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Plan to Replace Obamacare In the Works


ellmersRepublicans are not just looking to repeal Obamacare, but are actively putting together a plan to replace the controversial healthcare law. The U.S. House of Representatives has voted 37 to repeal Obamacare, but have yet to propose legislation to replace it with.

During a recent interview with the Shark Tank,Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (NC), who sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, says Republicans in the Health sub-committee are currently crafting “a replacement plan that is going to be good sound reform” to replace Obamacare.

Ellmers, who believes that Obamacare in “no way will improve quality of care,” says that the group’s messaging, which is being addressed in conjunction with the House Majority Whip’s office, has come up with the House Obamacare Accountability Program (HOAP) HOAP is set up to help Americans understand how “devastating” Obamcare will be to them, hospitals, physicians, if fully implemented.

This woman is pushing for a replacement plan that we can show the American people.- Rep. Renee Ellmers

While Ellmer’s group is still working out the details of the plan, Elmer’s adds, “our plan will deliver a better benefit at a much more reasonable costs, and insure more individuals,” adding that the “when” and “where” is still being worked out, and that the Obamacare replacement plan could be introduced as early as this year.

We haven’t yet determined exactly how we are going to go about it, but I am very optimistic that we are going to have a plan that we will be able to show the American people… I do believe, if we have an alternative plan that we can show, we will be able to finally fully repeal it, and put in place good sound policy. –Rep. Renee Ellmers

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • pa

    Wattasurprise — the solution is going to be something designed by government. Ellmers says “our plan will deliver a better benefit at a much more reasonable costs, and insure more individuals.” Whatever Ellmers has in mind, I am willing to bet cash money that any legislation that changes or replaces Obamacare will be designed to impose a single-payer system. That was always the ultimate goal anyway, which is why those who pushed through the original legislation didn’t care if it worked or not. Much better for them if it doesn’t work, as they can use that as an excuse to get to a single-payer plan.

    Will anyone in government ever think to set the free market free at last?

  • Sandra Wiatrowski

    Do any the 435 deceivers on the Hill understand that there is nothing in the US Constitution that would suggest nation healthcare is a function of the general government? Seems the red team is every ounce an oathbreaker as is the blue team! It’s all a power and control game for them.

  • Jeff

    Medicaid has caused enormous harm to America’s middle class, to the point it has totally undone the good done by the GI Bill after WW II. Because it has eaten at higher education funding with increasing avarice since it was created by a drunken Texan named LBJ in an effort to buy the votes of both the underclass and the wealthy medical industry paid to comfort them. Using tax revenues paid by the middle class. WORSE, the middle class faced skyrocketing college tuitions due to losses in funding and most now need student loans — adding to the tax burden. WORSE STILL, those young adults must delay marriage and offspring while Medicaid recipients are enabled by delusional Dumocratic policies topped off with Obamacare today. It’s never enough and will worsen the prospects of would be middle class citizens for years more, unless voters wake up in 2014 and ’16.
    One remedy is to put university medical centers in charge of Medicaid recipients, so the $21 billion goes back to higher ed. Reduce med school tuition down to $0.00 and cut other college tuitions 75%, so educated young adults can start families earlier again. And stop enabling underclass offspring by putting non-medical needy in the charge of their relatives, not the public. Use family courts and the IRS to enforce compliance with surtaxes and fines. And cut everybody else’s taxes 50%.

  • Willik

    Why the Hell replace it with anything?
    Medicare/Medicaid are both in place and being abused enough without adding another bureaucratic nightmare.
    Jeeezus, Pete!

  • Luke Thomas

    “We haven’t yet determined exactly how we are going to go about it, but I am very optimistic that we are going to have a plan that we will be able to show the American people… ” that makes a lot of sense to say they have a replacement plan yet has no idea how to do it. Typical politicians speak with forked tongue.

  • Nancy Celano

    The GOP had better do something, and fast. They should have been working on a plan from before this debacle was even voted on. I am a staunch conservative, but, firmly believe that the party is in deep trouble. All our complaining will not amount to a hill of beans if the GOP leaders don’t agree on important issues and implement changes. I’m sick of the in-fighting.

