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Tea Party Scheduled to Protest Marco Rubio


2010 Election Night  Senator-Elect Marco Rubio

2010 Election Night Senator-Elect Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio continues to face stiff opposition from the Tea Party base he relied so heavily on to help sweep him into office during the the 2012 Senatorial election over former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek.

The Martin 9/12 Tea Party Committee is sponsoring a statewide protested against the Senator at his district offices for his recent change in position on the immigration reform.  The immigration group, FLIMEN is also urging  Floridians to protest Rubio’s district offices. Back in 2009, Rubio met with the FLIMEN and all but promised them that he would never support any pathway to citizenship, or amnesty for illegal immigrants.

But that was 2009, and Rubio was running for office. Rubio who has dismissed these immigration groups as “crazy,”  has softened on the issue considerably, but sticks to his main point that he does not support “blanket amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

Just yesterday during his “media blitz” promoting the soon-to-be release bipartisan immigration reform bill, Rubio took a page out of the Associated Press’ (AP) playbook, and used the term “undocumented” to identify illegal immigrants.

But then Rubio’s own words are used to put him in a bit of a bind. Host David Gregory asked Rubio what has changed in his immigration messaging since  his 2010 Senatorial campaign. Gregory reminded Rubio that during one of the Senatorial debates, Rubio stated that to earn a pathway to citizenship, “you have to leave this country if you are here illegally, go back home and then come back.”

Rubio answered that during his campaign, he was against “blanket amnesty” and this bill is not blanket amnesty, because “you pay serious consequences for having violated the law.”-Rubio Evolves on Immigration

The FLIMEN and other immigration-minded grassroots organizations have been weary of Rubio’s immigration position ever since he “blocked” six immigration reform bills from coming up for a vote while he was the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Rubio has stated all along that the bills in question did not make it past their respective committees, and because of that, the bills did not make it onto the House floor for a vote.

Another Senator supported by the Tea Party and elected in 2010, Marco Rubio, is also breaking his promises and his oath. Rubio is the star spokesman of the Senate group working on an illegal immigration bill – completely behind closed doors, refusing to let the American people see the language. They won’t even let their colleagues in the Senate see the bill!

The bill already comes to around 1500 pages and they are planning on holding only ONE hearing, and will allow zero amendments! They are altering the entire immigration system, something that will have far reaching consequences on everything – security, education, taxes, spending, welfare, culture, jobs, crime, etc., and they’re only allowing one hearing on it. Oh, and they are already admitting it won’t be “budget neutral,” meaning they plan on increasing spending to get this done.-FL Tea Party statement

The protests are scheduled for noon on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at all of Senator Rubio’s Florida district offices.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • BoGo

    Yes, the transformation is almost complete.

    All that remains is for Marco to attend the next Bohemian Grove where he will be documented in a compromising position by TPTB in order to obtain his complete compliance, and he will make the perfect establishment patsy candidate in 2016.

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  • Tea Party Voter

    As a fellow Tea Party Supporter, The Martin 9/12 Tea Party Committee are to be a bunch of Rand Paul NUT JOBS!!!

  • podunk

    Our star has fallen like a streak of light in the night”’ Anyone who would dump a 1500 page bill in the senate and force passage with no time to read, understand, or debate, deserves to be impeached! Make these idiots divulge all costs of illegal aliens, beginning with the loss of an average $43,500 wage then being on unemployment, food stamps, free medical care, etc. etc., plus losing all savings to stay afloat!

    Amnesty ends with about 23 million citizens unemployed, underemployed, & lost all hope!

    ALIEN WORKER COST: (most welfare estimates are notably higher) –NO TO AMNESTY (monopolist controlled slave labor DOESN’T reduce prices!)
    Citizen wages lost (US average)… $43,500
    Citizen on unemployment & welfare… $20,000++
    Alien on welfare, education, medical, etc… $20,000++
    Alien plus unemployed citizen on Obamacare…$40,000?

    If a “legal alien” puts a US worker on unemployment cost is $63,500ea & @12mm – $762 billion/
    If it’s an illegal alien on food stamps, welfare, etc. the cost is $83,500 @ 12mm – $1.0 trillion
    With both on Obamacare, cost is $123,540 @ 12mm = $1.5 trillion

    Roughly, a $10/hr person costs employers $13.33/hr. Without deductions FICA/Income tax ($2.80+/-) that person takes home $7;20 cash! Pay $7.20 cash and save $6.13 that government etc. gets; then, underbid legitimate citizen contractors by 46%! Illegals have no wage & hour protection. Plus, an illegal might be making $50/day for 10 hours – $5/hr with no position to gripe, especially if they are working for an illegal “straw boss” who may not even pay that much. It’s a very evil condition.
    The answer is prosecuting the employer – sub and prime contractor if there is any. Enforce the Constitution and existing law! PROSECUTE and remove government officials who violate oaths of office by corruption and not enforcing laws!

  • Carlos Sudamericano

    Marco Rubio sides along with Schummer, McCain, Graham and other infamous “maffiosi” of the political spectrum. Between Obamacare and Amnesty the Democrats and rhinos will fulfill their dream of destroying the capitalist economy of the USA. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee are the real deal.

    • Al Miller

      Any chance of recalling Rubio? Replace him with Allen West or Javier.

      He is for amnesty. I wish I never supported him. If Rubio aka MarcoPhone for Illegals ever runs again – I will vote for Kendrick Meek (gag).

  • Al Miller

    Rubio is a traitor and a fraud. I wish I would have voted for Kendrick Meek. At least I knew he was a crook like his mother. He might actually have been against amnesty because African Americans will be the biggest losers with amnesty. Can we recall Rubio?

  • Mark Romero

    I will NOT support Marco Rubio for any election! I am HISPANIC from Texas. I am against all forms of legalizing any illegal alien in the US! Most Illegal aliens did not graduate high schools in their countries. They will flood the welfare system! They will vote democrat! Some are criminals in their own countries. Most violate more than one federal law by being in the USA illegally and working, and some even have committed felonies in the USA already. Some have chronic diseases. Most will sponsor their family members back in their countries to the US when they are legalized or quasi-legalized, thereby creating more welfare dependence. The US injustice department will end up waiving many situations to make some illegal aliens permanent residences. Enough is enough! This mocks the system that is supposed to prevent abuses. Marco Rubio, you failed to be realistic. There is no excuse, no, not one!

  • Chris Gardner

    What is the process for recalling Marco Rubio?