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Immigration Reform Should Stipulate English as Official Language


rubio cuba demcracy pacLast January, Senator Marco Rubio’s and his ‘Gang of 8’  U.S. senators set forth a ‘statement of principles’ as the framework for a potential immigration reform bill that could surface as early as April or May of this year.

The bipartisan effort identified several conditions that illegal immigrants must meet in order for them to be able to eligible to receive a “pathway to citizenship” in the United States.  Included in the criteria for illegal immigrants who chose to come forward and declare themselves are the requirements to pay a fine, back taxes and learn English.

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But what’s interesting to note is that while many politicos talk a tough immigration game and believe that English should be the official language, no one has suggested that English should be designated as the official language of the U.S. in any immigration reform bill.

Isn’t it important for immigrants- illegal or legal- to first learn the ‘official’ language of the United States- especially those whom have chosen to come out of the shadows and enroll in any future immigration reform program?

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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  • Tom

    We cannot be the “United States” when we cannot communicate in the same language. As much as I understand the Hispanic love of their language and culture, we can’t be friends or neighbors if we can’t communicate. When I see people in public speaking Spanish, I have to assume they do not want to talk to me. Even a “Hello” might bereturn a frown. Happily my hispanic neighbor and I are great friends even though he had to correct me when I first met him and called him “Jorge”‘ when he preferred the traditional English prononciation of “George.”

    • jp

      This also means taking the oath of citinzenship in english along with the test all ballots in english only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron B.

    People in business, speak English, not Spanish. I agree to become a citizen, you need to speak the English language.
    In Rome do as the Romans do.


    Right on Rubio!

  • F.S. Knott

    I feel strongly that the U.S. should designate ENGLISH as the national language. This country has many languages spoken within the family setting but as for the “official” language, English should be a requirement. Even years ago, many people coming here from another country went to school to learn English. (Certainly, as I experienced, a lifelong citizen should not be denied a job because they couldn’t speak spanish.) What about italian, french, chinese, on and on.
    U.S. Let’s JUST DO IT!

  • Roger Conklin

    If the immigration bill includes a requirement to speak English in order to become a US citizen, it should also include the requirement that US citizens born and raised in Puerto Rico, where Spanish is The Official Language, shall have their US citizenship revoked andy they be deported to Spain if by the age of 18 they have not become proficient in English.

    Otherwise such an English Only law will have a loophole big enough to drive a truck through. Perhaps we could use Quebec’s French Only law, which prohibits the use of English on signs, etc. as the model, but replace the word French with English.

  • http://n/a Mike Lameyer

    Let’s have a round up! Speak English or bye bye now.

  • THE ONE1

    VIVA RUBIO 2016!!!