    • Rich

      Who can tell us why Spanish speaking immigrants should be granted anything different from what other immigrants got?
      Did Italians, Germans, Poles, Swedes, Japanese, Ukrainian or ANY OTHER race of immigrants demand THEIR children be taught in school in THEIR native language? How much money do we waste every year because Spanish speakers are too lazy to teach/learn English?

    • Rich

      Here is the real effect of illegal immigration:

      In 2011, the top tenth of one percent got 7.4 percent of all the income in America, up from 2.2 percent the year Ronald Reagan took office as president, a fact reported in only a few news articles.

      For the bottom half of taxpayers the decline has been brutal. In 2010 the bottom half of Americans averaged just under $15,300 per household in reported income. Every household in the bottom half made less than $32,400 in income, IRS data posted by the conservative Tax Foundation shows.

      More than a third of all workers, 51 million of them, made less than $15,000 in 2011. Half of workers, 75 million people, earned less than $27,000, which is $519 a week with no vacation. That figure has been essentially flat since 1999.

      Did you know these figures? Did you know half of households get only about $1,100 a month? If you do, you are part of a very small and well-informed minority. Please spread this news to the vast, ill-informed majority of Americans by telling everyone you know what you read here at National Memo, but not in your morning newspaper.

      The reasons a record fall in pay was not mainstream news are hard to fathom. But, sadly, what was once a mass medium that drew many reporters from the working class and intellectual blue-collar families has become so focused on high-income readers, listeners and viewers that institutional views of what is news change.

      The stock options granted to executives, reported almost as a competition to see which CEO can make the most for the least performance, make the news. I played a role in that trend, showing in 1996 how journalists were systematically under-reporting executive pay by a lot. What happened since is a surprising personal lesson in the law of unintended consequences.

      Today’s news organizations focus much more on investors than workers or consumers. They tend to view banking through the eyes of the few who invest in banks rather than the vastly larger audience who have bank accounts. But then mutual funds and banks buy ads and the investors in them tend to have high incomes, which in turn helps them afford the $25 to $65 monthly cost of newspaper home delivery.

      For TV and radio, advertisers also want younger people in the top half — and preferably top quarter — of the income distribution, not the half of workers making less than $518 a week.

      Concern about falling wages is also influenced by the heavily marketed idea that we need lower pay to have a strong economy. That may explain why falling wages have been reported as news by Drudge, the website of Fox, the libertarian California newspaper The Orange County Register and the like.

      Higher minimum wages, the corporate economists and right-wing news organizations say, destroy jobs. The Chicago School sect of neoclassical economics, which dominates in America, teaches that as dogma. It is not, however, what empirical research shows.

      Falling wages mean less disposable income, which in turn means there is less reason for corporations to invest because there is less money to buy products and services. It also means less in tax revenues than if we pursued a high-wage strategy and, at the same time, included in the idea of markets the actual ability of workers to collectively negotiate their compensation just as our economic competitors do.

  • http://self Mike Lameyer

    Marco the sham man, scam man. Can’t wait to work for his opposition and I’m a republican. Marco is now an official member of the DC dirt bag club. Enforce current law and sent all illegals back to the shit hole they came from. No jobs no subsidies no medical no education. Illegals broke the law that’s why we use the word illegal Marco.

    • Rich

      I don’t usually agree with you guys but on this we think alike.
      If you can’t enter OUR COUNTRY properly like all the previous immigrants die, LEAVE NOW!!

  • Kauf Buch

    I don’t care what this traitor has to say anymore.
    Y’know *what*, Marco pequeno, NONE of these illegals “have the right to citizenship of the United States”, either…comprende?
    …but I guess that’s a little over your pay-grade to understand, eh?!

  • DebraP

    Rubio is out of touch with reality and the people who became American citizens that immigrated here legally. To sum it up, he’s out of touch with America.

