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Rubio Would Rather Talk About Other Issues Than Immigration

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke at the annual St. Lucie County Republican Party Lincoln  Day dinner on Wednesday night, where he fielded questions on immigration reform prior to his addressing the Republican faithful of St. Lucie county, Florida.

During his speech, Rubio pointed out that the border is not only an immigration issue, but  a “national security issue,” as well as being a “sovereignty issue.”

Only moments later, Rubio stated why he got “involved in this issue”-

There are a lot of other issues I’d rather be talking about. To be honest with you, I’d rather be talking about the $17 trillion debt, I think that is more important to our country. I’d rather be focused on simplifying our tax code. I’m more interested in securing ourselves in a national security perspective, although immigration has components of that.-Senator Marco Rubio

By first stating that the border problem is a “national security issue,” and then saying that he considers other issues to be more important to him, could Rubio have just opened himself up to being skewered by his immigration reform detractors, including the twenty-or-so that protested him at this very event, for sounding a bit dismissive?

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Emily

    Rubio has spoken on Immigration Issues in the Past. If he wants to win his Senate Seat again, he MUST talk about other issues as well. Why Lose votes? Everyone knows where he stands on Immigration. Give him so slack. This infighting and out fighting amongst Republicans/Concentrate does more Harm than good. Cover all Our Bases.

    • SoWhatBubb

      Yours is a pathetic effort to run cover for that louse.

      I gave $ to Rubio.
      He will never see my $ again.
      My $ will go to anyone that runs against this despicable rat.
      I will give ten times as much $ to anyone that runs against him.
      Rubio is the new McCain.

      The new Rino, same as the old Rino.

      • John Henke

        I am considering publicly accusing him of treason. So he won’t be getting my vote again either.

    • John Henke

      This is not even an immigration issue. Its surrender to criminal alien’s issue.

  • Emily


  • Walker

    Rubio is for amnesty . . .. which he ran against . . .so he is betraying all the people who voted for him on this issue. I will work hard to keep him from winning in the next primary/

  • George Fuller

    There is a reason I call Rubio “Little Mel”……He and Mel Martinez come from the same stock…….they both lied to get elected then became advocates to get the issue they opposed while running for office passed…….Martinez packed his bags and resigned before his term was up……let’s see if “Little Mel” aka “Amnesty Man” will last any longer…..

    • Cat

      Amen … just another person more interested in amnesty and illegals rights .. than serving those who elected him.

  • Perseids

    Maybe it isn’t No. 1 on Dear Marco’s list.
    But it is still No. ! on the Bush Clan’s list.
    W & the little turd Rove tried to hustle us in ’06 with the same bs Amnesty and got their rear ends handed to them by Conservatives.
    You can bet the farm they have never forgotten that spring arse whopping and they want some sweet revenge. Marco is the tool sent out to deliver that victory.

    It must be just a coincidence that Bush lost both houses in the ’06 election. Maybe it is not good politics after all to let your contempt show when you need those you are trying to playing for chumps.
    A lesson Dear Marco, it seems, remains blissfully ignorant of.

  • Eileen Rapp

    Rubio says that in his Immigration Bill those legalized illegal aliens will not get wellfare or any sort of economic assistance for between 5 and 11 years (whoever is interpreting it). No matter what kind of restrictions are imposed, the moment the bill is passed into law and they are legalized, the Congress can simply decide (for humanitarian reasons) to provide all sorts of welfare assistance and free health care to those we have legalized and have therefore taken responsibility for. Rubio is either terribly niave Or it is more likely that he is complicit in the deceipt being imposed on all of us who need jobs, economic and tax reform, deficit reduction and relief from the expensive Obama Care. These are the things we elected him to work on but like Mel Martinez, he has another agenda he hid from us.

  • HenryT

    OK, I am as Conservative as the so called “conservatives…. however I am also realistic, at least I think so. Just what are the solutions for the 11-12 million that are here. Get your heads out of the sand…all this has happened during “Conservative” and Obama adm, and just how can you get more socialist than OBamination? Marco is promoting a possible solution…may not work but worth trying. I can just see you sending out the Army to roundup all of the Citizens born of the immigrants that are not hear legal…. of just pick up the mother and fathers and keeping the kids… which of you want to adopt, either as parents, or welfare foster home tax payer support the millions of kids that are now US Citizens? Be careful of what you wish for.. Get behind him and lets see if it works, if not… change it.

