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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz punches back on Supreme Court’s “alarming” DNA decision

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz


On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz released a statement concerning the Supreme Court decision over Maryland vs. King, which allows authorities to forcibly take DNA samples from anyone that has been arrested but has not been formally charged with a crime, or tried and convicted.

“Today’s unfortunate U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Maryland v. King, by a vote of 5-4, expands government power, invades our liberty, and undermines our constitutional rights,” he said in his statement.  “So now the government can capture, without a search warrant, the most personal information about an individual, and use it to search vast databases for unrelated offenses.”-Justice Antonin Scalia

Cruz stood by Justice Scalia’s “scathing” dissent as he argued if DNA was being collected to solve crimes, why then could the same not be applied to schools or when flying?

Cruz warned of the massive shove further toward a “big brother” style of Government seizing control of the most personal aspects of our lives. He claimed this is a direct attack on the Constitution, particularly the Fourth Amendment, which he explains was adopted to specifically “prohibit the British practice of “general warrants” targeting individuals absent specific evidence of wrongdoing.”

In his conclusion he stressed the danger in this decision as well as using the IRS scandal as an example for the misuse of power, “…we cannot allow that government function to run roughshod over the Bill of Rights. And, as recent events involving the IRS have demonstrated, unchecked government power—and intrusive personal databases maintained on the citizenry—poses real risks to our liberty.”

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  • Carlos

    Once convicted, I support the DNA sample. Otherwise it’s a Big Brother fishing expedition.

  • dc

    When oh when can we hold the government to the law – it has no problem holding us to “the law” – regardless of whether said “law” is constitutional or not.

    My poor sweet shredded constitution…

  • Rich

    Imagine that, folks, this decision was rendered by CONSERVATIVE justices!

  • Perseids

    One of a very few Men left in power who possess a Real Pair of Big Brass ones. He is a natural leader and a real fighter.

    Read what Alan Dershowitz known big lib, die hard defender of The Constitution, and Harvard Law Professor said re Ted Cruz.
    Worth the read…