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Miami’s Ballot Fraud Scandal Could Involve West-Murphy Race



Unlike Chicago-style politics, Miami’s infamous ‘arroz con pollo’ style of campaigning and electioneering is in a class all by itself. Over the past several years, Miami has had its fair share of political scandals and sketchy campaigning from both Republicans and Democrats-it must be in the water or something.

 The newest scandal to blow up in Miami is the alleged absentee ballot request scandal that could implicate Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia. According to the Miami Herald, Garcia’s chief of staff , Jeffrey Garcia, “abruptly resigned this past Friday after officials implicated him in a “sophisticated scheme to manipulate last year’s primary elections by submitting hundreds of fraudulent absentee-ballot requests.”

 It gets worse, much worse. Garcia’s communication director Giancarlo Sopo, and his 2012 campaign manager, John Estes, were both served with search warrants of their homes this past Friday. Sopo, who according to Garcia, will most likely be reassigned to another staff position. But should Sopo still be allowed to receive a salary, considering that fact that he is still being investigated for his possible involvement in the case?

 The raids marked a sign of significant progress in the probe that prosecutors reopened in February, after a Herald investigation found that hundreds of the 2,552 fraudulent requests for the Aug. 14 primaries originated from Internet Protocol addresses in Miami that could be further traced. The bulk of the requests were masked by foreign IP addresses.-Miami Herald

As expected, Congressman Garcia took the “I’m shocked and disappointed” position, when asked for comment about the growing ballot scandal, adding that he could not  stress how angry he is to learn of this investigation.

I’m shocked and disappointed about this,” Garcia, who said he was unaware of the plot, told The Miami Herald. “This is something that hit me from left field. Until today, I had no earthly idea this was going on.”-Rep. Joe Garcia (D)

But while Garcia contends to not have any knowledge of the alleged absentee-ballot scandal, past and present campaign staffers from both Republican and Democratic campaigns are questioning whether or not Garcia was really kept out of the loop.

 During Garcia’s past failed Congressional campaigns, Garcia built up a reputation of being a “hands-on” type of candidate, that insisted on been apprised on all aspects of his campaign.

 So was Garcia kept in the loop while this alleged ballot fraud was taking place?

 “I cannot stress how angry I am at these events,” Joe Garcia said Saturday.

 Carlos Curbelo, a Miami-Dade School Board Member, is said to be close to announcing that he will challenge Garcia for his eat in Congress. Curbelo has opened up a Congressional Exploratory Committee, but is expected to to officially announce by the end of July.

 “The people of Southwest Dade and the Keys are sick and tired of politicians that will do or say anything to get elected. Every day it becomes more evident that we need to turn the page on this culture of corruption and get new leadership in Washington.” –Carlos Curbelo

 Allen West

allen west 3 Also, it is important to point out that Jeffrey Garcia worked for Democrat Patrick Murphy’s congressional campaign against Republican Congressman Allen West. While the Herald reports that Murphy has not been implicated in the ballot fraud case, the 2012 Murphy-West recount drama that took place raises more doubt and speculation as to whether or not voter fraud was committed in that race as well.

 West and his campaign, who had  suspected voter fraud all along, may have just received a little vindication with this news breaking out of Miami. Democrats insisted that West and his supporters were “crying wolf” about voter fraud in his against Patrick Murphy.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has  targeted Garcia’s seat in the 2014 election cycle.

This latest report of an alleged ballot fraud scandal surrounding Congressman Joe Garcia is very troubling. While voters deserve the truth, Congressman Garcia left a lot of questions unanswered. Floridians deserve to know what Congressman Joe Garcia knew about this voter fraud scheme and when did he know it.” NRCC Spokeswoman Katie Prill

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  • Anna Lodge

    Your Twitter is NOT WORKING. I’ve been trying for weeks and it doesn’t connect. Please fix it.

    • Hank Bradley

      John…..I am with you, poll workers in OHIO convicted of voting more than once, fund raisers for Hillary convicted, voting fraud caught in Indiana, AND Garcia spouts the Democratic talking points for all these scandals, ” I wasn’t aware, I’m shocked. ” Where does it stop? …… On a Tuesday in November 2014!

  • John

    I hate liberals and they should know that we are coming for them. If you have a D behind your name, you will be destroyed. This is no longer just about the typical political banter, this is all out war and the dems should know that their 5 year destruction of this once great country will be met with the full power of the American people who havent been brainwashed by the thugs. Watch your backs

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  • Cindy

    My daughter and son-in-law, who were in Allen West’s district, mailed their absentee ballots and actually handed them to a postal employee at the counter, but they were never logged as received when they checked the Palm Beach county elections website. Now explain that one to me!

  • SH

    This attitude of we’ll get what we want by “hook or by crook” has been more and more pervasive since Obama took office. I always said that if Obama was elected (the first time), that we would see a dictatorship government, and that’s exactly what we have been given over the past almost 5 years. The U.S. is becoming politically a third world country and the other strong countries of the world know it and laugh at us. What is happening in the voting/ballots is not singled out in Miami or in West’s bid for his seat, it is happening all over this country. Not sure if we will ever recover totally from this administration, his czars, corrupt agencies, inept departments, etc. Everyone watches the corruption, wasteful spending, illegal or unethical activities, but no one seems to be able to do anything about it, and no one is being held accountable….what a shame that we elect leaders in government to handle these things and nothing happens but a lot of talk. We deserve what we get I guess!

  • patti

    ‘WEST-CARSON”…2016 !!!!!!!

  • Onslow

    Since the original vote count, I knew something was terrible wrong. When I expressed my serious thoughts based on my over 40 years working in elections, I was put down, publically, by a low level GOP official explaining that the vote discrepancy in Miami/Dade and St. Lucy County was simply that voters were counted by the number of pages required to cover the whole ballot where there many candidates. I do not believe that and have not believed it from the start. I would like to hear a plausible explanation.

    • http://SharkTank MJean

      This is what is so amazing to me! The Republicans did not even try to fight the excessive ballots in Miami/Dade and St Lucy County. I believe this was pervasive nationwide, certainly in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Florida, and yet the Republicans DID NOTHING. WHY? It’s almost like they are afraid to challenge anything. Again WHY?

  • oldtimered

    It is beginning to look like O never won in 2012. His margin was so low and the cheating so pervasive that we have to demand laws that will stop these traitors from staying in office by Chicago methods.
    Also the republicans and independents who stay home because they are not totally satified with the candidates has to change. It was as many as 10 million lost good votes plus whatever votes the dems destroyed; that could have put these evil and insane power grabbers into retirement.

  • Carlos

    GOP needs to lawyer up to intimidating levels and watch polls EVERYWHERE! Those who are honest and decent often cannot fathom the depths to which scum like Obama & Co. will sink. Oldtimer’s 100% correct that the bible thumpers A-holes who want religious or other ideological purity will do nothing but keep Dems in office. The notion that millions stayed home to protest a rich Mormon is asinine and suicidal.

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