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Bipartisan Immigration Reform Could Be Dead On Arrival


labradorThe hopes for a bipartisan immigration reform bill could very well be dashed, as key Republican House Republicans have threatened to abandon the ongoing immigration reform negotiations.

Congressmen Carter (R-TX) and Labrador (R-ID),who is considered to be a key figure of the negotiations, said that if  an agreement is not reached by Thursday (Today) then they will pullout of the talks.

“Tomorrow night, as far as I’m concerned, is the last night I’m gonna meet.”- Rep. John Carter

Labrador believes that a Republican immigration reform plan is probably the way to go, as opposed to the current bipartisan effort.

“I think it’s time for us to move ahead with a Republican plan if nothing happens tomorrow,” Labrador said. He characterized such a plan as “conservative immigration reform.”

That the House’s eight-person bipartisan group appears to be breaking down is a major development in the immigration debate. If the House does not come out with its own plan, it will make immigration reform a lot more difficult. The theory from Republican leadership was that the bipartisan group’s product would give the House GOP buy-in.

If the Republicans release a conservative immigration plan, it will likely not include a lot of the concessions the group made to Democrats, sources said.

The group has been hung up over how the legislation deals with the health care of newly documented workers and worker visas. Some Democrats also don’t like a trigger that would shut down the legalization process if an employee verification system is not in place.-Politico

According to the Politico story, “Republicans want immigrants on the pathway to citizenship to provide their own health care. Democrats prefer Senate language, which says immigrants on the pathway cannot receive health care subsidies.”

A Republican House immigration bill that will be overall “conservative ” and focused on stronger security-enforcement, will pass the House of Representatives, but would surely get rejected by the Senate.

In other words, it will be very difficult to find enough common ground between the House and Senate to push through an immigration reform bill for the President to sign.



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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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  • FLgeezer2

    Anytime that you join Chuck Schumer in writing legislation, you can be assured that it will be far more favorable to Democrats than to Republicans and the country. Chuck Schumer is all about Chuck Schumer and the Democrat party and the country and Republicans can just go to the back of the bus. If Marco really thinks that Chuck Schumer and the other Dems in the gang of eight would sign on to a bill that does what Marco says this one does, he is sadly naive. Marco should take to heart the old saying that “if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” Chuck and the gang of Dems operate according to the old adage “never give a sucker an even break.”

  • Vicky

    Amen to that – so sad really, how quickly Rubio got co-opted into the forces of evil (Schumer/McCain). I remember well how uplifted I felt as I campaigned for him, I saw him as truly a shining star in an otherwise very bleak landscape. Now, he’s just another sell-out.

    • Helena

      I totally agree with you. I just received another letter to contribute to him again and I sent it back telling him I no longer supported him or any repub. that will vote for amnesty.I told him that I thought he was a strong candidate but he ended up just another RINO.

  • Stan Lee

    Better the almost 900 page “Gang of Eight” bill should die!
    I don’t buy how they’ve described that border security is an overblown contention. It is the major contention!
    The only logical way is the method suggested by the House, not the Senate.
    This issue has languished for generations, no 900 page piece of BS is going to cure it overnight anymore than 2700 pages of Obamacare did nothing but screw up the American medicine delivery system and cost every tax payor an arm and leg. The Phase-in process for immigration in stages is the best way to go. I’m not buying into “bringing people out of the shadows.”
    The Democrats are either playing the “race game” or some appeal based strictly upon emotions.

    • jp

      Enforce our current laws drop this shamnesty shame on
      on you people we do not need any new immigration laws this
      is purely political to gain more votes for the democrats any
      republican that votes yes cab get voted out of office

      • marilyn milam

        I agree, however the people who read this column need to know that Michelle Bachman has discerned the real reason for Obama’s pushing this bill. Yes, he would love more Dem. votes but his real agenda is to bring in hordes of Muslim refugees from the riot and war torn Islamic areas. Bachman has called the bill a ‘Trojan Horse’ and I’m very much afraid that is it’s real purpose.