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Michelle Obama Says Sequester Affecting Seniors, Could Cut Food Stamps



The left-leaning and President Obama supporting Talking Points Memo (TPM) blog has just released their pool report on the fundraiser in New York City  that First Lady Michelle Obama attended Wednesday night. The event was held at the apartment of fashion designer Tony burch, and was attended by 100 supporters,  including actress Julianne Moore and fashion designer Vera Wang.

 Mrs. Obama stayed on script by hitting on all the Obama-Democratic talking points, but according to the report, she surprisingly really didn’t bash Republicans, as she usually does.

 Here are excerpts of her speech-

 “Just last month for example we saw the failure of common sense legislation to protect our kids from gun violence, legislation by the way that 90 percent of the American people supported. We’re seeing a budget stalemate and a sequester resulting in children across the country being turned away from Head Start, and so many seniors losing their meals on wheels, and now there’s talk about cutting food stamps,” Obama said.

The First Lady described these cuts as “not what this country is about.”

“We are so much more compassionate and fair, so much more decent than
that,” said Obama.

 Its interesting that Mrs. Obama brings up this “budget stalemate” considering that before this year, Congressional and Senatorial members of her own Democratic Party had not  passed a national budget in over three years, even when they Democrats controlled the executive and legislative branches of government.

 Obama then adds that the “sequester” which her husband, President Barack Obama conjured up himself, is resulting in children being “turned away” form the low-income education program Head Start. She also mentions that seniors are being deprived of delivered meals, and that food stamps my soon be cut.

 President Obama has been called “The Food Stamp President,” because more people have gone on food stamps under this presidency than in any other time of our country’s history. So, I don’t think that Obama will allow his food stamp program to  be dinged by the sequester. Politfact checked out the accusation that Obama is the Food Stamp President, and gave it a half truth.

 Mrs. Obama continues…

 Obama said she was thinking of this unprejudiced aid “during a recent visit I made to my hometown of Chicago” where she met high school students plagued by poverty and gun violence. She noted the children all raised their hands when asked if they knew someone who had been shot and described them as “consumed with staying alive” rather than “reveling in the joys of their youth.” Obama added there are “so many kids in this country” who are “just like” those children she saw in Chicago.-TPM

Yes, gun violence is an epidemic in Chicago. But what the First Lady fails to mention is that the gun violence that these underprivileged children have witnessed is directly tied to the illegal drug trade and gang violence that has consumed the low-income neighborhoods in which they live in.

 “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback…For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”-Michelle Obama, February 2008

Considering President Obama’s sequester is supposedly going to cut food stamps and is already starving seniors, does Michelle Obama still believe that Amerians are “hungry for change?”

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  • George Hanes

    Please, some accuracy in your articles. I am conservative and am embarrassed when a writer makes an error that can be exploited to ridicule us as less than intelligent.

    from the article:
    “Democratic Party had not passed a national budget in over three years, even when they Democrats controlled all THREE branches of government.”

    The House & Senate comprise one branch—the legislative branch.
    The President is———————————– the executive branch.
    The Supreme court is—————————–the judicial branch.

    Should have been TWO branches.

    • Javier Manjarres

      Please, George. You should only be embarrassed at yourself for putting up such a dopey elitist comment. Check your intelligence. Your quote is of my words taken out of context, post the whole paragraph next time. You are right about the three branches, we made a mistake. No one party controls the judicial branch. Oops, we are human and make mistakes. Something tells me you are probably some liberal.

      • Attila

        Actually, the judicial is absolutely dominated by Democrats. And then there are the RINOs.

  • George Hanes

    My, my Mr.Javier Manjarres aren’t we touchy. My point was obviously valid otherwise you would not have bothered to edit the entire paragraph that you accuse me of quoting out of context. I most certainly am not a liberal, regardless your comment on me was uncalled for—“dopey elitist comment”, “Check your intelligence.” If you are posting the article YOU have a responsibility of checking your article. By the way that “out of context” was a cut and paste of your exact words.

    • Javier Manjarres

      again, cut out of context. And I did edit out the three branches to read only legislative and executive brances, not the entire paragraph.

  • Teresa

    Perhaps if the FLOTUS would not take so many expensive vacations and buy expensive clothes and tell Hubby no more golfing outings and Wed. night parties it would help. Americans and the Military serving this country are suffering. But I am sure she would offer a piece of cake to those who are hungry.

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