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The shameful Senator Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Shunned By Freedomworks at Conservative Blogcon


The 2013 Freedomworks Blogcon convention in Dallas, Texas, opened up with Freedomworks Executive Vice President Adam Brandon taking a clear shot at Senator Marco Rubio in his opening remarks. Brandon mentioned Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, as the three members of the Senate who will be moving the conservative and less government agenda forward.

Brandon then talked the leadership role that these “three amigos” will be taking on by adding,” These three guys in the Senate are going to keep doing that.” Again, Brandon made it a point to not mention Rubio, blatantly dissing the junior Senator from Florida.

We spoke to Brandon after his address and he told us that Rubio seems to have a strange relationship with his grassroots supporters, and also believes he (Rubio) is being manipulated by political consultants. Brandon all but said that Rubio’s grassroots outreach is almost non-existent, and that Rubio only reached out to the grassroots when it was politically expedient for him.

Every time, these three guys got in the foxhole with Freedomworks and activists across the country. Brandon adds that the three Senators have “maintained a connection with grassroots activists.- Adam Brandon

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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  • JR1984

    Rubio was lifted up by the grass roots conservatives in this nation. We supported him. Now; with his immigration bill and the gang of eight, he is pi$$ing on us and trying to tell us it is a just a warm summer rain.

    Rubio; this is a self inflicted wound, and you did it to yourself by trying to suck up to the other senators so they would “like” you. You forgot where you came from. Pitiful.

    • Peggy

      You got it.

      • Paul In Orlando

        I voted for and like Rubio. I’d like to point out this bill was put together by both parties and Rubio stated several times the immigration bill is on its early stages and needs input from all sides. Can we just wait until it is done before hanging him by his toes?!

        If Rubio does betray me, I’ll never vote again. It doesn’t matter who we vote for; this government will do whatever it wants, period.

  • Lamar Smith

    Rubio Has no Principles.

  • Kathi Mcdermott

    The year 2009, the speaker, candidate for Senator marco Rubio: “I’m strongly against amnesty and nothing will make it harder to enforce existing laws that to reward people who broke them.” When you are a user, and a liar, don’t expect support. Freedom works better beware the dog and pony show also of Randy, dandy “I’m just like my daddy” Paul. He is not who he pretends, it is a big façade, as phony a façade as Rubio. Right here and now the only Senators walking the walk that they talk are Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee. So let’s not pretend and add names that don’t belong.

    • BoldFreshJew

      The ‘Pretend’ card; is that when one posits pure opinion, i.e. commentary, contrary to concrete facts?

  • Cliff

    Senator Rubio you lost me when you went on the propaganda tour to drum up support for YOUR ill conceived immigration reform. The place to start is to lock down the north and south borders. Do it with a fence, the military, and drones. Then start inflicting pain on those that gain from illegal immigrant labor to include sanctuary cities. Denying financial incentive to the illegal and employer will cause both parties to relook their position. You will see a flood of of bodies head south. All the while, enforcing current law. We don’t need any new laws, just enforcement of current law. Your pandering to the majority of illegals is going to cost you the support of citizens. Mark my word Senator.

    • Una Watt

      Amen. I’m through with him.

    • jp

      Rubio how about pushing for strict enforcement of our existing immigration laws (like deportation) we do not need anymore stinkin immigration laws this is a democrat ploy to gain more votes the Dems do not realize how close to revolt they are
      They don’t seem to learn

    • John Handforth

      If Marco Rubio did succeed in getting an amnesty granted, he would immediately want to eliminate the citizenship requirements for the President, Vice-President and Speaker of the House, in an attempt to make himself eligible to run for the Presidenbcy.

      The Founding Fathers were prescient when they determined that a President must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. We have had two presidents that did NOT meet that requirement: Chester Arthur and Barack Obama.

      There was never a doubt about Chester Arthur’s patriotism and loyalty. No one has ever found an issue about Barack Obama that has shown patriotism and loyalty to the United States or its citizens. Barack Obama is proof positive of why all candidates should be vetted before they can even be put on the ballot.

