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America First PAC Launches to “Restore American Values”


karen rjcFormer Republican Congressional candidate Karen Harrington, who has not announced whether or not she would make another attempt to campaign for Congress in 2014, has decided to launch  the America First Political Action Committee.

Harrington lost to incumbent Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the 2010 & 2012 general elections, but was able to garner unprecedented national support for her 2012 campaign, raising $2.1 million and locking down endorsements from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani,  as well as from other  members of the U.S. Congress and organizations.

According to the website, America First PAC was founded to ” restore American values and to support leaders with bold ideas and the courage to shape our nation so that future generations inherit a better America.”

By forming this PAC, Harrington would be keeping her name in the political game, perhaps paving the road for another congressional run for office in 2014.

America First PAC is a federally registered political action committee (PAC) that was started to help restore American values and to support leaders with bold ideas and the courage to shape our nation so that future generations inherit a better America.

America First PAC supports federal, state and local candidates that fight for tax reform, stand for a balanced budget amendment, and strive to end wasteful government spending.

America First PAC believes that small business has and will continue to be the core of our great country’s economic advancement. By reforming the business and personal tax code, balancing the national budget, and promoting responsible government, more and more Americans will be able to prosper and live the American dream.

America First is dedicated to fighting the runaway spending and reckless government policies that are the hallmark of the Obama administration and the failed leadership in Washington, D.C. Our efforts are focused not only on identifying principled candidates, but also on targeting potential voters and getting them to the polls.

-Karen Harrington, Chairman America First PAC

For more information on America First PAC, click on the image below or here.



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  • Liz

    Yes, we need Karen Harrington to keep up the fight the fight against the super disconnected Debbie!

    America First Political Action Committee – Spread the word!

  • BoGo

    God bless you Karen.

    “Never, ever, EVER give up!” – Winston Churchill

  • Patrick Castronovo

    Karen should run for Attorney General!!!

  • Carlos

    KH couldn’t beat the ugly, loathsome DWS in 2 runs, for God’s sake! Granted, the district was made as Jewish lib as possible, thanks a lot Will Weatherford and Don Gaetz. But Harrington is a gadly who hasn’t shown the ability to close the deal. She should run for something else or go to a super red district.

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