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Stop common core

Americans Defy Government ‘Common Core’ School Intrusion

Stop common core


You’d think the Obama administration would have learned not to mess with the Tea Party in 2010. They are about to learn you can’t mess with their kids either.  In a renewed sense of vigor after noticing the targets painted on their backs, tea party patriots are organizing all over the country to combat what they affectionately call, ‘ObamaCore’.

The grassroots movement is gaining momentum in pressuring state legislatures to reject the federal program know as the Common Core State Standards through organized marches on individual state capitals.  Currently 45 states and the District of Columbia, including Florida, have fully adopted the bipartisan program. The Tea Party received an adrenaline shot as the large DC non-profit group FreedomWorks became involved in the movement to halt the standards.

But like ObamaCare, Governors first voted on the program without knowing what was in it.  Florida opponents are seeking repeal of the program or at the very least an 18-month moratorium so costs can be determined and a full inquiry as to what the program actually contains.

The financial cost is just one part of the argument. In Florida, it is believed to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 million dollars for one year, the total cost of FCATs for 12 years, says Dr. Karen Effrem, president of the group Education Liberty Watch which fights for parents to maintain the rights in their child’s education.  And taxpayers will be the one fitting the bill.

Effrem warns of other dangers from the standards.  She explains the long arm of the Government will reach not just to public schools, but private and home schools will also be required to comply. “Do we want the ensnarement of private and home school students that will basically have no alternative to public education?” She said in April.

The content alone is abhorrent.  Even though supporters claim the program teaches historical information such as the Constitution, Liberty Watch says the Constitution is only taught in small bits and not the document in full. The program will also include such indoctrination as an EPA manual about insulation.  The Gettysburg Address, they say, is instructed to be taught without emotion, historical context or background information.

The tea party insists this is an attempt at a complete takeover of curriculum by the Federal Government although supporters of the program disagree and claim it is simply “standards” that is fully state-led. It is not.  Federal funding will only come with the passing of the national tests.  The states would have to teach the curriculum to pass the tests.

According to the group Floridians Against Common Core Education (FACCE) the requirements will remove individual critical thinking and problem solving skills and replace them with a one size fits all homogenized education that lowers standards, discourages individual success, and instead simply prepares children for the work force.

And as usual, it’s all about the money. State compliance is necessary to receive their Race to the Top program money from the 2009 stimulus. Once again, Obama is bribing states to relinquish portions of their power to the federal Government.

In light of all the recent invasions of privacy scandals through data-mining and secret spying on Americans, Common Core will require invasive data concerning our children to be turned over to the Government.  Including information such as, the exact location of the children’s bus stops, blood types, religious and political affiliations, as well as physiological response data to predict the child’s future and to shape that role.

Currently Lawmakers in 7 states have introduced bills to repeal the standards or postpone implementation.  Among supporters of the program is former Governor Jeb Bush who is actively standing against the Tea Party encouraging legislators to “not pull back.”   “The Common Cause State Standards are clear and straight forward,” he said last month and claims the standards are “high and lofty.”

But administration beware, hell hath no fury like a Tea Party scorned.

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Donlyn Turnbull

Donlyn is a freelance writer and the Executive Editor of Damn Straight Politics. She has been published by Breitbart, Washington Times Online and more and has appeared on the Glenn Beck Program on The Blaze TV. She is also the host of The Donlyn Turnbull Show on FTR Radio. You can follow Donlyn on Twitter at @donlynturnbull or her Facebook page here.

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  • Perseids

    Is anyone surprised nanny state Jeb supports such an intrusive and draconian program. I hate to say it but it seems to me the door was kicked open for this type of Federal intrusion by brother W and his (vote pandering) no child initiative.

    Education is to important to be trusted to the sovereign state or local county and definitely not to the parents. This whole thing reeks of Stalin. Very creepy.