      With Marco Rubio’s true colors coming out, we cannot make this mistake the third time.

      • Babbs Howland

        Marco was born i the USA by parents who were here legally. If he wants to run for President he can. I am not in favor of all the illegals coming across the border but not all are Mexicans. The border has to be secured along with the visa system. I am not for ammesty but what are you going to with all of the illegals. Round them up send them back to were they can from & there will be no Republican President ever again. The Republican have got to start thinking about the future not the past. Marco campaign on what he is doing now I don’t know why this is such a surprise. Is it because he is working with the Democrats. I think he is putting country first, isn’t that what he is suppose to do. FYI my husband family came over on the Mayflower & mine was in Charleston SC prior to 1700.

  • Roger Jackson

    It does appear that Rubio is more interested in being liked by the main stream than doing what is right for the people. That is sad since for a while he looked like he might be for us, but that seems to have changed. Guess it isn’t the first time that has happened to those of us that believe in the Real Constitution.

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    • Peggy

      I love Freedom Works shunning Rubio the commie. I say that because I attended a Cuban American rally and one of the ladies there told me he is a commie. It was before he was elected and I did not believe her. Well, she was right.

      • BoldFreshJew


  • alexander ilnyckyj

    I have written to Mr. Rubio and expressed my views that he is acting like a marxist which is. I told him that he has lost my support and I will do every thing possible to find a true conservative to replace him with. I have not heard a reply from him or his office. That seals it for me. Good by Rubio a new Rino.

    • Peggy

      Me too Alexander. I told Rubio I supported him in more ways than one. Wish I had my donation back.

    • Cora Cashman

      How the hale is Rubio a marxist. You are over the top. Go ahead and help the progressives win again like you did the last time.

      • Lamar Smith

        What is the difference between Progressive Rubio and a Progressive that’s oh let’s say Obama.

    • Isabella1709

      I did the same. Plus I’m a precinct committeewoman for the GOP. I told him I will not be supporting him, and the party is still clinging to hope he will return to his pledges as a new senator.

      • w pro

        I had high hopes for this man…..once in office, he appears to be just like the rest, “doing something” just to get votes……presented himself as a conservative…..pushing the rino normal operational mode…..lost Me…..

  • Chopper

    I don’t think it is too late for Senator Rubio to extricate himself from the morass of fecal matter called the “gang of eight” and repudiate the monstrosity called the immigration reform bill.

    The damage that has been done to his political aspirations is not irreparable but he needs to act quickly to prevent further damage to his gravitas in the Conservative community and to begin making amends with those who got him where he is.

    I would recommend he disassociate himself from the Loco Ocho and the immigration bill. Further, he should recommend that immigration reform be handled through a series of incremental steps (bills) that are easy to understand and reflect the desires of the Conservative community.

    • jp

      Once again we do not need a new immigration bill what the
      hell is wrong with these insane politicians enforce our current
      immigration laws start deporting all illegals employers using
      illegals get jail time plus huge fines and any politician that
      is for amnesty needs to be voted out of office..

    • BoldFreshJew

      ‘I would recommend he disassociate himself from the Loco Ocho and the immigration.’

      Senator Rubio is far from over. This Freedomworks BlogCon attendee believes he would be wise to take this advice.

  • Steve Brennan

    I’m afraid Rand Paul is going to sell out on amnesty. He’s been waffling, but he keeps coming back to a yes position on it. Right now the only senator I trust completely going forward is Cruz.

  • GenEarly

    It’s not like we walked away from Rubio or that we didnt communicate to him how we felt over his conversion to the McCain Progressive Party.
    I’m left wondering why we abandoned that paragon of virtue and principled Charlie the tuna Crist,

  • Independent Voter

    Isn’t Rand Paul supporting Immigration reform as well? Rand, supported Chuck Hagel’s nomination, said that there are thousands of reasons why a women could get an abortion and said no aid to Israel??? And Marco was is the bad guy?! Hmmmmmm??? independent

  • Callawyn

    Rubio is Chuck Shumer’s Useful Idiot.

    He chose this role for himself, of his own free will.

