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Sarah Palin’s 2010 Support For Marco Rubio, Endorsement Was In the Works



There seems to be a bit of drama going on regarding Sarah Palin’s new ‘Sarah PAC’ ad because of  the video ad’s mention of Senator Marco Rubio. The ad points out several candidates that Palin supported over the past couple of election cycles, including a mention of  Marco Rubio by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Cruz stated, “she (Palin) supported Marco Rubio.”

While Sarah Palin never openly endorsed Senator Marco Rubio in his 2010 Senatorial campaign. The endorsement was discussed.

In all due respect to my friends over at Sunshine State News, who stated that the video featured Sen. Ted Cruz saying that Palin endorsed Marco Rubio, is not just a stretch, but an outright untruth. Cruz never used the word endorsement, he said she supported Rubio. Heck, I never endorsed him, but I did support him- still do.

Then, it showcases conservative Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who credits Palin for endorsing such candidates as Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Cruz, himself, with an insinuation in the video that she got them to Washington.-Sunshine State News

While Sunshine State News is correct in saying that Rubio’s grassroots appeal won him his Senate race, many around the country did not know of Marco Rubio early on, and Palin’s ability to excite the conservative base helped in many national races, including Rubio’s. Palin helped Rubio out every time  she mentioned him during one of her stump speeches, or whenever she mentioned him during one of  her TV appearances.

rubio rncIn April of 2010, Rubio was gaining considerable name recognition, but it wasn’t until a video that the Shark Tank recorded of Sarah Palin at the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Convention in New Orleans, did Rubio’s national name ID  really blow up.

In the video, Palin stated,” I love Marco Rubio.” She later added,” Marco, keep up the good work-call me, can I help?” 

Upon recording the video, and before its release, an exuberant Marco Rubio was floored with the news of Palin’s kind words directed to him, quickly making  Rubio realize the kind of “video gold” that was about to be release. The politically savvy Rubio quickly arranged for the messaging to be in place by the end of the weekend, in time for the video’s Monday release.

The video  aired on Fox News’ ‘ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren’, as well as other main stream media outlets, not to mention ‘lighting up’ the blogosphere.

[vsw id=”WJlFJehq_Yo” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no”]

Just a few days later in The Villages, Florida, Sean Hannity brought his ‘Hannity’ Fox News show on the road, where Rubio was already booked as as one of the shows featured guests. Before the show aired, I spoke to Sean about what he thought about Palin’s video. With a look of disbelief, Hannity couldn’t believe what Palin said. ” She said what?!” As he started walking away, Sean turned back around and asked me again what Palin’s exact words to Rubio. I told Sean, and no sooner that Rubio appeared on stage with him,  Hannity ask him about whether or not he was going to call Sarah Palin.

Rubio laughed and said he would be reaching out to her.

I think she is an important voice in the Conservative movement and the Republican Party, and I would love to have her support and her help…we’ll figure out how to get a hold of her.”-Senator Marco Rubio, Human Events

 According to one of Rubio’s campaign consultants and confidants, several of the other consultants were against a Palin endorsement,  because they felt she was too “Conservative”, and that her endorsement could hurt Rubio in his race against the once Conservative Republican-turned Independent Charlie Crist.

The Palin endorsement of Rubio never came, but later that year at the RNC event in Orlando, Florida, I had the opportunity to speak to Governor Palin. Governor Palin first acknowledge the video we shot in New Orleans, gawking that it got “a lot of views,” and TV time.

I then I asked her about what really happened with Rubio. Palin told me that she supported him and even offered a full and open endorsement, but Rubio’s campaign couldn’t seem to get it to happen, and never got back to her. She reiterated that  she was still ready to do it, but was only waiting for the go-ahead from the campaign.

So again, while the endorsement never hit the airways, Palin can take credit for Rubio’s success, just as many other national conservatives can also do, regardless of whether they openly endorsed Rubio or not. Remember,Rubio’s close advisor and friend, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush never endorsed Rubio either.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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    Sarah SUCKS!