    “Voluntary” Iris scans along NSA 24/7 total surveillance and biometric donations makes me think that prison planet fellow may have been on to something after all.
    Oh… and the iris scans are needed so they can be sure your child doesn’t miss the bus, no worries. Go back to sleep.

    Common core is essentially Obamacare for Education. Dissent will be snuffed out very quickly. Maybe the IRS should be put in charge of Common Core too.

    Buy ammunition while you still can.

    • John Henke

      The thing I hate about every conspiracy theory I’ve heard in the last 40 years is that they all turned out to be true.

      “No child left behind” is a Bush mafia scam that is looting millions of dollars every year from the nation and putting it right into the pockets of the Bush ruling family.

  • John Henke

    Well it is no surprise that an “educational system” torn from the Tenth Plank of the Communist Manifesto is making a normal progression toward total and complete mental conditioning, rather than anything resembling an education.

    I am reminded of one Professor Trofim Denisovich Lysenko. He was a good buddy of Joseph Stalin, who made up the very same system we see here in America as regards Communist Government schools. Lysenko had this idea that if all kinds of different people are placed in the same environment they will all act the same way becoming some sort of homogeneous body, all alike, that would be good little worker drones for the Soviet Union. (He was actually a botanist by profession who claimed he could turn wheat into rye by planting wheat in soil that favored rye. Yea, weird I know.) The fast learners were held back by a curriculum that was not challenging for them in order for the slow learners to keep up, so good learners were bored to death waiting for the slow learners to get the test answers correct. The idea was that everybody would make excellent “grades” and everybody would graduate together. And the school would look good as well. Sound familiar?

    Well it didn’t work out so well. The funny part is that sometime in the mid 1930’s the system was abandoned for a competitive educational system. Even the Soviet dictatorship could see that there was nothing beneficial for the country if they are graduating un-educated people into the society. But come to think of it, the Soviet dictator Stalin with all of his faults was not committing deliberate treason against Russia like the “government” ruling America is at this time. This is a simple fact of history which of course I’m sure history in any factual form is no longer taught in schools as it had been abandoned by the time I graduated hi-school 40 years ago.

    The only recourse I can think of to this situation is for as many people who can to abandon these Communist government schools. The political class does not give a damn about the tax payer class. We are their “revenue units” which they exploit through force and intimidation to support their ambitions. Governor Scott has sure as hell revealed himself for who he is and we’ll get rid of him come next election, unless his private prison gangster friends invest in touch screen electronic voting machines. But does it really matter anymore who a governor is? The American states operate as no more than Soviet Style Regional Administrations and have abandoned their duty to maintain State sovereignty in exchange for handouts from the central committee in Washington. It’s up to us, and those of us who can, must walk away from this evil corrupt system and not feed the beast if we can help it.

  • Carlos

    Everything the Communist-in-Chief is doing comes right out of the Marxist playbook. Anyone who lived in Cuba or the USSR knows this MO, unlike most ignorant, distracted Americans. The regime tried to arrest the protestors the other day. Parents need to keep at it and not be intimidated. Obama has wasted much of his waning political capital and the dam is ready to burst.

  • Nancy Celano

    Common Core is another Obama ploy to federalize the educational system. Are Americans so blind and deaf that they can’t see what this lying, cheating socialistic person is doing? He is taking over the country, bit by bit, and turning it into liberal toy for socialistic fun. In the coming elections, all Democrats must be voted out of office.

  • Nancy Celano

    Common Core will take over private and parochial schools as well as the public schools. Obama’s radical czar of education is already changing textbooks so drastically that kids can ‘t even recognize the true history of our country. Having worked in a large Ct. state university for 11 years, I can vouch for the fact that college academia is totally liberal and socialistic in outlook and curriculum. A student, today, must have parents who have taught them the truth about America, right from childhood, so that they can have this knowledge throughout their lives. We are in a very dangerous situation with Obama and his liberal cronies in office.

  • TJ