    None of us that worked to send him to the Senate would have done so if we believed he was going to push this amnesty bill.

    EVERY statement he has made regarding what that bill will do is provably false. The evidence is in the bill itself. In every case, the bill clearly does the opposite of what Rubio says it does.

    Given that, why would anyone have anything other than complete contempt for the man?

    Rubio should start taking lessons from Sen Cruz and Lee on how a Conservative Senator is expected to act. More importantly, take lessons from them on what legislation Conservatives, especially those that voted for him, actually support.

    If we had wanted amnesty, we’d have voted for Meeks.

    • Perseids

      Kendirck Meek was the only honest candidate in that race.
      That has to be a first for a dem Senate Candidate. I, now, would have preferred to have voted for him. At least he had enough respect for the voters to not lie to us. He is an honorable man.

      Crist and Rubio deserve each other and one can only hope/pray that their fates will be the same. Dishonor and Political Siberia.

  • NoAmensty

    Rubio said that he would have no problem walking away from the amnesty bill if he didn’t believe the others were serious about border control. Well, let’s see what he’s made of because the Dems voted DOWN every single amendment that attempted to strengthen border security.

  • dan

    Being the grassroots candidate did not work for the last few candidates in the Republican Presidential primary, being at odds with the base did.

    “Brandon all but said that Rubio’s grassroots outreach is almost non-existent” Because Rand is talking to exclusively democrat groups makes him the grassroots candidate, right?

    Marco is speaking the Huckabee/Santorum talk, which won them Iowa. Is it enough to propel him to the nomination? Who knows. All I know is the only open early primary is NH & most Rand Paul’s supporters are not Republicans, his dad’s stench make many skeptical.

  • S.S. McDonald

    Florida Conservatives are annoyed watching Rubio as he moves left to appease the RINO establishment.

    • way2confused

      EXTREMELY annoyed.

  • Perseids

    “Rubio only reached out to the grassroots when it was politically expedient for him”. Bingo.
    He has his six, so now its – I’m in, screw you fella.

    “he (Rubio) is being manipulated by political consultants” Bingo again.
    One is left to ponder where oh where these “consultants” emerged from? And… who sicked them on poor dear Marco?

    To be sure Brother Jeb’s hands are as lily white today as they were on election night.

    Next time on the block for Marco will be our turn to say:
    Screw YOU Fella!

    WTG Freedom Works. Dis the B icth!

  • http://sharktank Rone

    Rubio is beyond redemption. He has completely sold out the conservatives who supported him. This “legalized status first” approach is Amnesty in its worst form. Worse yet, he is actually trying to convince conservatives that this is a good plan. It is a disaster for the country and a complete sell out for a perceived personal political gain. I will support anyone who runs against him.

  • http://sharktank Rone

    Rubio is beyond redemption. I agree he has no principles and has completely sold out the conservatives who supported him. This “legalized status first” approach is Amnesty in its worst form. Worse yet, he is actually trying to convince conservatives that this is a good plan. It is a disaster for the country and a complete sell out for a perceived personal political gain. I will support anyone who runs against him.

  • Joy richards

    I think I told you so right from the start. We should ask for Charlie’s forgiveness for betraying him and run him against DWS. When I canvassed for Clay Shaw I realize that in that district he is the only one who can beat her.He will caucus with the speaker.

  • SH

    Well, we are doing it to ourselves again! We get a good, smart, intelligent guy in the senate….a real threat to the far left….and they get us to vilify him and knock him out of the running based on half-truths. Their work is done by the right, and they are laughing all the way to the next election! So far, what I have heard Rubio saying about this beginning into immigration reform has been good…listen to his words, not what you are being told by those who want him gone! What a shame to lose another good candidate for the right!

  • Cora Cashman

    See this right here…..this is a fine example of why we lost the presidential election. Conservatives better wake up and understand that everytime you bash a repubican contender you make it easier for the progressives to win. Stop acting like spoiled brats and accept that you have to compromise. And please don’t give me that crap about not compomising your values. Your inablility to compromise has landed us in the hell whole we’re in now.

