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Sen. Marco Rubio (Shark Tank Media)

Rubio Succombs To Conservative Pressure On Immigration Reform?



Sen. Marco Rubio (Shark Tank Media)

Well, it seems as if Senator Marco Rubio has succumb to the flurry of political body blows that Conservatives have landed, since releasing his immigration reform bill on April 17th.

Many conservatives, including myself, have been critical of the bill, citing that it lacked clarity and specifics.

Rubio has tweeted ” Help us improve the #immigration reform bill. Send your suggestions.” Rubio is now asking for Americans to send “suggestions” on how to “improve” his flawed immigration bill.

rubio Cries Uncle





You would think that the Senator and the other members of the “Gang of Ocho” would have thought to reach out to their constituents for suggestions, before introducing the bill, right?

Its obvious that because Rubio realized how unclear and specific less his bill was, he had no other choice but to asking for help, but not after attacking fellow conservatives who were critiquing the bill’s vague language. We reached out to the Senator for comment ,but could not reach him because his MarcoPhone was turned off 😉

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • John Henke

    This guy is one hell of a disappointment. His “immigration reform” bill has nothing to do with immigration. He is simply capitulating to illegal aliens primarily from Mexico and points south.

    Somewhere the government controlled media conflated the subject of illegal aliens with immigration and it seems to have worked. Illegal aliens and immigration are two entirely different subjects but most Americans are apparently too dense to realize this. These are not immigrants. These are criminals. Mr. Rubio is joining ranks with people who promote criminal behavior for their own gain at the expense of America; these people in “government” are traitors to America and enemies of the American people. A nation with no border is not a nation. And I’m sorry to report that the only thing that makes America the exceptional nation in the world is that we have the only national government devoted to treason and the destruction of this republic.

    • Frances

      I like the way you think… and write. I hope someone (who is a Florida senator) looking for suggestions is looking. Thanks

  • David

    Here’s my suggestion to make the amnesty bill better.

    1. Build a border fence like Israel’s border fences along the ENTIRE southern border.
    2. Enforce current immigration laws.
    3. Make it illegal to have anchor babies become citizens.

    Pass and enforce the above, then we’ll consider other things.

    • Frances

      Sounds reasonable. Sounds rational. Sounds like a soveriegn nation with it’s head on straight.

    • dick

      immigrants have come to America for centuries to become AMERICANS, not their ethnicity LIVING in America. illegals who are here for YEARS, have no interest in becoming AMERICANS.
      “illegals” are in deed criminals, and as such should be deported.
      we don’t need new laws. we need to enforce the laws we have which worked just fine while the were being enforced.
      i’m dissapointed in Marco. listen to your people. Schumer and all are not your friends. they want to use you. tomorrow they will kick you to the curb

  • R2D2

    Javier, I don’t get it? Marco only calls you when you write something nice about him? What? Marco can not take the heat?! Pleeeeeeeeeease…

  • JRD

    This guy is not his own man. He’s Jeb Bush’s client and does what the gopE Bush mafia tells him to do. He is and always was a Shrub.

    Hey Marco, you will face a primary. Grizzlies pee on Shrubs!

  • Czar of Defenestration

    1) he wasn’t blackmailed into supporting this bill by Schumer or someone like him having “dirt” on Rubio,
    2) Rubio isn’t some sort of closet LaRaza type suddenly showing his colors,
    perhaps, just perhaps the possibility is *slowly* dawning on Marco that Obama – via his minions – is setting Rubio up for Presidential-hopeful-career destruction by tying him to something so toxic both Democrats AND Republicans will reject him.
    Duh, Marco…DUH. You IDIOT.

  • Perseids

    Here is the only acceptable suggestion dear Marco……
    Resign from office asap!

    I trust Scott enough to pick someone – anyone better than you turned out to be..

    What an utter tool this bush lackey is!

    Marco You are a now offically a Joke, Fella!

  • George Fuller

    He is just “Little Mel”……….following in his footsteps…..ran opposing amnesty then embraced it having lied to the electorate…….you can do that once…he is now toast

  • http://N/A Mike Lameyer

    No disappointment Rubio was a zero concerning Illegals in Florida during his 8 years in the Florida Senate. He is exactly the same. Here ya go Rubio Mandatory E-verify, No public assistance, No education without proof of citizenship now that’s a plan that will work. If you can build thousands of miles of walls along I-95 to keep sound away from homes you can build the same wall to keep away Illegals.

  • Florida Girl7

    We now can not trust Marco, He is no different than the Rino’s McCain and Graham, they must go. We elected these people to represent us not a bunch of illegal aliens that have broken our laws. We certainly cant’t trust Obama and our great homeland security that has turned into a joke. Plus they are all liars, do they actually think we buy their propaganda? I certainly hope not.

  • maziel

    We are devastated in nw FL that Rubio has proven himself to be a flip-flopping gang member capable of mindless, unconstitutional decisions, and so easily manipulated by anyone from any side. He has the backbone of limp spaghetti. He is needed in southern Florida to open yet another restaurant, but no pasta, please. It would be cooked to goo.

    Shame on you for empty promises, Mr. Rubio. But the saving grace is that we found out who you really are. Redemption? Never.
    Not in my eyes

    Today is the Perez vote. I bet you will vote for him, which is unconscionable.

  • George Metz

    I knew we were in trouble with MR when he went to Iraq with McCain and Graham. He proved me right when replying to my letter asking him to support the Fair Tax he said (on 9/23/2011), “Thank you for contacting me in regard to the American tax structure, particularly the FairTax. I support tax reform that would ensure that taxes are fair and as low as possible for everyone. I support the goals of the FairTax bill, which would make our tax system fairer, flatter and simpler for all citizens. One of the most significant challenges we face as a nation is an overwhelming debt and a stagnant economy. We must immediately address these issues in order to achieve a fiscally secure future, including changes to our tax code using common sense reforms.”

    Talk about your political two-step and double speak. Also his definition of ‘immediately’ must differ from mine. Its been a year and one half.

  • SigEp07

    So disappointed in Rubio. I felt in unison with him infill he started pandering to the ‘gang’. Marco, there is still time for redemption.