  • Cat

    He is losing the argument on amnesty and this is just a diverson … we will not be fooled. Illegals are flooding over the border in hopes of your amnesty .. and yes bringing third world diseases to infect out citizens –including our children. It is estimated over 30 MILLION will be granted Gang of 8 amnesty if allowed to win this battle (and I would bet with chain immigration that would be much higher!). And make NO mistake it is a war on America. Anyone fighting for this amnesty especially anyone in the GANG can NOT be trusted.

    • John Henke

      I remember when tuberculosis was practically nonexistent in America. Not anymore. We have whooping cough again too. We have millions of people who not caring to come up to America would rather drag America down to them. And they will drag all of us with them.

      • Perseids

        In about ’94 or so one county in Florida was the number one county in the whole US for tuberculosis infections. And five or six years prior to that it was almost nonexistent. Sorry Amnesty supporters but it was directly associated with the flood of illegals allowed to cross unmolested by Federal authorities.

        Since then the exponential growth of the Mexican Drug Cartel has replaced disease as the most serious threat in some of our counties.

  • ~JL

    I believe Rubio is being sincere but his message is getting muddled by the MSM/Press and the Liberal ProgressiveMarxist DemocRATS who are trying to destroy the GOP Party, especially from the TeaParty & TRUE Conservatives who are actually CLASSICAL LIBERALS like the Founding Fathers who believed in very LIMITED GOVERNMENT in comparison to the Progressive perversion of Liberals known today. IF you have been paying attention you can clearly see how over the decades the Progressives are trying to change the TRUE meaning of words to fit THEIR AGENDA.

    Go over to Gretawire dot com and see the interview with Rubio on May 1, just search:

    Rubio May 1 2013

    Rubio clearly states that the IMMIGRATION bill is far from being complete, that it is far from being thoroughly debated on and written, that it must move very slowly thru Congress and not fast tracked like the 0bamaCare bill was and other massive paged, unread bill have been. I have heard him state this any times. Another reason NOT to rely on snippets of video/audio statements but to listen to the WHOLE CONTENT of a interview.

    The AmericanPeople continue to be manipulated by the far left… WAKE UP to the FACTS.

    And spread the word… spread only the truth.

  • John Henke

    I bet Rubio doesn’t want to talk about “immigration”. It must be like swallowing another heaping table spoon of that chili he just got done pissing in. “Immigration reform” meaning of course the surrender to millions of criminals residing in our country illegally. It means capitulation. It means giving aid and comfort to an enemy invasion that has turned many of our cities into crime infested crap-holes and Marco Rubio wants to make it all LEGAL! And it means setting up the next wave of criminal aliens who will come pouring across our border.

    I know Marco Rubio is not working alone but I did not vote for those guys, I voted for him and I bear a share of the blame.

    I accuse Marco Rubio of the crime of Treason as described in Article Three Section Three of the Constitution of the United States.
    I want the FBI to commence an investigation into his activities and I want all appropriate charges brought against him. Let him defend his “immigration reform” in a court of law.

  • Lightweight

    National security issue ? And it still is not closed ? I guess the GOP might think it will be a great issue to run on 2014 ? These People are stupid.The GOP has been bleeding numbers election after election and they still spew the same puke. Go home Rubio.

  • Jacqueline

    How quickly we turn and devour our own! In Obama’s world such behavior would be immediately and with brutality squashed!
    Rubio is trying to address a situation that has divided this nation for decades. He knows we cannot send 12 million men, women and children “back”. To where, how at what cost financially and to the spirit of our nation? His plan is being twisted and corrupted as all legislation in OUR CONGRESS is but that is our fault for the people we re-elect, not his.
    NOR is he only a ONE ISSUE politician. His views on foreign policy, taxes and economy and jobs all still align with the Conservative stands!
    Don’t follow the Pavlovian trigger reactions to one issue without indepth study. Obama stands waiting in the wings with his Executive Orders for this bill to collapse!