    • founders1791

      Brought to you by the Media Matters crew and the submissive Karl Rove Coalition of Moderates

  • Perseids

    Maybe Pailin wasn’t that popular with those who were pulling the strings behind the scenes for Marco?
    Doubtful brother Jeb would ever share a stage with her.
    Note the pointed treatment she received by “the party” during the mittens convention.
    No, no love in the air for this woman. She scares the hell out of the ruling class slugs in “the party”.
    Must be because they can’t own her.
    What a shame.

    • Ron Raben

      I agree with you one thousand percent. Too bad there aren’t more like you. It is so evident what happens when they fear that the person has a chance of winning the fight. The other side is so good at completely destroying that person, (with the help of the press.) One of the problems is I don’t know who the other side is anymore. There is so much ball playing going on between both sides.

      • Perseids

        The other side consist of those who represent themselves as our saviors…, politically that is.

        The whole excrement bag full of ruling class “republicans” … the bush dynasty-clan & their lackeys like that cockroach rove and, perhaps Jeb’s hand puppet too. In short the blue blood Big R republicans.Note how daddy bush did all he could to distance himself from Reagan after riding his coattails into the WH. He was the one world kinder compassionate type of backstabbing pos. They, the “other side” resent the hell out of the Conservative Doctrine and want to destroy it/us every bit as much as do the dems. They assisted the dems in damaging Goldwater in the ’64 cycle. They did everything they could destroy Reagan in the ’76 cycle. He wasn’t one of “them”, just an upstart outsider. No blue blood in his veins. He wouldn’t be owned either. And he came back next cycle to prove it to them. That was daddy Bush’s trip to the woodshed. He got his elitist arse waxed that day.

        So when an entity such as Palin emerges upon the scene not willing to “go along to get along” with the business as usual ruling class republican elitists there is only one thing to do, if she won’t be owned destroy her. She’s one tough cookie. They’ve hit her with everything including the kitchen sink, publicly snubbed her, smeared her and her family and every other sleazy trick they know. It all seems to just roll off her back.
        They are wise to fear her.

  • Don Yelton

    The establishment republicans do not like Sarah so no surprise here. The consultants have to be approved by the RNC.

  • Carlos

    The problem Rubio is beginning to have is his reluctance to acknowledge who it was brung him to the dance. He owes much of his 2010 win to the Tea Party yet has been deafeningly quiet about his support or affiliation to them. This will be a problem for him if he does go for the WH in 2016. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are unapologetic in their ties to the Tea Party and will, no doubt, energize that base. If Rubio stays too close to the RINO est. wing of the GOP, he may find himself in a dogfight during the GOP primary. And, let’s not forget, we’re not even considering Dr. Ben Carson, who may run as an independent. With the fecklessness of the GOP and the total disgust true conservatives have for its wimpy excuse for leaders, this may well be a very different kind of election in 2016.

    • Rich

      Carlos, that’s because most of American dislikes the teabaggers.

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  • JRD

    This only proves that Rubio is Jeb’s puppet! LOL.

  • David

    Typical Liberals, always trying to attack the respectable and true Servants of the People by twisting and changing the wording of the Servants to assist in Liberal un-American ill intent. Also, this statement is very telling of Senator Rubio, “According to one of Rubio’s campaign consultants and confidants, several of the other consultants were against a Palin endorsement, because they felt she was too “Conservative”, and that her endorsement could hurt Rubio…” What this tells you is that Rubio has surrounded himself with Liberals and DemRINOs, and apparently has little self authority within his area of responsibility and is a possible puppet for the Republican Party rather than a true Constitutional Conservative (this is supported by his recent stand on immigration). Don’t get me wrong, Rubio has many positives but, Rubio would do well to fire many of his consultants and replace them with Palin approved consultants.

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