    • John Henke

      The Democrat Party is the Communist/Fascist party. The Republican Party is the nothing party.

  • http://7zk4 sicandtired

    Some how this disaster must be averted. The implementation of this marxist program will be the death of America.

  • Fercho

    It’s essential for our Personal and our Nation’s health to “Repeal the “Obama” part!” and Let the “Care” to our personal retirement planning. Remember the ethical story of the Ant and the Grasshopper?

  • Perseids

    Why not replace it with nothing?

    Why not allow us to purchase what we choose how we choose when we choose? Why not deregulate the whole mess and allow the Doctors and the patients to exchange goods and services as they wish on any basis they agree to?
    Government would still collect their vig.

    You do that when you have your car repaired. Government does not set prices regulating parts and labor or your optional extended warranty (insurance) service. We actually are capable of managing it without big brother looking over our shoulder.

    After all Government is the problem. Always has been. Believe it or no, at one time not that long ago Doctors used to actually make house calls. To Your Home.

    The last thing the system needs is any sort of reinvention from the nanny state hand wringing bed wetting republican slugs in Congress.

    Better they pass a law mandating Congress shall not convene for for more than 30 days in any given year. Add a one year prison term for each day of violation. That would be good way to start protecting us from them.

    • John Henke

      I’m old enough to remember the house call. Dr. Ford was our doctor. We were his customers and he gave us good service because he wanted our business. That was before the insurance racketeers took over with the help of their little two dollar whores in the “government”.

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  • Desi Sanchez

    Why do Republicans have to “replace” something created by Democrats, Why can’t it be removed, either way treatment will be denied when needed the most.

  • jeff09

    OH Nooooo! Republicans must wake up. Just because liberals tell you that there is nothing to replace it with does not mean that you have to replace it! And just because Democrats say that we have to have immigration reform does not mean that we must! Two great issues where the general public is on the sides of the Republicans and they are trying to screw them up. Repeal Obamacare and stop the Rubiocare immigration bill. For bonus points pass a border enforcement only bill. Then watch the votes come in. Why are these Republicans so stupid — Do they not read polls?

  • G Speed

    now maybe some on here are rethinking their blue/red all the same vote— Ron Paul–I told you so.

  • John Henke

    When in hell did my medical needs become the business of the damned government? I know, why don’t we just have a government that lives within the confines of the Constitution and obeys the damned law!

    How about a government that isn’t a whore for Wall Street and the insurance gagsters, banksters and all of the other corporate criminals that seems to rule this nation at this time.

    How about a government whose mission is to protect our rights as enumerated in our Constitution! Since that is supposed to the reason we have government in the first place, why don’t we just do that?

  • Lightweight

    First you have to remember Obama has won every issue and the republicans are still at ZERO points.Second,the Socialist GOP has not heard the People,the governement needs to get out of the relationship of doctors and patients.This is why the republicans only option is to merge with the democrats.I have a great idea,read the US Constitution.

  • Stan Lee

    The government should stay out of it, I mean Democrat OR Republican.
    Such bureaucracy only makes any plan worse! None of those national plans designed for large populations really serve well, they just channel everything into ‘single payer” if not immediately, then in time.
    If we’re talking Sweden or Norway, lesser populations, perhaps such plans can operate without too much confusion, but neither have a population approaching that of the USA.
    It should be left to the risk takers, the insurance organizations. They know how to operate with private sector, trained employees, who are accountable for their performances.
    The government is the wrong place from whom to expect accountability in such an area as health insurance.
    I believe the entire Obamacare plan was “blitzed” onto the USA, to be done very quickly, even with 2700 unread pages by the Congress for one reason…control of Americans.

  • C T Vivian

    Woo Hoo Said Rep sports a resounding 69 Heritage score that is probably tops on her committee. I can hardly wait to see what she and her fellow geniuses produce.

  • Luke Thomas

    How can you implement a plan when you don’t even have a plan. “We haven’t yet determined exactly how we are going to go about it,” is she on something?

  • Ben Dover

    Government Health Care – THE Crown Jewel of Socialism!

  • Lightweight