  • Walker

    I agree with all of the above! Marco has lost all credibility with me. I saw him on Hannity last night. His eyes were blinking a mile a minute . . one of the indications of lying.

    He also looked very stressed . . .like he’s afraid he has lost the support of his contituents. Well .. he’s right. He has. I am one Marco supporter who will never vote for him again.

  • Harry Venice

    Dear Cat, come one now, give Sen. Rubio a chance. Your allegations regarding Sen.Rubio are baseless. I suggest you do homework before you make your opinion known. Either you are not appraised of the facts or you just oppose the Senator no matter what. Your post sounds like same ole same ole Democrats and Crist’s bashing of Rubio.
    Let us look to the future. Sen. Rubio’s plan makes sense and will help a great deal to stop the flow of illegal immigration. It also brings financial benefits to the country : 15 million illegal workers (estimated12 -20 mill) will start paying Social Security,Medicare, unemployment and minimum Federal Taxes. Assuming, those folks are taxed at a minimum wage scale, even then the country will benefit in billions from their contributions into the system.
    Not only that but those immigrants with better paying jobs will purchase homes, cars and will become part of our economy. There is nothing wrong with that.
    Helping our economy, securing the borders and dealing with issue at hand is the right thing to do. I suggest we all support Sen. Rubio’s efforts on this bill. As a citizen, I feel proud to be represented by the Senator who takes on the problem and looks for solutions. It is easy to ignore a problem but it is not easy to resolve it. Support Sen. Rubio in his efforts.

    • BoGo

      Great. We collect SS taxes on 15 million minimum wage earners and then refund double to them through the Earned Income Tax Credit, on top of paying for food stamps, sec. 8 housing, Medicare, and Obamaphones. Yeah, that math works. What color is your pet unicorn?

      But that expense is worth it I guess when you get 46 million future democrats and La Raza members, destroy the GOP, and further the Reconquista.

      ESAD Harry

      • DebraP

        You hit the nail on the head..

        “radicals are not comparing America to other real world societies. They are comparing America to the heaven on earth -they think they are building. And compared to this heaven even America is hell”.

        page 17 Barack Obama’s Rules For Revolution by David Horowitz

        The Dems need illegals to get out the vote.

      • Rich

        See, you only have it partially correct.
        The “minimum wage” earners part is correct. This is what BIG BUSINESS, the main sponsors of the republicans want, DEPRESSED WAGES so the ultra-wealthy investors make more and YOU AND I, the ones who sweat and bleed for our wages make less.
        Is this what you guys want?

    • http://deepfriedmanates.blogspot.com Carolyn Tackett

      Your kidding, right? *Sigh* where to start? First, this bill is nothing more than a payoff to big business and special interests paid for by middle and lower class American workers. Second, the administration has no intention of “securing our borders”. We already have laws to secure our borders that are not being enforced. Third, if you want to resolve the problem start by enforcing existing law. No one ever resolved a problem by rewarding bad behavior and behavior doesn’t get much worse than breaking into our country illegally. Fourth, Cat is referring to the CBO study that states that the total drop in illegal immigration after the bill will be about 25 percent. Whoop. T. Doo. The CBO’s numbers are notoriously shakey (I’m being generous) and the Gang of Eight bill does nothing to incentive people to “come out of the shadows”. In fact, it does just the opposite. Citizenship is not now, nor has it every been, the goal of most people who come here illegally. Telling them to pay fines and back taxes isn’t going to change that. Finally, when you say that you support this bill what are you saying to the twenty-three million Americans out of work? What are you saying to the millions who followed all the rules and came here legally? What are you saying to the taxpayers who are footing the bill for this? Forget supporting Rubio, I’ll support my fellow Americans and those people who came to this country legally.

    • Judy

      Dear Harry,
      Come on now, why would we give people who have already proven they have no respect for our laws citizenship that carries with it a chance to change our laws? What will be ok next time? These illegal immigrants, are not all just poor neighbors from the south, some have very different ideas of what is ok.