  • MikeR

    I voted for Rubio and contributed to his campaign. I knew the he was squishy on immigration before the election. I’m tired of voting for the least progressive Republican candidate. I won’t vote for Rubio again, and I won’t vote for any more candidates who aren’t truly conservative on the five major issues: immigration, obamacare, foreign entanglements, oil independence, and taxes.

  • Marco’s Mistake

    Marco Rubio needs to get out of the Loco Ocho. He is damaging the conservative movement and his own political career. Next we’ll hear Rush, Sean and Mark deserting him.

    Move quickly Marco. Schumer, Durbin, McCain and their like aren’t going to help you resuscitate your inevitably waning career if you don’t move to the right. Your grassroots supporters will if you make the right move.

  • Danny Boy

    Besides everyone crack’en on Rubio, I dont here anyone with a better idea for immigration. People wether or not we like it doesnt change the fact that “they” illegal aliens are here,,,,,thiereee here. So what do we do? I dont like the fact they are sucking on the social security tit, or any other government give a way. Rubio maybe wrong but the problem is they are sucking us dry. If their made to pay back then we do it. Id like to see the border security tighter then dicks hatband but now that seems out the window. The bottom line if the Demos pass immigration bill that will install 20 million potential voters for democrats,,,,so whats your pleasure? Nothing or nothing?

  • Carlos

    Rubio’s umbilical connection to the Bush-Cheney remnant he has for his CoS will act like a steel cable that will pull him over the electoral cliff if he doesn’t make significant changes and cleans house in his staff.

  • Lightweight

    Wrestl’n is more real than politics.Freedom Works was founded by Republican Politicians ans Republican Consultants.Tea Party Express and Tea Party Partiots has the same profile,Professional politicians,consultants and activists claiming to be regular nkon political types.Public Records proves this.So the pretending to be a dissing ? It’s all a game,but in the end we will be reminded of “Reagan’s 11th Commandmant” of don’t speak bad of a fellow Republican.Reagan’s commandment is neither Biblical nor Constitutional.As for Rubio,he is not a Natural Born Citizen.His parents were here legally,but were not Citizens.Marco himself was born and was 6 years old when his parents applied for little Marco to because a Citizen himself.His Parents is the key to him being a Natural Born Citizen.Please read the Constitution ?

  • cindy

    I also supported Rubio-in fact, I was planning to change my voter registration and only remained a republican so I could help Rubio get elected. I am watching CSPAN 1 right now as the senate committee debates the immigration & border security bill. Perhaps I should move to Alabama so Jeff Sessions can be my senator. Nearly everyone else on this committee seems to have a bad case of cranial-rectal syndrome. Marco, if you think America trusts the federal government to enforce all aspects of this ridiculous bill you have helped construct, you need to be drug screened. The border remains porous today because the corrupt DHS and DOJ do not bother to enforce the laws they don’t agree with. I have no hope that future DHS and DOJ depts will be less corrupt. It’s not only Mexicans wanting work coming over the border; there are terrorists coming over-that has been documented by those monitoring what is found in the desert by the illeglal entrants. It is my opinion that all the people being paid with our tax dollars who refuse to enforce our current immigration law are guilty of treason and should be treated accordingly. I’m not holding my breath, however. But I will not be making the same mistake with Marco Rubio again, no matter what he runs for.

  • way2confused

    Rubio has become a HUGE disappointment. My high expectations have crashed.

  • Lake

    No worries the immigration bill is DOA. Marco has put himself out as the face of reform leaving the Democrats to play the bad guys killing off the bill since they are unwilling to beef up border security. The plan was for it to fail in the House, so the Democrats could run on it in the mid-terms, but Marco has beat them at their own game.

    Marco is one sharp dude. Don’t be in a big rush to throw him to the curb. I am not crazy about all his positions, but he is by far the best we have in Florida.

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  • Thirdarmy

    I knew Rubio was a phoney during the Benghazi hearings in the Senate. He did nothing but thank Clinton for showing up and praising her wonderful job as Secretary of State and then proceeded by not asking her any questions about what happened in Libya, I could tell right then that he was part of the do nothing club of the US Senate.