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Charlie Crist Raises Money for Pelosi, Democrats


obama-crist-kiss-hugThe evolution of former Florida Governor Charlie Crist continues, as he is slated to “headline” a campaign fundraiser in Tampa, Florida for Democratic congressional candidate Gwen Graham. Graham, who is the daughter of former Democrat U.S. Senator Bob Graham, is challenging Republican Congressman Steve Southerland in Florida’s 2nd congressional district.

In 2012, Crist headlined a fundraiser for now Congressman Patrick Murphy, and is rumored to be lining up more of these Democratic fundraisers in hopes to garner support and campaign dollars for a possible gubernatorial run against Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Crist will join a Who’s Who of Tampa Democrats hosting the event at Stacy Frank’s home, including Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Kathy and Betty Castor, Jim Davis, Sandy Freedman, Pat Frank and more.-Tampa Bay Times

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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  • Dean Bird

    Not sure what political party Gov Charlie belongs to, but suspect if there was a Roswell Space Alien Party, he ought to be in it.
    As Governor he:
    1. Lowered property taxes – pennies for the middle class and big bucks for his rich friends.
    2. Put corn whiskey (Ethanol) into our boat motors and lawnmowers. (If you own one, you know what I mean.)
    3. Raised money for his Hurricane Insurance scheme by raiding the Florida Retirement System,
    4. Got convicted felons back on the voting rolls.
    5. Generally said one thing, did another, and changed his mind on a continuing basis.

    Gov. Charlie compares unfavorably with a mosquito. His leaving the Republican Party is our gain and the Democratic Party’s loss.

  • Lightweight

    Carolyn Strong Interview Of Bobbie Bean

    Carolyn Strong interviews Bobbie Bean about his book SHATTERED DREAMS,BROKEN PATRIOT. In the book he tells of Charlie Crist’s corruption as it relates to his son beaten.
    Any political opponent should use this in an election campaign.

  • bobbie bean

    read the book shattered dreams broken patriot. Charlie Chris is one of the main characters. It goes into bully and school violence what is being done is not in the condition of our schools. It involves many other political people. Look up Orlando interview by Carolyn Strong book author bobbie bean it is a five-star review at Amazon available at any online bookstore

  • Perseids

    When you have burned your bridges your choices become limited. Charlie was left with few options to continue on once the jig was up. He kept up the masquerade successfully for quite a long time. He played the hard on crime republican and his constituents lapped it up until he didn’t need them any more.

    Well, if I were Charlie, i’d take solace the fact that I was now not the only elected official from Florida to do a 180 and screw his constituents in the past few years. Dear Marco should take note of the revulsion and disdain the mere mention of Charlie brings forth. That may well be his future too.

    Charlie turned out to be a slippery as his handshake.