      They do not have any allegiance to the united States of America, if they valued us they would respect our rule of laws, and we’re already doing a fine job of screwing that up ourselves. This should not be a money argument, imao. It is about the PRIMARY JOB of the federal government is to protect and defend our borders, and there are lots of folks on the border that do not feel protected and defended. If you’d like to talk money, let’s find out what happened to the money that was supposed to build 700 miles of fence and we still only have 35.

      ps. this bill does not secure the border, and the only thing being ignored is our existing laws.

  • DebraP

    It’s all about fitting the Democrats liberal/socialist/communist agenda.

    • Rich

      Debra, that’s a very unenlightened, uninformed statement on your part.
      What almost all of you fail to note is that the REPUBLICANS are as much to blame as are the Democrats. The republicans’ big business sponsors want the illegal immigrants to DEPRESS WAGES so they will pay them and all of us LESS so they make MORE.
      Blindly blaming only the Democrats is really stupid. Take some time to understand how the system works a little bit.
      NONE of the politicians care about your “conservative viewpoint”, they care about keeping their cushy jobs and will do what they have to do to keep that job no matter what you want.
      Can you understand that?

  • http://aol gonzalez

    Been a Republican for 40 years. Reality escape all , what are they going to do with the 12 millions that are allready here ? If they can control the border I wil vote for it , I am a disabled american Veteran that deal with reality and common sense. If you all can’t deal with reality offer solutions keep your blow hole closed.

  • http://aol gonzalez

    Harry , this are the proud and ignorant 1% of the Republican Party, or Democrats trying to stir the pot.

  • RedStateDan

    Rubio says, “I don’t think people who have violated the immigration laws have a right to demand anything.” No Senator Rubio, you and the RHINOs and the Marxist left are just going to GIVE them citizenship, voter rights, Obamacare, everything! What isn’t in this bill will soon be added in. This government has become a law unto itself, and when we register 11 million new Democrat voters, any faint hope of restoring US to a constitutional republic will have ended forever.

    • Danny Boy

      Someone finally catches on.

  • Jean cooper

    Rubio is a turncoat. He has lost all respectability

  • Special Operator

    I have known Marco since his first campaign for the Florida House of Representatives…there is not a finer person in America who is an elected official. Marco is trying to do “the right thing” here and it is a real balancing act. Most of the elected would run from this issue because it is one of those issues where you are “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”!!!!!! I want my Senator to be a “leader on the tough issues”…this is what Marco is doing. I trust Marco Rubio!!!!!!!!! Marco is an honest, honorable and outstanding young man!!!

    • surfcat50

      Thanks for your input, Mrs. Rubio.

  • BoGo

    They violated the immigration laws of the United States, you don’t have a right to illegally immigrate to the United States… I don’t think people who have violated the immigration laws have a right to demand anything.-Senator Marco Rubio

    Holy cow! We already have immigration laws? So what do we need another 1,076 pages for?

  • Bill

    Give him him another chance with the bill, he cannot control the Senate it is Control by Harry Reid, and he is controlled by Obama
    and his staff. These people are the main cause of any Bill not being passed that is not Democratic controlled any bill with any
    common sense will not pass through Harry Reid.

    • Judy

      Maybe if he would actually write the bill himself he wouldn’t have to try to so “artful” in trying to explain and sell it. This bill was written by extremists and he put his name on it. May his days be few; may another take over his position.

      “Gang of Eight” U.S. Senators did not in fact write the 844-page immigration bill, but special interest groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the SEIU, and AFL-CIO and extremist advocacy groups like the National Council of La Raza actually wrote the legislation.

  • BoGo

    If the law authorizing the building of 700+ miles of border fence is already on the books, why hasn’t some group sued the feds in Federal court for specific performance?

    Just askin’.

  • Dmitry

    Rubio represents the whole GOP: spineless liars happy with back-benchers’ role of selling their votes for lobbyists’ contributions. Even his “closing border” grandstanding is nothing more than a gimmick: 60% of illegals are visa over stayers. I will not vote anymore for anyone who is not willing to kill many birds with one stone: 1) close welfare; 2) hang a couple of employers of the illegals; 3) stop birth/chain immigration; 4) hang a couple of visa over stayers; 5) set guest-worker program for HIGH-SKILLED (scientists, engineers, mechanics) labor attraction. Thus, low skilled labor needs are filled with parasites moochers, jobless illegals self-deport, and we get the immigrants that we WANT not simply the ones we get through the Mexican sewer – cross border and “tourists”.

  • OldmanRick

    Rino Rubio speaks out both sides of his mouth. He says one thing when speaking to English speakers and another to Spanish speakers. He is untrustworthy.

  • Edward Sweeney

    Senator, you have to “pick a side” and stay there! You CANNOT be against border security FIRST and even THINK of “legalization” of the illegals and then come out and say things like this! You are either for PROPER IMMIGRATION REFORM (and you don’t appear to be right now), or you are AGAINST IT! Your CONSTITUENTS know and WE are WATCHING YOU!!!

  • Florida Jim

    Without a sealed border we have nothing different just more big talk and no action on control. Democrats Schumer, Durbin, Menendez[why he isn't in jail is a mystery to me],Leahy, McCain and Graham all want open borders and no country on earth has open borders. Try to enter Mexico illegally you will be raped, extorted, used as a drug mule, taken to a cartel and used as a whore, why do our leaders want open borders….for their own selfish elections at the cost of making America a third world country broke and in revolution, is that what you want?

  • Perseids

    Every utterance by this tool should be preceded by wide distribution barf bags to protect the innocent.

    It’s over for you Marco. Nothing will enable you to get back what you so casually threw away. You are finished.

  • lowie

    Our fine young Senator has fallen in line with the moderates of the Senate which want nothing to do with stopping the flow of people looking for a better future for themselves and their families. In 1986, Americans were promised border security by the Democrats and it NEVER came. This bill gives all authority to Janet Napolitano who is an appointee and does not have to answer to the voter. America is being manipulated by the hard left of the Liberal party along with the liberal wing of the Conservative party and am sad to say that Senator Rubio has been duped! I am afraid of this 1000 bill.

  • JD

    Maybe Rubio’s bill should be called: The Cut In Line Bill.
    There are millions of good foreigners patiently waiting in line to get into this Great America, legally. The millions of illegals who are here now want to cut into the good immigrants’ line to get citizenship and our lavish welfare programs.
    I do not like people cutting in line while at the theater or sports venue–Do You? With the assist of the corrupt politicians and liberal media, it will be less than a year before these illegals get onto our entitlement programs; the ones that Rubio said would take Years to enter. God Help America if this welfare/amnesty bill passes.
    I told Rubio’s office that I am done voting for this turncoat.
    He is no better than Sen. Nelson who tells us in Fla that he supports the Second Amendment and then votes for a United Nations Ban on weapons that will weaken out Second Amendment. What is it about DC and integrity and truth?

  • surfcat50

    Say it in Spanish, Senator Rubio!

  • G Speed

    I will work within the REC to erode support for Rubio– I will contribute to whomever runs against him– voting for a national ID with bio-metric info was the last straw— “pro-tyrannist” ( to coin a word) in the mold of Castro.

  • Florida Jim

    The bill is being written by the Obama administration slugs under the auspices of Chuck Schumer! good can come from this I warned Rubio not to get in the pigsty with Schumer, Durbin, Leahy and Menendez because “when wrestling with pigs you come out filthy and they love it” . Behind the scenes Obama and Democrats are taking advantage of Rubio and Blake. McCain and Graham are in it with Schumer to screw America. This was on O’Reilly last night.